Sunday, July 04, 2010

Travelling Alone isn't as bad as it sounds.

I finally back-packed alone.

Initially I thought it would be scary; being lonely and hidden at a corner. But after I have done it, I think to myself, that I should have done this earlier.

I had three nights in Lisbon, giving me three full days in the city. The first night alone wasn't easy. I didn't plan anything for Lisbon, I flew in from Madrid, with only my backpack and a sheet of paper which states the hostel's reservation booking number and the way there. I got my map from the hostel, unpacked and went to the lounge to use the free internet. The computers were Macs, and I have never used a Mac. I clumsily zoomed too much to my screen and had to ask a french girl next to me how to un-zoom the screen. Unfortunately she didn't know how, but that was how I met the person who had dinner with me that night.

Initially I was paranoid about being kidnapped away after dinner by the french girl, who introduced herself as Be, because she kept looking at her phone (and I was secretly thinking to myself the reason she looked at her phone all the time was to inform her accomplice when to kidnap me. lol. but truthfully, she was checking for the time because she didn't want to return to the hostel that late at night. lol.)

Day 1
The next morning, after a rough plan that I would be walking around the city alone for the day, I met a polish-girl by the name of Mariola who was staying in my same dorm at breakfast, and she asked if I would like to join her for a day around the city. That was how I got company for my walk around the city :) She was bubbly and talked a lot, which was great as I love listening to what people have to say (and also because I realized that I don't really have much to say at times).

Day 2.
I took a day-trip by a fantastic company called We hate tourism tours (ironic, as their company are doing tours, but they stand by the policy that everyone should travel a city as shown by a local, and that was what I got; a good looking local portugese guide who drove us around Lisbon for the day.

There in the trip, I met two Americans (Amy and Bonnie) and three Australians (Nathan, Jen and Kath). I was the only Asian, which made me stick out like a sore thumb. (Yes, I do feel like I stand out too much at times.) Thankfully the people I met were just amazing and fun to be with, especially Jen, the crazy aussie girl who almost wanted to walk into the beach with her bra on. lol.

Day 3 (final day)
I went out with two lovely canadian girls (Kayla and Lee) whom I met the night before at the hostel's lounge. Spending a short day with them has been entertaining.

I am lacking on details right now, but i wil be back to continue this post, with pictures and MORE of my crapping story :P
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