Saturday, June 30, 2007

full updates~

Now that I finally have time and motivation (sounds like I'm a writer huh? "SS" pretending to be a writer) LOL^^

note: SS = shiok sendiri

Anyways, back to the post-examination days right after I watched Alone in the cinema.

That Sat, we had the recycling campaign again. The only difference was there were less (or in fact much LESSER) manpower as many students were already back in their hometown.
Thankfully there weren't that many items to collect this time around.
And so, by noon we were done.

Next up, we( meaning me, renly, poe, and cucu) hitched a ride with Ray to Giant,Kelana Jaya.
This was mainly because we had a job interview there.
AND, one of out batch mate who is pretty close to Ray was coincidently working there as well.

The job which we went for was under YunNam and London Weight management.
They needed sales assistants to push the sales of their vouchers.

At first, I wasn't impressed. I had the impression that all these companies were gimmicks which cheated ppl's money, as the results weren't really 100% successful.

However, when the lady started talking about the pay. I think my eyes lit up that very instant. LOL^^

SADLY, till now she hasn't contacted me or my friends. *sobs*
So much for my plans of getting a job during the holidays to cover the expenses for rebonding my hair.

Since I'm not earning money this holidays, I think I'll save rebonding my hair for this year end.
As for my hair color (which is now a horrendous two tone; black vs bright brown)
I think I'll buy a cheap hair dye, and ask my friend to color it for me. Hahaha^^

Wow, it seems like i'm pretty long-winded.
So cut the crap and fast forward.

Job interview--> had a short video of myself taken and got a free Kit Kat --> went Subang ktm --> Reached KL sentral --> went times square and sungai wang --> reached vista --> watched some drama --> slept

woke up late--> brendan came to have his photos taken --> went to endah parade --> went to pwtc bus station

and was on the was from KL to Kuala Terengganu (KT)
Although the bus was a luxurious 3-seater bus, I didn't get much sleep as the seats were squeaking and jerking every single time the driver steps on his brakes. *sigh*

Anyways, we reached KT in one piece by day-break and managed to take some pictures at the resorts' s0-called-office in KT.
this shows how early we reached KT^^

group pic in front of the'office' candid shot

the proper group pic =)

ade, youzhuan, cyik, wene, cucu, jason, chunkang, and renly

all smiles ^^

on the speed boat
(my fringe makes me look like come china-girl)

you zhuan and cyik enjoying the strong wind

redang reef resort, the place where we stayed for 2 nights

this is on the way back from redang to the jetty

and this is jason and i
(renly said we look like a couple cause we both wore our orientation t-shirt)
I still remember the exact words she said,
" you two look like a couple.
though jason isn't exactly extremely good-looking,
but you two look good together."

what the? @.@

Friday, June 29, 2007

Of post-exam days, and redang.

I'm back from redang!

There, I bought a bikini worth RM69.90~
Although it's not a branded stuff,
BUT, it's worth the money. (at least I'd like to think so^^)

pics of the trip cause i'm feeling too lazy to write much.

on the bus from KL--> KT

Day 1 - early morning in KT

me and the bikini i bought

cucu, ray, youzhuan and i

morning at redang

Friday, June 22, 2007

Goodbye sem 1~


I feel so relieved to be finally free from exams!!!

'Sayonara' to the darn physiology paper!
It was the only subject in which I paid so much attention among the 4 papers I took!

I studied and tried my very best to memorize every single one of the darn hormones stated in the module guide(which is actually our notes)!

And its more than 10 of them -.-''
I'm not much of a 'memorizing' type of person (cause I'm really lazy),
so I found it extremely tedious...

I know that the studying I do is nothing compared to the amount of memorizing medical students (and maybe students in other courses too)..


I dislike it.

Or maybe it's just me, myself and I, filling up my mind with visions of myself failing Physiology.
(yea...esp after I scored 54marks in the darn essay..)


Thus, I went out today!

Whee.. went to watch the Thai horror movie--> ALONE

Wait, before that, my friends and I went around seeking for bikinis.
( was only I and another friend who wanted to get a bikini)

And being the stingy person I am,
my budget was below rm100.

Thankfully, the Malaysia Mega Sale is back. LOL^^

A speedo bikini cost only ~rm80! *happy happy*

Tried two bikinis,
Loved it,
BUT didn't buy it.

cause we rushed into the cinema to catch the movie.
And I still wanted to lookout for other possibly better choices. :p

The movie's trailer was fantastic.
Filled with gore and loads of horror.
And since it was the same director as "shutter" ,
I anticipated a REALLY scary movie.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I didn't get frightened till I peed in my pants(wait..I was wearing a skirt..LoL^^)

Although the movie wasn't horrifying, as the horror scenes were predictable,
allowing you sufficient time to ready yourself for the scare...
one should watch it as not the get afraid of the

ps.. don't pee in your pants. LOL^^
btw, the lead actor is quite cute. Doesn't look Thai at all..looks chinese..hehe^^
BUT..Johnny from fantastic four is STILL cuter..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yet again,
I am drawn by money making options on the net.


i know i'm materialistic..

but heck....

as long as the program which supposedly guarantee income,
without me having to pay anything,
i'll be more than happy to join..


this was promoted to me by a friend,
so yea..
please join under me through this link,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

of exams and their results..

Now that I've sat for 2 out of 4 of my semester exam papers,
I think it's safe to say that I'll most likely PASS every single paper I sat for,


I doubt I'll score.


Maybe it's more to POSITIVE that I wouldn't score.


Regarding the physiology class test which I blew....

The results were released yesterday.
The highest mark is 64.
While the average is 54.

Guess how well did I do?

Surprisingly, I got 54! Haha..which is average.

So, there's nothing to shout about other than the fact that I felt so relieved.

Whew...after some calculations,

I'm supposed to get 21/60 questions for the coming paper on Friday JUST to pass the darn paper -.-''

Hopefully, there'll be 30 easy questions so at least my marks remain within 50.


And, I think todays' chemistry paper was absolutely crappy.... but still passable..

Friday, June 15, 2007

exams exams

My semester exams are coming soon, and yet I'm not even done studying.

In fact, I've been relaxing quite a lot.
Couldn't really put my head into focusing on the necessary.

I flip a few pages, to find myself playing around with my hair..(I have trichotillomania remember?)

anyways, I fixed the router in my apartment,
which I now think its a wrong thing to do,
cause I now have my laptop strategically located on my desk.

And every now and then, I'll be browsing the net. -_-''

Oh..and I watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!

Man..Johnny or torch man is so HOT. (literally)

I love him in that scene where he's top naked, with only a towel wrapped on his lower half.
And at the moment the water on his body vapourized... I jz went Wow...



Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yea...Sagittarians rule~

i jz love the graphics from this website..

they are jz so so adorable^^

Click to get yours -


anyways, I don't think I can blog for the next 2 weeks..*sobs*

And, my house got attacked by scary..

Thursday, June 07, 2007


'You've changed a lot!'

Lately, I have been hearing that quite often. (or maybe I was hallucinating about it while I painfully studied physiology-.-)

Anyways, I went to KLIA to send off beloved Ning Ning to Glasgow. (i will b missing u girl=)

And, at the airport, I saw her grandparents and aunt.

Now, during my early secondary school days when I first knew Ning, I would go over to her grandparents' place quite often especially after sports practice.

That happened in Form 1 and Form 2,
after that I seldom went over because of the change in the class hours.
The only time when I would see them is when we have to pick up Ning from her grandparents' place. So I could only get a glimpse of them.

Thus, at the airport, they were exclaiming how much I've changed.
The comments which I got were summarized into this,

'You've become so beautiful'

which in other words meant I looked ugly previously*sobs*
I still remember ning saying her aunt once commented on me saying,
''s like ugly ducking changing into a swan'

ALSO, at the airport, I meet a friend whom I haven't seen since form 5, and when I called his name, he gave me a weird look before realizing who I was.
He then apologized and said,

' I couldn't recognize you. You changed so much'

And jz recently I received a testimonial from an NS friend saying

' heyyy...msh kenal saya tak?..lolx...wah u change alot d..become prettier..not like...ahahahah jkingX2 :P'

He didn't complete the not like....
which yet again meant I look really ugly before -.-''

Well, actually it's true that I was 'ugly' before.

I had short hair since young till form 5.
The length of my hair now is the longest I EVER had in my entire life.

I wore some super-duper thick glasses back in primary and secondary school (And I still do now when I study at the comfort of my home)

I didn't know how to put make-up.
But now I do. Yet my make-up skills are still terrible that one of my guy friends kept saying my make-up makes me look old ie. too thick, not natural..-.-''
Well, I blame that on the promoter who told me to get the current foundation I have which is too fair for my skin tone.
And since I bought it (and it's not even half used) you don't expect me to throw it away and buy a new one right?

I permed and coloured my hair.
So I guess a change in hairdo DOES indeed change your overall looks.

anyway, its a good thing that I changed to 'beautiful' instead of ugly. LoL^^

ohh..below is the 'card' I did for Ning,

nice, huh?

okay..I know it's not fantastic or anything,


its ONE in a MILLION~
so it's priceless!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm currently having my study break, which indirectly means I'm supposed to be studying.
But heck..I'm not even there yet..

So, what have I been doing these past few days?

For starters, I've been madly downloading a Korean drama called Delightful/ Sassy Girl Choon Hyang.

It's not a new series, but since my house mate showed me the first episode, I was hooked.

Thus, the initial few days of my study break was spent downloading and watching all 17 episodes of the drama.

In my search to download the drama, I bumped into Veoh, which kinda works like YouTube minus the fact that not that many people know about it.

In order for me to download the drama, I had to install a Veoh Player.

The best thing was, Veoh player allows me to download videos which are posted on YouTube too!

So, I have been downloading music videos from Tamaki Nami too^^ (boy..nami is such a great dancer and her songs rock!!)

Anyways, I read the Star paper today and found out that..

(drum rolls please)

Klang river is STILL one of the 10 most polluted rivers in Malaysia!


In the paper, it stated that efforts should be made to cleaning up rivers and stuff about making the environment a better place.

Well, yea..

That has been said 10 years ago when I was still in primary school, and till today Klang River is still polluted. -.-'' (same can be said about ktm, the train that we're taking now, is still the very same carriage which I had sat on 10 years ago..)

I can still vaguely remember my tuition teacher talking about pollution ( for penulisan or essay writing in BM) which then he stated that the government actually has the machine or technology to clean up the river but yet do not use it.

Back then I wondered why? and till today, I still wonder why the government doesn't use it, or maybe the technology doesn't exist in Malaysia after all these years...
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