Saturday, December 18, 2010

7aste New York

Hello New-Yorkers,

Have you had a good night's rest after last night's 7aste party?

Well, I did :)

I got both a good night's rest after a great night out @ Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana!!

It's my first ever 7aste event, and it was truly memorable :)

They've got pretty ushers upon entry.
They've got free flow of Heineken for all members.

They've got a bottle of JD whisky for each VIP (too bad I didn't get one :S)

Great performers to entertain us e.g. Hariz Iskandar

Great DJ to keep the music pumping all night long.
Great company :)

My bro
Some bloggers: Jia Yeen, Xiang Cool, Tony

And best of all, all these were given for free.

Yes. You read right. Free.

But how??

I don't know how, ask 7aste :P

All I know is as long as you are a registered 7aste member, all you have to do upon arrival to the venue is to let the pretty ushers read ur MyKad and you're entitled to all the priveleges of being a 7aste member :)

Yes. It is THAT simple.

So what are you waiting for?
Register yourself as a 7aste member today [here],
join their facebook page [here]
and wait for their next event!!


p.s: Just make sure you don't get over you head with the free flow alcohol and end up like this :P

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The results of the My Selangor Story

It's the official wrap up for the My Selangor Story!!!

Date: 7th December 2010
Venue: Delicious, Marc's Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Well, I didn't expect to win anything from the contest, and my expectations were correct;

I did not.

But truth be told, I already felt like a winner just by joining the contest. The fact that a small blogger like me was able to participate in such a fun contest, is the greatest prize itself! :D

So here are the list of the 8 prize winners who wrote beautiful blog posts!

Dania(Grand Prize)
Tian Chad (1st R/Up)
Thristhan (2nd R/up)
Nicole (Msxeroz) (Most Creative Blog)
Iman (Eyriqazz) (Most Interactive Blog)
Dylan(Best write-up)
Norman @ KK (Best Video)
Feeq(Best Photos)

Was I disappointed not being one of the people in the pic?

*types the word disappointment in the search bar of my mind*


Nah. Not at all. Most probably I already told myself I wouldn't be winning.

In fact I was more than happy after the results were announced because........

it was time to DIG into GOOD FOOD!!
Yes. Delicious serves DELICIOUS food!
Alrights, and that's a wrap for the MSS story.

It was fun and it was memorable :)

Congratulations to the winners once again, and may we meet again in the near future!! *huggsss*

To the rest who weren't prize winners, sweat not, we're still winners, just no prize *winks*


Wen Yi

*and opps, I just realized I forgot to take my signature "sarangheyo" pose to end this post~~ *sorryyyyy*

Saturday, December 04, 2010

a FREE trip to JAPAN!!! 日本が大好^^

Yup. A free trip to Japan!!!!!

As you all know, I love free stuff; be it a pair of free movie ticket, or even a simple free meal (depending on what food is served of course :P). And right now, there's a contest for a FREE TOKYO TRIP thanks to a youth blogger whom I met during the MySelangorStory contest: SY who blogs at

So DO check out Sylistic’s travelogue today to win yourself a 7 days 5 night VIP Tokyo Trip for 2 !!!

Well as for me, I have obviously tried my luck in answering the contest questions and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the good news to arrive!!

But I'd just to share how looooooong my ねがい or wish to visit Japan has been!!!

It all started with Dragon Ball manga or comic books. lol.

Yes. Dragon Ball!!

My mum thought it'd be good for my brothers and I to read in Malay, and so she bought us the malay subbed Dragon Ball.

That led to us buying MORE and MORE mangas (still Malay subbed);

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

to Get Backers

to 3x3 eyes, Fruits Basket, Hot Gimmick..and the list continues. LOL.

The manga-lover then became an anime-freak as well. If you haven't watched a Japanese animation before, you should. It's really wayyy better than watching Spongebob Square Pants on nickelodeon :P

Plus, japanese animation are almost always accompanied by GREAT soundtracks!!

All those fed my mind and soul with the ultimate desire to visit Japan one day.

In fact, I had wanted to learn Japanese by myself that I even bought a book that goes, "Teach yourself Japanese" and a mini Japanese-English dictionary!

My brothers both picked up Japanese while they are in university, and brought home this stack of Minna No Nihongo or Japanese for everyone!!

That was almost 4 years ago, and till today I have yet finished reading the book. LOL.

BUT when I win the FREE air ticket, I can fully utilize the dictionary :P


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