Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm a 'stalker'

Ever since I quit Osim, I was left feeling empty and useless on weekdays. Thankfully that didnt last long because on the very 3rd day of my "unemployment", I received a call asking me whether I was free for a job on weekdays! I was absolutely excited about it and didn't give much thought about the pay. Directly after the call, I went all the way to K.L to sign my contract.

On the very next day, I was already on my 1st day of work!
Guess what my current job is?
Its something like a stalker's job.

But instead of following ppl around, I call ppl and bug them to complete a survey which takes up to 1 hour!! And because of that, I've got hung up a zillion times!*LoL*

And so, I'm currently working EVERY single day of the week. However, it's definately much better than the times when I was with Osim. Because at least I get to meet more friends, and somehow life always blessed me with whacky and 'sampat' friends who make my working life entertaining.

Imagine the extent of our 'whackiness' when we sang the soundtrack of Fast n Furious by Teriyaki Boyz out loud, in the middle of a room, while nodding our heads like idiots. ^^

Not only that, I've met a few 'perverted' friends, whose mind is either as blue as the bluest blue or as yellow as the dahl curry we get from mamak stalls. Yup, that's how polluted their minds can get -_-''
One of them even looks like the guy with the mask in Vendetta! He looks even more like that mask when he shows his perverted face!! Imagine those pale white face with slits for eyes, and an extremely wicked smile, plastered on a skinny guy. Funny aint it?

Anyways, I hope that my bf has luck like mine in making new frens. I really hope that he's doing fine. Miss him lots.

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