Friday, May 29, 2009


Peas is glad that she has her friends around her.
She's happy that they are fun people to be with,
She's thankful to have them by her side.

May 26:Korean Bbq + Midnight Neway Session
We were supposed to head to One Utama to catch a movie, but as usual, Kher Lik got up late, so we arrived in One U a tad too late, so no movie. But as a compensation, we headed all the way down to Sri Hartamas to savour Korean BBQ.

After that, we dropped Qian Hui at Puchong and decided to go to Neway for a midnight karoke-ing session. Little did we know that a members' card was required for the promotional price of RM12 ++ (which actually amounted to RM22 per person because a compulsory tidbit charge was added into the bill = =) So, we travelled all the way to Subang to get the member card from a friend, and ended up singing till 3am at Neway Subang instead. = =''

But nevertheless, Peas learned that night, that Kher Lik and Chloe loves rapping. LOL.
In the end, Peas reached home at 5am >.<
and was later on bombarded by her mother, who was anxiously waiting for her to get home since midnight *i'm sorry ma~~~*

May 27 (morning) - Green Box Karaoke Session with Primary schoolmates
But, after less than 6 hours of sleep, Peas had to wake up and prepare to head to Green Box, Bkt Tinggi as she already planned this karaoke session with her primary school friends. >.<
Haha, during this karaoke session, Peas still had her voice with her, and was glad that all her primary school friend were "bananas" just like herself^^ haha~

May 27 (night) - A mini RZ girls gathering^^
Later that evening, Peas headed down to Sunway again for a gathering planned by her secondary darlings~ She's really happy as she got to see faces which she hasn't seen for a long time =) and very happy because they took the effort to make me such beautiful cards^^

Peas will treasure it!!!

I love you girls!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 22 -24: Taman Negara Trip

I had always wanted to go to Taman Negara because I think it's a place worth visiting, plus it's one of the oldest rain forests in the world (apparently 130million years...or so the tour guide claimed.)

Anyways, Peas went there with her two brothers and Guo Chai (my brother's friend), thus making me the "Dai Ga Jie" or Big Sister! Hehe~

We left Klang at the wee hours of the morning, around 6.35am. And the traffic was a breeze! We reached the Kuala Tembeling Jetty around 10am, and sadly the boat ride could only depart at 2.30pm (cause the boatmen had Friday prayers >.<). And so we headed down to Jerantut (the nearest town). And the town was VERY small, and had nothing much to offer. The only place worth visiting was a shop which sold everything for RM2! Yes, believe it RM2. Can drinks like Yeo's Cincau were sold for RM 2 for 2 tins!!! And I even got a cap for RM2^^ Back to story, we took the package to Taman Negara. It costed RM250 per pax, and covers: 1. Return boat ride from Kuala Tembeling to Kuala Tahan. (RM70) 2. Meals (1 lunch, 2 breakfast, 2 dinner) 3. Park entry permit (RM1) 4. Canopy Walk + Bukit Terisik "Climb" (RM30) 5. Night Walk (RM20) 6. Orang Asli Village Visit (RM40) 7. "Rapid Shooting" (RM40) 8. Accomodation for 2 nights in a fan hostel (RM 24) - Afternoons in the hostel is torturous, but during the night, sleeping in the upper bunk was VERY cold! I personally found the package a WASTE of money. It would have been MUCH MUCH cheaper if we didn't take the package and went in ourselves directly to Kuala Tahan. There are two entry points to Taman Negara, one could go directly by a vehicle to Kuala Tahan, or take a 3 hour-long boat ride into Kuala Tahan by boat. The bloody boat ride was so expensive, RM35 one way = = Oh well, we already paid for it, so no point complaining anymore...*sigh* it serves to remind me that IF I'm planning to go Taman Negara again, NEVER take the boat ride! LOL >< (because when you're in Kuala Tahan itself, you'd have to take short boat rides across the river to get into the forests~~ so basically you'll have plenty of chances to sit on a boat once you reach the place) My two brothers acting cool~

The placed we slept for 2 nights~

Night Walk Spottings:

The Orang Asli Village

Shin Shin, the sweet Taiwanese girl and I
We met Shin Shin on the very first day of the trip at the Kuala Tembeling Jetty. The way she approached us was really amusing. As we were boarding the little boat, she came to me with an excited tone asking where I was staying. (I'm secretly guessing that she approached me cause the other people were "ang mohs" and my two brothers look like malays (cause they are SUPER tan ;p). So being the only chinese looking person around there, she came to me^^)

Okies, back to story, Shin Shin is the MOST daring girl I've ever met. Daring in a good way. She's been travelling alone in Asia! She's been to Vietnam all by herself. Been to Singapore. And now she's running around Malaysia, alone! Travelling in Asia alone, is something which I think I would never have the guts to do in this lifetime!

I've always thought that girls who travel alone are those really independent and tomboy-ish kind of girls, but Shin Shin proved me wrong >.<>.< style="font-weight: bold;" href="">here's Shin Shin's picasa album, so that you can see the places she's been! And yea, one more thing, she's actually older than me, but as you can see, I look older than her >.<

A group pic of us, and the ppl we hung out with~

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20 : Meeting with Primary School Mates

My primary school mates, some whom I haven't meet since primary school, some whom I haven't seen for almost a year..but basically, none of us changed much.
The guys.
Mr Lewin, I vaguely remember him being a shy person, he used to look cuter in primary school, before the face elongated >.< currently interning in Toyota. Sutdying an engineering course, forgot which one though...

Mr York Han, the guy whom talked to me regarding Red Alert, and i remember him for saving us girls from the cockroaches locked up in the store room. Currently working in MAS as an engineer (low pay~~~~~~ :p)

Mr Lup Tuck, the guy who sat next to me in primary 6 ( i think) he used to be very thin, but throughout the years, he (as well as myself) gained weight. But of coz he looks much better now.
The girlsYoke Leng, ah, she still speaks the same, she used to be a perfect in school =)

Shu Pin, the girl with the unique contagious laughter. She was taller than me in primary school, and still remains taller than me. LOL.

Weng May, the cute chubby primary school girl, grew up from her baby fats and look like a cino-kadazan now *winks*

Cheryl, the pretty girl whom still remains as gorgeous as she was =)

We pretty much agreed that we still look the same, talk the same, and some still have the same laughter. Haha >.<

The best bonding for girls, would be to take pictures of themselves! Yes, the weird way female bonding works. Of coz, this bonding wouldn't have been as fun without a photographer! haha~

It's pretty amazing how people say I didnt change much. face looks the same.
Which reminds me of what Renly told me the other day. She told me that her friend looked at my secondary school picture, and said

"what do you mean by she looks old now? She has that look since secondary school."

*sigh* And now ppl tell me that I look the same since primary school. This can only mean ONE thing, that I look OLD since I was in primary school!!!! >.<

When I tell people I look old, they'lll try to be nice and say,
" Don't worry, when you come to the age of 28, you'll look ur age!
And when you're 30, you'll look younger!"

Yes, but that only means I've been looking older than my age for the PAST 22 years of my life....while if you have a baby face eg a look of a 17 year old, you'll look YOUNGER for the rest of your life after you turned 18...*sigh*

Life is unfair. Why don't I get a baby face??? *sigh*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 17 - Dim Sum with NS friends

2 days after the camp, Peas went to makan dim sum with her NS friends.'s been awhile since i last meet up with them, so somehow the atmosphere felt weird. Thus Peas was a little shy to start taking her camera out and take a close up of every type of dim sum she sees *sad*

I should have taken more pics!!! Me like picture of food!!!!!

During National Service, I was part of this little group, which we named ourselves 2233 (imitating the back-then-popular chinese group 5566)

2233 : 2+2+3+3 = 10 members which consisted of 4 guys and 6 girls.

Unfortunately the rest weren't able to make it, one is in London right now, the other were erm, missing in action. haha~ anyways, it was glad to hv met up with them.

May 16: Ba Zhang

A day after coming back from BTN, Peas decided to take a break at home.
During the afternoon, her mummy asked her to help wrap "ba zhang" or chinese dumplings.

This time around, my mum didnt use the traditional ingredients, and added in "lap cheongs" or chinese sausages >.<
The ingredients!!!
pork, apparently the fatter the better
lap cheongs
rice, stir-fried with seasonings and red bean (i think)
artwork of my mum and i~

but too bad, it didn't end up as i hoped, in fact one came out looking like a rectangle instead of a triangle >.<
Note: These are one of the things i'll be missing when i reach Scotland. LoL~

SO, if anyone of my batchmates know how to prepare the ingredients, let me know! i will offer my not-so-good-dumpling-wrapping services in trade of 1 dumpling! LOL >.<

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