Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am going off again~

I have been spending most of my time sitting at home,
reading my physiology, and during night time I would usually be

> Facebook-ing
> Human Pet-ting
> Msn-ing

Yup, the standard things I do when I am on the net.

Anyways, something happened recently.
It made me happy for a few days, but now I am feeling oh-so-sad. = =
I think I have been going around telling almost everyone I know on msn, that I had a crush.
*yes, u read right. I had a crush.*

It was the feeling which I haven't felt of almost a year.
And it was all good, when I got paranoid and got depressed over some small issues. = =
Don't ask why. I just needed to vent out my feelings.
And I think during this process I made the other party sad as well. = =

Well, let's digress from that.
And talk on MORE depressing issues, such as my coming exam paper.....

It's so depressing that although I managed to finish reading the notes given,
I failed to MEMORIZE the points. = =
Thus, what I have left in my mind is just some hazy picture of the body systems we've learned. *grrrrr*

Oh well, I've never been good with memorizing stuff anyway.. lol^^

Back to my title, I will be gone for a week I think.
I'll be working this weekend @ Jusco, Bukit Tinggi~~
Hehe^^ a friend of mine managed to get me a job as a promoter.
SO come this weekend, I will be a promoter again.
(But I don't have a proper pair of black pants or black shoes for that matter.
So I'll most likely borrow some black pants, and some black shoes from my brother or my dad...*baggy clothings, again*)

And next Tues, I will be sitting for my Physiology paper.
And next Thurs, I shall be off to INCOVAR, a buddhist youth camp till the 2nd of December~

So, I SHALL stay away from the internet once again.

I shall prevail~~~ LOL ^^

(I still remember my promise to wear the newly bought clothes, but then it seems like the "camera-loving" me has been dormant.
And, I blame long hours of stressful Physiology-reading on her disappearance.
Thus, come post-Physiology-exam day, she shall set lose on a photo-shooting spree~~~ :p)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jusco Klang~~

Whee~~ I got back home (klang) last night^^ hehe^^ and me, the human pet addict, ended up playing with my laptop till almost 2 am, or was it 3 am...haha~~~

Anyways, the great news of the day is that THE LARGEST JUSCO in South-east asia will be opening in Bkt Tinggi KLANG on the 24th!!! WOOT~~
Hehe^^ a friend gave me a link which showed a few preview of the soon-to-open mall! To see the pictures click THIS.

There's gonna be a Green Box Karaoke opening!!!
So is KimGary!!!

I'm soo excited~~

Monday, November 12, 2007

Now, though Malaysia maybe be erm, a less than ideal country to some people (all the "illegal peaceful and not-so-peaceful gatherings, the biased laws, etc...) it IS still my home.

The nation that has kept my safe and sound for my 20 years(nearing 21 years -_-'') of life on earth. The land of Malaysia by itself is just beautiful. Add in the government, and I think the pretty picture is somewhat blurred.

Oh well, no matter what happens to the government (politics just aren't my cup of tea...I get lost trying to remember the name of all the Ministers -_-'')
I will still be a Malaysian, won't I?? lol^^

Now, on some reasons why I like Malaysia??





*jeng jeng jeng* Cheap clothes^^

Hehe^^ I know all of you can count, so I'm gonna let you guess how much these clothes cost???

There are 5 Spaghetti tops (yellow, white, black, green stripes and orange stripes)
4 blouse (orange, green, pink and white)

Got it??

Well, here's a hint.
I bought it from a promotion in an open shop in Summit, Subang.
The promotion was called, the Kilo Sales.

One Kilo of clothes is only RM 15!!!!

And the 9 tops I bought = RM10.95

Muahahaha *evil laughter*

Just calculate, and you'll find that each top is less than RM1.50^^
where else can u buy clothes as cheap as that??

Now, I didn't upload any pictures of me wearing those clothes for a few reasons:

1. I have a spare tyre around my tummy due to excessive Facebook-ing *sigh*

2. The clothes are extremely dirty. They are dusty and err...dirty???

Oh well...knowing that I love to take pictures (no, please don't call me a cam-whore though I "act" as one, simple because I don't like the word^^)
I know I will be taking pictures wearing those clothes really soon^^


this post has been removed *yala..u know why, I know why, cukup lah~*

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Movies~ Movies~

I've watched two movies in the cinema in the past two days. One different movie for each day, at a different location, but with the same people; my housemates^^

On Monday, after our English and Malay language written test,
we headed off to MidValley!! Whee~~

We watched "Shoot Em' Up".

It was a pretty cool movie. Extremely entertaining. LoL^^
After watching the movie, I conclude that--->
Carrots are not only good for health, but it's also multipurpose.
You can use it to poke enemies, and gorge their eyes out.
You can see a carrot to pull a trigger, etc...

However, the sad thing is that quite a number of scenes were censored, due to excessive boob-flashing. Oh well~ it is Malaysia after all, it'll be years later before we get to see a naked woman running around on the screens.

Then, yesterday (Tuesday) we watched Stardust^^
Stardust is just great~
It's a fairy tale, which is sooo entertaining.
It has romance, action, and lots of comedy^^

Michelle Pfiefer rocks! SO did Robert de Niro!!!!
I love them soo sooo much~~
And the love story is soo sweet that it makes you melt inside^^ (awww~)

Oh....about the 650 pounds that I'm gonna get from JPA. (in case you didn't know, I'm a JPA scholar i.e my education is fully sponsored by the government. No. I'm not a smart-ass. I'm just lucky.)

Anyways, the allowance in Scotland might change, due to some policy between IMU and Strathclyde Univeristy in Scotland. (it's a long story which I refuse to tell = =)
So, i'll have to retain my excitement for 2009 (which is when I'll be flying to Scotland. Yup, it's still a long way to go.....)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

muahahaha *evil laughter*


I'll be going China in Decemeber^^
but only visiting the Fujian Province...
haha^^ 8d7n trip^^

and the BETTER NEWS is~~~

i'm gonna get 650 pounds when i get to scotland!!!

so excited!

but i'll hv to pay for my own accomodation then.
hopefully accommodation is cheap,
if NOT,
I'll most likely find a downtown place and save money to travel~~~



Everytime i watch football, it's bound to be with my parents, either at home, but usually it's in mamak

they hv the big screen, and most importantly, the atmosphere~~

i dont really fancy football, and i am not a fan of any clubs...haha^^
but at least i do know wat an offside

and today's match, ManU vs Arsenal, was nice^^
esp the last goal by Arsenal...everyone laughed when one of the Arsenal players missed the

any may i say ronaldo looks good~~ whee~~~

oh...btw, if anyone is interested in clicking ads to earn money, do join this...


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Give this to people to sign up and you will get a $0.01 bonus for referring a user.
You will also receive $0.01 for each time they click an ad!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm an addict..lmao~

Yes. I have repeated in my blog oh-so-many times that I am an addict to Facebook or more specifically Human Pets.

The scariest time was when my housemates were watching some TVB drama till 4am, while I alone was smiling to the laptop screen, Human Petting = =

Thus, I have came upon the resolution to NOT touch Facebook or Human Pets.
My psychological dependence on Human Pets have reached a level which it does more harm than good to myself!!!!!

Now, how did I realize this fact??




from my EYE BAGS~~~ panda eyes = =

I've been sleeping late at nights, and so my panda eyes seem to become a permanent part of me*sigh*

Not only that, my sinus problem in the mornings seem to have gotten worse; I use more tissue then ever!!! = = ''

And, I have been neglecting everything around me!!!
I neglected:

1. My studies
- thankfully I'm done with statistics, and now I'm only left with my 3000 word essay on Drug Misuse, and also the end of semester exam on physiology. If not i'll be a total XD

2. My health
- as mentioned above, eye bags, sinus, lac of concentration due to laack of sleep..lmao^^

3. My downloading spree
- yes, I haven't been downloading stuff lately. The latest movies and animes are downloaded by my dad and bros. = = I wanna download........

4. My BLOG!!
- look, it's beeeenn waaayyy too long since i last blogged..someone should tag me to take more pics of myself...lmao XD

Okies, anyways, last weekend I went to a rather famous temple in Jenjarum.
It's called Dong Chang Shi~

So here are some pics^^

Me and a big big bell~

Chin Yeong and I

Yup, i look like a lesbian in this pic, don't ask why. lmao~

Group Pics^^
Me and a lovely pond in the background^^

Me, again^^, with a mini monk~~

Also, on the very same day after I went to the temple, me and my housemates went for a "dinner" at Bukit Jalil Stadium organised by MCA. (compliments of Chin Yeong's dad^^ Thanks~)

Anyways, the place was packed! 2000 tables in a stadium!! Imagine how many ppl were there! tens of thousands!!! Oh well, food was considered good, considering that the restaurant had to cater to the mouths' of soooo many ppl =)

So, more pictures~~~

From left to right: PohYee, Renly, ChinYeong and I^^

Me^^ ( I insisted on taking on the RED carpet...lmao^^ can someone help me photoshop away those ppl in the background?? lolXD )

And this last pic, was taken with news reporters from 8tv. The guy in White is soo good-looking in person! (I forgot his name = =)

Anyways, it was such a funny incident on how we literally stalked them, all the way from the stage, and asked them to take a photo with us..lmao...all because of the handsome guy in white^^
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