Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm IT^^

Hehe^^ I was tagged by ShenYang.
So here's the 5 pictures that I promised^^




four *grrr*

five *oh what-ever*

I had so much fun taking my own pictures^^
So now, I'll have to tag THREE lucky ppl^^
1. Mei
2. Cynthia
3. PeiRu

Good luck^^

I went to 5 shopping malls!!!

It was pure madness to be walking around in 5 shopping complexes within a day.
And what made it madness, is the walking around.

Guess who I went with?




My parents!
(I'm such a good girl!! I accompany my parents out shopping!! I don't go out 'lepaking' with my friends that much, in fact, most of my 'mamak' sessions are initiated by my dad, he loves 'teh tarik' )

Now, let me list down the 5 shopping malls which we went, before I talk about the 'interesting' things which happened during my family outing. XD

1. Times Square
2. Low Yat
3. Pavilion
4. Sungai Wang
5. Imbi Plaza

Hahaha...and we passed by BB plaza as well!

Now, before a few days back, when my dad suggested to go to KL, I jokingly suggested that we should go to RedBox for a karaoke session.
And, my mum was excited! Hahaha^^ it's been so long since she went singing.

So, we went for the K-lunch package in RedBox.
Only the three of us, my mum, my dad and me myself, went.
And we sang for three hours.

From that three hour session, I learned something really REALLY shocking.

My parents can't really sing. HahaXD
So it's a wonder why I can sing without actually making everyone in the same room faint from horror! Hahaha^^

Maybe it's because they haven't been singing for so long, that their voice box got rusty.
Yet, they (esp my mum) still sang throughout the whole session.
Yes, she had fun.
So did my dad.

And, its even more shocking to find out that I can sing OLDIES!
I choose songs from Carpenters, Abba, The Police, Santana, and even Elvis Presley =.=''
Hahaha...and to be honest, I even loved a song from the "ancient" band The Police...titled "Don't Stand" (it's just so catchy, some one should sing song again!!!!) LOL^^

Another "interesting" which happened, was at Pavilion.
As I was reading a magazine inside the Times Bookstore (my family always goes to a bookstore in every single shopping mall without fail, EVERY TIME!!)

Well, as I said, as I was reading, suddenly an 'ah pek' or uncle approached me! *shocked*
another classic senario of D.O.M = Dirty Old Man.

And to make matters worse, I didn't know how to react *sighs*

The conversation was something like this,

DOM - are you a student?

Me - yes. (why?) *whispered*

DOM - Oh. So where do u study?

ME - IMU * yup I was that STUPID to have tell him where I studied = = *

DOM - Oh which campus? Bkt jalil or the one in seremban? *good lord, he knows IMU*

Me - *still stupidly answered his question* Bkt Jalil

DOM asked a few more questions like, where did I study in college, where did i study in secondary school? and I again stupidly answered *slaps myself*
DOM - *holds hands out* what's you name?

Me- *shakes his hands* miss tan

DOM - So, have you worked part-time? PC Fair? *still holds my hand, wth %&#@*

Me - No, only as a promoter. *pulls hands away*

DOM - oh, really?

Me- No, why?

DOM - I'm sure i've seen u before during a PC fair. *walks off*

it was so shitty..bloody old men...why do i attract DOMs...*shudders*
I don't want dirty old men who are interested to be a sugar daddy.
I want young, I mean guys my age to be interested in me!
Is it that hard? *sigh*

And after that, I freaked out and walked towards my mum and stood next to her like a little girl tagging along with her mummy. = =
I'm turning 21 yet I stick to my parents. How worse can that be?
I'll tell you what's worse!

What's worse is the fact that I wasn't wearing anything revealing!
I was decently dressed in jeans, and a sleeveless top. That's all!
Why me?

Maybe it's cause I stupidly answered his questions.
Man...i should learn to be evil.
I should learn to say WHAT out loud, and give every DOM who wants to talk to me a heart attack! And I should add on an angry look when I say "WHAT".

HAHA^^ but on second thought, what IF I mistaken a potential guy for a DOM and scared him off with my "WHAT?"

Oh...I've been tagged by ShenYang to take 5 pics of myself. Erm, 5 funny pics.
But I'lll delay it till tonight, hehe^^

Monday, October 15, 2007

Human Pets^^

If you guys play Facebook,
you might have heard of Human Pets.

Now, at first thought, it may seem like an extremely 'sick' game where we OURSELVES become pets. (at least that was what I had initially thought)
BUT's the VERY reason why I'm hooked on Facebook^^

It's SO SO Fun^^
To be honest, it's most likely due to fact that you can get to view profiles of other members of Facebook.
And most of them are CUTE girls and HOT guys!!! Hahaha XD

In fact, my brother added Human Pets after he saw my beautiful owner. (Though my current owner is an extremely cute boy now^^)

And I realized something,
ever since I used Human Pets,
I'm getting more and more excited.
I'm excited when I see that my points are increasing.
(for those who hasn't played Human Pets a little, let me introduce a little about it)

It's an application on Facebook (similar to BoozeMail or Naughty Gifts)
And when add the application,
you automatically become a Human Pet with the worth of 50 points.
Points are given in various methods,
- by viewing other ppl on Human Pets
- by logging into Human Pets every 2 hours
- when other ppl 'thumb' your comments.

Points can be used to
- buy other pets
- buy food or items to give to your pets

So that's basically it.
When someone buys you, they become your owner.
You can only have ONE owner, but you can OWN many pets^^

And every time someone buys you, your 'price' increases.
So, those extremely cute girls are worth a lot of points.

Back to story,
I get excited to see my points increase.
And it's EVEN more exciting when my owner is a pretty girl, and a cute guy^^ LOL^^

Ever since I got a pretty female owner, I keep complimenting her,
that at times, I think I'm a lesbian!!!!'s so scary...I think i might have to change my sexual preference from straight--> bi...
To add more, Angelus thinks I'm weird to feel happy when my points increase.
According to him, Human Pets sounds like being a prostitute. LOL^^
Which is true to a certain extent. XD
But then it's only an online game, no harm done right? hehe^^

By the way,
I read an extremely amusing bulletin on friendster regarding the newly opened Gardens, MidValley. (Yes..although I'm hooked on Facebook, I still log into Friendster^^)

Apparently, the tiles throughout the WHOLE of Gardens are EXTREMELY reflective.
i.e a pervert can easily see a girl's undies just by looking at the tiles.

But you yourself can't see your own reflection, it'll work better when you're looking at someone else.... Hmm...I wonder how true it is.. Because I didn't realize it when I went to Gardens last week..LOL^^

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post Bioscience Test

After my Bioscience test, I've morphed into an easily excited being.

The very thought of going out shopping or 'jalan-jalan' makes me extremely happy.
Thus, after the test, all I did was
> going out,
> playing with facebook
> shopping

I didn't even have time to download stuff through the internet.
In fact it feels like ages since I last downloaded something from the net. *sigh..i miss downloading*

Hehe^^ but now, since that I am back in Klang, I think I'm gonna start on my downloading spree, again! Haha^^

I forgot to take pictures of the two pairs of heels which I bought from MidValley on Monday. *sigh* I really should a picture of it before I wear them off.
I have a tendency to spoil my heels.
I'm UN-lady-like apparently, so, my heels can never last me long.

I bought two heels because Renly told me that a lady should have at least two pairs of heels,
one white and one black.
So...I did EXACTLY that!
Haha^^ I got one white and one black.
And the both of them only costed me RM71. *happy happy*

So, in this week, I have
> watched TWO movies - Resident Evil & The Seekers.
> visited TWO newly opened part of - Pyramid & MidValley's Gardens
> went clubbing @ Maisons' *again*

By the way, something amusing happened the when we drove back from Maisons.
A red myvi followed or trailed our car, driven by my lovely 19-year-old batchmate.
Inside the car was 3 chinese guys, whom I presume just got back from clubbing as well.
I noticed them when we stopped at the same junction in KL.
And they followed us all the way on the Seremban Highway.

Thankfully they didn't follow us back to our apartment. LOL^^

Oh well, here are some pictures^^
Renly's ramen @ kimgary.. ain't it cute? *smiley*

Gardens, Mid Valley! It's so nice, but maybe a little too-classy for me..XD
The best thing, is their toilet and their touch screen information board^^

PohYee's Udon @ Gasoline, Times Square. *Yummy!*
(Gasoline is a new cafe in Times Square, near GSC cinema. Food is ok, pricing is reasonable, and most of all the atmosphere is Unique!. They've got really cool layouts)

Me, with a large cup of Mango Juice @ Gasoline^^

Me (again^^) with our 'makan table' in Gasoline. We all sat on cushions on the floor, kinda like a japanese style thingy where u can't wear shoes. I liked the table's motive, it's so NICE!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Of facebook..

I admit it.

I'm officially addicted to facebook.

The first thing that I think when I'm connected to the internet is Facebook.
I'll be wondering how my pet -> Monkey Loves Banana^, is doing.
I'll be thinking who bought me over as a Human Pet.
I'll be having the urge to use my Vampire, Zombie, Werewolve and Slayer to attack someone.
I'll be thinking wat items to put in My room.
I'll be itching to get some head shot in the counter strike.

Yup, it's because Facebook has so darn many applications to add on, I'm turned into an addict.

One I get my hands on my laptop, I'm bound to spend at least 2 hours playing with Facebook.
Wait.....I think I spend more time than that! *sigh* -.-''

Anyways, initially, I didn't want to join another online social group other than friendster.
Then, more and more requests were sent to my mail,
AND it was mentioned in the newspaper as one of the hottest online group now.

SO, I decided to give it a shot.
The first time using Facebook is a disaster.
There were so SO MANY new things that got me all confused.
I had so many applications to add,
I didn't know how to add my friends.
I didn't know how to make my pet, etc.

BUT now..I'm stuck with it. LOL^^

By the way, when I was back at home in Klang last weekend, studying (while fooling around on Facebook), I smelled an awful stench.
I thought it was because the MPK rubbish truck was passing by.
However, when I went outside the house...guess what I saw?


Yup.. a dead RAT!
And when my brother removed the body to burry it,
there were MAGGOTS beneath it! *ewww*

I don't know which cat killed it, but it shouldn't have disposed the rat's body in my house compound! Bad bad kitty!
Not to mention, my dad always feed those alley cats with left-overs almost every night.
Yet they do that to us. -.-'' no wonder ppl rather keep dogs as pets. (need to see any dead rat lying

Oh ya, this picture was taken using my phone, so forgive me for the poor quality.
But can u tell what it is?

is it some scene from an action movie?

Nope, it's a truck used for construction purposes in IMU.
But the front was in mid-air as the rear was weighed down.

Looks really cool huh?
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