Monday, July 31, 2006

"shiok sendiri"

Lately I've been hearing the term "shiok sendiri" a LOT. "shiok sendiri" or ss in short actually means erm... self-illusion. (that's the best translation i can give)
For instance, jz as I wanted to update my blog, my bro jumped in and comment that my blog is officially a blog of a shiok-sendiri person-->ME!
Oh well, it can't be helped can it? i mean like i'm virtually a jobless girl after my A-levels. So duh, of course my time and only joy comes from blogging.( well, its not my only joy..i'm not that fact i'm usually disconnected from the internet compared to my bros)

Well, not only that, when i was holidaying in sarawak with my frens, one of them said i "SS" when i bargained with the CD shop owner..sobs..

BUT, the worst thing that could happen to an SS-er happened today!
Well, i think i've already mentioned about me winning some nivea hamper. At least that's what the letter said. So there i was day-dreaming (very typical for an SS-er) .
Dreaming about getting this super big hamper
while getting a photo shot,
with me there beaming with a big smile.

Well, the dream crashed down just like that. I'll show u the pic of my so-called-hamper.

ok..i dont know what happened to my internet connection. Its darn slow to upload the pic. So who cares. Final point is that my dreams were jz dreams. Shattered into a million pieces. hahaha...oh well, at least i wont hv to buy any facial stuff for quite some time =)

I'm gonna start working nervous. I jz called up my future employer jz now, and she sounded like she forgotten me. And she even forgot that tmr is the 1st! goodness..i wonder how i'll survive tmr..

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another day..

I woke up this morning with a slight backache. Most probably cause I spent lots of time sweeping n mopping the whole 1st floor of my house yesterday. Then helped out around the house by doing some simple chores. I changed bedsheets for two of my brothers, sent those dirty linens for washing, hung them, and then sent in a 2nd batch of clothes for washing. -_-" yup..we have lots of clothes.
Then i took a break while reading the papers. Next up, i cleaned my room a little. It was all so messy after i unpacked my stuff. As I cleared my desk, i saw an envelope. And inside was...a letter of course! duh..

And guess what! I won a hamper! Woohooo! Its a hamper with rm101 worth of nivea products! Hehe..i havent collected it yet cause u can only collect it during office hours on weekdays,..too bad. Cant wait to get my hamper. Come to mama!! Hehehe =)

Anyways, i then went out with my sec school frens to meet my senior who jz got back from the states. Man...she's still as pretty as usual. I really like her hair..fine smooth brownish baby hair. Wish mine were like that. Unfortunately it isnt. Mine was labelled "course n thick" by some student in the A cut above academy, when i went for the rm10 cut+wash thingy. Even loads of conditioner doesnt help my hair -_-"
When i got home, my mum asked me to help her type some exam questions, which i reluctantly had to do. Typing words is not a porblem to me. But she asked me to draw complicated diagrams related to physics. I mean like those electrical circuits with those "perintang" and all. -_-'' I was so pissed off. I drew ugly pics which were out of proportion, and somehow i messed her whole exam questions. So i gave up and decided to de-stress by watching some taiwan drama which i bought while visitin Sibu.

BUT, the darn hdvd didnt perform its duties! There was no sound! At first i thought maybe it was because i didnt set the sound surround properly...played the hdvd sound!
Then i tried a normal dvd, wham! The sound blasted out so loudly cause i had set it to the loudest volume. I was then left feeling utterly depressed and upset and practically cursing my dvd player. Actually my dvd player is rather good i would say. It can actually play avi format, which means i can watch dvds intended for computers only with that dvd player. BUT, why oh why cant it play some china dvd...

So, i thought maybe my computer could play the darn dvd. Once the computer read it, it said the dvd has some error la, bla bla bla..cannot perform la..and some whole lots of crap which in the end means, i still CAN'T play the darn HDVD..-_-"

So much for my plans of watching taiwan drama series. Btw, the series i wanted to play is called "Devil beside you". Its supposed to be some really really nice show. All my frens were so happy when i bought the dvd cause they wanted to watch it again. Oh well...mayb i'll jz have to get some cheap china brand dvd player. Suddenly, it crossed my mind that maybe this is a marketing strategy used by the chinese ppl to get ppl to buy their dvd players...-_-"

Friday, July 28, 2006

2weeks away from home

Its been quite some time since i blogged..
In fact, i think it has almost been 2 weeks..
4days 2nights for the tioman trip
then from 19th till 27th i was touring(almost the whole)sarawak =)

let's start from the tioman trip
The accomodation there is pretty erm..basic i would say. But other than that, the food was ok(no one got diarrhoea after taking the meals on the 2 nights) and the places we went to were pretty beautiful =)

Sarawak was really nice =)
my trip there can be summed up as
KL --> Kuching --> Sibu --> Miri --> KL

I got AirAsia tickets which were on promotion, so the air tickets only costs rm120, inclusive of taxes. And the flight back to KL from miri was using an airbus! Hehe =) actually, i cant really tell the difference btw a normal plane n an airbus. I only know that an airbus' interior is newer. And erm..there are white scented gases flowing out, which makes the plane smell so much better =)

Oh..i'm so tired..wanna sleep..
And jz now i went out to meet up with Suzy ( my housemate in INTEC who by now is on the way to Bangalore,India) She's a really cute girl =) i can still remember how soft spoken she was when i first met her. I had to get her repeat her words almost everytime. Thankfully by the end of her 1 and a half yrs in INTEC, she spoke in a higher dB but still some other ppl can't catch what she's saying. HAhahaa XD
Also, she's a really good cook. Mastered her already fantastic cooking skills by cooking for PY n me =) Hoohohoo....

Friday, July 14, 2006


I'm so blur. I dont even know what i have been doing for the past few days.
It seems that ever since I finished my Alvls, I never really did anything porductive what-so-ever. All i have been doing is tagging along with my dad on his outings to shopping malls in town almost every single day. It tires me sometimes.
For example, yesterday, my dad brought my bf and i out to The Curve. Then, we went to watch "The Pirates of the Carribean". Well, watching the movie is definately enjoyable. Esp since Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are my fav eye-candy on-screen =) They look extremely dashing even though they might look rather erm..dirty on-screen. While Keira...erm...I can only say this, she doesnt look good tanned. In fact, i think many girls can never pull off the tanned look.

Anyways, back to story. The most annoying thing is that we didnt do anything interesting after watching the movie. We walked and walked around. Made loooong stops at bookshops such as popular and mph. Pity we didnt stop by borders, if not i would hv enjoyed myself reading mangas -_-"
Well...its not that bad..but i do like sulking and complaining when i get the chance. sue me! Jz kidding.

Today, i finally learnt how to convert wma files to mp3 files!!!! YEAh!! Cheers to me!
HAhha..i know i'm stupid..can never realy master computer related stuff..
but anyways, i finally downloaded the programme to convert the files. Its actually cause my phone can only support mp3 files. AND i only hv a memory of 40MB. AND its NOT extandable. So duh, i have to convert or minimise my files so i can get more songs. Haha...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


clockwise : happy me, annoyed me after posing with a smile for so long, my parents& me, my bf & i

It's hard to imagine, but i have finally graduated from INTEC after 2 long years!
Yup, i know that i have said that i'm done with alevels some time ago in one of the blog, but THAT time i have not officially graduated from intec itself.
But NOW, i have officially graduated from INTEC. Which means i'm no longer a student of INTEC.

Here's a list of things which i no longer hv to go through.
1. Waking up in the morning jz to squeeze a place into the bus. ants running towards a small hole..well, at least that's how it looks like when i look out from my window in the 5th floor. Haha^^

2. And no more standing in the bus through out the journey to INTEC. ( at least that won't happen on board a bus anymore..but then i'll hv to bear with the standing when i travel using the komuter train or the lrt. *sigh* THAT"S how bad our transportation system is. Sad but true.

3. No more eating out at a place where only malay food and mamak stalls are available. Hopefully that way i can lose some weight at home. I gained 2kg since march..i think its march cause that was when my trials started...

4. erm..erm.. i cant think of anymore..

Ok...actually INTEC is a really nice place. The hostel is great. Especially since my unit has only 3residents including myself. (actually its supposed to be a 4person per unit = 2person/room)
And also, i can study better in the hostel cause there arent any distractions such as the tv (we do hv a chared tv room in each block, but since i live onthe 5th floor i seldom go down to watch tv. Not unless its my fav series the "Desperate housewives" =)
Plus, my room doesnt hv a comp cause we didnt get an internet connection. I know of some students who got internet connection, and they can jz surf the net or blog, or chat in the comfort of their rooms. How nice huh? But that's not for me, i get distracted by the net.
Also, compared to some public Universities hostel, INTEC's hostel is strategically located in an area with a mini giant for us students to shop for groceries. Plus, there's Watsons, McDonalds, KFC, Baker's Cottage, Warnet, Bata, Speedy, and erm..lots of eating stalls =)

Well, its definately a great experience, esp since i think i hv succesfully perfected the skill of cooking using a ricecooker! YEAH! Hahaaha^^
I think i'll miss the place a bit. A tiny little bit only. Hahaha..and finally..good riddance of Mak and Pak Guards who "fine" ppl who wear "baju singkat yg menonjolkan belakang" "baju kebaya yg selit terlalu tinggi or menonjol" "seluar jeans yg ketat" "lengan pendek" "seluar pendek(even for guys)" and lots and lots more. If u wanna know the full list, jz get fined by the guard and u'll get a piece of rahter long rectangular paper with all the so-called-offences in INTEC.

Anyways, here's some pics of today's ceremony and also some pics of INTEC memories.

Friends and my different looks(unfortunately i don't know how to piece pics together using photoshop yet.i'll try to learn it IF possible..hahaha..)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great Day!

Hehehe ^-^ It's been quite some time since i had a great day. (well, my previous days were good..but not great. And to me, great day= fun+ memorable day)

First off, i woke up at 8.30am, bathe and got ready to go out with my bf and his sis. As i got dressed up in the clothes which i picked the night b4, i realised i grew fatter! The short skirt which i bought around 2years back had become tight! Especially around the hips -_-" (i know wide hips are good for child-bearing, but its not pretty in short skirts nor jeans. In fact, its hard to make wide hips look great..urgh~)

Although the skirt was tight, i still wore it. I must make full use of the skirt before the day where i can't even zip up comes. Hopefully that day wont come too soon. I only wore that skirt a few times thanks to the rules in INTEC; the land where baby tee's and jeans are forbidden. And honestly, i doubt i'll be wearing the skirt anytime soon again. Mayb i'm jz being paranoid, but i can't help noticing how fat, flabby and hairy my legs are. Its jz distracting.

So, after my bf got ready, we went off to subang parade. Thankfully my dad had an appointment with his friend, so he dropped my bf and i "near" the ktm station. (All the transportation money saved!) And later on, my bf's sis picked us up and then we headed to Times Square!

There was some minor traffic jams along the journey, but it was still bearable, esp since i'm not the driver! haha! Anyways, we then decided to park inside the parking bay of times square itself. It was by bf's sis 1st time parking inside the compound, so we were all unsure of the parking charges. At the ticketing booth, we saw a shocking fee!
rm3 for the 1st hour
rm2 for subsequent hours
(applicable during sat,sun, and public holidays)
Boy were we shocked. But the damage has been done as the parking ticket was already in the driver's hand.

Once we parked, we decided to speed up our shopping time so that the parking fees wont kill us. 1st stop - Low Yat Plaza
Items in shopping list - optical mouse, webcam, bluetooth adapter
In the end - we managed to have our lunch at Mr teppanyaki, and we bought all our stuff, and even got and extra microphone.

2nd stop -Sungai Wang/ BB plaza
Items in mind - Winter clothing for my bf
In the end - we got some of the winter clothings so we had to make another extra stop

3rd stop -
Lot 10
In the end -
we manage to get an almost completed set of winter clothings for my bf. And his sis bought a luggage too =) We were all happy ppl after that as we completed buying all the items in the shopping list. As it meant no more walking around to hunt for stuff anymore. By that time, we were all hungry ppl. So after we put the stuff in the car, we headed to our 4th stop.

4th stop - Jalan Yap Ah Loy
Mission - "Pan-mee" dinner
In the end - We had dinner and a specialy guest appearance by...meow!

oww..ain't she cute?

Now, a look who's in-charge of taking the great shot of the kitty cat!

Well, actually...the main reason i had a nice day was due to the super adorable kittens i saw today =)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Its not the end..

This is simply saddening. I should hv jz said "no" when i was given this opportunity. But, i didn't. And so i brought a whole load of trouble n stress to myself. And there i was thinking i wouldnt even hv to use a single cell of my brain after my a-levels. So much about that dream...*sigh*

After the end of the last day of the "class", i still felt out of place. Maybe my social skills arent that great. That's why i didnt manage to make any friends. And in any case, i doubt they'll b "good" friends. I mean it'll only be a hi-bye kinda friend, nothing more. I didnt even talk a single word to the person next to me, except asking him to pass a paper of stuff like that. Yeah...mayb it's jz me..but then the fact that they didnt talk to me either means their social skill is not much better than mine, right?

Not only that, my bf had to wait for me for the past 5days when i attended the class. And it was actually supposed to b a 2-hour class, but the "teacher" always let us off late. And my definition of late is like half an hour. What a killer. By the time i get a cab to the train station, and take the ktm back home, it'll b around 10pm -_-"
My pooor bf..looks like i'm "torturing" him right? But its NOT true..he himslef volunteered to tag along..its not like i held him at gun-point and forced him to come. And i dont even hv a gun!

Ohya..not to mention the transportation to subang from klang is NOT cheap. The train tickets are still ok..its only rm2.40 from my place to the subang ktm station. But its the taxi fees that kills! I mean like from the ktm station to the office(next to taylor's business school) is only a 15-min walk, But the silly taxi driver had the guts to charge rm4 for 2 persons! Is petrol THAT expensive? And they drive like mad drivers. They cut ppl's lane like no one's business, they drive run over red lights! They are the very BEST example of DANGEROUS drivers on the road. Its amazing they dont get any tickets from the police. What is the subang traffic police doing? -_-"

Then, the worst thing is --> i have to do an assignment.
Yup..and assignment of supposingly simple real-life situations. Calculations of insurance la..monthly savings to attain a fix amount after retirement, children's education fund la. Total interest of the housing loans la. Haih..its a killer. I dont even know what's going on anymore.

Then, parents commented on how low i was getting paid(i'm only gonna get paid rm500 a month to work as an intern) And as an intern, i'll hv to help out with some office work. Working hours are the usual one, 9am-5pm. I doubt there'll b any EPF. And the transportation and food is going to cost me at least rm250, half of my pay!

At first, i had thought if i am able to learn stuff, it'll be worth the effort..but now..i cant imagine how i can learn from the boss. Her explanations are a bit tough for me to catch sometimes. I dunno..all sorts of silly questions that i'll hv to think about now. I mean like..rm500 only leh..if i work at tesco from 9-5 a month..i'll get more than 500! cause tesco pays rm4 per hour!

*sobs* am i getting cheated?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alien Language

Well, it seems like my prediction is absolutely correct.
I am lost in the "class" for financial maths jz now.
I still havent bought a financial calculator. And even if i did, i wouldnt know how to use it at all. Although i know the variables involved (PV,FV,n,i,PMT), i hv problems determining their values.
I mean like, even the other "students" there cant really do the calculations. They had to think n ask a few questions to get the answer.
On the other hand, was me; a clueless girl armed only with a Scientific Calculator and a 3 formula. So, its pretty obvious that i'm the one who couldnt do the calculations given, eventhough according to the "teacher", she only gave SIMPLE calculations. Oh well..since i cant even do simple calculations..i dont think i'm gonna move any further.

After all that depressing thoughts, i had a brilliant plan to finally get a Financial calculator (eventhough its rather expensive(rm110) and eventhough my bf has been discouraging me to get it, cause according to him i'm only going to use it a couple of times, then the poor calculator will be neglected n left to dust.) BUT..the stationary shop was closed by time the class ended.
i even asked the "teacher" to lend me some books to read so that i can catch up a little. And she jz told me that she'll photocopy some notes for me.

So..i'm back home again, feeling left out n completely out of place.
My fren who introduced me to this "course" was busy with his friends, and had no time for me. Although i'm starting to think that he's ignoring me on purpose, or mayb its jz my imagination..but whatever..i jz hv this intuition that he's ignoring me for reasons unknown to me.
Well, since i hv a lot of shortcomings, it means i hv plenty of reading n researching to do. And less time for any other thing. It is so sadddening. My anime-marathon will hv to wait for another time.

Financial Problems..

i got a new skin. Again. -_-"
Seems like changing skins for my blog has become my latest hobby. A few months back i was happily changing bg for my friendster account. Unfortunately my friendster is left in the dark now.
Haha..when i hanged my skin jz now i realised that i didnt blog at ALL during June!
Amazing! This either means i hv good will power to not blog at all, or it means i'm plain lazy. In this case, i think it's the latter. =)

Now, back to my financial problems. I think i hv serious problems here. I'm absolutely clueless in financial mathematics. And not having a financial calculator makes things even worse -_-"
Yesterday, i attend the 2nd day of the short "course" on financial maths. And things were so alien to me.
What are bonds?
Malaysian Government Securities?
and a whole lot more terms which i can never find in my biology or chemistry books. In fact its not even in my maths or stats textbooks.
And, who the heck is Warren Buffett?
his name was repeated quite a few times throughout the 2and a half hours in the office..
Thankfully i now know that he's some bigshot in the investing world, raking up a LOt of money..bla bla..
Haih...seems like this week will b tough one on this "naive" biology stream student.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jz another day and maybe a little change..

It's jz another day in my life.
As usual, the mundane activities repeat themselves.
I wake up feeling tired n sleepy. 8 hours of sleep is not enough nowadays.
Then i read the papers..dried the clothes..and then ate my lunch.

Well, yesterday was a bit different though..
i had a trip down to times square with my bf. We watched Superman returns. Paid rm11 PER person and went in. On the way in..we had to surrender my bf's digital camera. Why?
Cause there was this notice which sounds something like this :
" Due to the early release of "Superman Returns" in Malaysia, all video recording tools are not allowed to be brought into the cinema to prevent Piracy. And..bla bla bla... Your co-opereation is greatly appreciated."

Hmm...gets you thinking about how many malaysians are involved in piracy. Wait..i suddenly think that all of us are caught in the piracy web, one way or another.
I mean like, many ppl buy pirated vcds, cds, dvds, computer softwares, etc...
But, its not only that. Pirated clothings lie everywhere, we can even download songs, videos, movies, and softwares on9.
So, tell me who isnt involved in piracy?

OKie..back to topic. Yesterday, i also went to a erm..short course? about financial stuff. My friend had invited me to go. And since its the company which i'm gonna work as in intern next month, i might as well go n learn a thing or two. At least that was what i had in mind.
Unfortunately, things didnt go as well as i had imagined.
1. i arrived 10mins or so..
2. i was the only one without a piece of paper to take down notes.
3. i didnt even bring a calculator when we were supposed to do calculations
4. The other "students' there were either in accouting, finance, marketing n actuary science. I was the odd one out..a future pharmacy-degeree holder..
5. i had absolutely no idea what financial mathematics is. The boss was talking about a formula where u have unknowns such as "i" PV, FV, n, PMT..
I was at a total loss...luckily its pretty simple to guess
i = interest
PV = present value
FV = future value
n = number of years
PMT = payment( the boss mentioned this)

SO anyways, this "course" will continue this whole week. And i am starting to wonder whether i can survive it without looking like a complete fool..wait..mayb the noun "fool" had already been labelled on my large forehead -_-"
but..whatever..i'll do what i think is best..and i do pray i'll learn somethings that a 'normal' pharmacy student wouldnt know about investments and finance.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Over with A levels..what's next?

Finally done with me A-levels..have been studying it for the past 2YEARS!
Imagine...TWO of my precious years jz to get an Alvl cert.. -_-"
Well, to be honest..the two years spent in INTEC weren't that bad. Life do get boring at times..but its like that..i've gotten used to it.
TWo years spent with my amazing roomates, housemates, classmates, collegemates...hehehe..anyways..all are my lovely friends nonetheless..
Lemme see..many things happened in two years...i changed a little..
1. i was single but now i'm not
2. i had short i hv long hair(not that long..but its the longest length i ever had! serious!)
3.....ermm? ermm...?
can't think of any other stuff... -_-"

Now that i'm over n done with a levels..what's next?
hehe..hopefully i get good results n get a placing in IMU next year..gonna do pharmacy..
but in the mean time..i wanna get a job..i found one..i even went for an interview already...back then it sounded like i had got the job...but now..hmm...nvm...
what job? i dunno...some intern for a financial company..
why this job? cause i wanna learn how to manage my money so i can more out of it..
but then its not like i hv a lot of money to start with...-_-"
haih..if i'm gonna go to work..i need to get some formal wear really soon, cause i don't have any...the only thing formal i hv is my baju kurung..and ONE blouse..NO slacks or formal skirts..the rest of my wardrobe is filled with casual wear..

oh...anyways..hv been rather lazy back home...didnt do much...went muar and kluang recently..ate a lot..cause there's nothing much to do there, other than eating..hmm...i wanna put some pics..but its not with me for now...nvmla..i'll udpload it sometime later when i get the pics =) i come!! its a marathon to cover all the anime i've missed during my exams!!!!!
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