Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movies movies~

Phew~ I finally finalllllyyyyyyyy finished typing most of the main points of my social marketing essay *relieved* And so..I can blog again~~~ Whee~~~

Let me start off by praising the wonders of internet and torrent files!!!!
Being one of the main "downloaders" of movies in the apartment, I contributed to a fair share of latest movies which will only be coming out in Malaysia next month. Hehe^^

I downloaded The ruins weeks ago, thinking it was some "old" movie dating back till last year.This was mainly because I got a DVD-rip of the movie, and naturally I assumed the movie has been released ages ago; forgetting that Malaysia is rather slow in the screening of certain movies.

Back to The Ruins.
It's about 4 students/friends/couples, who went for a holiday in a Mexican?? country, and was offered a special trip to a "temple". (ya, the standard movie line for all horror flicks..)
But this time, there were no serial killers what-so-ever. There were only flesh eating plants that can imitate ringtones of cellphones. Hehe..In the end, guess who died? LOL~~

Yesterday, I watched Meet Dave.Yes, it was also in DVD-rip. But this time around, I knew that the movie wasn't out in Malaysian cinemas, yet. And so, I had such a sense of happiness knowing I saved a few ringgit to not watch the movie in the cinema. LOL~ (yes, I am kedekut ;p)

The movie was okay, funny at times, and eddie murphy certainly pulled off a robotic appearance most of the time. Robotic, because the "larger" eddie murhpy in human form is supposedly a robot/space ship for a group of tiny aliens in human form, led by "tiny" eddie murphy. Confused? Don't be. The movie is straightforward, really!!

Then I also downloaded Sex and the City which was screened in the states ages ago. Unfortunately I didn't get the DVD-rip for the movie, but the quality was good nonetheless ;p

The movie was pretty long, 2hours and 15 minutes. For a chick flick, it's long. But the movie didn't get boring, as there were a few saucy scenes! Hehehe^^

Saucy as in couples making out, undressed.
A hot guy with a cute ass bathing on the verenda.
And even a few of the lead characters of the movie, undress, but with their vital parts artistically covered~ LOL~

So, the I would the movie be screened in Malaysia?
Black outs during those certain scenes? Or would they just cut away the whole chunk of saucy scenes? hmm....i wonder...

Then weeks ago, I also downloaded this movie called
My mums new boyfriend AKA homeland security,
which stars Meg Ryan and Anterio Banderas!It's not a well-known movie, and I doubt it'll be showing in Malaysia.
BUT the movie was rather nice^^ I liked Meg Ryan as an over-weighed mum who turned into a "hot" mum!! I liked Anterio Banderas for wonderful accented speech!! Hehe^^

I loved You Dont mess with the Zohan!!It was obscene, as in the jokes were obscene. No naked ladies. No naked guys..wait, there was adam sandler butt naked ;p

Hehe..that's a lot of movie ain't it? Well....these were only some of the movies I watched off-cinema..there a few more like...
- The Bank Job, and
- The Oxford Murders

This post is getting too long..LOL~

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bagan Lalang~

Whee~ Peas has been extremely unproductive during the weekend...
After chatting up with Ning, who told me that the results over here in IMU doesn't really play an important role in determining whether we get a merit or a distinction when we're in Glasgow, Peas decided to chill and let nature take it's course in my social marketing essay. Hehe^^ (york, social marketing isn't about promoting a girl la, hehe...but if you're interested..ngek ngek ngek..let me know!! hehe..)

Anyways, back to the topic>>> Bagan Lalang~
It's actually a beach situated in Sepang. For those who know about Sepang Gold Coast, the beach is just right next to it.
Wait...what's Sepang Gold Coast you say?
well to me, sepang gold coast is just another malaysian multi-billion project where they wanna build chalets in a the shape of a palm tree. Palm tree? isn't that exactly what Dubai has? Yup, darn right it is! This is the artist illustration of what it will be, and honestly it doesn't look like it's going to be completed anytime soon. Although I have no doubts that it will look lovely once it's completed, the question remains is whether there will be buyers..hmm...highly doubtful, ain't it? And why would they wanna make it to the shape of a palm tree?? coz malaysia is rich in palm trees? or maybe they like the Dubai's palm tree????

Nevertheless, back to Bagan Lalang Beach. It's actually quite popular. At least I can find it on WikipediaTravel! And also several online galleries, this is one of it.

So why did Peas go there? Peas was lazy doing her essay, and Carrots wanted to check out the beach for a camp which he plans to organize for his batch of genetics students..Hehe^^ So off we went~~

We took the coastal road there, and passed by many many kampungs and finally reached there after a 100mins plus ride. LOL~ Imagine that, I forgot to take pictures on the way *sigh*

But I'll compensate with pictures taken at the beach^^

this is taken by me (which explains why the picture is senget-ted..) and on the right hand side of the picture is the still-constructing sepang gold coast...

A picture of some of the families having a relaxing day at the beach..yes, the beach doesn't look too nice right? Of course it's nothing compared to the lovely beaches in Redang, but it's WAY better than the Morib beach. Hehe...then again, it's been ages since I went to Morib, maybe MPK did a little "spring cleaning" for the beach..maybe....just maybe....

out on the sea, was this AWAS sign..and lots of poles. It reminded me of what I used to learn in Pendidikan Seni. Those lines where it converges and reaches a disappearing point, or something like that, this picture, represents that really well. hehe...

okay, finally a nice decent picture of the beach!! The sky was perfect blue and the clouds were just lovely!!!

WARNING, the following pictures may be disturbing...too much of Peas and Carrots do make a bad combination for some non-vege lovers. LOL~~~ ;p

carrots didn't look like he had any problem jumping up high in the Peas thought she could do it as well....BUT

I started off with a constipation-like pose...and.....

I wanted to say, ended with a bang...BUT....well, Peas found out today that I can't jump as high as I thought I could..*sigh*

well, along the beach, there were several sections where you can see this...

a close up will show you THIS~~

and the tiny little crabs who made them~~

thank you Carrots for bringing me there today~ Peas enjoyed herself!! Muacks~~

p.s- Ning..just to show you the amount of IMU shirts i have collected so far, after my 3 semesters in IMU.....10 shirts!!!

and there's one more to come for the IMU cup!!! Guess which one was designed by me..keke^^

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Social marketing

I just saw the display picture of one of my seniors who got together with his long time friend before they flew over to Glasgow together. And it was so sweet.

They've been together for several months now, and I still remember my housemates and I going all hyped up when we saw their photo albums on Facebook. (yes, somehow IMU-rians love using Facebook. We upload photo albums on Facebook like nobody's business, and we continue to play not one, not two, but HEAPS of games on Facebook. In other words, we're Facebook-addicts. LOL^^)

Anyways, back to the sweet couple, some were shocked that the girl decided to get together with the guy. hehe..but I was happy to see them together. Why?? They've been best of friends for a long time, and they look so sweet together. haha^^ I'm serious! The girl has the sweetest smile ever, and the guy gives and equally sweet smile when they're together! hehe^^

Okay, that was random. LOL~

btw, Ning's back in Malaysia!! Hehe^^ hugs for ning ning!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy birthday Poe~

Well, it's another one of those days, where everyone gets hyped up because one of their friends have aged another year, and we are all happy that they managed to gain that extra year, while secretly hoping that ours will never come so that we remain young. LOL~

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. Hehe^^ but, nevertheless, it was indeed a day, where we all sing happy birthday, and throw surprises to our friends. And yesterday was one of those days. But this time around, the person we celebrated for, is someone close to me. Someone who has been with me for 4 years since 2004 when I first had her as my housemate in INTEC. Ever since then, our lives are on the same path, and it still will be at the same path for another 2 years to come.

Happy birthday Pohyee!!

Hehe..I know I am not the best of friends, but hey, I think that's the way I am. Hehe^^
So may you gain another year, as I too gain another year...soon...hehe...(but i'm still younger ;p)

Anyways, we the housemates, along with many MANY imu-rians decided to catch Batman: The dark knight in IMAX!!! hehe^^ it was only RM7 for the ticket (only on wednesdays) and it was SUPERB!!! The movie itself was great, and the larger screen was accompanied by good sound surround this time!!! hehe^^

As most IMU-rians love to take photos, we posed for this!!

After getting dinner at food & tea in times square, while getting the latest gossips of the class from mr-i-don't-gossip-siva, we headed back to vista and reached our apartment at 11.30pm, where a group of 20-30 ppl were waiting since 11pm. LOL^^ yup, the amount of patience we have is a really good thing!!! hehe^^

The housemates posed for pictures^^
baby helped to cut the cake while pohyee and cynthia served them..
maria helped out by counting down..with siva..erm...posing..LOL
while me, the mummy of the house took pictures...
little poe green (yes, it's a creative name for the green mushroom, as it's named by me...LOL) was fed by wen chin^^
and raj...hmm...he tried killing lil poe green...while pohyee...
okay, that's all for this update..I know i'm still behind the post for the buddhist camp..will update that once I get the pictures from the photographer, the pictures I have is only a limited amount..meh~

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Whee~ at Ehipassiko Camp~ Day 1

Haha..there's internet connection in the temple!!!

hehe...btw, I am actually a committee at my uni's buddhist soceity,and we have been planning for this camp which I am at for a long time, hehe^^

And thankfully the person-in-charge of PA brought along their laptops, and who would have known that temples nowadays have free wi-fi as well. hehe^^

I don't have any pictures to post for today, as we have an assigned photographer, which unfortunately isn't me. hehe...

so that's all for now, I have a camp meeting to catch^^
till then, peas is signing off...
opps, my msn is still on. hahaha....

Monday, July 14, 2008

Movies and dramas, and of me getting old..

I am glad that IMU had their white coat ceremony for the juniors today. It enabled me to stay back at home in Klang for an extra night, and enjoy sleeping alone on my queen-sized bed. Hehe^^

I then had crispy roti canai for breakfast along with the classic teh tarik of course! hehe^^ Talking about Malaysian food, I chatted with my ex-"owner" in Human Pets on msn. And he was happily telling me about a Malaysian food he ate. Before I let you all in on the amusing way he described THE malaysian food, it's only fair that I state out that he is a Hongkie who has never been to Malaysia, and is currently residing in Canada.

Our interesting conversation went something like this:

Me: So what was the name of the malaysian food you tried?

He: I don't know.

He: It's a pancake-like thing, With chicken meat. Spicy.

Me: It's called Murtabak.

Me: The thing isn't actually pancake right?

He: Well, no. It's some pan-fried thing. And it's bloody expensive.

Me: How much is it?

He: 7 dollars!!!

Interesting eh? The way he described Murtabak! LOL^^ It's just so cute, and amusing too as he found it spicy. Murtabak...spicy??? I doubt so...hehe^^ Another interesting fact is that Murtabak can be sold for such a high price!!! Renly and I had those frozen roti canai heated up for dinner, and we were talking about how much we could make over if we sold each piece of plain roti canai for 1 pound when we reach Glasgow. LOL^^ Anyone interested to be our business partners? hehehe^^ our doors are always open!!! Rawr~~~

Okies, back to today's enjoyable break!

So for lunch, Renly and I and also Devi (since we were the only three girls who were back in Vista today) decided to watch a short movie which I just completed downloading today! It's called "My Mum's New Boyfriend"

It's a comedy with Meg Ryan and Anterio Banderas in it, and it's about how Meg Ryan, who transformed from an obese mum to a hot mama who has a few "weird" boyfriends, before she mets Anterio Banderas. And her son, who is a FBI agent is some what protective over her. It was only a 90 minutes movie, which was short and entertaining!

After that, I did my uni work, where I read a little bit on the Pharmacy Practice Essay which is due end of August and worth 10% of my final semester exam. It's a 1000-1200 word essay, and after I completed writing 200 words, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and decided to reward myself with one episode of Nodame Contabile, a japanese drama based on a manga regarding the life of students in a music school.

After watching, I HAD wanted to return reading more to complete my essay, but somehow, I lacked motivation, and the next thing you know, it was dinner time.

During dinner, Renly and I wanted to watch another short movie, and so we watched Spiderwick Chronicles, which earlier this year I didn't want to watch with Carrots because I said it's a children's movie. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and short! haha^^ with globins, ogre, and fantasy creatures!!

Hehe^^ after the movie, I sat comfortably at the sofa in the apartment, and continued which MORE episodes of Nodame Cantabile. And so, that is how I successfully completed all 11 episodes of Nodame Cantabile today!!!! hehe^^

Owh, and the part of me getting old? I had almost left that out. I think it's intentionally done by my brain unconsciously. Haha^^

Anyways, back to getting old.. I went to my relatives' place earlier this morning, and both my uncle and aunt, who saw me at different time, asked me the same question,

"Eh, how come you're here, you don't have work?"

That question was replied with a fake-smile plastered on my face with a "softer-than-usual-tone of mine going "Studying, I don't have classes today."

And so, I drew a conclusion that i do indeed look older than my age...or wait..are people my age supposed to be working by now?? *sigh* Let's not dwell on this topic any longer before I feel old!!

Also, I have an announcement to make.

Happy 1/2 a year anniversary carrots!!!

Yup, it's been 6 months since we got together? hehe^^ 6 months flew pass just like that!!! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?? I don't think there's any good or bad.....I think it happens to everyone, including YOU, as you get old. hehe^^

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Word Challenge~~~

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been diligently playing Word Challenge, on facebook for the past few weeks, thanks to my roomie : Pohyee.

So the other day, I scored 10k!! whee^^
And I became the first in her list! But I'm second in my list as there was this friend of mine who somehow managed to score 50k = =

Anyways, then Pohyee continued playing and managed to score 11k!!!

Hehe..being a competitive person, I played again, and managed to beat her score, albeit only by a few hundred. Hahaha....Peas rawr~~~ rofl^^

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pos Laju...People...and PMS

THURS, had to be one of the saddest day of my life. (At least that was what I thought when THE incident happened to me..LOL)

To start off, as I am in-charge of printing t-shirts for the upcoming Buddhist Camp which IMU Buddhist Society is organising, I had contacted a printing company, and asked him to send me two samples of his shirt. But unfortunately, he was "too-busy" to leave the office as apparently without him there'll be no one to print the shirts (but I'm thinking it's the lack of staff to reduce costs) so he was unable to send me the shirts personally and had to send it to me using PosLaju.

Well, unfortunately, I had my responsibilities as a student to go for lectures and workshops, so when the package arrived, no one was at home to collect it. And there was the standard note to inform me that my package can be collected at the Pos Laju center at Cheras.
Now, the camp is only a mere 1 week away, and those shirts are just samples. AND to make matters worse, it's almost the end of the week and you knows how long the man-power-lacking fella needs to print all my shirts. Although I'm only printing 60 shirts, I was still worried that the guy may not be able to make it on time.

Thus, I panicked, got really cheesed-off and got so mad, that the internet connection went nutts when I wanted to Google to find where in the world the collection center is. Finally, after searching for several minutes, I guessed where the place is, as there was no map to show the direct location of the office, and left Vista.

I took the LRT all the way, alone, to Pandan Jaya. And from there, I walked for a good 20minutes or more (as I was way to pissed off to even look at the time), asked directions from several people, and arrived at the first post office, which was unfortunately the WRONG one. (well, apparently Post Malaysia and Pos Laju have been separated, so they have different operating offices now.) I saw this sign, but it still took me some time...I walked some more, and arrived at some secluded place where I finally found Jalan 12/91A.
Finally, I found Pos Laju Cheras.

It was a new center which was recently opened on 16th June 2008, which then explained why almost everyone I asked had no idea where the hell it was, untill I went to the WRONG post office. *sigh*

And the BEST thing was, I didn't get my package.

Yes. You read right.

I DID NOT get my darn package.

The guy who initially checked my package said,
"Oh...ini package hari ini ke?"

Me: Ya

Guy: Sorry la miss, package hari ini baru boleh collect esok. Belum sampai la.

Me: Ok.

Then I went out of the building, and felt all sad and miserable and lost, and so I cried. MEH~
Luckily carrots called, consoled me a bit, but unfortunately I was still half crying, and I guess I must have looked like hell when I went in again. This time the lady was the one who layan-ed me.

I told her to check again, as I saw several postman coming back to the center. She checked and said it's not back. Then continued about how many postMEN they have coming from some 50 or 60 centers and they she doesn't know when the postMEN will come back, and said

"Kalau awak nak tunggu awak boleh tunggu tapi saya tak tau pukul berapa mereka balik, mungkin pukul 7 ke 7.30. Tapi office kita tutup pukul 8. "

"Biasanya, package yang hantar hari ini baru boleh collect pada hari esok."

Well, it was true. I mean like it would be a miracle for the postman to deliver back today's parcel directly to the main office a.s.a.p. And I guess I was indeed too panicky.

BUT BUT BUT~ the postman was supposed to stamp in RED ink that I was to collect the package the next day, right?
In the office, they have a sample of what a standard notice should be. So I asked her,

"Jadi mengapa postman itu tidak chop statement tu kat notice saya?"

and she had the guts to say,
"munking mereka terlupa."

I was soo darn pissed off, and asked a kertas complain from her.
and she gave me a notepad. wtf.

I had insisted on waiting there the whole day till the center closed, if not for carrots, who told me that my safety back home was more worth it than waiting till 8pm. haha..

Well, when I went back home, Carrots helped me find a proper map of the place, and guess what? I actually walked a long distance..see the lines in red?
that's where I walked!!! From Pandan Jaya to PosLaju Cheras! And that's only one way! I walked myself back to the train station too!!!!
Anyways, yesterday (which is a Friday) I went with Carrots to collect the shirts from the PosLaju center, but this time, on car. Luckily I got the shirt, and the quality was okay.

Btw, something interesting happened when I was there. And it had to do with my piece of notice paper, again. *sigh* Apparently the postman had gotten the number of my parcel wrongly. wtf!!!!

The guy who was in-charge told his colleague he didn't know how the read the writting and couldn't manage to read the number of my item. Thankfully, his colleague went into the room and checked, and managed to find it! If not, I would have burst into flames. rofl.

Back to Thursday night, I had a gathering with some Incovarians who came to visit us girls from IMU. Haha...we went to dine @ Simply White, a cafe situated in Kuchai Lama. Will upload the pictures when I get them. hehe...

And PMS, PMS is due the fact that my period has finally arrived again!!! lalala...
So I am blaming my hormone imbalance, or the excess of it for my angry temper for the past few days. My housemates were scared, esp chin yeong. keke..sorry~~~

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Genting Trip~~

Yup, Peas went to Genting for the weekend, but I only stayed in First World hotel for the first night i.e Friday night. So where did I spend the other night?

Well, Peas went for a leadership camp organised by IMU! Yup, I took the initiative to attend the camp to learn more about leadership skills....(yea right ;p)
Truthfully speaking, I only went for the camp because IMU only charged us RM10 for the trip!!! Haha..yup, IMU sponsored a lot of the camp!!!!! Anyways the camp was 1 and a half day, from Saturday noon till Sunday evening.

BUT, before I talk more on the camp, I will have to talk about the bus which Renly, Cucu, Poe, and I took up to Genting on Friday afternoon. The four of us decided to go up Genting earlier to enjoy the once-cooling-air of Genting while entering the casino to have a look, but not gamble..hehe..

The bus we took departed from Titiwangsa. Yes, although we know that there's a GoGenting bus which departs from KL sentral everyday, but we decided not to go all the way down to KL central as we were utterly scared to bits to take ktm ;p (it's exaggerated but we just dislike taking ktm a LOT!)

Back to the was a bus, which shouldn't be on the road at ALL!!! To proof this, I shall show you some pictures.

Then to make matters worse, the bus went up the slope of Genting hill really REALLY slowly *sigh* It was a really tiring and long drive up. These kind of buses should really be banned off Malaysian roads!!!

Best of all, Genting isn't as cold as it used to be. It's either because of global warming, or my skin got used to the cold weather due to the cold environment in IMU ;p

Well, that night, we watched War of the Dragons. It was a short movie, which seemed like ages due to it's lack of story and lame-ness on how a girl can run away and away from a large "snake" time and time again!! The computerized dragons are fine, and the sound surround for the action scenes were good, but really...the movie lacked a solid story line. If not, it would have been much more enjoyable.

Anyways, back to the leadership camp.
We stayed at...

It's a relatively unknown place, which couldn't be found on the internet = =
And thus, we were expecting some run-down apartment.
BUT...this was where we stayed.

I am really happy with the accommodation and food provided. Plus toilets were plentiful. And the environment there is really serene.

We had a speaker who talked on the different personality traits of each individual. And I shall not talk more about that because I am supposed prepare for my lab session tmr *sweat betul*
However, he did show us two videos which I loved.

I showed it to Carrots, and he's watched it. (this indirectly means two things; 1. I am outdated on the popular videos on YouTube. 2. He watches too much YouTube videos. ;p)
But, I still shall share this video, in case you people as as "outdated" as I am..hehe^^
These two videos are really short, each less than 1 minute, and it's REALLY amusing^^ and btw, they're are ads for some of the biggest known companies in the world.

video of a dumb blonde

video of an "ang mo" monk in china~

ohya, and here's a picture of my group>> Group 5...with joanne missing in it though...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Peas have been...

1. going out with carrots for the past few days, where I watched Hulk again. hehe..

2. played an online game, introduced by poh yee, and managed to get quite a high score! *soooo happy^^* btw, it's a game in facebook called word challenge, and it's really cool.
I've played it every morning since I found out about it, and I think it stimulates brain cells.
Why do I say so??

Simply because I didn't fall asleep in todays' lecture! LOL ;p

3. I watched the video called "charlie the unicorn 2" AGAIN~~
It's an extremely mind-blowing video, that can make me laugh at it's lame-ness, and it's funny jokes, and the sound-actors! I like the way the unicorns go


Plus, this video has 4 million plus views to date!! So believe me, I'm not the only one liking a video with talking unicorns that can ride on a giant sneaker while being a banana-king.

watch it!!! LOL~
btw, there's a giant laser-shooting "z" in the video, where the unicorns start talking in spanish, here's the translation (taken from one of the comments)

blue:the man of the hat sent us
pink:he told us many amazing stories
pink:we will dine in turtles tonight
blue:they taste good right zee? *laser*
white:ahh what did you two do!?
blue: I am happy
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