Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Days pass by..

Lately university life has been getting hectic,
I'm having tests on a weekly basis,
and I've just completed one though it doesn't account for any marks ;p
I'll be having a practical exam next week, and there'll be a 30% report to hand in for that subject.
Currently I have a 40% report to do, yet I'm blissfully sitting around doing nothing much, but idling my time away. ROFL...

Anyways, lately I'm at loss for things to say. = =
I got a feeling I should go out and buy a new camera phone.
I feel like buying one... cucu got a new phone, though it's not the latest model, it's a bargain.
Only rm620 for a 2.0mp camera + 1gb memory card + it's a sony erricson phone. (I don't know why, but I prefer a sony erricson phone over Nokia ;p)

I can imagine snapping all the pictures I like with a phone with at least a 2.0mp camera.
I can imagine listening to the unlimited mp3 songs which I can put in the phone.
I can imagine.....
Imagination is a wonderful thing, hahaha =)

Now that the word "imagination" popped up, I am reminded of a scene I was the other day.
I was at a restaurant, and there was this little girl maybe around 5yrs old.
Her mum was busy chatting about some business plan (most likely something like Amway, or some other MLM = Multi Level Marketing plan)
So this smart little girl was convincingly playing the role of a waitress.
She was running around to tables, armed with a notepad and a really big pen,
asking imaginary customers,
"Nak makan apa?" (what would you like to eat?)
"Minum??" (drinks?)

And she was happily doing the exact same thing at 3 different tables,
when she's not doing that, she'll be talking to a fire extinguisher, and hitting it with her pen. LOL.
Yup, the best part is,
I had the time to observe this little girl. (goodness, I'm starting to sound like a pedophile, XD)

Friday, March 21, 2008


Peas was out with carrots yesterday.
(In case you're wondering who carrots is, carrots is carrots. ROFL...)

Anyways, before we were out,
we were browsing through the movie list online,
and was caught between watching,
Gone Baby Gone,

When carrots read that Jesicca Alba was in Awake, well, you know what happened ;p
Thus we went to OneU, and when we were queueing up to buy the movie tickets,
I saw a few movies with the price of only RM5,
Thus I decided that Peas and Carrots should go watch it since we had extra time to kill before Awake starts showing.

The RM5 tickets are part of GSC's Iranian Film Festival,
and we read the synopsis given,
and thought "Why not give it a try?"

So we bought four tickets in total. LOL^^
And the best thing was,
when we went into cinema 5 for the Iranian movie called Equivalence,
we were the ONLY two people in the ENTIRE cinema!!

Carrots: What cinema are we supposed to enter?
Peas: Cinema 5
C: You sure this is cinema 5?
(peas and carrots left the hall to double check)
P: Yup, it's cinema 5.
C: How come there isn't anyone?
P: Dunno..
(Peas and carrots sat down, and immediately the advertisements started showing.)
C: Thank you. We're the only ones here.

AND yes, we were the ONLY two persons in the cinema watching the entire movie.
Thus, we were trying out level best to capture an empty cinema with only the two of us, using our camera phones. (where's a good camera when you need it? *sigh*)
Anyways, we did manage to take a few,
but I'm not sure whether it's clear or not. ( I shall post it when I upload it into my laptop^^)

Funnily, when the advertisements ended,
the worker must have forgotten to put in the DVD,
and the screen was showing the start up page for Sony DVD player! LOL~~~

Back to the movie,
the Iranian movie is pretty old, I'm guessing it's a movie almost 10 yrs old.
The synopsis of the movie grabbed from GSC online goes:

"Bijan, a genius in mathematics decides to marry one of his classmates in college, Zohreh. He wants to solve the equivalent of his life with the aid of his father, but the problem is that his father does not accept him as his son."

It's actually a comedy, which was pretty entertaining in it's own way.
Or maybe the fact that the two of us were watching an Iranian movie made it even entertaining. LOL~
Though it wasn't a movie which won any awards,
the fact that Peas and Carrots only paid
RM 10 + RM 3.30 (for a Large Coke) = RM 13.30
for the ENTIRE cinema,
made the movie a GREAT value for money!!! LOL...
Though occasionally some GSC workers walked in and out,
and towards the end of the movie, the cleaners were there sitting at the side waiting to clean up the hall; which of course was clean except the one cup of Large Coke which we brought in. XD

After we finished the movie, we didn't even need to leave the cinema hall using the back door,
we went out through where we came in,
and decided to walk into our next cinema hall, which unfortunately was packed with people...=(

Anyways, Awake is a great movie!
I found myself absolutely drawn into the movie^^
and not only that,
I like the twist towards the end of the movie =)

Plus the movie talked about Out of body experience, which I am really interested in!!! Hehe^^
(yes, I know it sounds creepy, and the fact that I actually believe in Out of Body Experiences makes me freaky is even more creepy!! ROFL)

Other than that, the movie showed the procedures of doing a heart transplant.
The scene reminded me of Trauma Center (the wii game), where I had to cut open a patient's chest as well. LOL~

Monday, March 17, 2008


Peas is back in action!

Peas = wenyi = me = writer of this blog!!

LOL~ after a day or two of feeling crappy,
I think I finally got the old me back again.

Period has gotten normal again.
If you're a guy who's wondering how NORMAL periods can be,
because if blood came flowing out of your body that WOULDN'T be normal, right?
Let's just say having blood, along with some parts of your human body flowing out from down there, isn't a pleasant sensation. It can be torturous to some, even to the extent of needing to be hospitalized!

Not to mention the need of putting something on your panties just to absorb the unnecessary "fluids". OMG..
I think I just made period sound like some kind of freaky experience. = =
If someone made a movie on how gross having a period can be,
it'll definitely be some block buster horror movie!!! LOL..

Anyways, thankfully I got my mood set right.
I need all the good mood I need right now to get my stuff sorted out.
In this scenario,
stuff = university assignments; namely revising for Microbiology + finishing a 30% laboratory report on Fundamentals of Pharmacology.

Btw, I went to watch a movie called Minotaur with Shenyang yesterday.
And I KNEW I should have did some research before entering the cinema.
It's a movie which just started to screen in Malaysian cinemas,
BUT it's actually a 2006 movie about the ancient mythological beast, the minotaur. DUH~

The movie is definitely MUCH better than Redline,
better acting, and at least the movie has a much better script.
Though there are some scenes where the script doesn't make any sense,
including the malay subtitles.
The was this one scene towards the end of the movie,
where an actress said this,
"Take off your masks and remove your shame"

The malay subtitles read,
"tanggalkan topeng dan KEMALUAN kamu"
wth!!!! LOL~~~ KEMALUAN!!!!!!!
How can someone remove their Kemaluan?
(Kemaluan = the male/female private part)

After reading the line, my bf and I could barely focus on the movie without laughing. LOL~
I think the translator got bored of the movie towards the end,
and decided to add some zest into the movie. LOL...
If you're planning to go watch the movie,
do read the synopsis online here and here =)

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Meh.. lately it's all unhappy thoughts.
life's gotten boring and mundane.

i understand that it's all a state of mind.
and I blame my moodless-ness on the class test which I sat for the other day.
I over-stressed myself with the thought that the class test is going to be a big bad thing,
and cause myself to wallow up in self-study sessions which were clearly demotivating.

I think I need to go out and do some retail-therapy i.e shopping,
but then again, the "kedekut" or stingy me pops up,
thinking that money should be spent else where.
I miss being hyper.
I miss being happy.

Or maybe it's because I fell sick last week,
and didn't have the chance to go out.
Or maybe, just maybe I'm going through and emotional turmoil because of my hormone imbalance.

Btw, I was ecstatic when I found out that I got my period.
That was my temporal high for the week.
Unfortunately the high didn't last me that long of a time,
as I found out that my monthly discharge is UN-normal. i.e it's not how a normal period should be.

Blame blame blame. I put the blame on my hormones.
And I am suddenly reminded on the very first chapter on Proteins which I studied for the class test, and the importance of hormones in drug design, and all the other stuff related to it.

Bloody hell, hormones play important roles in the human body.
Yeah, like the fact that I am suffering from PMS right now. = =

I tried curing myself of my moodless-ness by watching drama.
I watched an episode of Prison break on astro, and wanted to watch the next episode,
but didn't know which episode I watched, so I couldn't search for it online.

And then later, I played Trauma Center on Wii.
And got bored because I killed my simulated patient. = =

Then I tried to study a bit more.
BAD idea that was, studying is extremely demotivating.

Then I watched a Malaysian drama called Ghost on 8tv.com.my.
That was fun for a moment, but it's only out till episode 6. = =

Later at night, I watched one episode of House,
and was at awe how sarcastic House is. = =
Meh..and then I felt bored and went to sleep. MEH//

Friday, March 14, 2008

Protest lagi?

As I was waiting to hitch a ride to the Subang Ktm station with Ade,
she got a call from her dad which informed her about the afternoon protests which were going around near Komtar, Penang.

And there I was thinking,
"why lah protest again?"
"And who are the ones protesting??"

I got back home, and told my parents about it.
True enough, news about the protests was shown on the 7pm news on ntv7.

Apparently 1000 to 2000 Penang malays,
including Umno and opposition leaders gathered in front of Komtar to protest against Lim Guan Eng (Penang's chief minister) comments on abolishing NEP.
Read more on The Star, HERE and HERE...

Here's a food for thought,Save as Draft
"So what if NEP is abolished?"
LOL...(of course it doesn't affect me, at least not yet ;p)

Monday, March 03, 2008

mari mari mengundi...ROFL

I've never really been a fan of politics.
Usually I will have these few thoughts running in mind,
"tak kisah"
"It's not my problem lah"
"aiya, politics has always been dirty, why bother"

But this time around,
I must admit that I AM curious about what is going to happen,
sure BN will most likely win the election,
but many predict they'll lose many of their seats in the Parlimen.

"Jangan bagi BN majority" i.e "Don't let BN win 2/3 of the seats in Parlimen"
and many other comments similar to that.

Yup, just google about Malaysia election,
and you're bound to find many MANY MANY interesting articles about how Malaysians are relatively all hyped about THIS coming election.

And the jokes made about a few of Malaysia's politics is just plain hilarious.
Take this for example,

Comedy Court
It's a duo singing songs on Lingam's case, HINDRAF, Our EX health minister.
Among the four songs they have, I like the song on HINDRAF the best! LOL~
Why? Simply cause it's a catchy song using the nursery rhyme: Little Indian Boys,
and they lyrics will just wanna make u laugh out loud. LOL...

Kennysia's blog
He has this hilarious quiz which I took, and......

According to the 100% accurate kennysia.com Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™,
(or so kennnysia claims..LOL)

I am voting for...


LOL...long live rocket...hahaha~
AND incidently, Jeff Ooi, an extremely active blogger in Malaysia, who has now turned into politics.. has joined the rocket group,
so I decided to do some reading,
and I read that he has already raised more than RM 110k from readers of his blog for the coming election!! (that's a LOT of money!! people make money off their blogs, while mine is stuck-collecting-dust..meh -_-'')
So back to JeffOoi,
I secretly hope that he'll wins the post that's he is running for in Jelutong,
with the hopes of Kennysia's First blood poster becomes a reality. LOL...

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Lately I've been browsing pictures of *ahem* undressed ladies...

1. Edison scandal.
This website has has loads of pictures of the related starlets (Bobo, Cecilia, Gillian, etc)!
BUT you'll have to download them before you get to see them. LOL~
and yes, I downloaded them. ROFL. Gillian's still soooo pretty in the pics!
Not only that, the website has loads of updates on the whole scandal,
like how Nicholas Tse's marriage with Cecilia has gone down the rocks due to the scandal,
Gillian's loss of commercial ad contracts,
and also speculations that Edison himself leaked the pictures to get himself famous! -_-''

2. Lindsay Lohan.
I didn't know that Lindsay Lohan was going naked, wait, she wasn't really naked, she was just topless, she still had her panties on. LOL...
till I read about it in my friends' blog. Being curious, I clicked the link expecting to see a nice hot body of Lindsay Lohan..
SADLY after viewing the 14 pictures available in the website, I was shocked..
Her boobies make her looks like she's lactating..LOL~
Maybe I'm wrong about that, so u be the judge ;p

Red Line

Red line is a BAD movie.

Trust me, it's one movie who's scriptwriter sucks to the max,
and to make matters worse the actors in it are equally BAD!!!

Though there are loads of nice cars and skimpy dressed girls,
it can be kinda torturous to sit for the whole movie because it's just a plain bad movie.
I got a feeling like I'm watching some sort of low budget movie due to he bad script.
It's like those olden days Malaysian drama where the acting is "kayu" or PLAIN BAD!

And to make matters worse, the movie is actually screened in US almost a year ago. = =
I wonder why it's even screened in Malaysia now...
I should have googled the movie before even going in to watch it.
But it's too late for that, I wasted RM 11 for that crappy movie.
SO..ppl, DON'T watch the movie for the following reasons:

  1. The plot is sooo cheesy..
  2. Acting sucks...
  3. No gorgeous babes (skimpily dressed girls do NOT equal gorgeous babes; and if you wanna see skimpy dressed babes, might as well watch MTVs with naked girls on YouTube....meh)
  4. No hunky guys (BIG disappointment)
  5. Did I mention the movie is a bore?
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