Monday, April 28, 2008

SRC politics~ take 2

Now, I am EXTREMELY glad that I am NOT one of the SRC canditates,
IF I were, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to write such an interesting post on SRC politics.

This is simply because talking about other candidates,
when you YOURSELF are a candidate, just seems a little "too much".
And that again, is MY PERSONAL point of view.
I know that my previous post reached the ears, or eyes of the related people.
And somehow I feel that a storm is brewing.

Now, I do apologize if any of this matters make matters worse. But I stress again, that this blog is about my personal point of view, and I understand what D said in his blog, is HIS point of view. A coin has two sides, so does a story. (wait, maybe there are more sides of the story than two...haha)

Anyways, DO read the comments of the previous post.
AND, judge it for yourself. It's kind of entertaining, at least to me ;p (I tengah shiok sendiri now..hahaha)

I can go all out and campaign for chin yeong, by talking about the pros and cons of the other candidates (which I think I already did ;p) but this is just a small scale. It's not like the whole of IMU will read it. Duh...

On a more personal note, I think that I sound a lot more erm..evil, I mean "sarcastic" when I was writing the previous post. This lead me to ponder on my chances of being a critic, which I think I did a pretty good job on ;p

And friends, if you find this "other" me, which sounds a lot like Siva the debator ;p DO let me know... hehe...

By the way, since I'm in THE MOOD to promote or gain votes for the SRC election,
Let's talk about my fellow batchmates who are running for various posts,

Wei Leun FOR SRC Social Concerns Representative!!!!

Adelin running FOR Public Relation Liason.

Chun Kang running FOR Sports Representative.

Sin Wee
running FOR Cultural and Religious Representative.

Siva FOR Vice President of Pharmacy Faculty.

AND last but not least, my house mate,


Jangan tak undi, because EVERY vote COUNTS!

p.s - vote because you know they'll make things happen.

I honestly, have to say this, AGAIN...
That I DIDN'T like D's performance during Husting, at all.
Simply because D made his stand that Imu Xtra won't be carried out if he is not elected treasurer.

(I like the idea of IMU Xtra, and I'm giving ALL credits of coming out with the idea to HIM. I know that if was HIS idea, and HIS effort to actually approach the respective people. I sincerely applaud the idea, and I think many IMU students love that as well.)

BUT it's HIS response and reasons for NOT wanting to carry out the plans
IF he is NOT elected treasurer that bugs me.

IF indeed he DOESN'T win,
Why shouldn't Imu Xtra be carried out?
Why let all HIS verbal agreements drop, just like that?
Why shouldn't he FIGHT for the right to continue the plan with the help of the FUTURE SRC body?

Being an SRC candidate, means that one should be considerate about the welfare of all students. Does saying that the plan WILL NOT be carried out, seem considerate to you?
It just sounds plain inconsiderate, to me.

Again, I applaud the plan of IMU Xtra, I love it, I want to get Xtra privileges.
If D were running for another position which is mainly focusing on the concerns of the students, instead of running as a treasurer,
I would vote for him because I want IMU Xtra to be carried out.

BUT bear in mind, that we're talking about the post of a TREASURER.

Factors that come into my mind when I select a treasurer,
is HE/SHE good in managing the funds?
is HE/SHE good in keeping the account systematic?
is HE/SHE honest in trying to make a better and more transparent account?

These are some of the factors which should be taken into consideration,
I want to vote for someone who
can manage the funds well,
can allocate proper amount of funds to respective clubs,
can manage the account properly so that every cent spent will be record systematically.

I personally know Chin Yeong, so I KNOW for SURE that she CAN do it,
it doesn't mean the other candidates can't.
I'm just saying that I have FAITH in her.. and I will SUPPORT her.
Just because she didn't come out with a fancy IMU xtra (which we all love),
it doesn't mean she's not a good treasurer.

Complaints against her by other candidates, so what?
Complaints are here, written by me,
it's on the newspapers, written by other people,
it's everywhere.
HUMANS by nature LOVE complaining.
D even complained about "the" incident in his blog.

(I am sounding more and more like a paparazzi;
making sensational news out of SRC politics. LOL)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is inhumane....

I browsed a friend's blog, and bumped into the following video which is also found on YouTube.
It's called Meet Your Meat.

which then lead me to MORE horrifying videos animal cruelty.
This is a video of a dish served in Taiwan, called the Yin Yang Fish.

While this short clip shows that fishes too are being killed alive. It's just gross.

It starts to make me wonder, should I really become a vegetarian?
I always try to reduce my meat intake especially when eating at IMU cafe, because it's not only expensive, I know that if I do i'm indirectly causing the animal's death.
But now, even egg and milk consumption seems evil.....

SRC politics~

It's been some time since I've blogged. It's most likely due to the fact that I lacked the motivation to do so.
BUT today, I am SOOOOOOO motivated to blog about something that's extremely interesting; and it's happening RIGHT here in IMU, Bkt Jalil Campus.

Well, to start off, it'll be fair for me explain what SRC is.
SRC = Student Representation Council of IMU students.
i.e they represent the students of IMU.

My housemate, Cucu, is one of the THREE candidates running for the position of SRC treasurer.

I have faith in her not only because I know her personally, but also due to the fact that I've seen her do a great job during my batch's Malaysian Studies Project. She was the Director of the project, and she pulled off the great job. Now I shall not dwell on this subject for too long, as it will seem that I'm being biased.

The other two candidates are D and E. D is a rather ambitious person, and came up with the idea of IMU xtra; meaning that IMU students can use their student ID to get discounts. Well, the idea is catchy, and I do applaud him for having the guts to aim for something this big. But there are many factors which makes it highly unrealistic. (i'm sure you'll think of many)

Most of the shops mentioned in the IMU xtra, are shops nearby our university, namely in Sri Petaling. And D mentioned during Husting Day, that he HAS approached all the shops he listed down, and received VERBAL agreement. Thus, my friends have approached one of pharmacy listed, and asked whether there's such a thing.
Guess what?
The lady told us that ALL their items in their shop are already discounted for students.
Well, we were disappointed, but I guess it's maybe the deal didn't seem profitable to the pharmacy after all.
(Husting Day is a day where the canditates give their speech and gets interrogated by the current SRC members.)

Best of all, during Husting Day. One of the current SRC member,A asked D two questions which went something like this...

A: Since that you've already gotten verbal agreement on the discounts by the shop, although you're not currently the treasurer. Would you tell me
WHY do you have to be a treasurer to get IMU xtra, and
WHAT would happen to your IMU xtra plans is you do not get the post of treasurer?

D: If I do not become the treasurer, the PLANS will NOT BE IMPLEMENTED.

Now, I guess that everyone who was present and listening to Husting Day, were shocked by the somewhat immature answer, because the whole floor went silent right after D said this.
I myself was unprepared for such a response, and the thoughts running in my head went like,
Oh My Gawd..
how can he even say this?
Isn't this a little too much?
Shouldn't he have said it's okay to share?

As my thoughts were running, D continues, by saying something about it's because if he were treasurer he would get more rights to implement the plans and a lot more else which I unfortunately missed.

NOW, I shall give the break down as why D reacted this way; in my own personal view.

A asked D the question,
D feels threatened by the question,
D lost his cool and was only thinking about pulling votes.
So he "threatened" voters to vote for him IF NOT....

Yup, that's my point of view. And since his first thought that came into mind was "threatening", it only comes to prove how immature he is.

AND to make matters a little clearer, the FUNCTION of SRC treasurer is simply to take good care of their funds. i.e
to make sure every detail is noted in the account book,
to make sure the funds are distributed appropriately among the society and clubs in IMU,
and an additional task which is to be overlook the problems student have in the IMU cafe.

From the above, we can see how FAR D has deviated on his main jobscope. It's good for IMU student, no doubt about that, but I think it's something that requires the co-operation of ALL SRC members, and not a one-man show.

Well, this is not the only example of his immaturity, I picked this up from D's blog regarding an incident happening BEFORE Husting Day.

"As you all know, I'm running for Treasurer in my university. There is another 2 more candidates for the same post namely X and Y. This Y is suppose to be a trainee for the current treasurer Z.

So things happen like this.

Situation 1

Then came the voting day for this group of people WHICH included Y. Z and another guy was guarding the voting box. And the time came when Y and friends came to do voting. It's alright that they are voting. But..

They are like chatting in front of the voting box!! I was there observing this from afar for a while and till this extent I wanted to take a picture with my k800i on this and post it up everywhere!! But I didn't.

I went in front and asked him like this.

Me : Can candidates be near the voting box during voting time?
Z : No.
Me : Then why is she here?
Z : She is this batch and she is voting lar.
Me : So mean voting can be here and chat with other people at the voting box la? Mean I can also do so when my batch vote is it?
Z : She is voting there wad.
Y : Fine. I go now, OKAY?
( Took her bag and started to leave)
Z : She is here to do her voting and it's her batch today for voting!
Me : Ok ok whatever ( Stomped off and pissed)

Ok. I admit that I was over the board and confronted the problem like that. I went and apologized from them later that day. It's not even really my fault. I mean Z was like totally covering up for Y in that situation! I admit that I wasn't professional at that time because it's really unfair for us to have some situation like that to come up."

NOW, I was really amused when I read D's blog. Why amused?
Because Cucu which happens to be named as Y in his blog,
told me about the exact same incident.

Yes, it did happen like that, BUT with a SLIGHT difference.
Cucu was there because she wanted to ask Z a few questions regarding her tasks,
And what Cucu DID NOT say,
Y : Fine. I go now, OKAY?

She only said: Fine, I'll go now.
(only because she think that D was losing his temper and she didn't want to make things worse)

The word OKAY in that line just made her look arrogant.
If you know Cucu, you know she ISN't that kind of person.
She will NEVER raise her voice.
Giving people a wrong impression of what HAPPENED is not professional,

"I admit that I wasn't professional at that time because it's really unfair for us to have some situation like that to come up."

From his performance during Husting Day and this post.....
I'm glad D himself knows that he isn't PROFESSIONAL.

So, VOTE for CHIN YEONG as treasurer.

The funds will lay in good care,
account will be keyed in systematically,
every detail will be in,
every society will be in good care,
problem in IMU Cafe will be looked into,
and best of all,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I can draw~ No?

It was a busy week in IMU,
we had activities going around in the Atrium almost on a daily basis.
(the Atrium is actually a really big concourse area on the ground floor, and it's something like the center court of MidValley, only smaller. I mean a LOT smaller ;p)

We had a Dance Competition on Monday or was it Tuesday?
Anyways, about 7 groups participated, and most of them are really good =)
Watching a good live dance is always the best, especially when the sound surround is good =)
Not to mention the fact that there are BOTH pretty and hot girls to look at!
Pretty boys?? erm....sadly, IMU lacks male dancers...
Looking at them dance makes me wanna take part too,
maybe I should have joined when my friend asked me whether I wanted to take part. Meh...

Then, from Wednesday till Friday, was our Malaysian Studies project.
It was during this period, where IMU really looked like a SHOPPING MALL.

The fantastic center-piece decoration!!

The bright and colourful "kolam"~
an Indian feel area prepared by the deco pplwe even have a hallway filled with chinese paper lanterns~
plus, a "haunted house"
the whole event lasted for 3 days, and on day 1, I was in-charge of food!!

irene and i~

the borsch soup we prepared, I think we sold about 100 of them!!!and we even had a few students drawing calligraphy~
and on day 2, i was at the henna counter, collecting money. And secretly drew for some ppl. hehe;p
and i accidently smeared what i drew = =
and since the theme was the malay and indian culture, i wore my mum's baju kurung~
and so the girls took pic at the malay wedding like set-up~
day 3, i was in the indian dance, and i was around drawing henna for ppl too~
me in the indian dance, can't see me?
well, double check, i'm IN the pic for sure~
and this pic is soo nice, I had to grab it from our photographer Jacqueline ;pohh, and i got this henna done by chinyik~
and I got soo addicted to drawing henna, that I went back home and did this to my brother and my dad~
cool eh? though the "henna-tattoo" isn't THAT perfect, a bit senget but hey, I'm a beginner, cut me some lack will ya? ;p

after looking at all the nice pictures my friends took of the event,
I felt like going to get myself a really nice camera..

but if I do, there goes my initial plan of going to Scotland to get the 5.0mp cellphone which comes along with a line subscription... mehhhhh...

p.s - i am so used to using the word - meh. that some ppl have called me a goat. MEH.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm soooo excited today..

I went to PC fair at KLCC today with carrots.
And guess what,

I got a laptop skin!!!
I have actually wanted to get a laptop skin ever since carrots said that my laptop looks old,
and ever since I saw the wonderful designs of laptop skins online.
And, opportunity dropped right in front of me when carrots and I decided to go to the PC fair.

Thus, wenyi got herself a laptop skin for rm30, which came along with a free "wrist" pad.

wenyi's laptop~~ *woot*

a closer look of the design. (sorry for the poor quality of picture, it's taken with my vga camera phone..*sobs*)
the inner side of the laptop before and after pasting the "wrist" pad~

While walking around, we saw portable speakers on sale. Unfortunately for me, my desire for a portable speaker proved too strong to conquer. Thus, I came back with one from sonic gear which costs rm 69 (along with a free adapter)

And back at home, I got a surprise awaiting me! Free TWO gsc movie tickets, which I won when I took part in their contest. And I submitted one for carrots too, and he won as well. So in total, we have 4 tickets! Meaning 2 extra movies to catch~ Yeah~~~

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I've been a bit lazy lately,
I've not been updating my blog,
I've not been doing my studies early,
I've only been lazing around doing nothing.

Lol..and good news,
my tests and assignments, on a weekly basis (almost weekly basis),
is going to come to an end!!!
Whee^^ that means more time for me, myself and I!!!

Somehow lately I've been kinda happily immersing myself in watching a korean drama called, Coffee Prince. And I watch about 1 to 2 hours of it daily, without realizing that I actually have a 25% class test next Monday! Haha ;p

Then, today.... I went out with Carrots the whole day. Rofl~
We went to collect 5 FREE books which I won through an online contest!!!!
It's actually a contest of an online magazine called Faces.
I had actually received an e-mail end of March informing me to go collect the free books.
But I was skeptical, because it was an online contest where all I had to do was write a slogan.
Plus, they didn't state my name in the first e-mail.
Only when I confirmed with them via email, did they mention my name.
So, I was fearful that it might be some online scam.

However, a week ago, the lady called me, asking me to go collect the books as the final date to collect them is the 12th of April 2008.
So, I thought
"I've got nothing to lose, right?"

And so Carrots sent me there, to some 2-storey shop lot in Mutiara Damansara.
The "office" is actually the upper floor of the shop, and it looks a little small to me.
Anyways, I DID get my books!!!!! Hehe^^
I got a total of FIVE books!! *jeng jeng jeng*

1st book - Guinness World of Records 2008!! *phee-weeet*

book two - Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christmas
(actually I shouldn't mention this, cause I intend to give it off as a Christmas present ;p
but since that I have, I shall keep it for my own! hahaha)

book 3- Green is the new Black

book 4 - pocket wine book

and finally book 5 - the woman's book

I haven't read any of them, except Guinness world of record. hehe^^
And after collecting the books, Carrots and Peas headed off to The Curve.
We ate at Eden's for lunch,
went out to play chess for a bit (which I totally suck at = =)
headed off to Ikano and had meatballs!!!

And took a candid shot of me feeding a baby~~
And finally, to Cineleisure to catch the movie - Death Sentence!
Pull peas, pull!! Pull those tusks off!!!!

Anyways, Death Sentence is a pretty cool movie,
loads of gore towards the end.
The starting was a bit slow, but it really helps in building up the emotions of the viewers....
I found the review here really useful.
And though the movie's main idea on revenge is a bit erm...distorted,
it makes a good action movie nonetheless =)

p.s - after that, I went online and checked,
and found out that my name actually appeared on the online magazine's website.
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