Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy U-Zapping

Yet again, it took me so long to blog.
Anyways, many things happened since then.

1. My bf spent a week with me before flying off to czech republic.
So now I'm left alone...(i'm trying so sound pityful here to gain some attention..kekeke)
Actually its not as bad as I imagined it would be.


Basically its bcoz send sms to him only costs me RM0.20 which is like so-so cheap, considering that an sms from a 012 to a 016 number costs rm0.15!!!
Then a friend of mine told me that calls to czech costs quite cheap too. Being the innocent me, I called to my bf and chatted for only a 1min and 21 secs. Guess how much that cost?


Gyaahh!!! So So expensive! That itself is like 18 sms!!! Oh well, at least now I know that overseas call from a cellphone is a BIG no-no.

2. I am currently working at Osim, Tesco.
On the very next day of my bf's departure, I started my 1st day of my 3rd job (since my A-levels that is)
The job is rather simple, the main responsiblity is :
Sell baby, SELL!!!

Yup, sales.

Thankfully the supervisor at my outlet is a very laid-back person. He doesnt push me for sales. In fact, he is a little too laid back. He's practically out of the shop most of the time; he is either at the mobile phone shop next door chatting with his pals or he's somewhere smoking away OR he's out for a break with his pals.

On my 1st two days at work, I never made a single sale and neither did my supervisor. -_-"

Oh well, as long as I get paid and not get fired. I'm more than happy =)
(i get to use their massage chairS for free. I even get to ride the i-gallop!!
And best of all, like my friend say, I'm happy U-zapping!!

Zap those fatty layer baby!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sample Questions for the IMU interview

Now that I've finally got over my IMU interview at Bkt Jalil on Tues, let me share with you some of the possible questions that are most likely to be recycled, or reused.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Why did you choose to do a course in Pharmacy?

3. What qualities do you have to make a good pharmacist?

4. Why do you choose IMU to do this course?

5. What have you found out about the course you want to take?
(we JPA scholars are going to do M Pharm or Masters in Pharmacy, NOT B.Pharm)

6. Solution to given situation(s)
[ The one I got was pretending that I was a rich man on a journey to an important event. On the journey I saw an accident where there is a seriously injured person. What would I do? ]

7. Creative question
[ I didnt get this one, but previously this question is rather popular]
eg, Give 10 uses of an item (example, hairpin, a bundle of keys, pencil, etc)

I think that is all about the questions.

Duration of the interview is around 20-30 mins.
There'll be two interviewers present.
Dressing code: formal wear (skirts above knee length is acceptable)

In case there are those who want more information on our pharmacy course, do visit
[IMU]'s main page.

To be honest, I think as long as we get the interview, we are all confirmed a place in IMU. So..Don't worry about it =)
To my friends who havent go for the interview,
All the best!

Monday, September 18, 2006

IMU Interview!!!

Gyaah!! I'm finally gonna get my IMU interview!! (it took my A-Level Program Head, Pn R, such a long time to send in my IMU application form along with my other friends one too. I had passed mine to her like mayb 2/3 weeks ago, and they were only sent in to IMU LAST friday, talk about procrastination-_-")

Anyways, Miss A called me jz now and asked me when to schedule my interview because I had selected the earlier weeks of Sept( which co-incidently have ALL I guess that took Pn R ONE month to send in the forms..)

Well, I guess I'll jz have to get my certificates and my formal attire ready because my interview is due for TMR!! Yup, the scary interview where the interviewers ask you to name 10 usage of an object, and expect u to know how to answer them within a few minutes..*sigh* Now i'm getting paranoid..I'm wondering what to questions I'll get and how do I answer them. Eg..

Q:Why do U want to take a course in Pharmacy?
A: Err...cause I think its the one course that appeals to me other than medicine. (Honestly, I think its because you can get big bucks jz dispensing medication to ppl)

Q:Can you name me some medication you know of and their usage?
A: I know Panadol is for headaches and all. There's also cough syrup and all.(Actually, I'm clueless...I think paracetamol is the only one i know of..)

What else can they ask huh? I dunno..I guess I'll know it tmr..

Saliva+tired legs+long hours-->$$$$

I think its been quite some time since I posted something. Anyways, let me start off where I stopped, which is on Thurs when I was supposedly going for my 2nd interview at the Osim outlet in Tesco.

Unfortunately, the guy who gave my my 1st interview didnt call me. So I was basically wasting my time watching anime(Paradise Kiss) online on youtube.

In the afternoon, I continued with the korean drama and I successfully finished off the whole 16-episodes which were crammed into ONE dvd. Thus the quality of some episodes were pretty crappy. All u get is distorted movements of the actors and no audio, only subtitles in chinese!

Being a "banana" I can only read very simple chinese characters like, me, u, love, etc..Thankfully, the storyline is rather simple and I understood the whole story.

Anyways, back to reality. I went to the Osim outlet during the night and asked about my 2nd interview. The guy who interviewed me was on his day-off, so the guy who was on duty called his supervisor or manager. After the call, he told me that he doesnt think I'll have to come back for a 2nd interview, the supervisor will take a look at my application form and then they'll give me a call. (so I thought I had no chance of getting employed anymore..)

Thankfully Padini had called me up earlier on Thurs afternoon and asked me which outlet I would like to be interviewed. The lady then said she'll pass my CV to the marketing ppl and they'll contact me, which till now hasnt happened...

On Friday, I spent my day cleaning up the house as usual and later on went swimming. Right after I washed the toilet, I weighed myself. Guess what?? The weighing machine showed me my long-lost-weight of 48kg!! Yippie^^ I'm thin again~ bla bla~ Kekeke^^

And on Sat and Sun, I worked like mad with a minor sorethroat. When I asked my supervisor about my pay, she said I'll only receive it END of next month! *sobs*

Anyways, its a good thing that I didnt get my pay deducted cause I heard from a friend that he got his pay deducted! So instead of getting his promised rm70 a day, he only gets rm50!! Scary huh? It seems that someone had complained about his laziness and greediness to my supervisor. Lo and behold, he got a call from her and was told his pay is only rm50 a day. LOL^^ Poor guy..

Btw, after working as a promoter for 4 days, I can finally conclude that money does not come easy. Although the pay is quite high(its usually rm70 a day, but my project is rm100 a day; most probably cause its under Nestle) Being a promoter, U'll have to waste loads of saliva talking to customers, telling them how good the product is and so on. Not only that, I have to boil hot water and brew all 4 flavours of Nescafe BodyPartner! FOUR! So my booth is packed with 4 airpots, 4 packs of the product, cups and a tray. And before and after I work, I'll have to wash all four airpots and also the tray..=( I also have to throw rubbish..somehow my rubbish bin always, ALWAYS gets full. I'll have to throw out the litter every 2 hours or so.

And now during the 3rd and 4th day, I'm getting good in identifying customers who are really interested in buying and those who are out for freebies. However I can't say anything bad about ppl who drink and dont buy, because that's human nature..

But one thing that seriously pisses me off is the type of ppl who have loads of kids; not one or two, but 4-5 kids! I mean like its HOT coffee, yet the parents insist on me giving a cup to EVERY single kid.

Common la~ U ppl never hear about sharing ah?? Duh..

And then if u dont pour for them, they have the guts to stand around the booth until u do so!!!

Another interesting thing is about a "mentally retarded" kid who went around EVERY single booth in Jusco to take drinks and food. And he wore such weird clothes. I mean like where can u find a guy who wears a bright yellow shirt and a purple-pink pants. Another promoter even told me that she and the aunties were suspecting that he doesnt wear an underwear!!! (so I guess Aunties really DO look at guys' butt..)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i-gallop baby!

After I blogged yesterday, I sat down and browsed the classified section of TheStar; I was job-hunting. The higher pay the job is, the better. Sadly most higher paying jobs are usually based in PJ or KL, which is rather far from my place *sobs*

However, I still called up a few companies asking for the location of their office(which i silently prayed would either be near a bus stop or a ktm station) Results were none of them were convenient for me. So, I decided to fall back on my initial plans of working for Tesco.

Upon reaching Tesco, I reloaded my credit at a telephone shop, which put up a vacancy notice! One word from my big mouth got the fella looking for an interview form for me to fill. Unfortunately, the pay is a little too low, Rm800 for a month, exclusive of commision. And working hours are from 9.30am till 10.30pm.-_-"
Although I was a little daunted by the pay, I finished filling the form.

Next to the shop is an Osim outlet. Then came flashbacks of me telling my friends and bf jokingly that I should work in osim so that I can use their U-zap everyday!(getting paid while losing weight is such a great bargain^^)

So I walked into the shop and asked whether they wanted to employ ppl (there was no notice put up though) Hohoho^^ he got me a form which I happily filled up and I was asked to go back for a 2nd interview tmr =)

The pay is Rm1300 a month, but the working hours are similar to the telephone shop.However, if I survive the 3 month probation, my pay will increase to Rm1600! Whee.. yet again, 13 hours per day is a little too much.. Oh well, being only an A-level graduate with minimal working experience, I think I do not have the right to bargain..

Let's pray that I'll get through the 2nd interview by the manager. and then instead of seeing me promoting nescafe, you could see me sitting on an i-gallop (like the ads minus the skimpy clothings).

p/s: the supervisor which gave me the form said my employment is VERY likely to happen, but I've gotta keep it a secret from the manager XD

Anyways,I had some free time which I used unproductively to take silly pictures using my phone

I'm in jail!! Hahha..silly huh?

Next is an "oldies" kind of picture, in which my nose looks huge =(

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Being a currently unemployed girl, I usually sit in front of the idiots' box watching dvds (mainly anime or dramas, currently i'm watching a korean drama called, "my sister-in-law is 19yrs old, which i missed when it was on tv)

While feeding my eyes on nonsensical situations of the drama, I knit, or previously I did some crochet-ing.

Yup, I knit. Being a friend of the feline creature, I have picked up their habits of playing around with yarn. ( However i doubt we'll see a msian born car playing with yarn..yet again..western influence on our society) Maybe one day i should leave the left over yarn I have and see whether a cat would drop by and play with it. Haha^^

Anyways, I have started off with crochet cause I wanted to make a scarf for my bf. Once I began with my first project, I realised that crocheting is too time consuming. So I switched to knitting on my 4th project.

^my 1st attempt ended up as an unused "hand warmer" for my dad^

2nd project is a maroon coloured scarf which is with my bf, so there's no image for me to upload.

^3rd project^

I used a finer yarn and a thicker crochet needle and ended up with a very long scarf..kinda girly huh? (my bf choose the colours himself..hehe)

^4th project^

It's still under progress, and is my very 1st attempt in knitting.
I learnt knitting from a friend, but I didnt hv the tools to practice and so i forgot the steps.
When I was at sungai wang with my bf, we bumped into this shop filled with yarns. So I stopped by and got the owner to teach me how to knit!
In the end, I ended up with 3 balls of yarns and 2 knitting sticks.

The colour of the yarn is really nice^^ I jz love the colour blue!

But then, its so so expensive! (it's rm14.90 in case u cant see clearly)
A yarn made of pure cotton is even more expensive! I think its around rm25!
What a killer -_-"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Nescafe anyone?

Hi miss! Would u like to try our new nescafe bodypartner?

That's the one line that i kept repearting throughout my two days at work. Funny huh?
To make matters even more amusing, my uniform is a white t-shirt by nescafe and a bright red cap, AND a red APRON. -_-"

Being so RED makes me rather outstanding. During the 1st day at work, i was a total mess. I had no idea on how to set up my booth and so took a long time to get it ready. Nevertheless, once I got a hang of it,
it's fun!

Hehe^^ i guess its fun bcoz the girl i went for basic training ended up working with me; which mean there are two of us handling ONE booth! Kekeke XD

With two ppl around, I hardly get bored. (my chatting buddy)
When i'm not chatting with her, I'll be talking to customers. Ya..that's me. Talk a lot and drink little water. So by the end of the day I'm a dehydrated girl..

Thank goodness its only for 2 days, I can't imagine living without water for the whole week.. Hehe..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Basic Training

Gyaah! I finally confirmed my position as a promoter; but its no longer for Enfa A+, instead its for NESCAFE! Wheee!! Joy for me; the half-caffeine addict^^

Yesterday I went down by bus from Klang to Phileo Damansara, with this 17 yr old gal who asked for a job the same time as me.
Two of us were a bit confused on reaching the bus stop at PJ, then we had to wait for a lrt feeder bus to get to Demo Power's office ( Demo Power is the company which is in-charge of promoters like me) Thankfully we met two gals who were there for the training too, so we succesfully reached the office in time =)

The trainers who talked to us about the product are extremely nice. To me they a group of super-fun ppl to be with. They joked a lot, made me smile a lot =)
Although I had no problem understanding the english they spoke, the other gals who went down for training had some difficulties.

Then I thought that there are so many ppl whose English are rather poor, but yet there are so many many ppl whose English are like fantastic. So where does my english standard lies? I'm guessing maybe in the middle??
But no matter what, it only comes to show that there are so sO SO many MANY ppl in this world. And I am but one human among the millions on earth. SO what makes me special? What makes me?

Once I started thinking about that, I felt old...-_-"
So, i decided to stop thinking about such questions and jz leave it to the geniuses around the world to figure out.

And today, I went down to the office again to take my basic training. (somehow all TS = Trailing Specialist are supposed to take the basic training before we can go out to give trails to consumers) And the term itself left me at awe. I mean like ppl can be so imaginative. Eg,

promoter --> Trailing SPECIALIST

And the trainer said something like this, " you see, you dont even have to get a degree and you can be a specialist!"

Yeah right! Dont cheat me la..I know i'm innocent, but i'm not THAT innocent to buy that idea. LOL =P

But overall, I think I had lots of fun. I met a junior from my sec school, and also a bunch of guys and girls who are younger than me. (yup..i'm the oldest) To make me feel older, two of them are born in 1990! 1990! Can you imagine? So young...or in other words, I'm old -_-"

Nevertheless, its fun to be around such ppl =) I'll have to thankmy fren who introduced me to DemoPower =)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Me a promoter??

I'm gonna be a promoter. Sounds weird right?
Nvm that, I havent actually got the job though. I'll hv to go down to Damansara jz to attend a basic training, which so happens to be on this Weds, then on Thurs i'll have to go for the product training. On both occasions I'm suppposed to get rm15 for the transportation fees. Then whenever the company has something to promote, they'll inform me and see whether i'm up for it. And before the girl I contacted asked me whether i'm willing to promote a milk powder, Enfa A+.

Mua..promoting kids milk powder. I feel so old-_-" I can only imagine "aunties'' giving out milk to kids. But me?? Oh well...what can i complain about right? After all i'm aiming for a temporary job. Bcoz if i got a full-time job i would hv to take a week off to accompany my bf b4 he flies to czech. So...

Earlier, I called a company asking for a post as an event assistant. And guess what? the post is no longer available, and the lady asked me whehter i wanna work as a temp telesales in PJ...which is unaccesible to me, since i'm all the way in Klang.

I guess that from Oct i'll have to get a "permanent" job. Something that gives me EPF la.. mayb i'm gonna work in Tesco. Its near and the pay is not too bad. Or maybe i'll keep on looking for jobs in KL...I dunno...I'm fickle-minded all the time.

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