Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY mood

GonG Xi Fa Chai~~~

I'm so in the holiday mood~~ My relatives from singapore came down on the eve of CNY and for the past few days, we were all preoccupied playing wii, and playing more wii. LOL~

Wii is the word which brings a sparkle to my little nephew's eyes.
When my mum asked him,
"You wanna go back to our place to play some wii?"

He puts up this little cheeky smile, and without saying yes, we all know what he means.
Once he gets to my house, he bathes ASAP, and seats himself in front of the tv, and gets ready for some Wii action. LOL~

And being the youthful me, I accompanied him in playing wii, and half the time, i look like i'm praying to "Ti Gong" i.e shaking the wii remote up and down exactly the way you go to the temple to get those little sticks with numbers. LOL~

Anyways, the highlight has gotta be shopping at times square. Shopping in times square is always tempting. So many RM25 only shops, then there's even RM10 only shops. ^^

I am serious. It's so tempting, that my cousin sister bought 4 dresses, 1 blouse, 3 bags. LOL~

I'm gonna go out soon, hehe...I should be finalising my cancer report, but....the holiday mood has gotten onto me. Not to mention an addiction towards the well-known TVB drama Gem of Life~~

Btw, for laughter, I was watching this Mandarin movie called "Mei Lan Feng" the famous opera singer. And the subtitles sucked like hell. For example,

Ping Ping An An = Flat Flat Anne Anne
Wei (hello when on the phone) = Feed

Yes, the amazing translation of a not so original DVD! *cheers to that* LOL

Okies, to end this post, lemme give u something ANG ANG~~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pineapple tarts...

Pineapple = Ong Lai

Ong means ong lah~~ LOL...

Being the superstitious feng shui believer I am, no lah, jz joking ;p (I don't believe in feng shui all that much) but my mum had bought ready-made pineapple jam this year. I had initially promised her that I would help her bake some cookies this CNY, but due to the overwhelming-last-minute-announcement on the BTN camp 2 weeks ago, my weekends were spent studying my-ass-off. *ahem* maybe I didn't study my ass off, but I was studying time to bake cookies wat-so-ever.

So..this led to Peas baking Pineapple tarts today =) And btw, baking saves money. Pineapple tarts cost a lot if you purchase it outside you know!!!! LOL....

First, Peas googled for pineapple tart recipe. I got one recipe from Devi, but it's about the same =) So I used the one I got online.

Second, Peas copied down the recipe, and followed it bulat-bulat.
I got mine here but just in case you're lazy, here's the recipe for the pastry. The pastry is quite crispy =)

250 gm butter, cut into little squares
400 grams flour made up as follows:
300 gm wheat flour,
50 gm cornflour,
30 gm custard flour
20 gms milk powder
2 tablespoon of caster sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
2 egg yolks

Well, despite the fact that instructions told me to use this tool,
To make stripes like this....

I didn't. Not because I didn't have the tool, but simply because when I tried doing so, the pastry broke into pieces. It literally crumbled even before I could wrap the jam around it = ='' I only made 3 non-broken stripes, and it came out really crispy. But I was lazy, so I used my own method. Peas flattened the pastry, and cut the pastry into slices, one by one. And that was repeated till I finally finished using the 400g of pastry, and completed baking more than 100 pieces of "ong lai" tarts.

The jam and the pastry I made.

The first 2 trays I made^^

Bottled up "ong lais"

As I wanted to blog about my pineappple tarts, some of the tarts were still inside the oven, and 7 tarts ended up like this. = ='' looked really bad, but it tasted real nice. Really crispy!! LOL...even the edges of the pineapple jam was crispy. LOL~~~~~~

Happy Chinese New Year

I'm finally done with my 3 class tests~~~

It's time for the holidays and of course, Chinese New Year celebrations, though I've got a feeling that this years' one would be different. Why so?

My twin brothers won't be back home this year around cause they didn't get air tickets back to KL from Sabah. = ='' The air tickets were expensive, and they couldn't get the cheap air tickets back. *sigh*

So, this new year, I'll most likely bum at home alone... Poor me. Jz me and my cancer report, which is due after chinese new year....Jz jk;p

Anyways, Happy chinese new year to all^^
Gong Xi Fa Chai~~~~

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The curious case of benjamin button

I jz finished watching the movie and I loved it =)
It was very unique, it was romantic, it was touching, and it made me cry.
Though it was a very long movie, 2hours and 40 minutes long, the director brings u along the whole movie without a dull moment.

It's the story of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) who gets younger instead of older.
From his birth, his love interests, how he got younger, and how he finally died as a little baby.

It's a strange thing, and medically I don't think it will ever happen. But it was a good movie =)
I loved how they actually made brad pitt look so old, and how cate blanchett became older. No wonder it got nominated in the gloden globe awards =) it really deserved it.

I give it a 8.5/10.
Go watch it~~~~~~~
(of course it's not out in malaysia yet, malaysia is just screening Juno = ='' Juno's like 2 years old!!! And then there's the news that malaysia might increase the ticket prices for non-malaysian made movies just to support the local move industry. Dumb right? RM15-20 for a movie ticket? Dream on!!! No one would go to cinemas if they really did that...LOL~)

Next movie on my list is Slumdog millionaire! I'm gonna watch it after my biopharm paper ^^ Now back to DD...go go go bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, benzodiazepines..bla bla bla~~~~~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

MY finger(s)

no, i am not going to show you the finger, because a good news is here!!!

BTN is postponed for us~~
That means that we'll have a more relaxed schedule for our class tests, and need not risk our marks for the class tests, need not skip classes. Although to be honest, i was willing to go for it after the weekend, cause i was thinking of where i could go for holidays during may if i completed my btn. cheap air asia flights~~~rofl~~~~

Anyways, I had wanted to post this quite some time ago after i heard this from devi.
What i am going to show u is this, my fingers.

Observation 1 : my fingers are without nail polish i.e i don't go for manicures nor pedicures, nor do i buff my fingernails.

observation 2: it's my right hand.

observation 3: my fourth finger is longer than my second finger.

Observation 3 is REALLY important! Why?
Because devi told me that if the fourth finger is longer than your second finger, on your right hand, your testosterones are more.

Hypothesis (taken from a website):
"So hold up your right hand and have a look at your second or index finger - the one that you point with. Then compare it to your fourth finger - the one next to the little finger. Here's the big question - which finger is longer, the fourth finger or the second finger?

Here's the deal for men. If the fourth finger of your right hand is longer than your second finger, then you are probably a super spunk, a stud-muffin, a testosterone tiger.

On average, you (with the longer fourth finger) will have a higher sperm count, a higher level of testosterone, and a lower incidence of germ cell failure -where you have a zero or very low sperm count. You'll probably be good fatherhood material.

But for women, it's the other way around. Women who had a fourth finger shorter than their second finger would have higher levels of various female hormones such as oestrogen, prolactin and luteinising hormone."

How so?
It's a proven research conducted that states that the genes related to our fingers are also the same genes for our hormones. so there.

Conclusion: i have more testosterones than a normal female and i am a "testosterone tiger". rawr to that!!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bloody BTN

Although I am a scholar, sponsored by them, I still wanna complain about this!!!

1. BTN

BTN is a compulsory thing for all jpa scholars, some "psychological" camp for us. Basically, from wat i heard, it's pure brain washing. Dont get me wrong, it's not like i dont wanna go for it. But to have the camp stacked right in the middle of 3 freaking class tests is just pure craziness. It's madness. It's down right dumb.

We're supposed to go for the 5 days camp, from next wednesday and come back on Sunday evening. Rest. And sit for a freaking essay for Drug and Disease worth 30% of our marks on monday. Then on tues, sit for the 10% Pharmacy Practise, and a 25% paper for biopharm.

The original schedule was for us, to sit for PP next thursday. However, brilliant jpa says its complusory for us to go, and bla bla bla.

2. Bloody tailor.
The freaking blazer and formal pants are already costing us rm400. Well, if the government wanna "makan" our money, go ahead, but at least give us something decent which we can wear for ages, while looking good in it.

The tailor came today, and let me try this konon-nya SS sized blazer. I wore it. And i looked like some fat ass lady with no curves at all.

And he dared to say this:
"ah just right"

wtf. is he pure blind or did he look down on me?

I asked him to make it smaller, but no, he had to go on and on saying
"if you want to make it smaller, i can, but i'm afraid u wont be able to fit into it next time."

wtf. I wanted to scold him so much, esp after the btn thing was announced.

In the end, he gave in and said to make it smaller by half an inch. wtf. like hald an inch would make a difference. wtf.

I am cursing. this is bad. = =

I am planning to go to the tailor again when he comes back to measure the second batch of ppl. I'm going to act all bimbo-ish, and speak in english jz to piss his chinese speaking "secretary", and wear some super tight shirt and pants, jz so he knows i'm not bullshitting about my size. wtf.
I know I am so evil. POh yee said she wanted to slap me when i acted that out. lol.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm getting older, again.....

The fact that age is catching up on me is pretty obvious.

1. I forgot to bring back my towel from home back to vista. * T.T*
Solution - borrowed one from pohyee

2. I forgot to bring back my blanket from home back to vista. *double T.T*
Day 1 - A 4m long saree given to me by suzy.
Day 2 - My extra bedsheet + a jacket

It's not fun losing brain cells. = =''

Monday, January 05, 2009


It was a year with erm...lots of stuff. I wanted to post about it in the form of pictures, but hey, I've been too busy, lazy, and erm....well busy, doing more un-intellectual stuff.

So right now it's time to act intellectual, and start hitting the books. LoL~
Class tests are coming up in 2 weeks,
then it's gonna be chinese new year!!

Peas is lazy, I am, I really really am. But, when it comes to someone saying "things" about me....*evil laughter*

So, what "thing" did this person by the name of ken a.k.a vern xi say?

Read on (it's in chinese characters though ;p)



性感的wenyi the emcee(补回给你了),

*ok, 要呕的可以呕了,不用给我面子*

*sigh* yes, i know i'm not very pretty, but don't la "bomb" me....*pouts*

Okay, i know the whole "acting-cute-thing" doesn't suit me, but nevertheless, i'm hoping that it will cover up for my matured looks. LOL :p

To sum up the end of 2008, I give you two pictures.

Chirstmas Eve

New Year's Eve
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