Monday, September 29, 2008

Drugs and Disease

I was looking through the past year papers for the Drug and Disease paper.

Guess what?

There was this section of about 20 questions,
which goes,

match the following statement with the appropriate drug/cell

they then provided a list of drugs/cells.

I was like @#%&. wth.

How would I be able to memorise all the freaking drugs?
I can tell u the name,
but hey,
I won't know what it's for,
whether it's soluble or not,
what contra-indications it has,
and many others.

Sheesh. I am starting to hate all the drugs.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


i am so bored of studying.
more than half the things i study doesn't get absorbed.
it's so annoying.
and it's even more annoying that i am falling sick,
getting insomnia.
i hv difficulty sleeping lately. and when i sleep, i will wake up after 2 hrs, and spend another 2 hrs thinking of random stuff, before i actually fall asleep again. *sweats*

I hate exams.
I know that working life is worse,
but hey, if studying comes without exams and assignments, i'll do it forever.

Friday, September 26, 2008

prom dress, prom dress

I know i'm insane.

The prom is in April 2009. That's more than 6 months away.

Yet, my craving to buy prom dresses have been growing.
I am overly-excited about getting a nice prom dress.

The internet is a BAD BAD thing.
It showed me all the pretty dresses I wish I could wear.
And led me to day-dream about dresses half the time i'm reading my notes.*sweats*

Don't believe me?

Take a look at these dresses....

I wish I could own them. *sigh*

Okies, back to study ;p

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ever since playing badminton on Sunday with ning and my friends, I've got:

1. A sore right arm.

2. Body aches.

3. Insufficient sleep.

Yesterday I drove all the way down to IMU frm Klang for the ball meeting.
While still in Klang, I pumped petrol for my dad's Gen2.

1. I didn't know how to position the nozzle.
It wouldn't auto-fill.
So, I stood there dumbly and decided to stop filling once it reached Rm 50.

2. Brilliant me knocked the curb while leaving the petrol station.
I estimated the distance wrongly,
turned right,


It sounded as if something broke.
I saw an ah pek turning to look at me,
with an expression which says,

"ah moi, you erti bawa kereta tak?"

I decided to leave the petrol station before further analyzing the damage,
just in case the pak cik comes over and ask,

"ah moi, nak i tolong?"

I opened my driver's door, and had a peek at the bottom.
Saw a few dents, and decided the damage wasn't that severe,
and drove on to IMU.

Upon reaching IMU, I stepped out the door and saw...


It cracked! Seriously!

Then I walked off, while sending an sms to my dad,

"Pa, I accidently knocked your car at the petrol station, and it got dented on the right side."

Ya. Dented was the term I used.

3. Meeting for IMU ball was fine.
Bad news is that I have to drive up IMU for another meeting,
this Saturday morning. *sweats*
Plus, I have to submit proposals for what I plan to do for publicity. Meh.
I typed it out and realised I didn't have much to do.

Unless you guys expect ME to be walking loud speaker which says,

"come to IMU ball 2009"

ALL the time 247. Then I'll be seriously busy. LOL.

Okay, maybe there's quite some amount of work to do,
but I'm going to put it all on hold till after my exams. LOL.

4. Study break.
One word.


I've been feeling sleepy all the time ever since Sunday's badminton.
I haven't had a workout for a LONG LONG time.
Swimming doesn't get my body as worn out as badminton.
Which explains the LONG time since I played the game.

Anyways, another reason is these few days before I sleep,
my mind would run wild with thoughts of IMU ball.

What theme?
What kind of deco?
What to wear?

and loads of crap which I don't even remember. *sweats*

I was reading about vitamins this morning.

Vitamin D is...

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone.

Then I realised,
rupa-rupanya the *blank* moments were moments where I fell asleep. wth.

I then decided to just go sleep.
Once I woke up, I decided that blogging is more rewarding than reading.
I am now relating this to the drug misuse lecture.

short-term pleasure of blogging vs long-term rewards of studying for semester 4 final exam.

short-term rewards attracts the individual more.
Making it harder for the individual to leave the unhealthy behaviour.

wth. I am literally going nuts over HP.
HP this time = Health Promotion.

unlike the last time where,
HP = Human Pets.

Anyways, although I may look happy while stuying,
it's actually because I was studying and got bored.
bored --> lazy individual --> individual decides to seek entertainment --> cam-whore.

There, that's how I ended up with a happy picture.
I took an unhappy picture,
but decided it looked like crap.

crappy me while studying isn't a nice picture.
it'll scrare the daylight out of anyone who sees it.
my friends who've seen my "afro hair" picture will know how creepy it is.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I know I should be studying, considering that there's quite a substantial amount of studying to be done within the 3 weeks of my study break. LOL~

But hey, I'm lazy ;p

Anyways, updates in the happenings of my life.

1. I'm ONE of the committee members for IMU ball 2009!! read right. I'm a committee member i.e I'll get free tickets ;p
But that isn't the main point.
The main point is that I'm the Publicity Manager. (just as what I applied for during the interview.) So friends, do COME for the ball.
And a bad news that came along with the post is that I have to go back to IMU during the study break for the committee meetings. *sweats*

2. I am one of the reporters and writers for my batch's convo magazine. (I didn't even know it until i read WenChin's mail. LOL..)

Okay, that's all the updates for today.
And a few pictures of what I did during the week ^^

Thurday night - playing with bubbles

Friday noon - KTV to celebrate Sinye's birthday @ Neway Puchong

Friday night - IMU Cup finale night~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby carrots' birthday~

Jeng jeng jeng~

It was baby carrot's birthday yesterday!!
Naturally, Peas went off to celebrate his birthday =)

We headed to Itallianes @ The Gardens to have our dinner.

I was both our first time dining at Itallianes so we didn't know what to order.
We browsed through the menu, and saw that each dish was an average of rm25.
Then we saw that Itallianes was having an offer for a set for 4 persons for only rm89.90.

*two light bulbs lighted up*

And thus, we decided to go for the 4 persons set meal!

The waiter was obviously shocked.

waiter: Are you sure you want to order this set?

us: yes

waiter: it's a set for four persons.

us: yes, why is a lot?

waiter: well, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're really really hungry.

us: *ponders* yes

waiter: but the portion, for example the shrimp fettucini is large enough for 2 to 3 persons, are you sure you can finish it?

us: we'll try *smiles nicely*

*the waiter gave up persuading us not to order*

and so we started ordering our dishes.

well, of course before our set meal arrived, we were served some bread as starters.
first to come was our appetizer>>> mussels!!!
Up next came our first main course dish, which consisted of three grilled chicken-breast meat which is much thicker than the average chicken breast! The sauce was simply delicious!!!
We sapu-ed the sauce before letting the waiter take the plate away ;p
Then came the pizza. It was large! Like domino's large pizza!!!
Then, the waiter took the opportunity to ask,
"so, are you full? is your stomach filled up to here *points halfway through the "stomach"*
or here *points to a higher position*?"

carrots: we jz got started.

LOL. The waiter then gave a shocked look and said, "okay" while squinting his eyebrows in disbelief. ROFL.

Then, before we finished our pizza, the shrimp fettuccine arrived. (oppps, i spelled fettuccine wrongly ;p ) and yes. I ordered the dish on purpose just to see how large the portion was. ROFL.
Once we finished the shrimp fettuccine, both carrots and I gave up on the pizza.
We only managed to eat 2/3 of the pizza, and decided to ta pao the remaining pizza.
(which I heated up and ate for breakfast and tea today..LOL)

Finally was our dessert! I forgot what's it called, but it was humongous! see, it's as big as my face!!!

LOL...jz face is really big, so the cake was smaller...but hey! it's still a really large slice of ice-cream cake!!!

After the meal, both carrots and I felt like our stomach was about to burst; at least carrots did. While I felt like I was pregnant, with food. LOL...
I was walking like some obese fella, and i felt so round. ROFL..
After walking a few steps (it was REALLY a few steps only, kind of like 10-15 steps), we stopped and stood in front of the touch-screen directory board.

It was then when Peas realised how much she ate, and that she couldn't even laugh, as the laughing added pressure to the stomach and made her ache.
Yup..I was THAT full. I can't even laugh. *sweats*

Anyways, after walking and resting, walking and resting, we then caught the midnight movie in Midvalley.

We watched the Thai horror movie>>>>>Body #19
Both carrots and I loved the movie!!!
It's about Chon, a student, who had nightmares about a dead woman.
He then sees a psychiatrist who's husband is somehow linked to the dead woman.
The story continues to build up, with two deaths and several gory scenes of the ghost.

I liked the visuals especially the part where the ghost jumps towards Chon, and her hair goes flying around artistically!! I'm serious!! The ghost's hair was just superb. LOL~

Although the movie was 2 hours long, I didn't find it draggy.
In fact, it was good from the start till the end.
There's a twist towards the end, which made the movie really really good.
And, the movie's soundtrack is good!!!

To end this post, here's a pic of carrots and his presents.

and a picture of carrots and peas (in hoodies) ^^ hehe~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After the double M trip, which actually meant Malacca and Muar, Peas decided to kick start her week by doing some studying as her End of Semester exams are coming soon.

Sadly, the internet and the recent turmoils happening in malaysia got the better of her, and thus she's here online, blogging. *sweats*

Anyways, peas was browsing through her classmates blogs till she saw kenneth on cynthia's friends list.

Peas clicked.

And it led her to Kenneth Liaw Vern Xi's blog.
Unfortunately it was ALL in chinese characteres *sweats agains*

Thankfully, chin yeong, the chinese-pro-master in the house knew how to read chinese charactrers. And soon, pohyee, chin yeong and peas were laughing their ass off especially when they saw the love calculator.

Lame as it sounds.
We still went to the website, and fooled around a bit.

amazing. chin yeong gets a 99% with cheh hsia, while peas and carrots only got 27%..*sweats*

anyways,it's carrots birthday here's a special dedication to him.

happy birthday dear!
i'm glad to have you in my life too^^

haha..short and simple!
great huh? :p

I always remember to k.i.s.s - keep it short & simple.

Monday, September 15, 2008

double M trip

Double M here stands for?

Maldives and Mauritius.

Nah. Unfortunately peas here isn't that rich nor mad enough to be in two countries over the weekend. ;p

Instead, peas had a lovely road trip with her house mates, and a lost male who just got back from Germany-and decided against driving a manual car because the recent manual car he drove is in Germany where the drivers change their gear using their right hand. Okay, it's not a good enough reason to not be driving, but hey, with a brilliant and safe diver like me, is there a need to drive? LOL ;p

Back to story, I drove the car (to my parent's dismay of course, they were afraid that I couldn't handle driving on the highway..but of course, you'll never get experience if you never try, right?)We parked our car @ Tesco Malacca, and our lovely friend foo yee brought us to the town itself where we started our journey.

But of course, before one travels, it's best to keep your belly filled with good food!

After half-stuffing ourselves, we started walking on Jonker Walk (it's no longer called Jonker Street, I wonder why...)

then we had more food!!!

more pictures^^

we then stopped by Dataran Pahlahwan to enjoy some air-condition before exposing ourselves to more sunlight ;p

next is the A famosa fort a.k.a Kubu A Famosa~~

And in the mean time we also got kirksman to drop by, where he insisted in being in almost every single picture we took~ thus explaining the facial expression below..LOL

after that, we headed off to Newton (a food court in malacca) for some drinks before we moved on to the Portugese Settlement in malacca to enjoy "authentic" portugese seafood. The seafood was okay, but their crabs were nice albeit pricey. hehe...

after the seafood dinner, foo yee dropped us back @ tesco malacca, where i again drove.
Drive drive drive, from Malacca >>> Muar. muar, we stayed @ chin yeong's house and we had more food there as well, but i'm getting lazy uploading photos. hahaha^^

long story short:
1. we had supper. consisting of chicken wings in muar
2. sleep
3. bah kut teh for breakfast
4. chat @ esmond's house
5. drove down to Gunung Ledang
after playing at the waterfall, with none of us got wet except for renly and the only male in the group. haha. mainly cause we didn't plan to go to the waterfall, so we forgot to bring extra clothes. hehe..

anyways, more food was to be savoured in muar and the best so far is....
after eating, of course we need some break and we went back to chin yeong's house where we had our mini-lantern festival.
that's all from me for now, so let's end the post with this..*smiles*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


After I did badly in the Biopharmacy 3 paper,
I thought I would be free of stress for a few days..

mana tau.. my social marketing essay had issues with it.

I had sent my essay to my lecturer last Tuesday. But she didn't respond.
So, I re-sent it on Sunday. Still no response.

Thus, I went to meet her face to face yesterday.

Guess why she didn't reply me?

She said she didn't receive the mail I sent on Tuesday, but received the one on Sunday.
BUT, she couldn't open my file.
Apparently it was corrupted.
So I guess that means that my laptop is infected with virus *sweats*

Anyways, main point was that I had to "re-write" my essay *long sigh*

Thankfully, I managed to complete it today!
Whee~ *breathes with relief*

Sunday, September 07, 2008



Am just back from the swimming match~~

Good news =)

My team got silver for the 4 x 50 breaststroke relay!! Whee^^

For the female individuals,
we got bronze in freestyle,
and silver in breaststroke.

Guys got fourth for both the events,
and sadly we got last for our mixed medley event.
(mixed medley = backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle)

Thankfully, we managed to get a bronze for the overall team !! (That is, if there aren't any dispute after I left ;p)

So there~ I'm done for the day~
Back to studying for Biopharmacy 3^^

A few pictures before I sign out~

the swimming pool we competed in~

me doing my warming up~ (didn't get a full shot of myself in the red swimsuit due to unforeseen circumstances, like I feel like I look like crap ;p)

and finally, me with my fluffy hair, and the rest of the team, and supporters^^

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gummi Bears~~

Whee...I've got gummi bears which flew across thousands of miles back to malaysia from Germany.

And, being bored while studying, I did this...Bow gummi bears, BOW!!!

Oh well, a little update on the Scrabble competition.
I was a substitute player.
And I played two games. One against Pharm B, and the other against M207.

I won the first one, lost the second one by 100 marks = =
And guess who my opponent was?





A state player back when he was in secondary school. *sweats*

Oh well, overall, my team (Pharm A) managed to get bronze!
So whee~~ here's a medal for me^^

Next event coming up is tmr~
Swimming relay 4 x 50 breast stroke..
wish me luck in my red swim suit! LOL~

And up on monday is my Biopharmacy 3 exam~~ *wails*

Monday, September 01, 2008

more moolah spent~

I am kinda stressed right now.

I feel like I have insufficient time to study for my biopharmacy test next monday.
And the fact that I've been going out everyday since Thursday doesn't make matters better. *sweats*

Mana saya pergi?

Peas went karaoke-ing @ green box, bkt tinggi both today, and on saturday *sweats*
Then on Sunday night, I met up with an incovarian friend of mine who was posted to Klang's general hospital. So I went for a yum cha session with him.

Then when I came back to vista, I was welcomed by the fact that more "social" outings were scheduled throughout the week.

Renly's bf is back, along with the other friends who jz got back frm germany. Their spending time with us, is a good thing, but it means that Peas have less time to study.

I guess I am being kiasu. Yup. I am ;p

Anyways, after going for karaoke session with an ex-colleague of mine(and her friends), Carrots sent me back, and we "pit-stopped" at Pyramid for some Wendy's~ mana tau...
The chicken burger sucked big time.
The chicken was just bad. B-A-D~~
So never, NEVER order the chicken burgers~

And the potato with sour cream...err...let's just say it wasn't for my taste.
However, it's beefburger is okay. But i still like McDonalds~ hehe^^

other than the fact that i do not have much time to study, I felt very guilty for spending my moolah~ *wails* I wanted to buy a new foundation, but BUT, i felt so bad for spending money *sobs*

See, I bought a red swimsuit (coz my current one used for proper swimming i.e not the bikini, is getting loose..meh...)

I also got a new shampoo, coz it was cheap.

And I also got a black tube top because it was only rm7.

It doesn't sound like a lot of money, but added with the amount i used last felt like I was wasting my money. *sighes*

anyways, I had wanted to talk about carrots and his obsession with You-tube-ing for videos, reading the "kopitiam" gossip-forum on lowyat, and also his occasional dropping-by at other blogger's blog like xiaxue, and how he does not understand why she has fans. (which is actually a long long story which I refuse to talk about, because right now I am doing free publicity for xiaxue by mentioning her name in my blog *sweats*)

Thus, I shall sum carrots's obsession with the internet, and it's wonders with this picture.

Carrots: I feel incomplete without my laptop (connected to the internet) on. (I gotta have it-quoted from sarah jessica parker in her advertisement of her own perfume. *creepy betul*)

p.s: after writing this post, i feel relieved of my stress, so I shall now go play the big brain game so that my brain will grow, and hopefully a bigger brain will mean i need not study for my biopharm paper. LOL ;p
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