Monday, August 31, 2009

An update before a looooooong trip~

It's been two weeks after my last exam, so technically I've had almost 2 weeks of break. And these two weeks flashed by faster than the exams period. I basically sleep a lot, and sit in front of the laptop a lot, and am getting lazier by the day.

In fact, I feel lazy to do almost anything, including blogging *sigh*
So here's some short updates on what I did during this past few days.

Post exam, Peas had had a delicious lunch @ Yates along Sauchiehall Street.
Halfway thru lunch, we saw smoke billowing out the building right opposite the restaurant. A few minutes later, the street was packed by 3 firetrucks. *the firemen here are extremely efficient, one call and they'll be there within a jiffy!*

Being the busybody that I am, Peas went out and snapped a few pics of the firemen in action. The picture below shows the firemen sealing up the area.
Then, the brave firemen went in, and started opening the windows of the building to let the smoke out. A few moments later, they sprayed water out the building!
During this period, Peas baked muffins as well :)
Peas along with Pohyee made cheesecake~
Peas went to a club called Garage, and the following is the entrance of the club.The place looks cool, but the music was not to our taste. The dj wasnt good-looking ;p and they played music which we have never heard we left early. lolz..

We also tried to have a nice outdoor bbq,But too bad, the gloomy UK weather forbidded us from successfully doing so :(
So in the end the bbq ended up an indoor makan-ing, singing, and grilling the leftover session. lolz~

Then yesterday, Peas had to wake up the earliest yet to grab a cab to head to a car boot sale.
A nice pic of us in the cab~ Its something like a pasar-pagi or a flea market, where the local people literally open up their car boots and sell things. Peas got herself a nice white blouse, a bathrobe and a bunny ear!!! haha~~~ Of coz during these few days, she got some other stuff, will post them up too :)

Anyways, Peas will be off for a very long time. She'll be off on the night of the 2nd and only be back in Glasgow on the 23rd of Sept. Lolz. Let's hope that I will be able to survive and enjoy the 21 days of vacation to the max! Get ready for an overload of pics from Munich, Paris, Rome, Vatican, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Naples, Capri and Milan^^

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye Semester 6~

I think that I'm still in a state of disbelief.
My wish to get exempted from PP3 came true. I am thankful. Really thankful and glad I made it.
My passing was really a relief from all the pain and sadness I experienced throughout this month, from our first class test paper for FMT 1 till today's final degree paper for FMT 2.

It was daily studying to do...
A messy table filled with notes, stationary, chips and plenty of fluids...

It was a long month. A really really long month. From my previous posts, you'd could see the trend, from me being "emo" for the longest of times. It's never happened to me previously, and I didn't like it one bit. I was crying almost everyday...I'd be reading FMT 1 or FMT 2, then the mind goes off, and starts to wonder of all the "what ifs" in life.

I'd go all depressed, cry a bit, then force myself to pick up this book....
It's really a good book. All sorts of good advice. It helped me stop crying (albeit only for awhile) and then i'll pick back myself and start studying. While studying (and also crying) one will get hungry and thus explaining the filled rubbish bin of mine....

Then, there was the internet. It was so damn distracting. It was calling for me, to go click it (esp the site called facebook, which connects everyone...) So i resorted to plugging of the cable (and as ah ken says, "the LAN cable lost the hole to "cucuk" ..... for a few hours... then the LAN cable came back to "cucuk" the hole..and resulted in me going online as usual. Then I took a further extreme method, to hide the laptop under my bed...

Obviously, that worked...but only awhile. But longer than keeping the LAN cable. lol.

But that's in the past, I can now go on the net as much as i want :)
And the fact that I got exempted now acts as a booster for me, that life isn't as depressing as I thought it was.

As a sign off, a pic of me (taking sometime during the studying period)

btw I noticed, that my eyes were to puffy..and my hands are still hairy @.@

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been awhile~

Peas is back from PP3 : Exemption exam, where'd EVERYONE is hoping really hard that they'll get exempted. But that requires a mark of 70 and above i.e we can only get 30 marks off for 5 prescriptions~~~~ *prays hard, lemme get exempted...please....pretty please....*

Anyways, it feels like awhile since I got in touch to the local news in Malaysia, so I went to the Star and saw this tagline.

Patriotism is a virtue for the beaches.

I was shocked. did it jz say patriotism is a virtue for the B*tches?

Click here to see:)

Amusing eh?
Alrights, that's all for now. Time to study for FMT~
I need a really "geng" filter so that i can retain all the data!!!
Better still, I wanna hv a SELECTIVE filter i.e one that can select the important data and retain them!!! So it's time to start pouring in the data for my filters to start working :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm very lazy, really. I told myself to study hard. Like really hard.

But somehow I ended up downloading songs using Kuguo (a programme that automatically gets the lyrics for songs and has a P2P downloading facility as well). That night, I stayed up till almost 3am, singing songs, and downloaded almost 100 songs @.@

The next night, I told myself, to off the laptop, which I did. But I got sleepy before 12pm, and slept off *sigh*

Yesterday night, the same thing happened, and I told myself to wake up early to study. But the cold Glasgow weather is too comfy for me to get up.. the nice warmth from the duvet was jz too much to handle. lolz.

And the bagpipes are still playing occasionally:)
I finally got a picture of them :)
This dude was sitting on ANOTHER dude with a bagpipe, right outside my window. lolz.
Ain't he cute? lolz~
I studied a bit, then it was time for dinner. We had this the other night :) so homely eh?
I am really thankful for the creators of ready-made powdered herbs that made the chicken possible :)

After dinner, it was time to study, but the sky was jz lovely..that I sat there admiring the sky instead of admiring the data given in FMT 1 and 2 *sigh*

As I was reading my FMT 2, I finally knew why I scored to little. More than half the things I studied were already gone *double sigh* My retention power is really bad.

It's like sieve analysis for particles.
Data from books are like particles.
Some ppl have filters which have SUPER small pore sizes, thus retaining all the particles.
Mine is as big as a fish net. All the particles feel right through the filter @.@

And Renly informed me that we're supposed to get a minimum of 50 for all 3 subjects to enter th year @.@ *prays really hard, lemme passs through please*

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bagpipes playing out my window...

For the past few days, there has been many ppl playing the bagpipe right outside our hostel.
I find it really nice. Nice songs, nice rhythm and really soothing :)
It inspired me to write this line:
as the sounds of bagpipes fill the room, i am reminded of how blessed i am to actually be here on Scottish soil :) *truly grateful*

Yes, it's like I'd wanted to shout out, "Thank You JPA for sponsoring me here!"
Which is really true, without the scholarship, I'd probably never have gotten the chance to study overseas. And I'd most likely never have gotten the chance to travel around this side of earth:)

Anyways, back to the bagpipes, I'd wanted to record them practicing but somehow I couldn't see them, I could only hear them. So here's a link for a video uploaded by a friend on facebook, hope that you guys can see it :)

And of being grateful, I'd like to share this e-book with you all.
It's called Love Begins with You.
The quote on the book goes,
No commercial Value, Immense Inner Value.

Which is VERY true. It has LOADS of really nice and motivating quote that would keep anyone going :) Enjoy :)

As a sign off, here's a pic of the two dishes i prepared yesterday :)
Thanks mum for making Acha (pickled vege) at home, I learned well i guess, everyone liked it :)
And thank you dad for buying me the Nasi Goreng Briyani powder,
and thank you to devi for cooking wondrous mutton curry.
and thank you to the hsemates who fried beautiful eggs.

Friday, August 07, 2009

PP3 nightmare

It is a nightmare paper.

First off, it's negative marking. And in the first class test, I already got -250 or more (i forgot, my maths is bad). If getting -110 is considered an improvement, I'd be more than happy. But it's not, it's still a BIG FAT ZERO on the paper = =

It's so bloody depressing. Changing doses apparently are VERY VERY BAD IDEAS. They get you up to -60marks off. Yes. I got deducted -30 and -60 for changing doses on two separate prescriptions. Dose range for maintenance alone ISN' T valid as well (so claimed by Miss Anne) You'd hv to put the dose for initial dose as well (minus another -10 marks). wth.

Then those who didn't change the dose at all, got fewer marks off. Yea. If i didn't change the two darn doses I would at least get positive marks. Bloody brain, think so much la, see what good it does. Screw PP3!!!!!!!!

I forgot that I vowed to be happy. = =''

*smile smile smile* it's working a bit. I think.
Ahh...looking for images of cute cats really work :)

This is gonna be me, when I'm off to Capri :)

Reminder to self: Be Happy :)

Peas was a little sad just now cause her results for FMT2 class test was rather disappointing :(

But then, she decided to cheer up and chill a bit. She then bumped into Wen Chin's bloggie, whereby she read this:

'My happiness comes first,
because in the end you will be alone,
and if you die sad
you only have yourself to blame.'

Ryen C. Tayangona (R.D. Nov 2008)

So true. If i myself am not happy, how can anyone else make me happy :)
So cheers to that nice quote!

Peas is gonna try to be a happy cat everyday :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You go girl~

After FMT 2, it's the time to chill. Or maybe not.

FMT 2 was a disaster. Despite being an MCQ or objective type of test, it was hell.
It only had 30 questions, and it's gonna be 30% of the total marks of the subject i.e each question is worth 1 mark.

I did the questions, circled those that I am not sure of the answers. 15 was the number of questions circled. I'm praying hard that I will get 15 marks at least. *prays hard*

Anyways, I was chatting with my mum the other day, and she said she'll be coming over to Scotland. Yes it's a little early to be planning to come visit me, but then cheap flights require early booking~ She said she'll most likely be arriving before my convocation, as she doesn't want to take a leave jz to make it on time for my convo, UNLESS I get an award. @.@

Obviously, i'm not the award material she's not coming for my convo. *wails*
And since FMT 2 was bad, Peas decided to chill for the day =)

She prepared fresh mushroom soup! Yes, those that you boil urself, not those canned version!! Woot~
Homemade Lasagna. Special thanks to PohYee for directing and arranging the lasagna layers >.<

And also Potato Cheese Ham casserole~~ >.<
*this pic was the first time i made the casserole. the one i did yesterday wasn't as nice as the first time =(*

Btw, i forgot to wish my fellow housemate who jz got attached recently. Congrats~ You go girl^^

Saturday, August 01, 2009

study hard~

My mind hasn't been on studying. Really.
It's always off some place else, getting distracted for the weirdest reason, and worse still dreaming of things which are wayyy off the boundaries of logic. lolz.

Anyways, Peas is done with 2 class tests~
One more class test to go,
one exemption exam *please let me pass through~~ pretty please*
two final exam papers on the 17 and 18th august respectively.

After that, it's gonna be a month full of travelling XD
Peas is gonna be off to Munich (germany), Paris (france) and rome, pisa, florence, venice, naples, capri and milan (Italy) and the smallest country in the world: Vatican City. *whee*

Although it's a little risky to be travelling with only 8 girls, we're street-wise girls okay? so no worries there =)

ps: i need a workout. I need to be able to wear my bikini when i go Rome and Capri! With my current fat deposits due to the long hours of sitting, i'm in no condition to wear it *sigh*
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