Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clothes clothes clothes

I've purchased 7 clothes online during my study break (4-5weeks ago).

And it arrived yesterday!!! Whee^^

It's a great relief to have received them as my mum kept saying that I got cheated by seller. LOL.
I don't wanna get cheated leh~
The 7 clothes costs around RM140 leh~

IF indeed I had gotten cheated,
I'll be bad-mouthing the seller online,
not only in my blog, but also in various forums. LOL~

Anyways, these few days have been..erm...tiring.

Tiring because my face is pimple-ridden, thus causing me to get stressed out whenever I look at the mirror. (yup, I nearly died pinching the zits while I tried on the just-arrived-clothings. *sweats*)

Tiring because I've been trying hard to design a blog for the IMU Ball, and I keep trying to make it nicer, and change it, but somehow I'm never satisfied.
I did contemplate on just directly using a skin from the internet without making any alterations, but my ego stood in the way. So there I was, making alterations to the skin.

I changed the colour, then I changed the header. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was lost staring at the html codes for the LONGEST time ever. *sweats*

I have a sore back right now. MEH~~~~

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Spiritual" trip

I tagged along with my parents for a "spiritual" trip for 3days and 2 nights.
It was organised by a local buddhist association called Mudita.
There were a total of 43 participants,
and most of them were in their 40s or 50s.
It was kinda like a family trip,
so there were children as well.
(so at least I wasn't the youngest in the trip ;p)

Day 1 - 25th October 2008 (Klang --> Lunas --> Taiping)

5.30am - woke up, washed up
6.30am - boarded bus which departed to Lunas, Kedah.

At Lunas, we visited two temples.
The first one was this,

The second one was a smaller temple which had a sauna "centre".
The sauna is different from the usual sauna,
because the steam is generated by wood.
Wood was burnt beneath the rooms to "steam" things up.
So I felt like I'm a stuffed chicken in an oven. LOL.

Then, we departed from Kedah, and headed to Taiping to spend the night at Taiping Motel.

Day 2 - 26th October 2008. (Taiping --> Ipoh)

4.30am - woke up, and washed up
5.00am - Departed to Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary for the Kathina Ceremony.

Nope, it's not hurricane kathrina, though it does sound like it.
I googled, and found this to be a useful explanation of the ceremony.
Kathina Ceremony (Robe offering ceremony)
Is held on any convenient date within one month of the conclusion of the Vassa Retreat, which is the three month rains retreat season (Vassa) for the monastic order. It is the time of the year when new robes and other requisites may be offered by the laity to the monks.

Anyways, the Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary was a really unique place.
It's situated at the top of a hill,
and we had to sit on the back of 4 wheel drives.
Kinda like how people send immigrants or workers to plantations. LOL.
The place was also beautifully landscaped,
and the architecture of the buildings are modern,
unlike the usual temples which are more traditional looking.

After the ceremony ended, we departed from Taiping to Ipoh.
In Ipoh, we stayed in the Tong Lian Siao Chu Nunnery.
It's a rather secluded temple I would say because even pohyee, doesn't know where it is. LOL.

After we "checked-in", we headed to the Kek Lok Cave which is famous for it's beautiful garden.

Day 3 - 27th October 2008 (Ipoh --> Sungkhai --> Kuala Kubu Baru --> Klang)

For the final day, we left Ipoh around noon to visit Sungkhai's hot spring.
It was bloody expensive.
Entrance fees was Rm10 per person,
and the toilets were inadequate and not so well maintained.

Anyways, hot springs were supposed to be good for the skin, etc,
but unfortunately for me, my pimples started purging out after that. *sigh*
I could be cursing all day about the pimples,
but hey, I have vowed to not look at the mirror this week.
Because once I look at the mirror, I would get depressed,
and my fingers will automatically move to pinch my zits. *sigh*

Back to the trip,
it was a rather long trip,
and I spent most of my time sleeping. LOL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Of He-she's..

To start off, having holidays is a bliss! Whee....

Sitting at home all day without doing anything!!!

Watching dramas,
surfing the internet.

If that's not bliss (at least temporarily, before I enter semester 5 *crosses fingers* IF i manage to pass my papers ;p) what is?

Back to my story of he-shes or transvestites.

I watched "Fury" , the Thailand action movie, with my parents yesterday.
And I was actually searching for it's poster,
but when I typed in Fury, nothing related to the movie appeared.

Then I found out that it's actual title is Chocolate.
Ish. Why does the censorship board change the name?
And they always give movies weird malay titles,
if I'm not mistaken,
they translated fury >>>>>> ganas or garang?
(Anyways, it just sounded wrong ;p)

The story was bad.
Yes. Storyline was bad. B A D.
However, the action was good.
If you guys didn't know, the lead actress did all the stunts by herself.
And one of the stuntman fell 3 floors,
and I think broke his back.

The extent to which these guys go to make an action movie is plain unbelievable.
Unbelievable because they really get their asses kicked,
Unbelievable because they can really fight,
Unbelievable because I think it's not worth fighting away your life to make stunts look real.

Anyways, back to he-shes, there were LOADS of them in the movie.
They were wearing cheongsams!
Yes! Tight fitting cheongsams along with wigs, and make up and their fake boobs.
The he-shes in the movie were *ahem* less feminine.

I then began be reminded of the "tiger show" I watched when I was in Phuket, Thailand.
Those he-shes performing there, were much prettier than those in the movie.
I wonder why they didn't get them to be in the movie instead of these "ugly" ones.

*a light lights up*

Because, if they had used the prettier he-shes,
no one could have recognised them as he-shes. ROFL.

Anyways, the trend of he-she are growing even in Malaysia. *sigh*
And there are many girls who become boys. *sweats*
But that of course is another story.

I shall only talk about he-shes today.
Did you know that we, malaysia, actually have a group called


No. It's not pussycat dolls.
It's Paperdolls.

They're actually a group of performers, consisting mainly of he-shes.
Yes. And to my amazement, my mum told me that the group has been around since decades ago. When my mum was still in her 20s. So that makes the group almost 3 decades old!!!

Remember the dinner which I was supposed to go the day before PP1?
The paperdolls were performing at the dinner.

I googled, and finally found their picture in a blog.

They remind me of the ones I saw in Phuket.
But of course, in Phuket,
these he-she's wore MUCH more revealing clothes,
and they looked prettier, or maybe it was because I was sitting further from the stage. LOL.

I still remember that in Phuket,
one of them wore only a tight-fitting lacey see-through outfit, without a bra.
But of course the he-she's nipples were concealed lah~

Oh well, as more males become females,
it's only natural for females to become males,
to counter the unbalanced which is created.
Yin and yang. LOL.
The balance shall be maintained!!!
(as long as I don't turn into a male,
and my brothers and carrots do not turn into females)

Nevertheless, quite a few ppl have commented that carrots look feminine. LOL.

A friend of mine saw this picture of peas and carrots,

and said that I've got seductive eyes. ROFL.
and that carrots looks a little girly. LOL.

Anyways, I do admit that carrots does look a little feminine.
And if he were to be a female,
I think he'll beat hands down anytime at all. LOL.

I then imagined renly's and pohyee's boyfriends as females.






LOL. They'll make the world's ugliest he-shes!!! ROFL...

I am then further reminded of orientation,
where the guys in our class crossed dressed.

The image of Alvin being an SM girl for the night is still vividly imprinted in my mind.
Just like homeopathy, where apparently the water molecules will "remember" the shapes of the active ingredients. ROFL.

Then, there was the pretty geisha by Chen.
OMG. And there was Siva and Wei Leun as belly dancers.

I shall go find the video and re-live the moment. HEHE~~~

But before I do so, lemme show you a picture.

This ladies and gentlemen,
is a he-she.

Yes. A he-she. But I shall call her a SHE because she's darn pretty.
I mean like, how on earth can she be a male????????

Yes. I am biased.
If you're a male, who became a female, but still look ugly, you're a he-she.

If you're a male, who became a HOT female, you're officially a she.
(at least in my dictionary!)

Her nickname is Nong-poy.
Just google that, and you'll find loads of pictures of her,
and even her friendster and facebook account. LOL.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Layout!!

Whee~ I've finally got all my layouts and widgets sorted out!!
Hehe...I've even designed a new banner for my blog.
And I've changed my title from,

"Learning about Love and Life"


"Peas on the run"

I was initially looking for some "cooler" name to put,
however I lacked ideas.

So there, Peas is now on the run!!
Go go go...
I need to learn more photoshop skills so that I can make a nice banner for IMU ball.

Btw, how do you like my new layout?
nicer than the old one?? hehe^^


I was playing around with my templates,
and I accidentally deleted ALL my widgets. *sigh*

Will look for a nicer blog skin to put up.
Widgets with the links will come later.
Luckily I saved the html of my old skin before, so now I'll have to cut and paste everything back into place. Meh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I am soo tired.

Dead tired. LOL.

Went to Low Yat on Friday morning with the girls,
along with Brendan, Alvin, Chun Kang and Jason Kam.
All of us went to Red Box and sang for 3 hours,
while Chun Kang and Jason Kam went "shopping".

Then, Peas, Renly and Cucu got ourselves a 320GB external hardisk each.
All three of us got this!
And it came along with a thin piece of "casing".
Then later on we headed to Sungai Wang,
where I got myself a pair of heels,
and a blouse.
Yup, retail therapy to cure the accumulated stress from the exams^^

Then later on that night,
we girls headed to Republic @ Sunway Pyramid
to celebrate ser yiing's birthday.

Yup, the flowers.
From left to right:
Rafflesia, Daisy, Periuk Kera, Semalu and Bunga tahi ayam.
credits go to Raj for coming up with such "pretty" names for us. LOL.

After that night session at Republic,
the flowers went to makan,
and thus reached home late.

I slept at 4am,
and woke up at 9am for the ball meeting. *sigh*

Then I was up the whole day till now.
I feel so darn tired.
I got more sleep during exams then yesterday.

Okies, i think i wanna go sleep soon.
Will update my primary school pictures soon hopefully^^

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Finally done with 4 papers for semester 4 in IMU.

Finally done with the afternoons where I come back and have to start studying for the next day.

Finally done with trying to memorize all the drugs which in the end I forgot anyways.

Now it's time to chill.

I got back from uni after the paper,
watch Mirrors which I downloaded during the study break.
The movie is nice.
It's got gore right at the start.
Spooky scenes to scare you out of your pants.
A good pace, a good horror movie story,
So it's all good ^^
Do watch it if you're a fan of those japanese or korean horror movies =)

Gonna head out to catch Max Payne on the screens soon =)

Btw, just wanna share this "story" about Max Payne.

It was a few years back, when I was still in INTEC.
That time, some of my guy friends were playing the game,
and always said " Come lo, max payne"

And when I asked him, he told me to ask pohyee.
This was what poh yee told me,

"Maximum Pain lah~ Porn lah~"

And, I believed her. 101%.

Yup. I am gullible, and still am. ;p

Anyways, I still remember it till today!!!!
And I'm keeping this down,
For the days when I bored or old. Haha...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I am not going for the dinner tmr *sobs*
My mum decided to bring my grandparents instead.
I had wanted to go tengok-tengok..
to go and be a busy-body,
and see how ppl decorate their ballrooms,
how ppl run their events, etc...

Oh well, my not going means more time to read PP1...
go peas go~~~

Aside from that as I was reading TheStar paper this morning,
(yes, I still read TheStar although it's politically biased,
simply because I like reading their section 2, where the comic strips are ;p)

In the paper, I saw a girl who looked a bit like DawnYang, posing with her book.
Sadly it wasn't her, but a 17 year old girl called MayZhee who published her second book.
(so geng..I wish I could write and publish a book too!!! haha..)

Okay...... maybe she doesn't look exactly like DawnYang,
but I can feel the "dawnyang-like aura".

I got a feeling that this MayZhee girl,
will most likely grow up to be an exact duplicate of DawnYang,
with the big black eyes, and fair smooth skin.
Plus, she'll most likely be sexy too. ;p
So cheers to Malaysia's own DawnYang! ;p

Don't ask me why I was reading these two blogs when I should be studying my PP1.
Don't remind me that my exam is less than 48 hours away.
Don't remind me that it's the semester where many seniors have attempted and failed.

I wanna talk about DawnYang and MayZhee, can I?

Oh well, I am. I don't care if it's free publicity for them.
But I find it amusing that both of them have anti-fan clubs.
A blog dedicated to bad-mouthing them.

DawnYang's anti blog is DawnWayang.
( I wonder whether they know what wayang means in malay...hmm..)

MayZhee's anti blog is IHateMayZhee.

Apparently DawnYang underwent surgery to make her forehead erm..prettier?
and some other surgeries, which I forgot.
I spent a few hours reading DawnWayang and found it entertaining.
They even have picture of DawnYang 10 years ago,
and how she got prettier and prettier after getting surgery.
And I started to wonder, maybe it's an anti-club, made by DawnYang herself to get more publicity? haha...I'm just saying la...

Now I wonder whether KenneySia has an anti-kennysia fan club ;p

Whee, back to mugging for PP1 ;p

Friday, October 10, 2008



3 more days to E.O.S.

Meh. I AM starting to sound like a geek. All I ever talk about is my exam *sweats*
But hey, it's the semester where many fail and have to resit!
And I am not willing to spend that extra RM 600 just to resit! (is it 600 per subject?? I forgot)

Anyways, as usual, lazy peas haven't been studying hard. *sigh*
Temptations off the internet are unlimited especially since Peas found out about online stores and started visiting them. *sigh*

I shall be off for some charity dinner in K.E.C this Sunday.
Yup, one day before Pharmacy Practice 1 paper,
and yet I'm off attending it. (my mum bought tickets dy ma, don't waste right? hehe)

Peas will be back! After my exams^^

Monday, October 06, 2008

oh my gawd!

My primary school friend just sent me 4 pictures.

Those pictures were horrifying innocent pictures of me and my other primary schoolmates.

3 were okay (because I looked decent inside them ;p)

Then the final was just...



BAD *sigh*

Here's the first three, which I think is okay.
Try to guess which is me, if you can.
But I highly doubt you can cause the picture is rather small.
Hehe..if it were taken using the a digital camera, we could have zoom-ed in, right? hehe ;p

Here's one~
here's the second one..

here's the third one...

and here's the BAD one.

I think it's pretty obvious which is me. *sigh*
I carried THAT look ALLLLLL the way to secondary school.

Yup. Big bulky specs + Puffy hair +weird smile = Peas i mean wen yi.

Thus, I prefer to wear my contact lenses if possible.
I prefer to have long hair, as short hair enhances the volume and puffiness of my hair.
I prefer to erm.....I ran out of ideas ;p

Anyways, since I don't have many pictures of me in my primary school, I would like to thank the friend who sent my this.

So thanks York for sending me these pictures!!!

I shall upload more of my old pictures so that I see how much I've changed.
But that'll have to wait till after my exams!!!
EOS is another week away!! *Go peas*

And good luck to my other batch mates as well!! Ganbatte kudasai~~~

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fun Fair~


Somehow, I am a little moody.

See, when I'm unhappy, I don't refer to myself as Peas. *sigh*

Anyways, although I got to see Carrots, I am still moody. Meh.

Even going to the funfair didn't help.

Yup. There's a funfair in Klang.
It's called the Euro something and it's located RIGHT next to Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

So, you can either park in the many available parking lots of jusco,
save a few ringgit by parking by the roadside.
(Yes..ppl still do that. In fact, if one starts parking at the side, cars will automatically follow suit. It's called the herd mentality.)

Anyways, back to the fun fair.
You'll have to pay RM 3 to get into the fair.
It's only the entry fee.

To play the rides, or the mini-games they set up,
you'll have to use tokens, which in reality is a printed paper which says 1 token.
And 1 token = Rm 2.

Rides begin from 2 tokens(RM 4/car), like the bumper car rides which I went twice.
And goes up to 4 tokens (RM 8/person) which are the more "fancy" rides, like the Vortex. where one goes 360 degrees several times.

Going on the ride.

Tucking in.

UP UP and away...that's my legs hanging mid-air berpuluh-puluh feet above ground! LOL~
Satisfied? or too much oxygen in the brain??

I think it's the latter. Too much oxygen got into the brain after the body is turned upside down. turning 360 degrees almost 6-8times. LOL.

Anyways, that was the only ride which was worth it. Other rides are like what you can get in genting or sunway lagoon.

OR instead of getting on rides, you can go and try your luck in getting soft toys, like spongebob, mickey, or winnie the pooh.

Nevertheless, bumper cars are always the best!!!

Soo Hui and her car~
Pei li and Suat mei with their car..
carrots and i in our car...


I am currently studying for my Pharmacy Practice 1 (PP1) paper.

It's supposedly the hardest paper to pass, most likely due to the higher passing mark of 50%
(while the other subjects only require a minimum of 40% to pass).

Anyways, I read the module guide for the very first time. Did a speed reading thing, and covered the whole book in a night.

Yes. You read right. One night. It's nothing to brag about because in the end,

What did I learn?

Other than the fact that pharmacists roles have changed, that health is affected by social-economic factors, and that we as pharmacy students, have to abide by the code of ethics and make sure our actions do not bring shame to the profession.

Sounds like common sense?
Yup. Peas concluded it is, and have decided to use her "wonderful" command or limited english vocabulary and "shock" the lecturers who mark my essays.

And hopefully, by doing so she'll pass the paper. *crosses-fingers*

Thus, leading to the ultimate action of Peas sitting in front of her laptop,
browsing through blogs written by her seniors (who are already in Scotland).

I see them having fun, although they didn't initially pass their PP3 paper.
And I read a hilarious blog by a senior,
telling his readers why they should vote him as a minister in Malaysia. LOL.
It was indeed fun to read blogs.

Okies, due to the slight tinge of guilt by my inner conscience; for not being a studious student, Peas shall now continue speed reading all the notes on PP3, which she has diligently accumulated from her senior(s).

Yes. Seniors with an (s).
My PP1 notes came from not one, but two seniors! LOL~

Thursday, October 02, 2008

KT's birthday

This post is a few days late.

Okay, actually not that late.'s for a friend's whose birthday was only yesterday ;p
There, a picture of birthday boy making a wish. LOL.

Thing is pei li and i reached really early (like half an hour before my other friends came).
So we got bored, and decided to snap some pictures (though it's not like the cafe is nice or anything ;p)
pei li


Then soo hui and ilyana came. More pictures.
ilyana, me and pei li

soo hui and ilyana

And yea, less pictures of me lately. *sobs*
I am a little stressed up over the coming EOS (end of semester) examination.

Stress = pimples

Pimple = camera-shy peas.

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