Sunday, December 30, 2007

I can't believe I was cheated to play this flash game online.

It has super weird story-line.

Yet, the bitch-slapping is entertaining. LOL~~~

It's called Rose&Camelia

If u're free, u can go check it out.. LOL~

Singapore Trip~

As I have promised, my update on my trip down to Singapore.
It's a bit delayed, but that's how I

Hehe^^ for starters,
I went to Singapore with my room mate, and my house mates =)

Day 1
We left Pudu, KL at 8.30am and guess what time we arrived?
We arrived at Singapore around 3pm = =
The delay was because of the long queue in the immigration,
and also the traffic jam within Singapore.

Anyways, we stayed in ASPHodel Inn.
The "hotel" was newly renovated, so it looked really nice.
But the double bed provided is smaller than an average queen-sized bed, because the bed is smaller than the one I sleep on at home. LOL~
However considering the fact that we only payed Sgd75 a night, it's a bargain =)

Btw, the proudest thing is that, the four of us,
walked all the way from Lavender bus station to our hotel in Little India!!!
Yes, armed with a map of Singapore, we WALKED to our hotel^^

Once we checked in, we immediately left for Chinatown for our late "lunch".
Next, we went to Vivo City~

me and a big ball of flowers outside Vivo City~

The girls and I~~

After that, we headed to Clarke Quay
(and it was so saddening that I kept pronouncing Quay wrongly = =)
Well, as Clarke Quay is one of the most happening club area in Singapore,
we went clubbing^^ who wouldn't?

Since it was ladies night, we took advantage of the benefits of being a lady,
and went club-hopping!!
In the end, we went to 3 clubs: Ministry of Sound
and another two clubs, which names I have forgotten = =

Anyways, the one thing which I really like about MOS, is that they have a counter for females to store their bulky handbags! (unlike Maison in KL)

And their concept is very different from Maison's.
They have different "rooms" for different themes like old school, jazz, rnb, etc....

Also, the taxis in Singapore are reasonably priced!
For example, the ride back from Clarke Quay to Little India was around sgd4,
and the late night surcharge made the final payment only around sgd6.
In Malaysia, the fares are doubled up = =

Day Two..
We woke up early, headed to Bugis for breakfast,
and walked around the area till noon time.

After that, we headed to Suntec City (by foot again)
Passed by Esplanade^^
And took pictures^^
PohYee and I with Singapore City at the background..

Us again, with Mummy and Baby Merlion behind~

Later at night,
we went clubbing again. LOL~
This time it was St. James Power Station.

From left to right: Cucu, Pohyee, Wilfred, Jaymie, Me and Renly
(yes, I know I look weird in the pic, but no, I was NOT drunk.. LOL~)

St James is really huge. It's got a total of 9 different "clubs" within the whole building.
But unfortunately we didn't enter all of it.

Then we club-hopped, again :p,
this time to another club called Dbl-O ^^

After that, we went to Geylang for supper~~~
And boy am I thankful that we did not book the Hotel 81 in Geylang,
because while we were walking to the eating stall at Geylang,
some D.O.Ms bugged us = =

We went back to the hotel around 4am!
And we woke up at 8am because we needed to leave the hotel early,
just in case we missed our bus back to KL. LOL~~

All in all, it was a great trip.

And to be really honest, I've met up with 5 ppl whom I met in HumanPets when I was in Sg. Lol~
When I had initially told my house mates that I wanna meet up with them,
they were shocked! Hahaha^^

But in the end, I'm glad my intuition on these ppl were correct.
None of the 5 ppl whom we met up with were "bad" ppl.
In fact, I think it was our meeting up with them that made our Singapore trip more exciting^^
Not only that, we are all now richer with 5 newly met friends =)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

中国话 China ~~~~

I'm back from China in one piece!
Wait...I did come back in one piece, but somehow that piece gained some
extra weight in the wrong areas *sigh*

Not only that, I came back with a
sprained ankle, which is now a swollen lump of blood clot.
Luckily I can still walk normally^^ though sometimes I limp a bit. *sigh*

ALSO, my face's condition is getting worse.

Dry weather + dirty-newly-bought-gloves + scratching hands = Reddish + Peeling + Pimply skin

That's exactly how bad my skin is right now. It makes me feel a little down (that's why I am not having any plans for Christmas nor New Year, because I think I am in no condition to be seen by public ;p)
BUT..... I'm trying hard to not feel bad about it!!
*cheers for my determination on not trying to scratch the peeling skin away*

Anyways, my visit to Fujian Province of China has been enlightening and entertaining in it's own way.

I spent 8 days and 7 nights in China, and I'll sum it all up in one post!!!! *claps and cheers*

a bored WenYi on the way to KLIA

The bad bad weather with the clouds and the Plaza Toll beneath while on the way to KLIA on the 15th of Dec 2007.
(Artistic ain't it? :p)

A view of Malaysia and The South China Sea on board Xiamen Airlines~~

The trip is generally like this,

Malaysia > Fuzhou > Mt Wuyi > Xiamen > Quanzhou > Putian > Fuzhou > Malaysia

Well, initially, I had thought China is this kinda less developed country compared to Malaysia.
I thought their cities would be smaller like Klang,
I was kinda blown away when I saw how BIG their cities were.

Fuzhou is something like Penang City.
Big, heavy traffic, loads of ppl walking around, etc.

Reached Fuzhou late, and was being Malaysian-night owls, we craved for food...and found Chinese dumplings!!!!!
Guess how much this tray cost??

Each tray of dumplings cost only 3Yuan = less than RM1.50 per tray!!!!!!
Food is cheap!! CHEAP!!! really cheap!!!!

Fuzhou's main train station~

Fuzhou's main bus station (something like Pudu bus station, but with lots of small shops selling loads of shoes, winter clothing, food, etc..)

A Plaza tol in Fuzhou~ (and I thought it was a bridge intially = =)

Mt Wuyi is China's national heritage town. (the tour guide mentioned something about Mount Wuyi being listed as a United Nation's Natural Area or something like that. If u're interested in reading more about those facts, google it. lol^^)
Basically Mount Wuyi is an town with loads of hills for u to take nice scenic pictures of mountains and rivers.

Mount Wuyi's Airport

Thread of Sky~ Which is actually a cave with really REALLY narrow steps!

There!! Proof that the steps ARE indeed narrow!!! If u happen to be "rounder" you would most probably get stuck in between the rocks!! XD

A scenic view taken in Mount Wuyi!!!

I love this pic!!! I am such a good photographer!! ;p

My mum and I~

Another nice pic^^

The river which we rode on~

me me me!!! a chubby me!!! *winks*

a boat of six and our "driver" haha~~

A really big tea pot~~
Me on the top of one of the hills in Mount Wuyi. The weather was around 10-15 celcius but climbing up the hill gets one sweating no matter how cold it may be!!!

Thus, once I stopped climbing I had to wear a jacket. Hehe^^

Xiamen = mini Singapore.
The tour guide seemed super proud about it. He kept mentioning how much they emulated from Singapore City; which is true to a certain extent.
They have lots of nice apartments! (the newly build ones are much nicer than those I saw in Singapore.)
Their roads are wide and clean! They have workers walking around just to sweep and make sure the roads are rubbish-free!

The high rise buildings of Xiamen behind me~

Quanzhou is a small town, which highlight was this old stone carving of an old man.

The old man with not-so-perfect ears~

On the way from Quanzhou to Putian, I saw this "masjid"-like building.
But once we were closer, the words stated that the building is a restaurant!!!

Putian is a smaller town, which has a Shaolin Temple (but the tour guide didn't bring us there = = because we were short of time and had to visit Mazu Temple)

The odd 13 members of the tour and Goddess of Mazu~

After the trip, I had a new idea of what China really is.
It's a developing nation, which is getting more advanced than Malaysia!
Yet, sad to say, I still managed to experience door-less toilets!!!

Yup!!! Door-less toilets still exists in China (not in their cities, but in smaller restaurants and temples)
I didn't take any pictures of the door-less toilets cause I usually go to the loo in pairs or groups. So I wouldn't wanna take any pictures with butts around,would I?

And one thing about their toilets which I think Malaysians could use is the "pijak" flush.
Just step on the level, and ta-daa~~~
everything u excreted is off to the sewage system!! Haha^^

However, many people in China have one bad habit which I cannot tolerate...
it's the way they spit!!

They have to give out this "special" sound effect every single time before they spit!!
It's a not-so-melodious-sound that would make me feel like puking!!!!
Thus, whenever I heard THAT sound, I will stay way way AWAY from the person;
just in case the mixture of phlegm and saliva gets stuck on me *ewwww*

A few more pictures~~
The lovely skies on the flight back to Malaysia~

The stuff which I bought!!!!!
> A red winter jacket
> one white jacket (which unfortunately got stained when I soaked them last night)
> two long sleeved shirt
> two long john
> 3 pairs of shoes
> 20 odd items
> a dvd with 100+ songs for 5 yuan!
> 5 packets of green tea flavoured chewing gum

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden Compass

Well, after the blogging spree two days ago.

I decided to take a break from blogging, and start packing for my vacation.

Thus, I spent almost the WHOLE day, planning of what outfit to bring for my 3day2night's trip to singapore, and also for my China trip.

Yup, I take a VERY long time to pack. = =
I will choose my clothings to match with my shoe,
and try the outfit to see how it looks.
( a friend said that I'm vain just because I do^^)

Well, I know most guys just grab a few shirts, and undies, and towel, and chuck it inside their bags, and wear a jeans for vacation, without thinking about questions like,

"Does this shirt match my shoes?"
"Does the color of my shirt clash with the jeans?"
"Do I need to bring a formal wear, just in case?"

Ya. I think about all that when I pack. *sweats*

I know it's a time consuming action, which serves no significant purpose.
Yet, the joy of trying out my own clothes,

The joy trying out the different ways I can wear them,

IS just sooo satisfying~~

Anyways, later that day, I went to India street with my parents,
came home, packed some more,
then went out to watch Golden Compass with Ben and Mei .

The movie was so-so.
Nothing much to shout about.
I've never really been a fan of movies, where their lead characters are children or young adults. (remember The Seekers, Narnia, and also the very first Harry Potter movie?)
It's not like I hate to see children act,
it just happens that I prefer movies with dashing lead actors like Johnny Depp^^ *giggles*

And the cinema was so darn cold! It has been raining quite a lot in Klang lately.
Hopefully it WON'T rain in Singapore these coming days,
if NOT I will miss my chance to take pictures!! Hahaha^^
(I keep telling my friends I wanna go places just to take photos that they just ignore me = =)

So, I will be gone, and coming back soon^^
Hopefully I will have time to blog and upload pictures of singapore on the 14th!
So till then, I will miss my blog~~~ lalala~~

Sunday, December 09, 2007

My birthday party

Yes, although my birthday ended,
I insisted on celebrating it,
simple because it's my 21st birthday!!!

Hehe^^ I prepared fruit salad and also pasta for the party.
(and I also made jelly, which was a complete failure *sobs* it was watery, and tasted...bad *sigh*)

Anyways, less talk more pictures!
(because my fingers are kinda tired now, it's my 4th post today!!!!!!)

Yes, I know it's maddening to put up 4 post within a day!
But come next week, I won't be free because I'll be going down Singapore and Xiamen, China!!!
(i.e I will be M.I.A = missing in action from the 12-22nd of December~~)

And when I get back from my vacation, I think I will be out most of the time because Christmas and New Year is just around the corner!!!! *so so excited*

Oh, pictures pictures~~
my bro's friends and i and my birthday cake^^

my girls and i^^

My family^^

The guys and i~

my presents and i^^
( i must mention that the vase used to hold the roses is also a present!)


This is my third post today!!!! *shocked*

Well, I'm actually trying to make up for the lost posts in the past week, so bear with me. Lol~~
This time, I can focus on blogging, and ONLY blogging because I didn't log into my msn, nor Facebook!!! *yeah~ I AM disciplined ;p*

Anyways, this post shall about what I did after the camp.

On the very NEXT day of the camp, I went for....

a Karaoke session @ Green Box, Bukit Tinggi

Yup, I finally went to the newly opened Green Box *excited*
There were only four of us that day, and two of them reached late.
SO, during the first 30 mins or so, I was left to sing ALL I wanted SOLO~~ *jumps*

Then a few days ago,

I watched Enchanted!!!

The movie is made up of sweets and everything nice!!!
I was left feeling like a little girl; dumbfounded by the phrase;
"and they lived happily ever after"

Yes, the classic ending of EVERY Disney production.
It just made me wanna believe in true love!!! *plaster a stupid smile on my face* Lol~~

Btw, I find one scene extremely "unique"? (I can't find the words to match my thoughts)
It's this one scene, where Giselle, the "princess",
touches her "saviour" on his chest.
And she just stared blankly at him.
There was a moment of silence where they both don't say a thing, and then the guy left.

Now, if you're thinking what I'm thinking,
you know that this scene is so-not-suitable for children.
(thus I strongly advice parental guidance throughout the movies for kids!
Oh no..I sound like a real conventional "aunty" *sigh*)

BUT what I said is true. Parental guidance is NEEDED for this movie.
Because during the movie, a father and his little girl sat next to me.
And during the climax of the movie, I heard the girl asking her daddy,
"Why is she crying?" (she = Giselle)

Thus, it comes to show that this movie is more of a chick-flick,
rather than a kiddies show, because children won't be able to fully understand what's going on.

If you haven't watch the movie, GO watch it!!
If you're a guy, it's best to watch it with a girl (maybe ur gf, or ur crush)
If you're a girl, watch it with ur bf,
But if u don't have one; like me,
just grab ur girlfriends and enjoy the movie with caramel popcorn!

oh..and I got a hair cut @ APT, Bkt Tinggi, directly after the movie^^


Now, let's talk about Incovar.

Incovar actually stands for INter COllege VARsity.
It's actually a dhamma camp for students, and since I am a member of IMU's Buddhist Society, I was introduced to it.

Lo and behold, *poof*
I was there at the camp!

Lol~ I'm just joking ;p Anyways, the camp was held RIGHT after my physiology exam.
Camp details:

Venue: Klang Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)
Date: 29th November - 2nd December 2007

Yup, just by looking at the date, you'll know that I celebrated my birthday there ;p
And I was told by one of the organizing committee that I'm the first girl he knew who celebrated her 21st birthday in an INCOVAR camp.

(if you don't know my birthday.....
make a guess, it's one of these four days stated above;
which means you have a 25% of guessing it correctly!!! LOL^^)

Anyways, the camp was okay, minus the hard cement floor as my bed (that's why I had to get my mum to bring me a sleeping bag on the second night..*yes, I know I am pampered =)*

Learned a few stuff during the camp,
> Being mindful (ya, lately this word keeps appearing in my vocabulary list)
> spreading Metta (loving kindness^^)
I met lots of new people as well =)

Group Pic^^

November and December babies~~~

ME, chin yeong and the puzzle of the day^^

Well, after four days of vegetarian food...

We (IMU students and also other participants and committee members of the camp) headed off to the nearest Bah Kut Teh stall in Klang which was still opened at night ~~> Pandamaran.

Yummy Bah Kut Teh~~~ *tempting ain't it?*

The group picture of the meat-eating people that night^^

Yup, more than 30 of us went to savour delicious pork meat at the small stall.
The "aunty" must have been very happy to see so many of us;
cause the more people eating means the more to"untung" ~~

Ohh...i ALMOST forgot about the MOST entertaining "Clap of the year"!!!!

It's called "tepuk yeoh-ah-yeoh" (it's in hokkien and can be translated directly to "The shake shake Clap" LOL~~)

it goes,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh ,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh- ah-yeoh- ah-yeoh!!!!

(okay, it may sound weird here, but when it's said by more than 60 energetic participants, it ROCKS~~~ )

My FIRST post this December.

I realized that I've been mia (missing in action) for the past week. LoL~~
(yes, I have been wanting to blog for days, yet my somehow I just couldn't force myself to do it)

So, time for some serious updates as what Miss Wen Yi has been doing after her Physiology paper ;p

First off, would be about the Physiology paper itself. I had initially thought that my preparations at home were sufficient enough to pass the paper. However, the truth hit me right on my face when I was back at my uni's apartment.

My house mates were EVEN more well prepared than I was.
When they asked one another some "simple" questions, I was totally LOST~ @.@

Thus, I panicked. (ya, I think I have a tiny little bit of "kiasu-ism" stuck within me)
So, I decided to read my notes AGAIN; right from PAGE 1!!!!
And there I was trying to cram every single little details given inside my mind till 3am (or was it 4am??? @.@ while the rest of my house mates went to sleep)

Thankfully, I think I did my best and will pass the paper; but without flying colours = =
(I got a feeling that my marks for this semester won't be as well as the first semester *sigh* my results for Bioscience is out, and guess what? It's lower than previous sem's marks *double sigh*)

Oh well, back to happy stuff. I went out to times square (and not forgetting sungai wang) for some quality time^^

My house mates and I went shopping for my birthday present and they got me a little black dress which I wore twice already (because it's soo nice^^) and a knee-length jean pants.

Posing @ Gasoline in Times Square (the rice there is rather bland, but the noodles are good. AND most importantly, big thumbs up for their deco^^)

Next off we headed to The Curve with ChiaHui and met up with Devi's "gang" ;p
We ate at some chinese restaurant opposite Fridays.
It served food which is RIDICULOUSLY expensive = =
One plate of fried rice cost Rm10.90 (if I remember correctly) *annoyed*
But since I am a big eater, and was getting hungry, I had to order it = =''

After the exorbitantly priced meal, we all switched to Fridays where all of them celebrated both my birthday and Raj's.

Raj and I being forced to sing into a make-believe-microphone i.e the ketchup bottles in our hands. In the end, we sang Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls while Raj grooved to it. Lol^^
(Friday's Staff are hilarious *esp the guy with the gleaming eyes*)

The girls who were out at Fridays^^

Then, the five girls left and headed into The Curve and snapped away~~

What snap???

Snap pictures lah~~ what else?? Lol^^

We only took pictures because the decorations were so pretty!!! ;p

There, proof of fancy lights^^ (i LOVE neon blue lights~~~)

There are ten people in this pic, can you see them?? Lol^^

More fancy decorations^^

Nyam~~ Snowflakes taste good ;p

After all the photo taking, we went back to the apartment and took more photos~
Well, here's one of them^^
(chin yeong went to bathe so she was missing~~ lol)
And to wrap up this post, let's have a "cute" picture of me^^

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