Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lappie's back in action

I've fixed my lappie!!!!

I got my bro to re-format C drive using the windows cd. Once he was done, I was the person in action. Whee^^

I was sitting in front of the laptop and my other computer for almost the entire day doing:

reformatting D drive >

re-installing my laptop's drivers i.e the video, audio, wireless thingy >

re-installing my microsoft office >

re-installing my photoshop >

re-installing my mozilla + ares + antivirus + many many other stuff

I'm so freaking glad to have my laptop back cause this means I can :

1. get started on writing up my "article" on IMU Cup 2007 (due date: coming Thursday)
2. start designing my IMU Ball banner (due date : coming Saturday *wth*)

Anyways, that's all for now^^

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre- Birthday celebration

I'm officially turning 22 next Monday the 1st of December 2009.
*'s actually a small reminder to all my friends to get my presents or wishes will do, just in case you forgot it's coming soon ;p*

Anyways, my housemates were super kind to have done a pre-birthday celebration for me on Tuesday^^ It was the day where we were throwing a barbecue session in which many of our batchmates were invited for as well. So, in other words, I had no idea that they were actually going to celebrate my birthday.

It all started with me and Brendan trying to fire up the barbecue set. Initially I thought Brendan would be of much help, but in the end, I was the one who got my hands dirty and successfully started off part of the fire^^ Yes, I was so successful in starting the fire that Brendan said this,

"wenyi, you're so man~~~ " ( in mandarin) *peas went = =''

The chicken looked like this...
Looks good right? We had marinated the chicken overnight with heinz barbecue sauce, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper.

Sadly, while we were halfway through barbecue-ing the chickens, the following happened.

Devi: They're going to fog vista.

We: *panicky* Save the chickens.
OMG, it's drizzling.

We started moving quickly to keep the chickens indoor, and since we couldn't barbecue anymore, we decided to fry the chickens. However, we received the following comments regarding the fried chicken:

It's so hard that even a dog won't eat it. *really?*
It tastes nice, but the meat is too tough. *sobs*
It feels like eating chewing gum. *sad-nye*

So, we ended up with many many half eaten chicken. It's all because the chicken meat which we purchased from Carrefour wasn't fresh. It was OLD chicken, which meat was TOUGH like hell.

SO, DON'T buy chicken meat from CARREFOUR, unless you're really sure it's a young chicken. (but how do you actually differentiate a young chicken from an old chicken? hmmmm.....)

We felt really bad, as the chicken which was intended as the main course ended up a failure. Thankfully, there were other food brought by my batchmates^^
sushi by jason kam, jason lim, chun kang and alvin.

Desserts by Jeannette, Chew Ning and Ling Wei *yummy*

Then, as I was in the midst of barbequeing some hotdogs, Shenyang a.k.a Carrots came in with my birthday cake^^
Yup, it was actually Raj's birthday. So raj's name was on the cake as well. Hehe...This is the second time I'm celebrating my birthday with Raj. It was in One U last year, and this time in Vista, and next year, it'll be in Scotland^^ Whee~~

After the "cake cutting ceremony", we had a quiz session, where both Raj and I were supposed to guess the names of my batchmates. Though I had difficulties in answering the questions, I beat Raj and won the "game". Cheers to me! LOL..

That's me, smiling stupidly during the quiz. LOL~

A group picture of all (except for chan sing, stella and dear devi)

Towards the end, Brendan, Irene and her housemates stayed back to help us out. Irene swept the floor while Brendan mopped.

Since we were ever grateful to them, I gave out a certificate to Brendan.Yup, pelajar contoh Brendan Khor Lin Yee telah dapat sijil daripada saya! Haha^^

As a wrap, thank you to all who came.
And to my housemates, Pohyee, renly, chin yeong and devi,
And to dear Carrots,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor Laptop

My laptop is officially dead.

Dead because it got infected by a visiting virus which was carried by my unsuspecting thumbdrive. The thumbdrive had traveled to two computers in IMU.
1. In the SRC room.
2. In the IT department.

Reason of travel: To print out stuff for the IMU Ball.

Once i plugged it in, the whole laptop started lag like hell. Next, my anti-virus program keeps popping up an alert which tells me:

"Suspicious file detected in WINDOW/system32/.......... Action to be taken: Ignore or Delete"

Obviously I deleted the file. BUT another alert popped up, telling me to restart the laptop to let it scan the system files.

That whole cycle of scanning and restarting repeat itself since yesterday afternoon till today. Thus, I decided to shut down the laptop and let my dad fix it when I get back home this weekend.

Till then, I shall be hogging Pohyee's laptop to use. ;p

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birth and Baby Steps


We all learned in sejarah lessons back in secondary school that history is actually derived from two words;

History = His + Story come it cannot be her story? Why must if be his? This for one, is an example for chauvinism, the male ego which can be felt everywhere one goes. Oh well, at least nature is called Mother Nature and not Father Nature. LOL....

Back to my humble beginnings (fuyoh...I make myself sound like I'm some big-shot now. Pity I'm not. LOL...)
As I was saying, back to my humble beginnings...
I'm the first child in the family. Thus, that may be the main reason why my parents or my mum in particular actually put in the effort to decorate my very own baby book.

Along with the album, were:

1. My baby hair when I was 2-months old. (Yes..they shaved my head bald and kept my hair in the album. hehe^^)

2. A page stating all my vital stats when I was born. Vital stats means my baby weight not this>>> 34-24-36 (and btw, that's my dream vital stats, not my real one ;p) LOL^^

3. A page with all my first times.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This little baby above is or more accurately was me :)
I was born at 2 pm on the 1st of December 1986 which was a Monday.
My weight as a newborn was 3kg and I had a height of 36 centimeters.

I first smiled when I was 1 and a half months old, and first laughed 6 months later when I was 2 months old. I started to crawl when I was about 7 months old and my first walk on my own, without the baby pram, on March 1988 i.e about 1 year and 4 months old.

Then on September 1988 came my twin brothers.

The picture below shows me looking very much like a little boy, along with my two chubby looking brothers in 1989.

Then in 1990, when I was almost 4 years old, I went to Thailand along with my parents.
Guess which is me?

Highlight to see the answer >> The little girl in blue, standing in front of the banner.

Fast forward a few more years, little wenyi headed off for pre-school where this picture below is most likely the first performance she did. hehe..

Can't see me?
Well, I did look a LOT different back then.
Answer: The girl right next to the indian boy. If you can't see which is the indian boy, set the lighting of ur screen, or go get ur eyes checked ;p

Little wenyi was a shy girl. Wait, I still am shy. hehe...

Little wenyi is>>> The girl with the black shoes.

Then, before she graduated from kindergarden, she did another performance.

At home, she's a cheerful little girl who loved playing with her two younger brothers.

Don't be fooled by my ahem "cute" pictures of little wenyi cause little wenyi can be fierce as well.

Once I was in primary school, I started wearing spectacles.
As you can see from the picture below, I dislike wearing specs.

Especially since the olden day sepctacles are wide framed and made me look, well, weird.

That's all for now, pictures of my primary and secondary school is scarce. It's almost like finding water in the dessert, I only have that few pictures taken *sigh*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I realized I haven't been blogging for quite some time. (Sorry bloggie, Peas apologises)

Anyways, this was what happened in the past week.

1. Celebrated my Mum's birthday a day earlier in Zanmai Sushi, Gardens.
(note: my hair did not fluff up that bad, it's the person sitting behind me that made my hair look like some lion's mane. hehe...

note 2: my mum's age is a secret, but I can tell you that people always say that we look like sisters. *sigh* it's a nice way of saying my mum looks young, but on the other hand, it indirectly means i look old i mean matured ;p

2. Short trip to Penang.
The girls and I headed off to penang, and were more than happy to see more familiar faces during the trip. The 9 girls loved taking pictures and this is so far the nicest picture of us all^^ (poor photographer which so happened to be the only male in the group when we visited the beach. hehe)
note: we're actually posing mid-air, can you tell what pose is it? ;p

3. Weekend without my laptop. That weekend, I ended up doing nothing much but reading the newspaper and 12 "books" or more accurately 12 mangas in malay. hehe...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hana Yori Dango Final Movie

Hehe....I didn't know that there was actually a movie being produced for the famous japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango (Boys over flowers), until I saw the advertisement on the papers!

Well, apparently it was screened in certain countries only. But unfortunately I did not catch the movie in the cinema. Instead, I watched it online. (thanks chinyik for sharing the link^^ arigatou gozaimasu~) Click here to stream it online.

Video Quality:
The quality of the video isn't that good as it's taken from the cinema, so certain scenes get pretty dark at times. Also I couldn't get to see the face clearly at times. Hehe..but nevertheless, it's a decent watch as the audio was okay, and the subtitles were in english! LOL^^

Storyline :
Storyline was not too bad. It's a decent movie. But since I watched the drama series, I just HAD to watch the movie. LOL. Because in the drama, you didn't get to see the lead characters get married. However, in the drama you get to see doumouji and makino get married^^

Usually I don't stream videos from mysoju, I usually stream them from
They've got many anime and dramas as well. Japanese and korean dramas or movies can be streamed there. I even found Painted Skin there. [here]

I've not watched Painted skin yet. Though I heard that the graphics are extremely fake, but since it's free, why not watch? LOL ;p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Proposal Daisakusen^^

Whee... I finished another japanese drama! Peas likey~

It's called Proposal Daisakusen!

And it stars Tomohisa Yamashita^^

He's only a year older than me^^ But he's like soooo cute^^
He was in the earlier drama I watched called Nobuta wo Produce, but that time he wasn't the lead. This time around in Proposal Daisakusen, he's the lead! Meaning lots of his shots throughout the movie!!!!

It's about a guy called Iwase Ken, who is in love with his childhood best friend, Rei. Sadly Rei was about to get married to another guy, and being her best friend, he had to attend her wedding.

Halfway through the wedding, a male"fairy" appeared (yes, a MALE fairy, and he doesn't have wings and loves to eat people's food). The fairy magically grants Ken the chance to go back in time, in hopes to change his destiny. Hehe....The best part is to go back in time, the following conversation occurs:

Fairy: Ask, and you shall receive.

Ken: Hallelujah chance (while striking a cute pose with the background turning brighter with sounds of ppl singing "hallelujah")

It's just soo cute^^ *yes I know I sound like some kid, but he seriously is cute ;p*see^^ haha....and last but not least....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Politics in Malaysia

Peas have never really liked politics.
Even till today, I dislike politics.

Why do I dislike politics?
Let me ponder on this....

here goes.

1. We've got a prime minister who goes into "deep thought" every moment he gets. Pictures of him dozing off is abundant. For a laugh, go read kennysia's post on our beloved pm.

2. We've got ministers who are still living in the zaman kuno. They've got no insight, far-sight or whatever sight possible as they are blinded by their own mini world and even dare to give statements such as this to the media.

"taken from utusan malaysia online.

Tidak logik banding kemenangan Obama

PUTRAJAYA 7 Nov. - Sebarang percubaan untuk membandingkan atau menyamakan kemenangan Presiden kulit hitam pertama Amerika Syarikat (AS), Barack Obama dengan sentimen politik Malaysia bukan sesuatu yang logik dan ia di luar realiti.

Menteri Luar, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim berkata, beliau hairan dengan tindak tanduk pihak terbabit yang cuba 'tumpang semangkuk' kemenangan Obama agar dapat dikaitkan dengan senario politik negara.

Tegas beliau, hakikatnya banyak sangat perbezaan antara AS dan Malaysia termasuk struktur pentadbirannya yang berbeza.

''Mereka (AS) tidak ada peruntukan yang berkait dengan pelbagai kaum. Politik dan masyarakat kita berbeza dengan negara itu walaupun nilai demokrasi serba sedikit boleh dikaitkan.

''Malah AS sudah menjadi negara bebas sejak tahun 1777 sedangkan kita, 1957," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini."

yea...analyse this and it's pretty obvious who's tak logik. Right?

Everything's changing in the world now. So just because we gained independence later by almost 200 years, does that mean our political scenario should be 180 years slower than them?

Just because we're a young country, does that mean our economy doesn't need to improve itself to the standards of larger and older established nations?

Just because we're only a Malaysia that is 51 years old, does that mean our people should have the mentality of those in rural areas?

The government has talk about change in mentality of the people, wanting people to emulate better nations.

So here's back at you,

"sorry lah, kita punya negara masih mentah la, so pemikiran I pun mentah aje"

I decided to keep that statement in black. So highlight it if you're interested ;p

All these talk on politics reminded me on this fact :
Peas will always support ChinYeong if she becomes a politician!

Oh yes....I can see Cucu as a politician... Yes, I do!!

Di luar realiti???

We'll never know what the future holds. Hehe ;p

Friday, November 07, 2008

quarantine movie review

The movie was bad. *booo*

I finished it and ended up with a headache.
It's the same style as Blair Witch Project, where a reporter and the cameraman goes running around a building with "rabies" infected humans.

Shaky camera shots made my head spin, and it was like that throughout the whole movie. I'm sorry to say this but I think I'm getting too old for spinning shots. *sigh*

However, the acting and all were all good, the storyline was actually pretty decent. If it were shot in as a normal movie i.e with steady, non-shaking shots, I would have thought it's good ;p

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


1. Obama won and is now the first black US president.

2. Peas passed her End of Semester 4 exams. *sigh of relief*

Cheers to fellow classmates who passed^^


Peas would usually start her mornings with a cup of coffee, especially during the study break just to keep myself awake throughout the day without napping. Hehe...

But now that it's the holidays, I still need that daily dose of caffeine. *sigh*

Why sigh?

Cause coffee is getting expensive. *ROFL*
It really is.

Look, early this year 30sticks of Nescafe 3 in 1 regular is only rm8.99 on promotion, which made it only 30cents per stick. Nowadays, when there's promotion, each stick is slighty more expensive than 30cents.
(only my housemates will understand this "calculative" me, they could list down the lamest statements I've ever made on saving money. *ROFL*)

Anyways, back to story, not only that, when there's a price promotion on Nescafe, I seldom get to buy it. Meh. Most of the time I only see this sign on the shelves,

"Out of Stock"

Meh. Talk about wanting to save money. So instead of getting the regular Nescafe, I'll have to settle for other brands such as Old Town White Coffee which is wayyyy expensive. It's almost 50-60cents per stick. *sigh*

And once I got acquinted with the rich aroma of the white coffee, a regular nescafe tastes bland. Which in the end, starts a new cycle of Peas needing a more expensive coffee to drink. Meh.

As peas was bored today, she googled facts about coffee and found this few very interesting.

October 1st is official "Coffee Day" in Japan.
(whee...I wonder if they give out free coffee during that day..hehe)

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world (oil is the first.)
(Let's hope the price of coffee won't fluctuate and increase like oil, if not the malaysian government may come up with some silly policy like changing the price of coffee every month. ;p)

Scientists have discovered more than 800 different aromatic compounds in coffee.
(wah..doesn't that make coffee beans suitable for use in aromatherapy? LOL)

Black coffee with no sugar contains no calories.
(ceh..peas don't drink black coffee, that's why she's taking in more calories..*sigh*)

Caffeine, which is found in coffee, increases the effect of some painkillers, especially aspirin and paracetamol.
(hehe...this explains why you zhuan needs coffee and painkillers together ;p)

Peas hopes for the day when she shall stop drinking coffee on a daily basis. But then again, when coffee tastes this sinful heavenly...
it makes it hard to stop drinking, doesn't it?

Sunday, November 02, 2008


This holiday has been rather productive *ahem*

Productive because I have managed to finish all 40 episodes of Moonlight Resonance or 家好月圆!! Hehe~~ It's been quite some time since I watched tvb dramas. Years ago, when I still had WahLaiToi on astro, I used to watch tvb dramas from 9 till 11pm. LOL. That was the main reason why my dad decided to cancel off the channel.

Ever since then, I was superbly outdated regarding tvb dramas and remain outdated till today. ROFL. Anyways, I am thankful to have friends who watch them, and thus, I began my quest of tvb drama watching again. LOL.

Back to moonlight resonance, it was GOOD. Peas likey~
Most of the characters are well developed, as in they have in-depth characters and their acting skills are good.

Peas hearts "gun ka chai" 关家子". He's soooo nice. Peas hearts hearts hearts him. And I finally got the song sung by him, 林峯, it's called 爱不疚. I'm sure most girls who watched the drama will love the song^^ me likey^^

Other than moonlight resonance, Peas have also completed watching another tvb drama, Your class or mine.
This drama is more "kiddy" and the story had less substance. Actors weren't that good as well. But peas still managed to finish all 20 episodes of it. LOL.

After the overdosing of cantonese dramas, I felt that if I watched more tvb dramas, my brain would be contaminated with cantonese, and peas would ultimately become a cantonese speaking peas. LOL. I'm just joking, my cantonese is rather poor (peas know that poe always say that..;p)

So, peas decided to switch to japanese, and started to watch anime again.
Peas watched Vampire Knight (which peas took from poe) and peas likey!

Peas like the cute guys drawn in the anime! See see~ aren't they gorgeous!! Peas always had this soft spot for bishounen or pretty boys and vampires^^ Me likey^^

There's also a second season for the anime, called Vampire Knight Guilty.
Peas currently watching it online but unfortunately the second season is still airing, so I decided to watch a japanese drama called Nobuta wo Produce. I have yet to begin, but the guys look kinda cute^^ more bishounen^^ peas likey~

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Skin Woes..wu wu wu~


As I've mentioned a few days ago, my skin got worse after the trip to Ipoh and Taiping.
And since it didn't get better, I decided to pay a visit to the skin specialist.

I've been visiting the same skin specialist since 2006, when I first decided to seek treatment for my pimple outbreak. My skin got better, but at times it gets worse again *sigh*

Anyways, I always disliked going to the skin specialist because:

1. It's quite expensive.

2. It's quite pricey. RM 158 leh~ and I only received 5 items, and 20tablets of antibiotics (I don't even know why he gave me antibiotics....LOL...I shall go google the drug later ;p)
3. I feel that it's not worth it. I could have purchased more clothes with that money *hehe*

In short, I am a patient with poor compliance. *LOL*
But one thing for sure, the cream - differin (adapalene) really works. *hehe*
But whenever I finish that tube, I will be too stubborn to head to the clinic to get more of it.

Anyways, I finally got to see carrots. He's been busy studying for his coming exams. Thus, we decided to go makan Bah Kut Teh!!!! Whee~~~

Eat Eat Eat....*note: my fringe is still short...MEH~~*

Carrots enjoying his Bah Kut Teh~~
Just in case you guys think that the piece of chicken drumstick, its NOT~
It's actually part of a pig's bone. ROFL.

I can still remember the time when my dad brought some relatives of mine, who were from HongKong to eat bah kut teh. They were soo happy.


Because they kept taking pictures with that big pig's bone,
because they kept saying it's so cheap, and worth-eating.

But that was 10 years ago, wayyyy back when I was still in primary school.
Now bah kut teh person in the same shop costs RM9..
RM9per person, not inclusive of rice.

And talking about rice, the IMU cafe is charging RM1 +++ for rice. *sigh*

So that make eating bah kut teh around RM12 per person. *double sigh*
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