Sunday, June 28, 2009

Move on..move on..

It's been awhile since I've been so emo.

Carrots contacted me through e-mail during the past few days.
I'd thought I'd be fine and replied a few e-mails. Then I started to think too much, and ended up feeling all miserable again, and that's just bad for me, so I told him we can't be friends for now because i still don't understand why he wouldn't want me as his girlfriend.

He said,

"I thought that we were done with discussing, I don't want to argue over it again, not through e-mail and especially when you're over there in scotland trying to study."

I ignored it.

And he sent me another e-mail saying,

"It is not that I didn't want you in my life. It is just that.. I lost that feeling, when you went cold, when I was busy, you still expected something out of me, I didn't feel as if you cared or trust me. I can't be in that kind of relationship, with less than a month before you leave for scotland.

What I said was, take a break, see how it goes, because I feel that I am not worthy of being a boyfriend, and I wasn't treating you right, the way I went cold on you too.

I enjoyed my moments with you, you're still someone who shared part of my life, and I don't want to lose out on that."

and I replied a long e-mail while crying. *sigh*
Basically I'd do better without him contacting me ever again.
I'm glad I'm in scotland now so that I need not bump into him in the streets randomly.

Peas is reminding herself to be strong, and to love herself, instead of feeling sorry for herself.
She bought an extra chocolate the other day, and has decided to munch the whole bar while going through PP3.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Edinburgh Trip

Scotland is a nice place. Really.

Despite strong winds, and pouring rain throughout the year. *meh~~ goes the sheep*

Scotland is indeed a lovely place with loads of beautiful buildings. This was especially evident to me especially when i visited Edinburgh!

See, where in Malaysia could we find such a nice building? LOL~ (I know we've got nice buildings like the twin towers and all, but it's a different type of beauty ;p)

And of course, a trip wouldn't be complete without a group of great and fun friends to be with. We soaked ourselves with a good dose of sunlight, and we simply love the green plains they have around here in Scotland.

And of course, a good tour guide who did a through research on Edinburgh till 3am for us, and not to mention his services were free of charge, made it an enjoyable and informative trip^^

Our great tour guide, Ka Keat (our senior who'd be back in Malaysia in a week's time), giving us a detailed explanation on the train which would bring passengers on a "magical-harry-potter" ride.

We went to several places in Edinburgh, and the first stop was Calton Hill where we got to admire Scotland's National monument.

A little information to those who are interested: (or you could jz go to wikipedia ;p)

"Calton Hill is one of Edinburgh's main hills, set right in the city centre. It is unmistakable with its Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline.

The acropolis is in fact an unfinished monument - originally called the "National Monument". Initiated in 1816, a year after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, it was meant to be a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, as a memorial to those who had died in the Napoleonic Wars.

Building began in 1822, but funds ran dry and celebrated Edinburgh architect William Playfair only saw a facade of his building completed. It was dubbed "Edinburgh's shame", but it's now a popular landmark and it's a lot of fun crawling up and down its giant steps. Plans since to complete the building never really get much support."

Next, we visited the Museum of Childhood. It had 5 galleries for vieiwing, ranging from creepy dolls, to toys like the ancient snake and ladders, and even a black and white mickey cartoon. Admission was free, and it was rather fun (despite the fact that they had a very creepy looking puss in boots. *Peas don't like scary looking cats*)

From there, we walked to another tourist attraction called Greyfriars Kirkyard.

Yes, we visited a graveyard. And we were pleasantly surprised that it doesn't give a creepy feeling at all, in fact it was a lovely place to take a photo of my new bought shoes. It was only 6.45 pounds >.<

Anyways, what's so special about the graveyard that we had to visit it?

It's because of a very special dog called Greyfriars Bobby.

The famous Skye Terrier, was so devoted to his master John Gray, even in death, for fourteen years Bobby lay on the grave only leaving for food.

After that we visited the castle, and a few other attractions in Edinburgh (Peas' getting a little too lazy to edit pics, so i'm skipping straight to the part where we went to Camera Obscura)

Camera Obscura means veiled chamber, and it's actually a tourist attraction in Edinburgh. We paid 6.75 pounds to enter, and was greeted by funny mirrors and many MANY other entertaining tricks. The tagline for the place is

"where seeing, is NOT believing"

They had pretty cool illusions using mirrors, 3D hollograms, interesting machines like this, which made me turn into a chimp as well as a manga girl^^

An interesting picture which I absolutely love is this. >.<
*makes a lot of sense right?*

Anyways, overall, that was towards the end of the one-day trip to Edinburgh. There's a pretty church with beautiful painted glass, but I shall end here with this jump-shot of all the girls who went~~

till the next trip~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little update~


Here's a little update on what's been going on in Scotland~

People don't go around playing bagpipes while wearing kilts, but we were lucky enough to catch these group of kids who were pretty talented in playing the instruments~~

During the weekend, we headed down to the Western side of Glasgow (my university is on the Eastern side) for a festival called the West End Festival.

Along the way to the park, we bumped into a Science festival being held at the University of Glasgow, and so we paid a visit, and took a picture in a lovely park right in the middle of their campus!!

After the visit to the university, we got hungry, and that was when I first saw the largest pizza for sale~

Yes, by comparing the pizza to my large face, you can tell that it's really really big! haha~ bigger than the large pizzas we get in Malaysia~~~That pizza costs 7.90 pounds~

Then, we headed to the park where the parade was to be held, and savoured our delicious pizza!!

There we saw some beautifully dressed ladies *whistles*

And enjoyed a whole load of other performances~

Visited the Kelvingroove musuem for free, where Peas saw this BIGGGG organ~~~(I don't play the instrument, but it was huge and beautiful!!! XD)

Then came the first day of class where we paid 100 pounds for the books below.. *sobs*

Yes, those few miserable books costed us 100 pounds i.e almost RM600 >.<
Horrifying indeed~~~ Classes are till 5pm every Monday to Friday.
It's pretty hectic, but we still get the time to cook, and blog like me ;p

There will be more to come~ We're keeping our fingers crossed so that we can go catch Transformers 2 on the big screen this Friday!! Whee~~~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm in Scotland!

Yes, this is technically my 3rd day in Scotland~~
But somehow I could only excess the internet today, thanks to the help of several helpful seniors! Thank you so much~~

Days have been passing by really REALLY fast ever since the moment we stepped into KLIA. We were rushed to doing our boarding pass and all, and the next thing we knew, we had to leave our family and head into the departure hall.

Peas and her family~

Then after a tedious 13 hour flight to London,

At london we took a bus to the other side of the airport...

followed by a 5 hours transit and an hours' flight, we arrived in Glasgow! Upon arrival, I saw the beautiful clouds and sky, and feel in love immediately! (Somehow I really love the sky, it looks extremely fake, but it's not, and the sky is soooo blue that it makes the clouds look super NICE! I shall stop talking about the clouds for now. hehe~)

The lovely view upon arriving in Glasgow

On arrival, we were greeted by our seniors and several staffs from the university, whom gave us our keys that led to our dorms.

My room, it the smallest among the 4 rooms for each apartment..*pouts*

But anyways, Peas doubt that the size of the room will matter~ And she's really thankful coz the bathroom is nice, so it the toilet, so is the kitchen, and so is the tv! Basically, the apartment is in good condition and it's always good to have the company of the golden flowers.

The flowers~
*pic was taken during the short trip given by our seniors on the day of arrival in glasgow*

btw, the weather is rather cold, something like Genting highlands (about 16 celcius on average) but the strong wind makes weather rather unbearable at times. My skin is getting a little dry, but hopefully it'll get better~

There's a couple of things I noticed in Glasgow:

1. scottish ppl are really nice.

Example: The 3 of us (me, renly and chinyeong) were taking photos, and a nice lady came up to us and asked:
"Would you like me to help you all take a picture?"

Of course, in Malaysia, we would have all went:
"what? you crazy ah? wanna steal my camera is it?"

But here in Glasgow, it's just something so natural for the Scottish ppl to do.

2. Things are cheap...Certain things...

Example 1: One bottle of 400g of hot chocolate powder (Tesco brand) costs us only 50 pence i.e RM3 at max...

Example 2: One can of tuna in oil = 37 pence i.e RM1.70

There are many other examples of how cheap things are, but my brain can't think right now. it's almost 2am here (there's a 7 hrs difference btw here and Malaysia..) so Peas need her sleep.

Will post updates when free^^

Sunday, June 07, 2009

My external harddisk is dying....

I am saddened to know that my external hard disk is dying...

I accidentally dropped it to the floor and directly after the fall, I checked. It was still fine.
Last few days, I wanted to transfer some movies over to the external so that I can enjoy some movies when I get bored in Scotland.

Plugged it in.

*click click click*

I waited a little longer, while the clicking sound continued.
Finally the autoplay button appeared!

But when I clicked on the open to view folder button, the autoplay begins to run AGAIN. = = This cycle repeated itself. And so I'd thought, maybe I could reformat it while it tries to autoplay. But it didn't work.

So I checked online. And found this devastating news.

"If a hard drive makes an ominous clicking sound, it is about to die. Get your data copied immediately. "

Although I wanted to say Rest in Peace my dear external, I couldn't because I jz found out that I have pictures from previous years in it. From 2007 till 2008. = = So GIMME back my files before u die! *grr*

Saturday, June 06, 2009


This is gonna be short, I am very very LAZY lately.
I've been procrastinating my Pharm Care Issues (which was supposed to be completed after the hospital attachment. *sigh*) And it's only another 3 days before we're flying!!!

Yes, another 3 days. Come the 10th of June, I'd be in Glasgow, with my ass stuck on the chair, typing my very first post in Scotland! Hohoho~~~~

Anyways, updates for now.

1. I CUT and straightened my hair!!!!

I had it done in some residential house, and so I thought it'd be cheaper. But when the aunty told me it was RM170, I was devastated. I came back feeling all depressed and sad, and worse still, I felt like I lost my feminine side *sigh*

But thankfully I felt much better the next day when ppl told me i look younger! *evil laughter*

2. My external harddisk is SPOILED~~~
A few more days to Scotland and this just had to happen. I'm sooooo kedekut right now, that I will NOT NOT NOT get a new one. SO girls, be prepared to store my stuff for me! (girls = pohyee, renly and chin yeong ;p)

3. My luggage is overweight.
JPA told us all that we could only bring 20kgs. My luggage is 25kgs. = ='' So let's pray it gets through. JPA also told us, that our handcarry should only be 5kg. Mine is 8kgs (it's a backpack, not the cabin luggage, if I had a cabin luggage, i'm sure it'll hit 12kgs! XD)

Okies, that's all for now. See you guys in Scotland!!

Btw, a few weeks ago when I was back in uni and chilled in the student lounge, a junior called Benedict shared this VERY amusing video with me. Enjoy^^

Monday, June 01, 2009

May 30 - Convocation + Kuala Selangor Trip

Convocation, is a time where one celebrates their graduation. It's generally a ONCE in a lifetime thing, but for us (Mpharm students) we get THREE convocations!

One in Malaysia once we finish our "Phase 1" in IMU,

Second one : the official graduation in University of Strathclyde,

Third one: back in IMU again after completion of the whole degree course!

So, when the invitation was sent to me, I took one look, and saw that

1. the convocation was to be held in IMU's very own Auditorium,
2. I was to pay RM110 for the robe and a photo,

I decided not to go. And MAJORITY of my batchmates decided to skip as well.
BUT then, we got news that PohYee was the gold medalist (meaning the top scorer in our entire batch) I could not skip the hateful event anymore. LOL >.<
*congrats pohyee~~~*
Anyways, I only managed to take a few pictures as there were TOO many cameras around, so it's best to just let others snap the pics, and grab it from them later >.<
*the gold medalist and i*

*gian wan and I*

*Elaine and I*

And, I am glad that I did because I got a free chocolate from Ming Hui, Hui Shan, Jun Yan and Chii ChiiThe yummy chocolate which I gobbbled up( I was hungry!) after taking it's photo. ROFL *thank you chin yeong for reminding me to take the pic^^*
note: the book says microbiology! isn't it cute!
After the event, I tagged along with Pohyee's family for a sumptuous dim sum session at Damansara Uptown! After that, we went back to her sis place to chill a bit, before I took the ktm back to Klang~~~

Btw, Patas (the uruguary dude whom I met at Taman Negara) came over to Klang, and stayed in our place a couple of days. So, we brought him around to places we've never been. And that evening, it was Kuala Selangor!

First stop was Bukit Malawati. We paid RM2 per person, and took a ride on the tram up to the hill =)

*mummy and daddy*

*patas, dada and fei*

*me me me^^ ignore my bro with the constipated look behind*
The hill with "remains" of the fort which was taken down by the Dutch(the very first people who colonised Malaya) and a light house. And one more, the hill was infested by monkeys. Yes, monkeys who would eat long beans and come into close contact with humans.

*mama and baby monkey^^*

After that, we moved on to a restaurant along the fishing village to try their seafood.
And it lived up to it's name! It provided fresh seafood for a reasonable price! *thumbs up*
After dinner, we headed to the fireflies village. Apparently there a few boat ride providers, but the one I went to, was pretty disappointing. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, and the bloody pak cik who was in-charge kept saying:

" TAK boleh ambil gambar, NANTI denda RM500"
(You're not allowed to take pictures, if not you'd be fined RM500)

Bloody annoying. = =''

There were VERY few fireflies. Yes, they did light up the mangroove trees like christmas trees, but there were only those few trees with it, and the fireflies weren't moving much. And the boat driver didn't want to bring us closer to the trees. Instead we went pass the beautiful trees rather fast, and made a turn back to the jetty. It was a REALLY short trip but costed us RM12 = = what a rip off.....

Anyways, I think the fireflies are already extinct. Congrats to the developers for causing that to the environment. In the future, I'm sure they'd put on fake lightbulbs or LEDs on the trees so that they'd look like fireflies from far, and then still charge passengers RM 12 per ride = =''
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