Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka :)

Malaysia is celebrating it's 53rd independence day today, and in Malaysia, this day is fondly known as Merdeka Day :)

As much as I love my country, I see much "wrongs" in the political scenario that I doubt can be fixed within the years to come, especially regarding racial issues :( Although I know that we, the younger generation of Malaysians, should be taking charge of the nation, pushing our rights to shape the nation for a better tomorrow, I cannot fathom myself ending up another Teoh Beng Hock. There is much hype about his death, and the people are still asking for the truth, but the court case has yet to be resolved, and is still going on even though it is more than a year after his death in 17 July 2009. I do sincerely hope that his case will be resolved, and that the truth about his murder will be made known to all.

Talking about politics in Malaysia doesn't stop at racial-issues. Politics affect the nations' economy as well. I absolutely love this read; a keynote speech by Tengku Razaleigh early August titled "We were once Malaysians" I do urge everyone to read it, and judge for yourself how true his words are about the current developments of Malaysia, and how we, as a nation, are trailing off behind other nations in Asia. We're losing out economically, and that is a fact.

Okay, talks about politics always make me sad and that's not the way to celebrate my nations' independence. So, let me end this post with a funny video (which gamers will enjoy) made by a friend of mine.

Happy 53rd Merdeka to you Malaysia :)

p.s: Readers who are of legal age to vote, do register yourself as a voter, and use that vote to help make a little difference in our country :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie Review: Going the Distance

Thank You NUFFNANG for giving me TWO movie passes to catch the movie "Going the Distance" starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long :)

It's a really sweet and romantic movie about two people falling in love and trying to make a long distance relationship work. But before the guys go
"Ewww...not another chick flick"

Let me convince you that it's not the common chick flick. It's a matured movie (rated 18sg in Malaysia) which is very well infused with sexual erm...jokes? as well as the usage of the word f*ck
Which I think is great as it shows that the Malaysian movie board has finally decided to let Malaysians grow up by watching uncensored movies :)

It's hard to explain how interesting the movie is portrayed so here's the trailer for the movie. If you enjoy the trailer, you'd probably enjoy the movie itself too :)

I am really glad I made the long drive all the way from Klang to MidValley just to catch the screening because I got the chance to meet fellow bloggers:

Sheerene and Xiu Qi

(do let me know if I missed out anyone else, because there were so many bloggers, and I met them all for the first time. So do forgive my aging memory *gomenasai*)

*yay, I've gotten pictures from XiangCool *

It was indeed an interesting day for me, because I found out that I was the OLDEST blogger among them >.< Man...age is definitely catching up on me *sigh*

Plus, I got to meet my high schoolmate ShinDee (a.k.a The Gypsy) after such a long time!! It was great to have met her that day! And yes, I will update my blog regarding the places I have traveled in the past year soon ( I shall try not to procrastinate *fingers crossed*)

Once again, thank you NUFFNANG :)
ps: nuffnang, if u read this, could u gimme back my gliteratti status? *pretty please*

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank You :)

A big thank you to James, the writer of Poems from the heart, for mentioning me in not one, but two posts in his blog :)

I first got to know James while I was blog-walking, and I found the poems in his blog really heart-warming. Some are inspirational, some are touching. For instance he wrote a poem about the passing of his mother, titled "Without You" and it caught my heart and made me appreciate my parents more.

James was very kind of have read my posts and commented on them. In fact he loved my post on Liu Wei, the Chinese armless guy who played the piano using his feet so much that he linked it to his blog here :)

So here's my response to his recent post dedicated to his readers (me included :)

Thank You James for your comments. They have provided me with much motivation to continue blogging :) Keep up with your great and inspirational poems. I am more than happy to have made your acquaintance and will continue to be your faithful reader :)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Sze Hui for thanking me in her blog, although all I did was to leave a simple comment on her heart-felt post titled "You don't read my blog anymore"

She wrote a brilliant post on how bloggers have changed their style of writing, from writing personal thoughts into writing more advertorials instead. I can't help but agree with her.

I've been blogging for years (since 2006) in case some of you never noticed and have never made a single cent of of nuffnang. LOL. I know it's embarrassing to say it out loud, but hey I am not a brilliant nor famous blogger what-so-ever, but this little blog is my mark in this vast internet world, and I am more than thankful to those who actually read my posts and leave comments :)

SO thank you to those who have commented :) Your comments are much appreciated as it reminds me that there are people who actually read my blog :D *happy*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Graduation in IMU

I'm officially a returning graduate of IMU as of August 21st, 2010 :)

It was a day whereby my parents and friends where beside me.
To be honest, graduating twice for the same degree isn't that fun. In fact it's quite a waste of money :S But at least my parents got to see their first child and only daughter on stage getting her scroll :)

I'll the pictures do the talking instead :)

My parents and I at the start of the day. (Note: only one bouquet of flowers)

My parents and I again after the ceremony. Note: Three bouquets of flowers :D
I was a happy girl, and my first and only time receiving so many flowers within a day >.< *I am a blessed girl indeed*

My housemates throughout my university life are indeed the most important friends that I have made so far. They've lived with me for years, withstanding my tempers, through thick or thin, happiness or sadness.

Yes, if they weren't all attached and if I were a GUY, I'll marry them all :p

From left to right: Me, Poh Yee, Chin Yeong and Renly

Yes, I am a greedy happy girl with my three bouquet of flowers. LOL. While Poh Yee poses with her super-angelic look here, but truth be told, that's a mask :P *shhhhh*

Also, I've got my secondary school friends to thanks for being there on my memorable day~

From left to right: Pei Li, Soo Hui, Me and Benjamin.

They've been great friends over the years, since the days I entered high school till today. That makes our friendship more than a decade old! (Yes, that's how old I am :P )

Here, are the Incovar-ians who came and made the day memorable as well :)
From left to right: Sin Hui, Sin Ye, Me, Kenny, Feb's friends, Febrianna, Ming Yi, Ai Xin, Michelle & Yong Wei

(Incovar is a camp for youths and runs twice every year. It is opened for everyone who wants to meet new friends and learn more about Buddhism at the same time. I've joined two Incovar camps to date and I never regretted joining them. In fact I learned a lot, and made loads of friends :) So to those who are interested, do join their camps :)

And yes, similar to the graduation in Glasgow, a picture of the 8 "housemates" of D8 and C1 is a MUST! Yet again Choong Lii is missing in action, but we've substituted him with Kayin instead :p

From left to right: Poh Yee, Ah Ken, Renly, Choon Hau, Me, Cheh Hsia, Chin Yeong, & Kayin

Graduations are never complete without taking this picture :)
The throwing of the mortarboard :)
The happiness that comes with throwing an unbreakable hat is unexplainable :)
At the first throw, I was anxious.
At the second throw, the hat seems lighter.
At the third and subsequent throws, it feels like a sport whereby the winner is the one who throws the highest. LOL~

And as the hats fall onto the ground, we're all smiles :)

I LOVE this picture a LOT!
It speaks a thousand words.
Just looking at the facial expression of my friends brings a smile to my face.
Some were staying away from the hat, one was "dancing", some were like me = smiling till my eyes were all squinted to a line, some were trying to reach for their hats, while by standers look at the hype that's happening :)

To end this post, here is me, looking like an OL (Office lady) with all the gifts from loved ones :)

Just for laughs.

Today as I was removing the graduation bears which came with the flowers I received, I noticed something peculiar about the bears. They were all sodomised :( Poor bears~

Look at this little white bear..A poor victim of sodomy..

And this "winnie the pooh" got it worse! Three holes~~ Poor thing indeed...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a random post

Well, after I nearly burned down the kitchen, my life is back to the normal days of bumming at home, doing nothing :P

Good news is that I will be starting work after Hari Raya :)
That means I have another 3-4 weeks of holidays :)

I am a little lazy to be updating about my daily mundane activities, so here's a picture which I took while I went down to KL last week.

I really love it <3
Maybe it's the black and white effect which gives it a tinge of sadness, or maybe it's just my love for the pouring rain :)

ps: I could really use a heavy shower today. The weather has been so HOT!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I almost burnt my kitchen!!!

I nearly burnt my kitchen while wanting to cook red bean "tong sui" *sigh*

I had soaked the red bean since I got up in the morning (because beans are supposed to be soaked for a few hours so that they soften easily when you cook it), and just now, I put them into the pot and left them to be boiled.

While the pot of red bean was boiling, I left the kitchen and planted my lazybum in front of my lappie, surfing the internet and "maintaining" my blog (replying comments in the chatbox i.e blog-walking + clicking ppl's ads), plus I was chatting on both MSN and twitter at the same time. Thus I completely forgot that I left that half pot of red bean boiling under full fire = =

While in front of my lappie, I smelled something burning and thought it was someone burning something outside (you know how chinese ppl like burning incense and papers for their ancestors? it smelled exactly like that..plus it's the 7th month of the lunar calender right now, you know, hungry ghost festival and all)

After awhile, the smell got so strong that I immediately jumped up and ran into the kitchen and found this:

It's horrible. The kitchen now stinks of smoke, and the pot is blacker than black = =

Whats worse, the red beans became black beans! = =

On a side note, I'm lucky the pot didn't explode! But now I have to scrub the hell out of it :S
I'm also lucky that I'm no longer staying in the hostel back in Glasgow, if not I would hv triggered the fire alarm = =

meowww want ticketssss

Yes. I am joining another contest to get tickets to watch the movie "Cats & Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore" *wish me luck* To get the passes all I have to do is write on:

Which is my choice of pet…cat or dog? kitten or pup? Why so? And also state why I want to watch the movie.

Credits for these free passes goes to Advertlets and XiangCool.com

As most should know, I do not own any pets as my parents aren't big fans of letting their kids keep pets especially since our hamsters all died within our care. I promise I did not kill the hamsters, although my brother has the nickname "Hamster killer" when he was younger :P

But I do LOVE cats.

I bought this tee because of the grrrr-eat looking feline creature on the shirt!!! Adorable isn't it? Everytime I wear this shirt, people would say that's a cute cat! LOL~

So it's pretty obvious that my pet would be a cat!! My love for the feline creature is well known by my close friends, so much so that my beloved housemate ChinYeong got me this cat-shaped candy for my graduation back in Glasgow :)

Ah Ken holding the cat-shaped candy^^

And yes, I LOVE the cat-looking candy so much so that I forced, not one, but two people to pose with it! LOL~
This time it's Alvin who's holding it. I had wanted more "victims" for my cat-candy, but as you can see, the poor kitty fell on the floor and had it's ears broken off :( Sorry ChinYeong~~

And of course, if I ever get a cat, it'll be a kitten :)
One look at my blog's header and your heart be melted away by the adorable white kitties looking back at you :)

Forgive me for the open mouth, but I was trying to look out for other ppl who would look after the poor kitten who has lost her mother..I wish I could bring her back home, but my friends went:

"Bring the cat into the car, and both u and the cat are OUT"

So the poor kitty had to be left behind. I could still remember it mew-ing for the longest time after we left it behind :'(

So please please gimme the tickets to watch the movie cause I really do want to see how cats and dogs work together in some paw-kicking action against the skinny and hairless kitty galore!!

Please pretty please~

If I dont get the tickets, meowwww (me) would probably be hidding myself between bamboo trees while eating an apple :(

And just for laughs, here's the trailer to the movie. Enjoy :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Graduation in Glasgow

I will be graduating again tomorrow :)
And when I say again, it's because I already had a graduation back in Glasgow (my final year was in Scotland :D) and tomorrow will be the 2nd graduation back in Malaysia :)

It's not like I've graduated with a degree the first time, and this time a PhD, although I wouldn't mind getting a PhD :P :P

It is really nice to be graduating in a foreign land with loads of friends around me :D
The following will be a mini-flashback of how graduation in Glasgow was like.

Meow and Renly entering the graduation hall (Barony Hall to be exact) as a graduand :)

The scenario in the hall upon the arrival of all the VIPs :)
While in the hall I squeezed time to snap a few pics with my Scottish friends :) This is Fiona! She's a lovely girl who hails from Edinburgh (the capital of Scotland) and she was a great host and brought me to Edinburgh Zoo :D

This is a picture of Fiona and I on a more casual occasion, having famous homemade ice-cream in St Andrews :)
Then here's David, Laura, Me, and another Laura (Laura's kind of a common name over there..lol)

And here's a picture of Me, David and Fiona at the beach at St Andrews. Man, I miss those days :)

Not to forget Duncan who's absolutely cheeky and Keith (the hongkie in Scotland :P)

LOL.. that's Duncan as William Wallace ( the Scottish Hero :P or if you guys watched Braveheart, you guys would know William Wallace as Mel Gibson) and me as a Vampiress :P
Keith and I at the graduation ball :)

Okay, enough of reminiscing on the good times I had in Glasgow (maybe I should stick my ass down and write a summary of my year in Scotland, it'll be really nice to be browsing through the tonnes of pictures I accumulated over the year. If each picture I have is worth a pound, i'll be a rich girl.. LOL.

Back to the graduation in Glasgow :)
While outside the hall, we took all sorts of silly pictures, for example this below..

We're all Harry Potter wannabes :P Actually it's because it was drizzling that day (typical gloomy rainy Scottish weather to mark our graduation day) but it was a day to be remembered.
Ps: Note how the guys are wearing kilts? Cute aren't they? (the kilt la..not the guys :P)

Sad people are we because of the bad weather. Look at how messy our hair is :S

My "family" for a year in Glasgow (with Choong Lii missing in action).
From left to right: KenKen(Vern Xi), Meow, Jay Bee (Cheh Hsia), Cucu (Chin Yeong), Kennethsaur, Baby Renly, Choon Hau (the stick insect), and the not so shy Poh Yee :P

I super like this picture because of the various facial expressions we have while "forcing" Ah Ken's younger bro who's looking smart in his cap and light blue top with a vest :) [Ah Ken: too bad u're longer as cute as ur bro la...:P]

A mini-group picture of my batchmates in P107 :) Yes, we'll be good-looking pharmacists after fulfilling the 1st year as a pre-registered pharmacist (PRP) with the Msian government :p

Alrights, that about sums up my graduation in Glasgow :)
Next post will be on the graduation in Malaysia itself :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's time to be grateful for what I have

Just the other day I watched this really touching video about a 23-year old participant in China's Got Talent. Yes, there is a China version of Britians' Got Talent and I didn't know it existed till I watched the video. LOL.

The guy is called Liu Wei and he played the song Mariage d'Amour (by Richard Clayderman) using his feet. Yes, his feet because he lost his arms as a young boy of the age of 10. Here's the video below of his life and how what he thinks of life (with English subs of course :P)

As sad as it is, I don't think that he deserves pity. But instead he should be given all the respect for he is a living proof that life still goes on, regardless what you have. All we need is to be contented with what we have in life and utilize it to the maximum.

To be really honest, I had wanted to write a post on myself today (as I think most of my new friends from the blogosphere don't really know what I studied or what I'm doing for that matter). But after watching this video, I think that my story can wait as it is nothing compared to Liu Wei's.

Much is to be learned from him. Much is there to remind us to be grateful.

Watching the video makes be ashamed of how I live my life. I complain too much sometimes, forgetting that I am indeed blessed.

I may not be living a fancy large house,
I may not be driving a posh car,
I may not own a LV bag,
I may not be the most good looking chick in town,
I may not have the perfect family that the sitcoms portray,
My love live is non-existent.... :S

But,I am blessed and lucky to be having a healthy body, a right mind, my parents alive and kicking (though nagging at times because they care), my siblings and friends around me, living in a peaceful country without a bloody war (political wars exist, but at least we're still alive).

There is much to be thankful about if I really sit down and think about it. Lucky am I to have my education sponsored by the government. (yes, I am a JPA scholar) and lucky am I to be able to type this post using my fingers instead of my feet. And the list would probably continue if I type this any longer..LOL

So I guess the moral is to count your blessings and be thankful for everything you have :)

btw, I got a new pair of specs!

Meow with the typical "siu mui mui" or "little girl" pose with my new specs :)

ps. I know I'm getting too old for such pictures, but I've gotta take more of pictures before I start work or else it'll be too late :P

pps. The next post will be on myself :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little motivation~

I know that most of the times I am demotivated.
I'd be sitting either in front of my lappie, surfing the net, facebook-ing, ebay-ing, etc. Basically it feels like I'm wasting my time away.

So in times like this, I would tell myself

Yes, attitude towards life can make a difference in life.

Like this cat for example (cute isn't she?? hehe~)
If you think a cat can't drink using a straw, think again :P

So what's putting us back in everything we do is our attitude.

I think most of us have read from e-mails that when the numerical order of the alphabets are used, the word ATTITUDE itself give us 100%.

And just the other day, I read this:

No one chooses mediocrity,
But many settle for it.

Very true indeed. No one wants to be just the Average Joe, but most of us are (even me). Although being average isn't a bad thing (as there are many others who are less fortunate than we are) there are times when I wish I were more than what I am. And I know that my attitude is the thing that's putting me back. But knowing is one thing, and to fully change my attitude is another :S

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A delayed post on my trip to Bentong :)

If you have not heard of Bentong, don't worry, neither did I. But now I do, as my lovely batchmate and kalyana mitra: Miss SinYe is from there!

Bentong is a small place in Pahang, situated really near towards the Pahang-KL border. And best of all, it's DURIAN-HEAVEN!

Yes, for durian lovers like me, it's HEAVEN indeed! The durians that come from there are BEST! Especially the Mau San Wang or Musang Durian! Just the taught of having HAD the soft, aromatic, creamy yellow durian makes my mouth water!!! *nyam nyam*

I am so sorry but this was the only picture of durian which I took throughout the trip, because I was busy munching the durians and had no extra hands for taking pictures :P

Anyways, as Bentong town consists of only TWO main streets (quoted from Miss Sin Ye) our miss "soya sauce" brought us to the Bentong Waterfall.

It looks really really nice, but we were unfortunate as it rained the night before, causing the water to become murky due to the mud, and the current was too strong for us to actually bath in the cool water :S

And since there is a warning that the waterfall is a death zone (kawasan maut), it's best that we don't play play :P

So we just took pictures there, before heading back to SinYe's house for MORE durians^^

Group pic of the girl that day : Chin Yeong, Renly, Me and SinYe
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