Sunday, August 31, 2008


It's been a long long loooooonnngggggg time since I got tagged.

Wait a minute.

Have I even been tagged before? (meh..must have been ages ago. Either that, or I'm officially losing my brain cells due to the progression of the oh-so-natural aging process. ;p)

Anyways, back to story. I was tagged by SueMay , so here it goes.

Name: WenYi (if you so happen to have forgotten my name. LOL)
Sisters: Nil

Brothers: 2 younger brothers (who so happen to be twins, and the same age as most of my batchmates. Yup, all the 1988 babies.)
Shoe size: Six

Height : 1.64 m

Where do you live?
Klang, the Bah Kut Teh haven!

Favourite drinks?
Coffee (as long as it's not kopi-o), Iced Lemon Tea

Favourite breakfast?

Have your ever been on a plane:
Yup yup

Swam in the ocean:

Fallen asleep at school :
almost all the time since form 4 ;p

Broken someone's heart:
I guess so...

Fell off your chair:
I think was a long long time ago. But thankfully my butt has all the fats needed to protect itself! LOL~

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
No. What for?

Saved e-mails:
Yes. The one i love best is the long-lame malay karangan that is sooo hilarious.

What is your room like:
it's blue, with a queen sized bed, with a cupboard, a dressing table and a chair and a table.

What's right beside you:
You mean now? a chair and a sofa.

What was the last thing you ate:
A kuih. forgot what it's called ;p

Ever had chicken pox:
Yup. When I was in secondary school =)

Sore throat:
Of course lah~


Broken nose:

Do you believe in love at first sight:
er..only if it's in the movies, or the guy is darn good looking ;p

Like picnics:

Who was the last person you danced with:
Erm...chan sing during the indian dance performance?

Last made you smile:
Carrots =)

You last yelled at:
erm...carrots? LOL ;p

Today, did you:

Talk to someone you like:
I talked to my mum, and i like her, does that count? hehe..

Kissed anyone:

Get sick:
No lah~

Talk to an ex:

Miss someone:
Yes. Guess who? ;p

Yes. I had the kuih, and char kuey tiao in the morning, and some chocolates as well, I havent had lunch yet though ;p

Best feeling in the world: feelings don't come around that often does it?

Do you sleep with stuffed animals:
Yup.Small ones though.

What's under your bed:
Dust and maybe a few cockroaches! LOL~

Who do you really hate:
Err...can't think of any for now. wait..there's bush ;p

What time is it now:

Random: (so many sections *sobs* my fingers are tired~~)

Is there a person who is on your mind now?

Do you have any siblings?
Yup. I just mentioned them just now.

Do you want children?
Yes please!!!

Do you smile often?
Quite a bit =)

Do you like your hand-writing?
Not really... =(

Are your toe nails painted?
Nope. Haven't painted them for a long time. I got lazy. And I don't quite fancy putting colors anymore as I find it hard to maintain.

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in?
Any bed will do, as long as it's clean, if I'm dead tired. I'm not picky ;p

What is the color of the shirt you're wearing now?

What were you doing at 7.00pm yesterday?

I can't wait till...
the day I graduate, get my own place and make babies. LOL XD

When did you last cry?
Friday! Because my eyes hurt after I removed my contact lens.

Are you a friendly person?
Depends on my mood.

Do you have any pets?
My pets died a long time ago. LOL

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?

Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?
Of course lah~

Do you sleep with the TV on?
No...not that I can recall ;p

What are you doing right now?
typing lah~

Have you ever crawled through a window?
How to crawl through a window? Climbed through a window ada lah~

Can you handle the truth?
What truth? Truth that Malaysia's government isn't the best in the world? boleh lah~

Are you too forgiving?
I'm not sure. But I believe that "forgive, but never forget!" LOL~

Are you closer to your mother or father?

Who was the last person you cried in front of?

How many people can you say you've really loved?
5? LOL~

Do you eat healthy?
That's one of my resolutions for next year ;p

Do you still have pictures of you and your ex?
Yup. I believe that no harm yois done once you've moved on from your past =)

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?
Loud? hehe...I've got good friends and company around me. They allow me to be as loud as I could be ;p

Are you confident?
In which aspect? Social? Love? Studies? I think I'm generally confident, except when it comes to my studies. LOL~

5 things I did 10 years ago: (1o years ago mean that I was erm 12)
1. Drew characters from the comic dragon ball
2. Read the story of the twin girls, forgot what the series is called... =(
3. Play batu seremban in class
4. Day-dream about my crush
5. Cried miserably because I didn't get 5As during UPSR. LOL~

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Study biopharmacy 3
2. Watch another episode of House
3. Exercise. (my ass is putting on weight ;p)
4. Bathe
5. Eat. ROFL~

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Twisties
2. Nips
3. Cheezels
4. Mamee
5. Choki choki

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire.
(billion ada berapa zero??? just jk ;p)
1. Buy my own house/land
2. Go traveling in japan for a month or so^^
3. Travel around europe^^
4. Invest some money so that my billions will remain billions!
5. Give some money to my parents once my investments make money! LOL~

5 of my bad habits:
1. pulling/touching my hair (ya ya..I have trichotillomania. Go google it!)
2. obsessing of having flawless skin
3. Saying things I don't mean. Like saying "no" when I mean "yes"
4. Getting obsessed with making my brain bigger in the facebook application "who's the biggest brain?"
5. Going emo for no particular reason.

5 people to tag: (finally!!!!)
1. renly
2. chin yeong
3. benjamin
4. christine
5. pei ru

Boy am I glad this is over^^

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just a week ago, I (and some of my friends) were freaking out about the delay in the banking-in of our allowance from JPA.

We were going,
"How come JPA hasn't banked in our money?"

"Are they lacking in funds?"

"Is the delay because of the Permatang Pauh election??"

"What if they don't have enough money to send us to Scotland next year?"

Well, turns out we think too much. (wayyyyyyy too much!)
JPA FINALLY banked in our long awaited allowance!
(It was supposed to come in early of our semester 4, but now there's only 3 weeks left in our semester 4 before our study break begins. So, some of us are already drained of all our moolah!! LOL)

Anyways, once the moolah was in..Peas decided to get a new phone.
(Yes, in the end I bought a new phone. Although technically speaking, the phone is a "want" of mine, not a "need". So, I indirectly spent unnecessary money. *sigh*)
Along with the phone, I impulsively purchased a pair of earring, and a fish bone necklace which goes "bling bling" *sweat*

And so, that was where all my money went. Nevertheless, I personally find it rather good, as I did not buy any clothings^^

Continuing the story of how much my friends and I think, a good example would be when we watched the movie>>> Deception.

(Deception is a movie that's coming out in Malaysia next week, but you can get the DVD-rip for the movie online. LOL ;p)

Anyways, the movie was good. It's kind of like the movie Prestige, where there's suspense and a cloud of mystery going around, and a twist towards the end. However, my housemates and I agreed whole-heartedly that the script writer must have lacked creativity towards the end. The ending was just a wet blanket. It could have been much MUCH better.

In fact, the ending that my house mates and I thought off, is MUCH better. Our ending could have ended the whole movie with a bang. LOL;p (shiok-sendiri betul~)

Nevertheless, Hugh Jackman did a good acting, and he looks dashing^^
Also, there's Maggie Q with a sexy lingerie in the movie.

About the story, it's about how an accountant, Ewan McGregor, befriended Hugh Jackman, and was somehow sponsored by him to join a "sex club". So, there were scenes of *ahem ahem*, which I highly doubt will be seen in the cinema. LOL ;p

On a sideline, our team of bowling players got a GOLD^^ *cheers*
So here's a picture of the winners in yellow (except me and renly la~, we can't play bowling, we can only cuci longkang~ hahaha~)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

yellow, orange, green~

Yellow, orange and green,
those are the colors of my zippers.

What am I talking about??
Zippers lah~

Using the colorful zippers of mine,

along with a trusty Singer sewing machine,
with it's sharp sharp needle,

I made two pencil cases for my brothers who'll be going back to Sabah once again.
Which is nicer? This one....

Or this one??

"Where got difference lah?", you say.

Well, let me tell you, there is!!
Look carefully~
(it's like one of those spot the difference game ;p)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ekkkk~ sucky singing skills have been posted on YouTube. Thankfully views for the view is still below 50!! Whee~ the fewer ppl who know I sound bad, the better ;p

You want the link?

Bleuk~ *sticks tongue out*

I'm not sharing. LOL ;p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emo day be gone~~~

LOL. It sounds like some tag line from some lame movie.

Anyways, happy peas is back in action, and hopefully she'll be here to stay.

I missed being happy. Seriously, I do miss being happy.

I was gloomy in class, and I didn't like that one bit.

Then, I went Midvalley to meet up with Carrots.

Unfortunately, once we reached Carl's Junior to have our lunch, I got upset again. Although the chicken salad I ordered looked nice, and was a big portion..
The music was loud, and I had to repeat what I say. Thus, I got pissed off. Meh. Carrots wrote this in the suggestion form on the table, but we didn't put it into the suggestion box in the end. LOL...

Anyways, after awhile, Peas sorta figured out she shouldn't be that emo, as it was ruining the whole atmosphere. Here's a picture of Peas, eating her salad with her specs , as her eyes were too swollen to insert her contact lens. LOL~

Plus, luckily the start of the movie which we watched >>>> Death Race
was quite err..entertaining, with it's large cars and explosions and guns, Peas felt happy. Furthermore, it has been a long time since Peas watched a movie in the cinema with Carrots. So, Peas felt happier.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm okay~

Yup, I am okay, for now.

Cause I have an emotion as flamboyant as a floating float on the sea. (pardon my lack of vocabulary, that's why I keep repeating the same words)

Anyways, back to story.

I am fine.
After like more than 1 hour of talking on the phone, and shedding tears like there's no tmr, and now my eyes look like shit. omg. i curse too much. lol.

Anyways, girls get emo really frequent, i guess?

lol. I think it's a fact that girls get "emo" almost half of their lifetime. LOL~

So guys, get it.

Girls want guys to totally understand what they're going through without them having to tell you about it.

p.s: I have great housemates^^ they cheered me up when they got back^^ me love them. me love carrots. me love my mum. me love love love~~


Again, it's one of those days where I get totally "emo".


It's a really really saddening thing.

Yesterday, I did my PP1 Dispensing Test.
Well, I was rather confident I would say, I finished preparing all my products, and completed writing the paperwork by 4.30pm. (while the exam ends at 5pm)
So, I had an extra 30mins to spare.

I was sitting around doing practically nothing, just browsing through my worksheet again.

Then, the lecturer announced that we should put our suppositories inside the darn fridge.

Well, brilliant me didn't think of putting the suppositories in the fridge at all. (yes, I am dumb in that sense. I thought the darn cocoa butter would harden by itself at room temperature like the previous suppositories which we did in class.)

Anyways, to cut a long story short, my darn suppositories (which are intended for rectal use only) looked like SHIT.

Ironic, eh? looked so darn much like shit, that I cursed shit while I was popping out the suppositories from their mould. (Suppositories are like mini-popsicles or agar. You prepare the mixture and pour into the mould, wait for it to harden and'll get a mini-bullet like thing which is supposed to be shoved up the patient's ass.)

Anyways, I cursed shit, not once, not twice, but 5 times or more, while my benchmates were there writing up their paperwork. I obviously distracted them, and I do feel guilty about it. But nevertheless, during that moment of "shitty-ness" I was oblivious to the fact.

Although I did manage to "beg" for 4 suppositories from other students who were smart enough to put their suppositories in the fridge, it wasn't a perfect suppository. Well, I am more than thankful that there were ppl who were generous enough to spare me some of it, but I am upset at the lecturer for not informing my class, while he informed the other class, MUCH almost at the beginning of the class.


I tell you it was. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid again. wth.

Anyways, then today. I decided to go for swimming practice.

Brilliant. I dived into the pool like a 10ton slab which went "SPLAT" as it hit the water. The rest told me that my dive sounded like I suffered severe pain while diving in. Well, it did. But I doubt as much as they imagined.

Back to being emo, I was back in my apartment, almost alone, except for the fact that the other girls were out in Mid, and still are, while the daddy of the house went clubbing. I do feel bad about left out from the clubbing activity, but wth, I thought I wouldn't care less. But I do. Meh.

I feel like a complete selfish person. My bf said he wanna study and do his report so he couldn't come over, but guess what, he's out having dinner with his friendS. Ya. Imagine that.

So here I am, feeling left out and alone and god-knows what other pent up anger I have in me.

I need meditation, or something to keep me from crying alone. Pathetic-nya.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All about Brothers~

Yup, today the 16th of August is a day to celebrate all the brotherly love I have in the world. ROFL~

1. Both my brothers are flying back from Sabah^^ So yea..I'll finally get to see them after err...a month or so? Well, though they miss their girlfriends more than me, they're still my brothers!!
Whee~ So that means another trip to the airport! (with petrol price high, it seems kinda expensive...*sweats*)

2. To my "pet"bro Benjamin! Happy birthday!!! U're getting old. (btw, if u do read this, I posted a birthday card to you by slow mail, so do go check ur mailbox, if u have not received it. Do let me know~)

Okay, so that's all for today. Time to hit the books.

Btw, when I was studying back in Vista, I asked a question to the rest of the girls (pohyee, renly, cucu and Devi). And they told me it was a semester 3 information. *sweats* This comes to prove how much knowledge I have, and the capacity of my brain to store information is only on a short-term basis. After the exams, all the information have evaporated into thin air. Yup. Not only that, I contribute the "evaporation" of knowledge due to the fact that I didn't really memorise much last semester. *sweats*

I should be working harder this time around. I don't wanna waste the money which is sponsoring my education.'s not's my FUTURE taxes anyway~~~ LOL ;p

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I realized that I haven't been blogging after the Chinese Singing Competition.
*shrieks* (drama sikit lah~ since I haven't been around for some time on the internet. LOL~)

Anyways, I didn't go online, or even switch on my laptop for almost the entire week. (almost..well almost...) It's mainly because I was stressing myself over the TWO papers which I will be sitting for next week.

Paper 1 = Cardiovascular Interpretation Exam on Monday~ (this contributes 30% to the finals)
Paper 2 = Dispensing Test for Pharmacy Practice 1 on Tuesday~(this contributes 14% to the finals)

Yup, I was chilling for a bit for the past week. So I automatically switched on to "kiasu-mode" and even more so after I found out that my roomie has already finished "eating" her whole DD book. T.T (yes, I AM a little PARANOID..*sweats*) I freaked myself out as I couldn't remember half the drugs mentioned in the module guide, I freaked myself out when I couldn't fit into a skirt which was given to me by my cousin. I found my tummy bulging out, and I kept asking Devi and Renly about it. They told me I looked fine.

But my tummy is still visible to me. Thus, I changed the skirt, and decided to give the skirt to Renly. And somehow, I felt like I was going to be an old-looking, fat, ugly and dumb person. *sweats profusely*.

Studying..well not exactly studying much, this leads to the present me, who couldn't stand being away from the internet too long... LOL~

Bah, anyways, I better go back to my books. They're calling. Wait, I mean IT'S calling. (luckily there's only one book to cover)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chinese singing competition finals~


Peas was delighted as Carrots came to support me^^
Not only that, my housemates TOO bought me flowers^^

Peas was a happy girl that day.

AND, the best part is, my group actually won the first place for the composing category!!
Despite the fact that I:

a) forgot my lyrics

b) went off key a LOT of times

c) sang like a complete emotionless being

LOL^^ yup, I was expecting the other composer to win, but when they announced that we won. I was dumbfounded. ROFL~

Yup, winning was good, but I felt like I didn't deserve it.

And I just realized, after reading chinyeong's comments, that I have joined all THREE categories of the IMU Chinese Competition.
1) Solo
2) Group (with Pohyee last year)
3) Composing was indeed a blessing for me.

Me, Jian Ming (the composer) and Christine (the lyricist) on stage explaining the lyrics of the song. Both Jian Ming and I are "bananas" so we didn't dare to explain. hehe^^

Peas, acting "emo" while singing..

US, again, delighted that we actually made it^^

the people I love^^

carrots wincing because peas is giving her "camera" smile..(apparently its the fake smile I give every time I pose for a picture) ;p

and the lovely flowers I received^^

THANK YOU to Carrots, Chin Yeong, Renly, Poh Yee, Devi, Jian Ming, Christine, and also "Yahoo" who introduced me to Jian Ming and Christine and got me into the composing category.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chinese Singing Competition @ IMU's my second time around taking part in the singing competition in IMU.
This indirectly shows how "senior" I am in IMU, to have had 2 chances of taking part in the contest! LOL~ but there was another senior who joined the competition the THIRD time around! means he's "Super-ancient"!! LOL~

Back to story, last year, pohyee joined me for the contest, and we both took part in the solo and group category together. However, this time around she decided not too. *sobs* So, initially I didn't want to register. However, after much persuasion by baby renly and chin yeong and also pohyee, I signed up, searched for a song and downloaded it and it's lyrics. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to practice the song in a karaoke outlet. *sigh*

So, last Friday, when the organisers had a mic-test, I decided against going, and pulled out from the contest. Funnily, today, the secretary of the event sms-ed me, and told me whether it's okay to arrange me as the 4th participant to go on stage.

And, I replied her saying how sorry I am as I am not able to join.
Ironically, when I got back, and chatted with sinye and sin wee, my mind began to run wildly.
My thoughts were somewhere between,

"it's my last chance to join the competition"


"why not?"

SO, I thickened my skin, and sms-ed the secretary, telling her that I want to re-join the competition! LOL~ She agreed, and so I began practicing the song
frantically for about 1 hour, right before I went to IMU for the actual audition event, which was supposed to start at 6.30pm, but somehow started later than expected, and ended around 11pm.

Here's some pics of me, over-dressed for the audition.

Yes. I was indeed over-dressed!!!
Everyone else was kinda casual.. smart casual..

And best of all, my song was really really short. I only sang for 2 minutes, because pohyee told me if the song is too long, it'll bore the audience and the judges. Yet, when I finished singing, people were saying it was too short. MEH~~ (pohyee, I don't blame u la..hehe..i'm also partly responsible for I was the one who sliced the song)'s good to have a short song. Don't have to worry about making many mistakes..hehehe^^

And as expected, I didn't get into the finals. LOL~
There were many others who can really sing. Good vocals, etc..
But at least I went for it, and joined in the fun. Hehe^^

Here's the lovely housemates~~ whee^^

Btw, a friend called me, and asked me to help sing a song, which HIS friend composed for the self-composed song category (which will only be held on Thursday). I ,again, initially didn't want to join, and , AGAIN, after consideration, decided to give it a shot! Hehe^^

So, come thus Thurs, I will still be singing a song, but not for the solo category lah~
I'll be singing a song which I have not heard, and hopefully I will do well. *crosses fingers*

Yuen Steamboat~

I forgot to blog about this last week.

Last Tuesday, we (the committee members, both new and old, of the IMU Buddhist Society) headed off to Sunway for a taste at Yuen's Steamboat Restaurant! was my first time going to the place, and I have heard sooo often, that the place is famous for it's chicken wings .....
This looks like a whole chicken drumstick right? but was only a drummet..=( see, it's only the same size as the chicken wing..

Thankfully, it didn't disappoint me at all^^
And, I wasn't the only one INTO the chicken~
Other than the chicken, it had a large variety of "ingredients" to choose from!
Nyam..i love seafood~
while eating, there we people smiling too,
AND more people smiling or laughing..
Hehe...these people weren't laughing because of the good food..(maybe partly) but they were actually listening carefully to..........
Listening to lame jokes!!! LOL~

Somehow the buddhist society members have a never ending list of lame jokes, which are passed down to every generation of committee members! LOL^^

One day, we'll publish a book called,

"Collection of lame jokes: passing down happiness to juniors"


As a preview to those who are interested in the book.....

On which part of your body will you find Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy??

. . . . .
. . . .
. . .
. .
This Knee (Dis-Ney)

Lame? well, it's called a lame joke for a reason!!! hehe^^

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy birthday Suat Mei~~

Suat Mei~~~

Hehe, it was Suat Mei's birthday.
She's gotten older by a year!
And she's still as pretty as always^^
I've known her since secondary school, all the way back in RZ.
So, till date, that makes her a friend of mine, which I have known for almost 10 years!!
*sweat* I have the sudden realization that I too am more than 2 decades old..
LOL~ but the aging process is indeed a sweet one!
Especially if girls get together to bake cakes! LOL^^

Cakes? Yup...we baked 3 cakes!

BUT, unfortunately, cake number 3 suffered a case of oil-overdose. Oil leaked out of it when we overturned it for cooling purposes. It tasted like oil, and we decided to get rid of it. It's still in my kitchen. Hopefully the birds will like it. LOL~

We then divided ourselves to two groups, and decorated cake 1 and cake 2.

This is the submission by Suat Mei and Pei li's group.

This was the submission by Me and Soo Hui~So..which is nicer?? do tell us cause we wanna know!!! Hehe^^

After a tedious creative work which drained our brain cells of it's creativity, we took pictures with the birthday girl~

Mei and I~
Mei and Soo Hui~

Mei and Pei li~

Girls, I hope u enjoyed the cake like I did^^
The cake looks yummy, doesn't it??
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