Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I know i'm supposed to study, but...

BUT, after switching on the computer, Peas got engrossed in facebook, uploading pics, and tagging ppl, and commenting on ppl's status updates, etc etc....then, she bumped into devi's page which linked to devi's twitter page.

That led Peas to twitter pages of other friends, and so Peas decided to get twitter as well *tweet tweet* And once she did, she started spamming on ppl's tweets. = ='' Anyways, Peas doesn't have any followers on Twitter yet. So sad. LOLz~~

Anyways, I felt that I did badly for FMT1's class test, but I soon got over it, as I realised it only accounts for less than 30% of the total marks, and I still hv my half-decent report to back up my marks. Hehe.....

The only motivation that I have now to study for FMT 2 is the fact that the paper is worth 30%~~

I posted on facebook saying that i feel that i did badly in FMT 1 class test, and obtained a variety of responses. Some wished me luck, some doubt what I say, and some say that I play too much, do I??? (even my brother told me I played too much when I "lectured" him to have a proper time management >.<)

Talking about playing, I woke up this morning with this stuck to my head...

"main, main, selalu!
Syoknya, syoknya,
Ada Mat Kool!"

the direct translation for that would be:

"playing, playing, all the time,
oh so fun, oh so fun, with mat kool!"

LOLZ...i think my BM is rusting!!!
That btw, was an extract of a commercial for an ice-cream called "Mat Kool" or more accurately the monkey is called Mat Kool.

*aww. I'm starting to miss Malaysia, the weather's so hot that eating ice-cream isn't one bit sinful*
But then again, Aldi (a local grocery chain store over here in scotland) was selling a 2 litre Napolitan ice-cream for 99pence, and my hse gobbled down two tube already. The third one is still sitting in the fridge. Weather's been a wee bit too cold for consumption :P

Back to story of me not studying.
See, I was brought up listening to songs that ask me play. How can I not play? XD
So there, my playing is justified! XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Peas is gonna be away for awhile

Class tests are coming up real soon in less than a week's time.
It's gonna be 4 weeks of tests and exam packed period.

2 class tests next week.
1 class test the following week.
PP3 exemption the 3rd week.
and come the 4th week, will be the finals for FMT 1 and FMT2.

Both FMT 1 and FMT2 consists of textbooks each around 220 pages.
Total reading to be done 400 plus pages @.@

Peas shall get back to studying.
After this torturous 1 month, Peas will be back^^

A few pics of my great London trip~~

Peas took the tube around London City.

Peas saw the red soldiers.

Peas kicked some ass

Peas saw many fake eyes in Maddam Tussauds.

Peas had a drink or two when we went to a pub crawl session..

Peas can't wait for Paris and Italy come September^^

Friday, July 17, 2009

Peas is off the London

Yup, peas is gonna go off to London city by bus in slightly more than an hours time!! Whee~

I've got a wee bit of runny nose right now, but Peas is confident that armed with Panadol tablets and a whole roll of toilet paper, there's nothing that is gonna stop her from having a good time ;p

For the dreadful PP3 paper, Peas got a total deduction of -235 marks.
For the vet prescription alone, -150 marks was given i.e I killed the poor kitty called "woopsie". Yes, it's a BIG FAT WOOPS~~~~ LOL~~~ Oh well, luckily no marks are accounted for that~ Let's hope I do better in the next class test =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downtime over

Peas is back in action~ RAWR~


1. Official downtime: less than 24 hrs.

2. Reason of downtime : unknown. Internal mental conflict suspected. Might be related to hormonal changes.

3. Solution: Unknown. Self mental conflict resolved.

4. Conclusion: Downtime is bad for the individual and has to be resolved in shorter amount of time. Individual would love to get more love and hugs. >.<


It's another day...

I dislike reports.
I dislike feeling tired.
I dislike feeling alone.
I dislike not being hyper.

Peas woke up this morning, and headed to Isle of Canbraie with a group of international students (didn't really get to know many of them, only 2 from China..I guess I didn't put that much effort in)

It was all good. Really.

There were beautiful blue skies.

Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful scenery.
(yes, i am part of the scenery ;p)
the international students who went~

And the cold sea breeze on your face while cycling (despite the sorching sun).
I wanted a solo pic of me on a bike, and realised there was none = =''

Despite the great start of the day, i came back, had dinner.
And that was when everything went downhill *sigh*

I think it's not normal for me to be quiet. So ppl came asking what's wrong me.
Problem is, I don't really know what's wrong.
I just feel down at times and I just don't know who to tell.

I've got great housemates. But I don't feel that I can tell them everything despite the years we've spent together. I am reminded of the fact that I no longer have anyone else to share these things with anymore. And so I get even lonely. So that leads me to telling my open blog. So pathetic= =''

I used to jz tell random ppl on msn how sad i am, and they'd cheer me up. But somehow I've gotten to an extent where I shut off my msn = =

Reports are due. Class tests are coming up.
Mental exhaustion, physically tired but still up at 3am = =

gonna go try finish off one report before i head to bed.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Time sure flies~

I can't believe that it's almost a month since I left Malaysia!

Time flies by really fast over here. I guess 9 to 5pm classes can make time fast forward a lot!
Before I knew it, we've already covered all 222pages of our FMT2 (pre-formulation and testing) subject = =''

The next thing I know is that we'll be having 3 class tests back withing a span of 7 days, and we'll be sitting for the end of semester exam = =''

Spare me. I need to do some reports now as well as study for PP3 ='(

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Of Vacations~

Come next Friday will be my FIRST class test for Pharmacy Practise 3(PP3).

For those who have never heard of PP3, it's a dreaded subject but many of our seniors, and is also the subject whereby students are allowed to resit for the exam more than once.
In other words, MANY students need more than 1 resit to pass the exam. And sadly, some seniors too have yet to pass their exam i.e they will be joining my batch on the proper exam on August for their 5th resit. Yes. 5th, i think....

However, I have yet to go through all the many prescriptions given to us during classes, nor have I sat down properly to study for it. Thankfully, the seniors told us this,

"Don't worry, it's normal for you to fail during the first few tries. In fact, I broke the record and scored -300marks!"

The exam is whereby each student is given 4 prescriptions and we are supposed to check whether the prescription is valid, and whether the dose of the drug is safe, whether there are any contra-indications btw drugs, and then dispense the item and counsel the patient. Plus, there's also the requirement for us to print labels and to keep records of each prescription completed. All that in 2 hours.

And to make matters more "interesting" there are several types of prescriptions given out in the UK such as a private prescription, an NHS prescription, an emergency supply, a veterinary prescription. It sounds confusing, but I hope I wont get too confused during the exam... >.<

Instead of boring you of my boring tales of my long hours of classes, I have a good news~
I'm going to London~~~

Yup, Peas will be off to London with her friends (total group of 14ppl) by bus, on the night of 16th July~ Will be back on the 20th~ and post up some pics^^

Till then, Peas hopes to study >.<

Friday, July 03, 2009


I had two cups of coffee today.
One in the morning, and one during lunch, just to make sure I don't doze off during class.
And it worked. Peas didn't sleep in class today. Maybe it's the coffee, or maybe it's the fact that the weather here in Glasgow is getting a wee (little) hotter than before.

*Scottish ppl use wee in replace of little*

For example, instead of saying a little confusing, they say a wee bit confusing.
Confused? Don't be. They're not asking you to go wee-wee ;p

Anyways, back to story.

Yes, it's a little warmer than when we first arrived. The classroom was stuffy and rather uncomfortable. For us Malaysian students who were accustomed to heat, it was still bearable. But for the local Scottish lecturer, it was VERY hot.

Our lecturer kept giving us short break in between lectures because she had to leave the classroom for some fresh air. So maybe that's another reason why I didn't fall asleep >.<

Other than getting short breaks, I have been having itches around my body, which I suspect is due to my body being "yit hei", so I had one big cup of "ho yan hor" herbal tea after dinner just now. Bad idea that was.

Two cups of coffee + one cup of herbal tea = Caffeine overdose

So now, i'm wide awake. Insomnia is certainly depressing.

I tried to sleep, and ended up with all sorts of thoughts.

Thoughts of my coming class tests (which I have yet to prepare for.)
Thoughts of home and my family members.
Thoughts of my coming London trip on 17th July.
Thoughts of why I think so much.
Thoughts of being so alone despite being surrounded by friends.

There's too much thought.
And thought's to words are the best way I can convey my feelings now.
Somehow I feel like I've lost the ability to communicate = =''
But don't worry, blogging is therapeutic. I'm feeling much better already. Really.

As a sign off, I shall leave a picture of the Lemon Chicken that I cooked the other day.
Thank you mum for cooking this at home (so I know the basics to cook this)
and thank you google for hosting the abundant recipes that I will be using now and in the future;p

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