Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rotten luck

Right now, I am an extremely angry woman. I've got nothing but complaints and curses in my mind.

My streak of not-so-good luck began yesterday when I was on my way down to KL central on the ktm. I've been taking the ktm for maybe a hundred over times and yet it was the very first time I had befallen such horrendous luck.

Now, being alone on the train is a sad thing, but with the company of a book it's still bearable. And that was exactly what I did; I read a motivational book by Stephen Covey. As I was quietly reading, a bunch of college students got in at the Subang Jaya station. I presume that they are from Taylors college bcoz they were making loads of ruckus.

Being a good mannered girl*ahem* I seldom eavesdrop ppls' conversation. BUT, when the conversation is interesting, I can't help but to listen. The bunch of students are actually 3 girls n 1 guy, whose name is Max. *yea..I know his name without even opening my mouth*

Max is this guy who jz can't close his mouth, when his friends phone rang to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway, he started singing the song -_-''

As if that isn't enough to distract me, his other friend said this,
'Hey Max, why u so 'ham sap'? Dont touch ....'s ass! You should never touch a girls' ass.'

Well, enough said. I think both u and I get the picture.

Anyways, at the very next station after Max boarded the train, the train stopped moving. It was stationary for alomst 10-15 mins without any air-condition. The only source of air we can get is the occasional hissing of the train's engine. And every single time the hissing comes, the girls would tease Max by saying,
'Max, I knew u farted! No wonder it stinks in here!'

Err...even Stephen Covey's advice on patience is useless to me. I was literally a sweating girl as I kept the book in my bag as everyone in the cabin moved all the way to the front of the train to free ourselves from the friggin' train.

When I reached the front I asked the driver, 'Rosak ke?'


Well, that explains all. Our msian ktm is obsolete! I mean like, shouldnt the train have a back-up generator to at least open the side doors when the train breaksdown?

There isnt even an announcement inside the train! We were all sitting like idiots inside a metal box under the hot sun!

The announcement that came next was from the station itself, and it asked everyone heading to KL to move on to the opposite platform to catch the next train! Imagine, everyone inside the train filling up the entire platform! There the amount of ppl in a single train waiting...it was packed!

AS if that isnt bad enough, the next train which came was already 75% occupied!

Yet, the instinct to board the very next train kicked in, and everyone was soon squeezing n pushing. Inside the train, ppl were stacked up next to each other like tinned sardines -_-''

In KL central, I met another problem regarding the Msian public transportation again! This time its the Putra LRT. Since the queue are usually long, I prepared the exact amount of rm1.60 and used the manual ticketing machine. Guess what?

Out of the 6 high-tech looking machines available, only ONE was functioning! The one I used kept vomitting out the coins I slotted in! Pissed off, I had to queue up to get a ticket and the pace was ridiculously slow! There were two ppl inside the counter but only the girl was giving out tickets while the guy was 'busy' counting money!

I was baffled at his stupidity! Can't he see the queue? Cant he see that his colleague is tired? Didn't he even notice that the machines weren't functioning?

Oh well, I guess not. After all he is SO busy counting money and is too friggin' blind to notice anything!

THAT was yesterday, and todays' problem is regarding the telco services!

Being a loyal customer of Hotlink, I expect the services to be better. Today, all my expectations were dashed. (Yup, I am loyal. Everyone's changing to Digi yet i'm still with Hotlink and I always top up my credit on time and lately I've been using mroe than rm60 a month! Which has never happened to me in the past)

Every 15mins before I reach the ktm station nearest to my house, I would call my brothers or parents to pick me up. Yet today, the network was down!

Imagine my horror! I tried calling over n over again! I even took out the sim card to check! BUT nothing worked.

So, I had to walk to the nearest telephone booth to make the call. It was only a few metres away, but I ended up walking more than 400metres, under the blazing hot noon sun, to finally get a phone that is functioning!

I passed mayb 3-4 booths yet ALL of them were dilapitated! Blame it on vandelism, but I think the government should be doing better! Shouldn't they at least come around n replace the spoilt ones every month?

Anyways, after I called my brother from the public phone, I asked him to pick me up from the stall which I decided to have my lunch while waiting for them to come and also for me to cool down after the burning hot long walk.

I called him at 12.15pm and guess what time he arrived?

Wait! He didnt even arrive!!

After around 40 mins of waiting(and also finishing my lunch) I called him again around 1pm and he said he'll come soon. So I went back to the same stall after paying for my meal and had another drink. After waiting for another 30mins or so, he still isnt around!

I was extremely pissed off! The restaurant is less than 15mns from my house yet I had to wait for him for more than an hour!

So, I decided to walk back home, under the hot sun again!

After walking around 200metres or so, he somehow spotted me and picked me up at 1.40pm. Amazing...I was this close to killing him with my bare hands! And when I asked him why did he take so long, he casually said he went back sleeping after my receiving my 1st call!

What the f***! I'm suffering alone while he sleeps like a pig!!

Yup, I am a naturally angry woman; When the conditions around me turn sour, I won't turn sour...I would have already rotted instead!! My patience thins, and my angry grows especially when I'm hungry and when the sun shines TOO bright.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Pink Squid + Brown-haired girl

I finally got my darn hair coloured! At first the junior-stylist(or the more accurate term is a 3rd month hairstylist student) wanted to colour my hair a rich dark brown to make my hair look 'healthy'.

Yes u read correctly, she said healthy. Which indirectly means my hair is currently in an unacceptable condition; dry and messy and BAD, or in other words it LOOKS n FEEL like those weeds or 'lalang' in our fields.

However, I wanted to colour it brown and since the customer is ALWAYS right, she obliged. Thus, her words came true n my hair ended up looking more lalang-like than ever. Sheesh -_-''

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little too often. Honestly my hair doesnt look 'that' bad; at least that's what my friends told me. But, the one true fact is that I seriously need to get my hair treated. And from the pic, u can tell my fringe looks weird.
The obvious answer is because I am jz too lazy to style it.

That's why once Chinese New Year is over, I'll definately chop off the whole permed section. Natural hair is by far the best! I can comb it, tie it and most importantly, NOT put so much effort in styling it. Hhahaha XD

After I got my hair coloured, my friends, Ah Li ,Ah Hui and I ended up in RedBox to sing our hearts out! Its been months since my last karaoke session and so after 3 hours of singing I lost half of my voice.*sobs*
And my singing to me is actually:

Singing = Off-pitch screaming + Humming off tune

To make matters worse, I usually sing wrongly bcoz I cant read chinese characters -_-'' *sigh*

Halfway through, Ning n Ben came n joined the fun =) Which there after was followed by dinner at MCD. Hahhaha... Of course, dinner at a fastfood outlet is nothing compared to the scrumptious meal Ning, Ben, Ah Li and I had in Tomy Roma's exactly a week ago in the exact same mall.

^grilled chicken^

^mahi mahi fillet^

^even the drinks look good^

Well, the sad thing is right after I took the pic of my drink, I broke the glass and caused one of the waitress to cut her hand while picking up the pieces. BUT, since I was the birthday girl on that day, I guess all is forgiven. Kekeke^^ but I do feel a bit guilty about it...

One mroe thing, I got this super cute pinky squid from my friends as my birthday present! Hehehe^^


Now, ain't she cute?

Since it's a squid, I'll name her Sotong The Pinky Squid! Sounds like a name of a character in some Disney animation huh? LoL^^

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm rotting away..

I can't believe the amount of time I spent in front of the darn tv and computer today!

My life - working/studying - friends - family/bf = No life

Every single time I stop working or have a break, the same old thing repeats itself.I'm left all alone at home like an idiot; another meaningless day spent eating chips while having my anime marathon.

For instance, right after I blogged this morning, I couldn't find another thing to do. So, I ended up watching an anime since morning. My bros were out with the car, which practically means I have no means of getting out to get lunch. In the end, after scavanging around the house for food,

my lunch = instant mushroom soup + 2 small pkts of sesame gingko biscuit + 1 pkt of chips + 1 tin of Coke

Although i'm not a diet-freak or anything near it, I think everyone is more than aware of the amount of calories my lunch had. So there I was imagining the calories from each mouthful of chips i ate turning into undesirable fat layers in on my tummy. At that fateful moment, I somehow stumbled upon TV mart which co-incidently was screening some ad on the sauna belt!

As I watched the same darn ad with the same hosts for nearly 5 mins, I lost count on the number of times they guaranteed the belt will help u lose at least 1 inch after 15 mins only. It was so so tempting but...their guarantee sounds..fake @.@

Its always like that, when someone is trying to get my trust, the moment he says these words for the 2nd time in the same conversation, the trust shatters.

Oh well, now after dinner, I'm still stuck in front of the comp, yet again, blogging. Anyways, jz now as I chatted with a friend, we somehow stumbled upon a topic regarding a guys' loo. So he asked me watch this video which I find ridiculous. If anyone has time to kill, they definately have to watch this( btw, I HIGHLY recommend this to girls who wanna find out more about how a guys' loo is) [Click Here]

Anyways, do not worry, this video contains no nudity what-so-ever, after all, I AM an innocent young thing! lol... however be warned that its a little long (around 10mins) so it might take a little time to upload depending on ur connection. So enjoy =)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yet again it took me so so super-duper long to post something up.

Its not that i'm lazy or anything, its jz that i get too preoccupied by other happenings in my life I jz couldnt find the time; or I jz couldn't care less about finding a time to update. Sheesh..so there's my oh-so-honest confessions on what's been going on.

Anyways, back to reality, 'many' things happened.

1. I'm no longer a stalker.
Why? cause the agency which gave me the job couldnt extend the darn contract. Which is guess was probably due to the fact that part-timers from agencies, like me, are break-lovers, which means we work less than the stipulated time in the contract. Oh well, at least during my time there I met loads of interesting ppl^^

2. I'm jobless (on weekdays) again.
On the last day of my job, the thought of me being jobless again didnt realy cross my mind. The only thing that was running was proabably the estacy of knowning I neednt go back n make calls the next day. And also the fact that my frens and I were madly snapping pictures in every single place which we think would look nice on print-_-'' and one of those places include the lift. Luckily this was ended by out stern newly appointted supervisor.

3.I'm NO longer a teen!!
Yup, I'm officially no longer a 19 year old! Sheesh..makes me feel sad yet happy at the same time.
Sad because I'm no longer a teenager. At least when i was nineTEEN, i still had the word 'teen' in my age. But now? I only see the big TWO.
However, I am happy too. At least when ppl guess my age as 20++ now, it wouldn't hurt my self esteem that much anymore because its partly true! Hahaha^^

4. Did I mention that I permed my hair?
I paid money to make my hair look like it got burnt; at least that's what one of my fren said to me-_-'' Anyways, most of the comment arent really nice. Not a single one told me this line, "It looks GREAT!" To make matters worse they say my previous hairdo is much better. Sheesh...So, I had to console myself that its all because my hair isnt coloured and that a permed hair must always go with colour if not i'll look plain n ugly. And jz because of that thought, I have had this urge to colour my hair more than anything. (but of course the price has to be within my budget, which unfortunately I dare not mention in my blog for fears that ppl might laugh their guts out after knowning my absurdly low budget...)

* I had wanted to post up pics of my permed hair together with pics which i took with my colleagues in PJ but I'm jz to lazy to do so. HahahaXD
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