Sunday, April 30, 2006



Now, does IT means anything to you? Does IT ring a bell? NO?
Well, how about if i mention a clown called IT?
Remember the scary clown?
The one with razor-sharp teeth?
I think most of u all do. But jz in case u dont recall. LOOK!

p.s - see the 15+ sign? the vcd we bought was labelled as U-untuk tontonan UMUM! Bcoz of the incompetence to the msian censorship board, innocent kids like me had terrifying nightmares *sobs*

Well, jz the other day, I was in OneUtama window shopping with my family n my bf. Then, we bumped into the VCD for IT!
At first i thought only my bro n i would know the movie. But to my surprise even my bf knows about IT. Hahaha=) Actually even a sec school friend of mine knows the movie. Then my bro said most of his friends have watched the movie too! So i came out with the conclusion that most ppl around my age hv watched IT!
coz it was screened on TV1 or was it TV2? not once, but several times! And since back then astro wasnt even around, most kids only watched tv1 n tv2. Hahaha...nostalgic isnt it? The days when we didnt even hv cartoon network or mtv or espn..etc
In the end, after a short debate. I succesfully got my bf to buy the movie. Its quite cheap actually, only rm24.90 for 4 discs. And its original too =)

Before we watched the movie. We can remember only the horrifying parts like in death in the bathroom. Or the blood splurting out of the sink?
yup..all the scary scenes were ethed into out memories.
I remember my bro was so scared after watching the movie that he didnt dare to go into the toilet alone again. Well, of course he goes in with my other bro, not me...( what were u thinking? =p)
In fact i think that many kids are afraid of clown bcoz of that movie. Even i at one point had phobia towards clowns. Those scary white-painted faces. The movie really gave clown worldwide a bad BAD name. Haha XD. Well, even now movies play a big role. Like my friend who didnt dare to visit Genting's theme park after watching Final Destination 3.

Anyways, after watching the movie, we 'cured' ourselves! Hahha...jz kidding. Watching the movie is really good. It brings back childhood memories. Maybe its because we're older and we know that its not real.. But jz think about this, when we were younger, scary things tend to stick into our mind. i watched 'IT' maybe about 10 or 12 years ago when i was only 9/10... yet i can still remember. My bro has better memory. He even remembers who dies first. Haha=) well, its rather a sweet memory. Me n my two bros as kids sitting in front of the tv watching a horror movie. i remember my mum watching the movie with us, but when we re-watched the movie, she said she has no recollection what-so-ever. Yup, she's getting really old..poor mummy..But she's still my beloved mummy anyways=)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lazy me

i'M LaZy
Yup, i'm so lazy. After missing chemistry for about a week, i still fell asleep in class -_-"
Now dont get me wrong, i did not skip classes for a week-lah.. My chem lecturer fell sick and had to be hospitalized. Poor lady. Her health condition is really bad. Maybe bcoz she's a triplet?? (triplets! really rare huh? To make matters even more interesting, she and her elder sis both are CHEMISTRY lecturers, and BOTH of them teach in the same school. Her younger sis is working someplace else..And Once my friends and i even got the chance to see the Trio together! huh? They are almost exact copies of one another. Minus the fact that my chem lecturer is the thinner one. wait..most thin among the 3 =) yay, i still remember my grammar!
Okie, back to topic. I was supposed to copy down answers for the past year papers. Yet i didnt, partly due to the fact that i hv already copied them! haha XD
But when she started eyes closed themselves automatically.
Its an uncurable disease of mine.
Hehe..i'm supposed to be doing maths or studying some chem or bio. Yet i'm in the comp lab with my bf. Blogging -_-" while my bf?? obviously reading some online manga. HeheXD
Anyways, i think i keep mentioning i hv to study..
so i guess that makes me half a nerd.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


ReVaMPeD with LoTs oF SwEaT n StReSS

Whew! i Finally managed to put a new skin to my blog. After a many hours sitting like a brainless girl in front of the screen. -_-"
Before i start babbling about how bad things got. Lemme tell u the reason i had this suddenly spur of mind to "update" the looks of my blog.

Now, i hv this cousin sister who's younger than me. She's really cute n has this incredibly super straight hair w/o having to rebond it. Ok, that's out of topic a little. Main point is that she has a blog too. Wait..she has a FEW blogs. And on Fri night i chatted with her n checked out her blog. The moment i went in, i was in awe!
It was really cool n all with this big BonJOvi pic at the side.
Well, mayb its bcoz i seldom read ppl's blog so i dont really know how good other ppl's blog were. And i all this while i was thinking my blog was OK. So now, i felt erm...left out? inferior? silly? hmmm...lots of mixed-up feelings.
That night, i had this incredible urge to revamp my blog. With the few websites my cousin introduced, I set on a mission the very next morning. Considering my zero% info in html it looked almost impossible. But that didnt stop me at all.
Firstly i got my tagboard which is a lot more convenient than posting a comment. Then i visited blogskins to get my skin. At first sight, i loved this skin. Its so nice n simple =)
So i decided to use it. After reading the "tutorials" i thought i was well equipped. And so from the preview i saw, i thought the blog was complete.
BUT, when i tried to republish my blog. It failed. It kept saying 0%republished. I was hysterical. Freaked out, Stressed...Oh..the horror. My blog was then a terrible error.
So, with the advise of XianFeng(my pet bro frm sg) i got a new skin, which was cute with lots of kitty cats around XD i love cats =) But then, the space for the post was super small and so i didnt find it that attractive. By then, i realised that i had to switch OFF my firewall to republish my blog. If not it would take ages. @.@
It was that simple.
So i used this skin again.
I started from scrap and slowly editted everything again.-_-" n since i'm a little "blur" it took me many many hours. Then was the horror of failing to republish my blog. Thankfully everything went fine n
HEY! ITs a wHoLe NeW LoOk!
Yeah! its nice aint it. But it has a few cons. It doesnt hv an archieve where i can keep track of the number of posts i hv. Plus, its a little too small. It only covers less than 1/2 the computer screen *sigh* BUT i'm in no mood to change the skin anymore. It takes up too much time.
I'm supposed to study back home. And instead i was blogging. Which caused my bf to scold me for not studying *sobs*
Well, at least i learnt something.
1. Switch OFF the firewall when republishing my blog
2. How to paste n edit html

SO, its a lesson well learnt. Dont u agree?
Btw, if ur reading leave some comments ya =) Thanks^^

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ethics =(

I jz had my ethics finals yesterday and i can talk non-stop about everything connected to ethics.
Starting from the teacher herself.

She's an ustaza, someone's who's very VERY religious. My class jz got her this semester. Previously, the other lecturers(who were malay too) were really nice and open-minded to discussion. But this lecturer...*sigh* u cant imagine how much our ears suffered during her class. Although very FEW ppl are listening in her class, she would still sit in front n talk non-stop about some Islamic topic we were supposed to cover. The previous lecturers never did that, they would usually jz discuss a few things and leave the class EARLY.
A good way of putting it, is that she utilises her time to the maximum..Which unfortunately doesnt make students like me very happy. We rather hv a fun n condusive class which ends EARLY. =P

Well, talking about her not being open-minded. I hv this rather good example. One of the groups in our class were presenting on a topic connected to boy-girl relationships. (BGR) So a one of my classmates ask about Islam's point of view about BGR. So she started saying 'BOLEH....sudah tentu TIDAK boleh."
NOW, that caught our ears.
She continued,"Seorang perempuan tidak harus berdua-duan dgn seorang lelaki kecuali ianya berbincang pasal studies @business"
'WHY?" we asked.
"Ini adalah utk mengelakkan drp mereka yg berdua-duan melakukan perkara yg tidak diingini. Utk mengelakkan mrk drp mendpt godaan syaitan."
"Kalaulah lelaki dan perempuan hendak bersama kawan2 lain haruslah ikut bersama."
Most of us went like ~Oh....ok?~
Its pretty obvious we didnt buy her story. A few of us even had this silly look of trying not to laugh out loud in class. Hahaha..=)

NOt only that, all my previous lecturers would give tips on what's coming out for the finals, but SHE obviously DIDN'T. So, we had to go through the whole set of notes she gave. I studied n studied, but i didnt realy absorb anything cause the topics were rather uninteresting. The only interesting topics to me were
Polygamy and Divorce. BUT...that didnt even appear in the paper*sigh*
In the end, I didnt even know how to answer most of the objective questions. Then for the essay section..i talked crap most of the time. Both to make the essay look long and also to kill time. 2hours for an ethics paper is too long. So obviously i had lots of time to crap in the essay part. Hahaha...

Conclusion, learning ethics have not made me more ethical.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

aLL iN a WeeK

It seems that i havent been blogging much (thanks to my lazy nature, even a 10mins walk to the computer lab is considered troublesome. Haha=)
Anyways, quite a lot of things happened this week. For instance,

1. I got a NEW handphone (one which is not passed down from my dad)
-its a Sony Ericsson k700i which i got on tues from low yat, for rm660.
It's nothing fancy but definately a 100%(or more) better than my old one. Haha..
at least this phone has mp3 n a camera =)
plus, bluetooth n infra-red!
but, i didnt buy the cable..should hv bought it that day, sending files through infra-red is really-really sloW!

2. I fell sick -_-"
i dont know who passed the virus to me...but on tues itself i began to hv sorethroat. The next day (weds) , the sorethroat got worse n i had body ache. Climbing up n down 5floors drained most of my energy. So i slept a lot on weds. And i think bcoz of that i had a really weird dream that night. (though by now i've totally forgotten what it was about, all i remember is that many characters appeared in it)
Then, the next day my roomie said i kept making weird noises when i slept. Not only that, she said i slept in a 'special' position with my limbs stretched and, i scratched myself quite often. Well, its hard to deny the facts she told me, for i hv a history of grabbing covers n kicking ppl while i sleep. Hahaha=)

3. I went swimming on fri
Its been a very very long time since i went swimming. Thankfully i can still fit into my swimsuit. (duh, its strecthable, if i can't fit in means i hv a serious BMI problem.) Anyways, it was drizzling that time, yet my parents were still enthusiastic to swim. So i obviously had to tag along. I didnt feel comfortable cause not only was i still unwell, but also bcoz of the amount of fat which i gained through the past few months are bulging out. Well, i know u'll say its only my imagination or i'm being too sensitive...but its true!
My mum said my thighs were fair n FAT. -_-" plus u know how body fat will vibrate when u swim..its scary..all the extra lipids dangling n vibrating...eww..
Haih...its a sad story...excess i cant seem to get rid of it as my metabolism rate has decreased significantly. And i would like to mention, i'm lazy...i dont exercise much anymore..=(

SO, there's my update for the week =)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home~

I always go back once a week, since my house is quite near my hostel (roughly a 20-mins drive). And UiTM actually has a policy where students are supposed to leave a 'yellow-card' at the guardhouse if they are staying out for the night. This a rule which was told to us during the 1st sem, and a rule which i NEVER applied until that day.

Usually my parents would pick me up on friday evenings about 6-7pm. But last weekend they picked me up later cause i went out with my bfs' sister for the day and we came back the hostel about 10.30pm. So my parents came around 10.50pm. As i was casually walking out towards the front gate with my big-red-backpack which looks like some ninja-turtle shell, and a white plastic bag on my hands, the guard called, "Ah moi~"

My first thought was, "Aiyah~ trouble.." My mum who was standing outside the gate, quickly walked in, and then the guard started talking about the "yellow-card" (its not the yellow card in football..talking about football, i played Fifa on ps2 with my bf and i lost, cause the only thing i knew how to do was tackle and more tackle, so in the end, i had 2 or 3 yellow cards -_-" and i always kick away the ball once i get it, i hv no idea how to make the player run along with the ball..)

So back to story, the guard mentioned the CARD, and that we students hv to send it in, bla bla i had to climb all the way up to the 5th floor to get that silly card. And it doesnt even hv my picture cause i tore it out for my IELTS application form many MANY months ago. So down i went again with The Card (and did i mention how scary the whole place was? the lights on the stairway were mostly switched off because many girls went back, as in balik-kampung for the long weekend. So i had to switch on the lights as i went up. But the thought of me being the only one in the whole entrance made the whole experience, horrifying!)

Back at the guard house, my mum was chatting with the guards, and they were telling her stories that some girls in our hostel would leave the compound late at night through D.I.Y holes on the fence 0.0 This was rather shocking as i've always thought ONLY guys would do such things. I mean imagine a girl trying to sneak out a hole on the fence late at night. It quite a weird picture to me. After i filled in the form, the guard asked me, "Bag banyak besar ya? Bawa balik baju untuk cuci ke?" Well, the only thing i could do was give a 'sweet' smile cause its never good to offend the guard, you'll never know when they'll saman u indecency -_-"

Now, being back home is good. There are unlimited benefits of being at home :
1. Free internet access without any restrictions
2. Unlimited anime episodes to watch
3. Music all day long.
4. Mummy's homecooked meals
5. Mamak sessions with friends
6. Movies
7. Laundry service
8. Free tidbits
9. Queen-sized bed
10. Extended sleeping hours
11. Brothers to talk to
12. Transportation available
13. and the list goes on and ON. Hehe =P

Home Sweet Home =)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I like pulling my hair, especially when my hands are free and not doing anything, ie most of the time. I like the feel of each strand of hair on my fingers. I find it some what...erm...relaxing. I'd like to think of it as exercise for my fingers=p When i feel that my hair is 'curly' or 'weird-shaped' i'll pull it out. It's funny how other ppl around me find it annoying. For example, my dad and my mum. Wait, even my roommate notices it. In fact, i think many ppl other than me notice it! Then, they'll usually advice me not to pull me hair anymore, esp my parents. My dad will hit my hand if i touch my hair. My mum jz scolds me =)

But, i'd never thought of it as a problem. Cause i've got loads of hair, yanking out a few strands each day wouldnt hurt much would it, right? Plus every normal human being loses ten or twenty strands of hair each day.

At least that was what i had on mind until i read about TRICHOTILLOMANIA.(what?? its pronounced as trick-o-till-o-mania) I had actually read it a few months or maybe a few years back n never really paid any attention to it. But it seems that recently more n more cases or trichotillomania have been reported throughout the years, and so more reports on it are published in magazines.

So i surfed the net to find out more about it, and guess what? i have almost..ALMOST all the symptoms.

1. recurrent pulling out of one's hair resulting in noticeable hair loss
- i pull my hair constantly, but thankfully i have been blessed with thick hair and so, i hv no noticeable hair loss, at least i dont notice any difference

2. an increasing sense of tension immediately before pulling out the hair or when attempting to resist the behavior
- erm...its hard to tell whether i hv this symptom cause i always pull my hair, n i'll scorn at my dad if he stops me from plucking, then i'll go back touching my hair again

3.pleasure, gratification or relief when pulling out the hair
- yup, this is definately true. I love it when i see that the hair i pulled out is actually curly. But if the hair i pulled out is normal, i'll regret n tell myself not to pluck anymore hair...and well, since i'm a stubborn girl, the process repeats itself

4. a disturbance that is not better accounted for by another mental disorder and is not due to a general medical condition (e.g., a dermatological condition)
-This i dont understand..what does it mean huh?

5. a disturbance that causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning
- So far i hv not experienced any problems yet, but who knows what might happen in the my mum said, 'Ppl will find it annoying and ur future employer might not want to employ u" hmm...let's hope this never comes true, otherwise i'll be jobless!

SO, i score erm...mayb 3,5 out of 5. Yeah! High score of the day! I'm jz kidding. It's a rather scary condition esp once u read up more about it.

"A survey of college students in the mid-1990s confirmed this estimate -- almost 2 percent of students reported past or current problems with the impulse to pull out their hair.
Some people with trichotillomania pull out just their eyelashes or eyebrows; others focus on removing the hairs of their head, beard, pubic area, or arms and legs. Some pull out hair from all parts of their body. "

Now, in the 90s its 2%. Almost a decade from then, the figures are most likely to increase exponentially. So work it up mayb it'll be about erm 4-5 percent? So it means i'm definately not alone and there are more ppl like me. Hehe..thank goodness i'm not the odd one out.
But, the scary part is that ppl pull hair on other parts of body too. What if my 'obession' grows? that'll be scary!

All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation. W H Auden(an english poet sometime ago)
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