Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mega Mac~~~


That's exactly how big your mouth has to go when you want to get a bite off McD's Mega Mac.
With four beef patties, one has to have a fully expendable jaw in order to fit the whole burger in their mouth. A good example on how to eat it>>>>>>

LOL^^ and of course, after eating, you'll be as happy as THIS>>>>>
hehe^^ see my purple lenses?? It's purple I tell you!!!!!

Ya, I know it looks weird.
In fact I have received many weird comments on it, and sadly none of them went like....
"it's really nice" *sighh*

The comments usually went between the lines of...

" I don't dare to look at your eyes cause it's soo "shiny"

*sweat...* my eyes are shiny??

"Ya, it's really reflective.. like a mirror..."

*double sweats*

Well, friends, you'll be seeing these eyes till next year! (that is IF I manage to take good care of my lenses!!!)

Btw, I forgot to upload this picture of my housemates (with CY missing in action as she usually goes to class earlier than us ever since she got the post of treasurer in SRC....)

Note the two pair of heels, and then look at our height....
You'll be able to see where I'm getting ;p

Btw, the pictures were taken as our class had this day, with the theme of "Black and white". This is mainly because we wanted to take more class photos in order to have sufficient photos for our graduation booklet next year~~~ hehe^^

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wanted, or not?

Whee^^ Carrots came back today^^ Peas is happy^^

We went to Carrot's favorite place >>>>>>> my house????
Nah, not my house, but to Sakae Sushi^^ He loves the wasabi there, and eats a LOT! Plus, it's the only place we know of, where you can get 5-6 baby octopus for RM 5.90! LOL^^

Anyways, me watched WANTED^^
Yeah..the movie with Angelina Jolie!!!

Well, the movie's pretty cool, with loads of gun shooting and action ^^
BUT, we all know the main reason why many people watch the movie, it's all thanks to Angelina Jolie's popularity as a sex icon (well at least to me and half the people around the globe ;p)

The story is simple, about a group of assassins (yea, sounds familiar eh?) who is supposedly going around, killing one man, in hope to save a thousand (yup, it's in the trailer..)

However, halfway through the movie, Peas managed to guess correctly how the story goes (either the movie is too simple, or Peas has the mind of a director.. I prefer to think it's the latter! LOL^^)

Well, here's some spoilers. WE all SAW this sexy back in the trailer...Which I think...lead me (and many others) to think there was more *ahem* 18SX scenes in the movie. PLUS, there was this scene in the trailer too........BUT, UNFORTUNATELY........ get what I mean...*sad*
Either the director decided against having those scenes because Angelina Jolie looked stick-thin in the movie, that I think part of her well know boobs from Tomb Raider disappeared into thin air. (wahh..I used the word thin in one sentence! So hebat~~ LOL ;p)

There were several disappointing parts of the movie because I find them REALLY unbelievable.

1. A bullet that can make a complete circle, while "tembus-ing" several heads as it goes!
2. A pool of wax-like stuff that can activate the body's white blood cells to heal faster.
3. A piece of cloth is made by fate, and it can give you the names of who to kill.

Hmmm....that's the main 3 that I can think of right now.
Thankfully, Angelina Jolie is still as hot as ever with her plump luscious lips, and the lead actor has beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I tried....

I'm currently starting on my health promotion subject, and the second lecture was on drug misuse.

There was brief introduction to some of the most commonly abused drugs, and one of them is cocaine, also known as Coke. I saw this icon when I was playing around in Human Pets. (Yes, I'm still playing with Human Pets occasionally, minus the fact that my value has been stagnant for ages. LOL^^)

Cute, ain't it??
(if you don't get the joke, well...too bad lah~)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Purple eyes~

Roarr~~~~ If you still remember, peas got herself a 1 year "permanent" violet contact lens online. Yup, I bought it without trying it.

So today, Peas tried it~~~

Can you see it from the picture???

You can't???

Well, tak apa lah~ I myself couldn't see it too. Yeah...the violet colour didn't stand out. Meh~~~~~~

Anyways, I took a picture of MY eye, and photoshop-ed it. LOL~
and I got this~~~~~

Nice eh? hehe^^ guess what the reflection is??
(housemates don't guess la, you know what it is. haha~~)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Of primary school days...

I have to admit that I do not have much recollection on my primary school days.

I do not recall what happened,
I do not recall what I did,
I do not recall who I was.

Those days when I was a mere child were almost lost to the dark abyss of my memory, until just now when I chatted with my primary school friend, Cheryl, who randomly said this to me on msn,

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
u still like reading comics?

♥WenYi♥ says:

♥WenYi♥ says:
i still do

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
i can stil rmb last time in primary sch whr we alwiz read dragon ball n sailormoon

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
n u r the supplier..

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
we all borrow from u

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
long waiting list summore

WoW..I didn't know that. After Cheryl told me that, we began a course of conversation which forced me to dig deeper into my memory storage files, which I guess where lost somewhere deep within my brain.

Thankfully, little by little, those memories came back.
I was this bespectacled young girl, with short mushroom-styled hair.
(there's a friend who would keep telling me that I looked really "cute" with those large frames I used to wear. haha)

I was a "penolong kanan kelas" in standard 2. Then I was a school prefect (I almost forgot about that, and convinced myself that I was a librarian...luckily Cheryl reminded me..hehe...

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
were we prefect?

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
i mean both of us

♥WenYi♥ says:
u were

♥WenYi♥ says:

♥WenYi♥ says:
i was librarian

♥WenYi♥ says:

♥WenYi♥ says:

♥WenYi♥ says:
i think la

♥WenYi♥ says:
cannot remember

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
prefect jaga class

♥WenYi♥ says:

♥WenYi♥ says:

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
librarian jaga library

♥WenYi♥ says:
eh wait...

~*Ch3RyL*~ says:
i think u were a prefect 2

Goodness, I AM indeed getting old (though I may not admit it).
However, my brother said something that proved the very fact that I am indeed getting old.

"OMG, Backstreet Boy songs are being played on Light/Mix FM!
I remember the days when it used to be played on"

Well, need I say more???

Week 1 of Semester 4

LoL, about the NoGAPS picture of me in a scarf; it's not compulsory for non-muslims like me to wear the scarf (though initially they had stated in the reminder list that non-muslims were required to wear it -.-'')

Yup, so I didn't have to wear the scarf, in fact I didn't wear it at all. The only time I wore it was during the first day as Tracie (a Bpharm girl) intentionally bought a scarf for the camp. In order not to waste the money, she decided to wear it during day 1. So, being good IMU-ians, most of the chinese girls from IMU decided to follow suit, and take pictures of ourselves as memory. LOL ;p

Well, to be honest, the organisers weren't strict about the dress code. There were no "mak-guard" or "pak-guard" to stop and issue us a saman or warning letter. So you could still see a few non-muslim girls with knee-length skirts and dresses, and nice high heels. Most of the IMU girls followed the so-called-law, and dressed up in long pants, AND long sleeves, AND covered shoes, most of the time. Hehe^^ (Prof Peter would be so proud to hear this! LOL~ rule abiding IMU students. Hehe^^)

Okies, now to talk about my first week back in IMU as a semester 4 student.

point 1: I didn't feel like I was in Semester 4.

Yup, you heard me right, after 1 and a half year in IMU, I still felt like a newbie, as I honestly think I have no skills what-so-ever right now, to be called a pharmacy student. In fact, after attending NoGAPS, I found out that the Mpharm syllabus is slightly "late" compared to the syllabus in other universities. As in, most 2nd year students in public universities have already learned a thing or two about the rules and regulations of a pharmacist, etc. While I've only learned the basic things in science and physiology -.-''. Yes, I felt incompetent. LOL~

Then again, I shouldn't blame the syllabus all that much right? After all, I don't do extra reading. Maybe my other batch mates have done their extra reading...Maybe they're all well prepared as they have built solid foundation after the 3 semesters in IMU. Well, maybe it's all of the above as my semester 3 results clearly reflect the knowledge I've memorized and stored for the 1 week of exam i.e what's left of those knowledge has completely vanished to thin air by the time my exam ended. LOL~

point 2: The first week of sem 4 has been some-what relaxing =)

I think I went out several times during the first week. Lemme recall.

Monday night = Grocery shopping at carrefour, endah parade.
It was then, that my housemates and I were hit by the fact that the cost of living in Malaysia has gone up like hell. *sigh* We're supposedly an agriculture country, but look at the price of rice.*double sigh* It's so darn expensive that even the price of Nasi Lemak biasa went up to rm1.50. Meh~~~~ I long for RM 0.70 nasi lemak wait, that was almost 6 years ago when I was back in secondary school...*sighhh...*

Tuesday night = a night at home, sorting out the notes my seniorS gave me for semester 4.
I had a huge pile of notes. One set from Anson (ning's bf) and one set from Karen (a sweet senior of mine) and one set from Kevin (my own mentor). Well, one obvious fact after I sorted out the notes were. >>>>> Girls are more organized than boys. Karen's notes were nicely sorted out for me, while the notes from Anson and Kevin were amazingly UNorganized. LOL~

Wednesday night = went out to pasar malam with renly and KT and his friends, and met ah mei^^ It's been a long long time since I had desserts~ So, Renly and I indulged in....

RM 3.50 for the mango flavoured -ice, while RM 4.00 for the one with Kiwi~

Thursday : Went to Midvalley to meet up with Anjanna who came back from Ireland~ Ate at chillies~
Chin Yeong & Poh Yee~

sweet Devi dear~

cute ser yiing~

Renly and I~ (I realised that my head plus my hair looks bigger than my waist -.-'')

Then, later that night, we went out with Kirk, and Kirk-smarty-pants locked his car keys inside the car, along with his spare keys. Thus, after trying to unlock the car with a hangar with no avail, we called a locksmith, who came in an Avanza and a bag of tools. He took out something which looked like a stainless steel long ruler, slided it through the window, and within 30s, the doors were opened. RM 60 went into his hands, and off he went in his Avanza, leaving us and Kirk who just lost his cash, dumbfounded. LOL~

See how packed my first week in Semester 4 was?? hahaha~ I'm just joking.
I seriously need to mark up on my studies, before I fail any of my subjects. (keeping my fingers crossed that I won't)

btw, both my bros got accepted into UMS (University Malaysia Sabah). Thus, they'll be flying off next week.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from NoGAPS~

Okay, I'm back from NoGAPS!!!
Whee~ There was internet connection in the IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) where NoGAPS was held, but unfortunately I didn't much chance to fully utilize it =(

Anyways, I'm going to be a little busy these few days preparing for a buddhist camp which IMU's buddhist society will be organising in July. So, I shall have a short quickie on NoGAPS.

I took almost 1gb worth of pictures..= =more than 250 pictures and a few videos. *sigh* Of course, i'm not in all the pictures, I helped others take their pictures as well, so that explains for the excess amount of pictures^^ hehe^^

Okies, here's some pictures before I go back to uni for my English placement test *sigh*

DAY 1:
Peas on the bus on the way to Kuantan~

selamat datang ke kuantan~

ice breaking session
We played at one of the beaches in Kuantan, and most of us got really dirty. Especially me, I got shot with a mixture of flour and water several times!!! (pic from left to right: dayah, ainul, chinyeong, nana, and me)

poor me and my broken sandal.

IMU students @ NoGAPS~

the view taken from chinyeong's room~ nice ain't it~ (actually it's only because i'm a good photographer ;p)

me and ainul during the opening ceremony on the night of day 1. ( I know my hair is messy, but I didn't know it when I took the pic la~)

DAY 2:

I forgot to take my picture of me in the baju kurung for that day *sigh*
Anyways, the main activity during day 2 was PharmRace! It's a kinda like amazing race and explorace, where we had to run around almost the entire Kuantan town while doing tasks.

my group: Group F before the race started. The orange shirt is for all the participants, and it reminded me of the red long sleeved shirt I got in INTEC as well. LOL...Tutup aurat ma~

Group F after completing the race! We got the fourth group for the race! hehe^^ (there were 10 groups in total during the camp, so yea, we're the top 5~ *bangga nya~*)

Day 3:

Community Service @ Kuantan Parade
Well, it's not really a community service, all we did was a health awareness campaign. There were several booths, which included drug awareness booth, family planning, free bmi measurement and blood screening booths, anti-smoking booths, and herbs & supplements booth (my booth, which I think it's the most un-exciting booth to be at) a view of the booths we had taken from the first floor..

being bored, I went to another booth (the anti-smoking booth) where they gave out balloons to children. I went there and picked up a new skill!!! Balloon art!!! So there's the picture of me folding the balloon with such concentration *ahem* ;p
my initial yellow balloon was a poodle~ (the blue one isn't made by me though...)

I then transformed the yellow poodle, to a yellow bear ^^

not only that, bored Peas also went around Kuantan Parade where she bumped into a Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya. There, she hopped on a BOMBA motorcycle and took this picture~ LOL~ I didn't know that the fire brigade has a mobile motorbike.

A group picture of almost all the participants of NoGAPS^^

then at night, we had the cultural night where each group had to perform. After the whole event, IMU people decided to cam-whore summore~ haha^^

DAY 4: The last day

Photo taking session of all the groups~ Group F again^^

Peas and the green green tress around in IIUM. (I know my body's posture looks weird, thus I conclude that I can't pose ;p)

During the evening, we headed off to a Batik outlet before stopping at De Rhu Resort for our grand closing dinner.

the four girls, and our "masterpiece" (from left to right: Ai Xin, Arafa, Chin Yeong and I)

Chin yeong and I at De Rhu Resort, we purposely took from this angle. Peas came out with the idea^^ The initial first trial shot's model was Siva~ haha^^ here he is.

Siva, looking at his best. LOL ;p

Then peas and the rest headed to the beach, where peas experimented with her camera again, and took this shot.
Chin yeong @ the beach with the full moon shining above her.

Hehe^^ Peas liked the angle of the picture and ask someone to help her take her shot...but it ended up like this....

blurry, with a goal post and a half full moon *sobs*

Anyways, the dinner was rather yummy, and peas will end the post with this picture~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day~

To all the daddies,
and any other dad's in the world......

Happy Father's Day^^

I love you papa~ *hugs*
Though I am at kuantan for the camp, peas remembered to pre-schedule this post^^ *ain't I sweet?? LOL ;p*

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, I am currently at a camp for pharmacy students around Malaysia, called NoGAPS. It's held in Kuantan, and yes meaning that I will be at Kuantan when this post is posted. (Thank you Angeline for teaching me that Blogger does allow scheduled posts^^ Arigatou~~)

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all to brace for pictures of me in a selendang (Head scarf)^^ Yes, you read right. I have to wear a Headscarf~~~
(Pictures will only be shown if my skin condition is getting better, and IF I feel comfortable uploading them ;p *pray hard so pea's skin gets better*)

Well, my initial reaction when I found out that non-muslims had to wear head scarfs within the campus was...

"what the??????"

Simply because I wasn't ready for a place that's MUCH more strict compared to INTEC!!
During INTEC days, I had to wear baju kurung every Mondays and Fridays!

BUT now, I am going to wear baju kurung for all the 4 days (because I don't have many long sleeved formal shirts, and I am lazy to bring an iron to iron them. My mum's baju kurung doesn't really need to be ironed ;p)

However, the problem is, we have to wear covered shoes in campus. No sandals or sport shoes. And I don't like the covered shoe which I use for lab sessions, so I borrowed Pohyee's sandals instead ;p

Then, we had to wear head scarfs = = Thank goodness my mum has several scarfs, if not..I'll be one sad girl ;p

Plus, I had to bring a LOT of clothes. Because they have different activities which require different clothes. And I honestly dislike travelling with a lot of clothes. I like travelling light. *sigh*

Well, if you're interested to see what are the stuff which we (the participants of NoGAPS) were supposed to bring, go see their website>> HERE.

And here's a sneak peak of what is written there.

" FORMAL (Female)
  • Baju kurung/ kebarung.
  • Long sleeved blouse and blazer are allowed.
  • Long skirt or slacks.
  • Scarf or shawl or any head cover (compulsory to be worn within the campus area).
  • Stokings and covered shoes (no sport shoes/ sandals).
So, what's your say?? How would you have reacted to this?? hehe^^

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Hulk 2~~

THANK YOU chin yeong for asking Kirk (a crazy and whacky friend from Incovar) out!

Hehe^^ why am I soooo thankful???

Because we (both chin yeong and I) got free passes to catch The Hulk 2's screening premier @ Cineleisure!! Whee^^ *happy and excited*

Anyways, we also meet up with Loh (also another whacky friend from Incovar), and the four of us had a great time^^

Okies, back to The Hulk~~~

Wakaka~ Let's see some pictures of the free passes we got,
Cool eh?? Hehe^^ (Do note the Hall Number?? The WHOLE Cineleisure was used for the premier screening of the Movie!! LOL~ Thank goodness I didn't enter the wrong hall ;p)

Happy me with the pass^^ (ya, my leg was on the seat of the car, sorry kirk but my legs are clean ;p)
Chinyeong with her pass^^ *so sweet*

Once we reached Cineleisure, Cy and I headed of to have our meal at a place with cool retro stuff hanging on their walls.
Then, the food came. We had....
This >> errr...(I forgot the fancy name, again!!! *sigh* but it was chicken breast grilled to perfection with herbs, and with creamy cheese and mashed potatoes~ Yummy^^)
Then, our dessert^^ *Nyam* Friday's is the best!! (oh shoot, I realised I forgot to take back the receipt~~~ Gyahhhh...... I keep forgetting to keep the receipt so that I can get a discount on my next visit *sigh*)

Anyways, The Hulk is INTERESTING~

In this second installment of the movie, they explained a lot of things which were unanswered in the first movie. I remember in the first movie, I would be wondering to myself, how come Hulk's pants doesn't tear apart when he transforms? How come the shirt doesn't tear apart?? (well yea, it's obscene to show a guy's-you-know-what around in a fighting scene *ewwww*)

Well, it's answered in this second movie. Hulk got super-stretchable pants! (but forgot to get super stretchable shirt;p Then again, you must show some muscles to scare the enemy! Hahahaha^^)

And, in this movie, Liv Tyler gets a personal scene with the Hulk, where the Hulk goes,
"I can't do this. I can't get too excited."

LOL~ Go watch the movie for yourself before you set your imagination wild on fire ;p

Also, in this movie, you'll get loads of cool action scenes where you'll see:

1. Uber cool movements of a human diaphragm. (what's a diaphragm?? Go watch the movie, Hulk's anger management-sifu will show you! Hehe^^)

2. Hulk says: "Hulk, stomp!"

3. Hulk claps his hands and a super-strong-wind blows away ALL the fire! (like Monkey's God super big fan ;p)

4. Liv Tyler in a white blouse which gets wet???? (ermm...I couldn't think of another one ;p)

5. Tony Stark appears in the movie!!!! Who is Tony Stark???
Ironman lah~~ So cool^^ I love Tony Stark^^ (sorry carrots, peas like ironman ;p)

Although the cinema hall which I entered had some minor problems during the first 30 minutes of the movie, I greatly enjoyed myself^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kung Fu Panda~

Yeah, I watched Kung Fu Panda last Friday, when it was released internationally on the 6th of June 2008^^ LOL~ Considering that Malaysia is towards the eastern side of the world, I may be one of the first few hundreds or thousands in the world to catch the movie in cinema!!
Yup, I tengah syiok sendiri with my wild imagination! LOL ;p too much of panda-disease I guess (watch the movie, you'll get what I mean *wink* the delusional panda-disease! hahaha^^)

Anyways, the movie was a bucket full of laughter! Sadly the happy movie is rather short, with a running time of only 92 minutes. And considering the fact that not many people stayed back to watch the credits roll, we only got less than 1 and a half hour worth of good-time. *sigh*

Apparently Jackie Chan is the voice of the monkey. BUT, I didn't realise it throughout the WHOLE movie, because of the minimal lines the monkey had. ROFL~
Lucy Liu and Angelina Jolie's voice were also in there, along with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. Unfortunately, I think my hearing is pretty bad. I couldn't tell whose voices were used, until I went back home and check. LOL~

Well, as a conclusion, go panda go~ LOL^^ I mean..Go Po~~~ (Po's the name of the panda^^)


I thank the wonders of technology, where IMU FINALLY sent us (the students) an e-mail regarding our Semester 3 results, which as due LAST monday (late by 8 days!!!).

Anyways, the forwarded e-mail told me:

Please be informed that you have passed the End of Semester 3 Examination.

That was the best email I have ever received! It brought happiness to me. LOL ;p
It had the power to change this>>>

to THIS>>>>>

p.s: Congrats to fellow batch mates who PASSED too^^ *hygs*

Monday, June 09, 2008


I went out with my ex-colleague, Jacq and her friend Adrena, for shopping @ Jusco, Bukit Tinggi (that was my third time going to Jusco within the past 4 days. LOL~) Well, Jusco is barely even more than 10 minutes away from my house. Places like Midvalley, or Times Square is way tooo far from Klang, and the petrol hike only made them EVEN further!!!

Anyways, we had lunch @ Dome, and it was my first time having a meal there.
Verdict: The food was Great^^

I had this - Erm..the dish had a fancy name, which I forgot *sigh* but yeah, it's seafood carbonara.
The portion is large!! See the three mussels there? Hehe^^ and look at the amount of creamy sauce^^ It was yummy~~

This is the beef lasagna!

The catch of the day - dory fish fillet with butter rice~

And coincidently, I had an sms-voucher from maxis which enabled me to purchase any regular coffee drink for only RM3~ Coffee Latte~ RM3!!!

Cafe Mocha~ Also RM 3^^ hehe^^

Hehe, so that was the yummy food I had with Jacq and Adrena^^
Btw, noticed the lack of my own pictures lately? *sigh* To be really honest, I am having a severe acne outbreak right now *double sigh* Thus explaining the lack of my own pictures. I have went to see a skin specialist, but the medication needs time, like a few weeks (6-8weeks) before the effects can be seen = = and worse still, it's making my skin "purge" out the oil for the initial 1 week of usage.

I also think that the outbreak might be caused by my hormone problems. Yea, I may have hormone problems, remember me saying that I have PCOS?

What's PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome lah~ go google it.
As I have mentioned, the symptoms of PCOS includes
- obesity
- acne
-hormonal imbalance

Yea, I do sound bitter, but I am trying hard to cope with it. The emotional problems of a person who has acne can be...erm...hard to cope with. This is the second time I had such a severe skin problem, the last time was in 2004, right after my national service stint, where my period went missing in action for 3 months plus. This time around my period went MIA for almost 4 months, so yea, I am imagining to myself that my body is trying to purge out all the toxins *sigh*

Previously, if anyone complains to me about their ONE and only pimple on their face, I would get cheesed off. I still do get pissed off when people complain about a pimple, when their skin is almost flawless, but I understand that people love to complain, so at least I won't take it to myself personally.

Last time (I mean a few years ago in 2004) I would cry myself to sleep while thinking of my pimples, and comparing myself to the others who have flawless skin around me. I made myself miserable. So, this time, I vow to myself to not let acne affect me! Go peas~ you can do it^^ (so try not to mention my skin problem in front of me all of a sudden, if I am not prepared for it, I may just breakdown. LOL ;p)
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