Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the season of sharing and caring..Opps..that's for Christmas.LOL

Anyways, CNY is the time for me to

1. get "angpaos" (or red packets with money in it)

2. eat loads of stuff; namely 'bah gua' or 'rou gan' (i.e dried pork or chicken meat), kams(mandarin oranges) AND my favourite 'kuih kapek' *yummy*

3. gamble

4. watch fireworks display

5. Chinese New Year Ads on TV ( I love watching CNY advertisements, especially those produced by Petronas. They're always meaningful and touching. [Here's] this years' ad)

To be honest, number 3 and 4 are actually illegal in Malaysia, yet U can still see many ppl conducting these activities, which of course is a good thing because that is what Chinese New Year is ALL about!
Imagine, no gambling nor firecrackers or fireworks display on Chinese New Year..
That'll be the worst chinese new year *sobs*

Yup, gambling and playing with fireworks or firecrackers are actually banned in Malaysia. BUT, of course there are some legal places where u can gamble in Malaysia--> Genting's Casino

Anyways, although there was a major crackdown on fireworks earlier this year by the government [The Star] so there were fewer firework displays this year around. =(

But here's some shots of the festive period^^
^my friends and I^

^My cousin, Penny and I^

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

so much for simplicity

yea..screw simplicity.

At first I was thinking to myself that a simple and nice skin for my blog would be nice.

BUT, matter how 'nice' a simple skin is, the one I have now is way TOO bare!*sobs*

As I was looking for a nicer skin to suit my mood, I bumped into this girl's blog.
Her blog had this super pink and nice skin!!
I was filled with envy as I browsed through her page, especially when I found out she made the skin by herself!
In this case, ignorance is bliss.

Because ever since I saw her blog and clicked on other of her 'recommended' blogs, all I wanted to do was quit blogging and hide myself under some thousands of tons of soil -_-''

Anyways, its CHINESE New Year!! The year of the Boar^^
SO let's be merry and happy all year long!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to handle an accident

Today, I observed an accident and thus, came up with a 'brilliant' guide on how to cope with an accident.

Firstly, no matter whose fault it is, always get out of your vehicle to observe the extent of damage.
(BUT, if the opposite vehicle is owned by a not-so-friendly-looking man, do think twice)

Secondly, quickly snap a picture of:
1. damage to both vehicles
2. car registration number
3. road tax

Thirdly, make a phone call to your parents or friends or someone who important to you.

Fourth, discuss all matters with the opposite person without raising your voice (unless he/she is the one who is at the wrong) If you are at fault, try your best to be friendly and smile (and also cross your fingers that you won't get punched on your face)

Five, exchange cash or contact number.
The reason why I wrote this is because I myself have had experience being in an accident before. Thankfully both happened when I wasn't the one behind the wheels ^^

Anyways, an accident happened right in front of my house this evening, and the loud shattering of glass attracted the attention of many people, including me.

Thus, I stood behind the window to 'pat-kua'.

So, I noticed that the person who got knocked was this Honda(or it might be a Nissan, oh well, I'm bad in cars anyways) driven by this indian couple while the other car was a modified black Wira driven by a young chinese lad.

To shorten the story,
both sides exchanged numbers after a long period of looking at each others cars while the female sat patiently inside the car.
Apparently, woman are still bad when it comes to handling accidents. They just sit around and let the guys handle the talking. (Yea...that was exactly what I did too, sit, observe and wait)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Updated looks

When I first saw labels under my friends' post in her blog, I wondered,

'What's a label?'
How come she has one but I don't?'

That happened months ago...

And now, I know how to put labels! FINALLY!
Praise my lucky stars that I finally took the time to read what other people has to say about blogging. (actually, I have too much time to kill and so..the rest is history)

Actually, to put labels, all I had to do was to get an updated version of the templates -_-''
Oh well, at the very least I DID update it. LOL^^

Actually, I had wanted to retain my original template (the one with the snowflakes and all)
BUT, somehow I lost the original html!! *sobs*

That is why I had to change my template to the current one now.

Thankfully the updated version of the templates are super-easy and user-friendly!! Even a slow learner like me learned how to change the color!

A big hug for blogger for making blogging a whole lot easier!!

Now that my blog has a new look, I was pondering on whether I should get a new hairdo.
I permed my hair more almost 3 months ago, and NOW...its a mess -_-''

I trimmed my hair only ONCE after the perm, and thus the curls aren't as curly as they're supposed to be.
So, in the end I have this really frizzy and a hair with great volume. To be honest, its kinda like a lions' mane!
Scary, huh? But that's the ugly truth; my hair is a mess, if I don't put any mousse of oil on my hair.

From the feedbacks I got from my friends, a straightened hair complements my look much better.
BUT, it's so expensive to get my hair done!
I haven't even got paid for my previous job!
*sobs* And since I'm gonna enter IMU (my university) in a few weeks time, I have to a bit more stingy when it comes to spending; cause I gotta but the furniture for my new hostel.

So..I think I'll only get a new hair-do NEXT year. LOL^^

Friday, February 02, 2007

Kyle XY

I am, yet again, going ga-ga over a HOT guy whom I watched on TV -_-''

Who is he?
He's [Matt Dallas],
Kyle, the guy who is in Kyle XY!

What is [Kyle XY]?
It's a drama series which has finally reached Malaysian shores!

Actually I had no idea that the show existed till I saw the advertisement on the local papers yesterday morning.

The ad is kinda similar to the pic below,

At first I was wondering to myself,

'Why is he holding up his shirt?
If u wanna go topless to show ur body jz take off the whole shirt, right?'

BUT, the advertisement did do its job.
At 9.30pm I was glued in front of the screen watching how 'Kyle' found himself in a middle of a forest where the stumbles not only on a snake, but also a couple making out in a bright red tent.

Then, off he goes wondering in the town stark naked with gluey-sticky stuff all around him. Eeww..

Anyways, my main point is that Kyle looks amazingly HOT once he got cleaned and had proper clothes on! ^.^
I am so not kidding! He's so cute!

Well, although there were some scenes where he made a fool of himself i.e wetting his pants because he hasn't learn how to pee.

And then I found out the significance of the pic,
Kyle doesnt have a belly button.

Err..I was too preoccupied gazing at his cute face till I didn't notice it -_-''

So, since the hottie got my attention, I went online and browsed about Kyle XY and found out that it was actually aired in the US 6 months ago!

Grrr...malaysian tv is really slow in getting new movies and drama series to air,
BUT, I have to admit that the programs aired are getting better, year by year!
So, big thanks to all those ppl in the media industry who makes me wanna stick my butt in front of the idiots' box 247..
(I know I'm sarcastic..LOL)

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