Friday, August 31, 2007


For the past few weeks I've been rather caught up with my uni life.

Was busy doing numerous stuff, such as

1. the banner for the Blood Donation Drive for IMU's buddhist society.
2. the poster for the Blood Donation Drive..
3. Lab report...
4. Swimming practice
5. Cheerleading pracitce
6. My promoter job during weekends(thank goodness it has ended!)

Among the 5 above, cheerleading sucks up most of my energy.
We have cheerleading practice every Monday till Thurs, 8pm-10pm, though we usually end up going back much later than 10pm cause we start the practice late..*sigh*

To make matters worse, I had to be the 'base' and not a 'flyer' cause apparently I'm too heavy to be one * b.m.i is only 18 for pete's sake!*

And as a 'base', me and another girl had to carry one flyer up with our bare hands till the flyer is at our shoulder level! Imagine that!
Thus, I have larger and more muscular biceps than before...well, I can't really complain about getting more muscular because I think I'll need every ounce of muscle to help me swim faster during IMU cup.

During my 'training' for swimming the other day, I had my period, but I still insisted on going because it was our very first training together with a state or was it district swimmer.
Anyways, due to that, I had used my very first tampon.

The whole experience of getting it in was so horrifying that I hope it'll be the LAST time I ever use a tampon! LOL^^

Currently, it's the Merdeka holidays, so I've been getting all the rest that I've missed out over the weeks.
I guess I have been pushing myself to my limits that my one of my friends commented this,

'I think you've lost weight.
Your face looks slimmer, look kinda haggard..'

Me? Haggard?
Okay, I confess, it's true...
my dark circles have been getting darker and darker,
and I haven't been getting much sleep so lately I don't put any make-up when I go for classes.

Sigh, guess I need to rely on make-up to brighten my face.
Either that, or I'll need to get more than 8 hours of sleep this few days at home!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I just found out...

That I actually have a FINAL exam for my physiology!

All this while, I was happily thinking that I only have to sit for the class tests of Bioscience and Statistics. Thus I have NEVER EVER paid attention in class; though even if I do I bet I'll fall asleep by 15mins. -.-''

BUT main point is I didn't know.
Thank goodness the finals are only in November. LOL^^

Anyways, yesterday a friend of mine brought the laptop to campus at night,
AND we found out that the dl-ing speed was super fast compared to the speed we get at home.

THUS, I brought my laptop to campus just to download movies and anime.
Hahaha^^ (yes, this is how 'pirated' I get)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Praveena's Birthday

I had actually forgot to blog about Praveena's birthday party which happened on the Saturday night right after I finished my work at MidValley.

(yes, I was working in Midvalley as a promoter again, only this time it's not at the concourse area; it's only inside Jusco)

Anyways, here's a photo which I found amusing.
I had wanted to upload this photo on friendster but somehow it didn't seem appropriate to do so. LOL^^

Btw, the middle finger belongs to my house mate's boyfriend, kenneth.

And there I am in the picture, laughing like some sort of mad lady.
Or more appropriately, I think I looked as if I was high on alcohol. Haha^^

Anyways, here are a few more pictures which I edited =)

Haha, the party was good.
And the birthday cake was heavenly.
The icing was fantastic!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I look photogenic?

Lol.. okay, i might not be photogenic all the time.

BUT, the current picture that I have on my friendster, has spawned many of

"huh? is that you? you look so different"

MY friend pohyee blogged this while I was changing, pretending to be me.

Maybe i didn't realise it but numerous reactions from my friends had really convinced me that....I'm Pretty!!!....

My photos had even attracted or should i say fooled many 'gorgeous' guys to view my friendster profile.

Isnt' it funny? LOL^^

Thursday, August 09, 2007


In the end, I didnt get to enter the finals for the chinese singing competition.;
both the solo and group category. So saddening.

But at least my room mate pohyee got into the finals.

So at least I can be a supporter on that day...

Though it's expected, but somehow it takes time to digest the facts.
Sheesh -.-''

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Singing my heart out..

I'm just done with the chinese singing competition audition.


the conclusion is....

I think i dont have much of a chance to enter the finals for my solo stint.

BUT....thankfully and HOPEFULLY..

my duet with pohyee will bring us to the finals on friday night.

I was the last participant in the solo category,
and some of my medic friends stayed back awhile just to listen to me sing.
haha...really appreciate it.

All my friends were waving their hands while i sung,
so i guessed i got kinda carried away.

Brandon said I was singing as if it was my concert.-.-''
If only i can sing like a

I will get the video of my singing on fri,
so i'll post it up then =)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Simpsons

I finally got to watch The Simpsons Movie.


It was
i was laughing like a mad man, so loudly that my mum was embarrassed to be seating next to me...-.-''

I have always been known to laugh loudly,
and if I'm together with my friends,
our laughter would cause heads to turn; for all the wrong reasons. *sigh*

Back to the movie, although Bart Simpson wrote on the blackboard

"I will not download this movie illegally"

I have already downloaded the whole movie.
Though it's a theater quality, it's still bearable.
And a comedy is watched over and over again because of it's jokes, not the quality of the movie. (at least to me)

I've even gotten a copy of Ratoutille, which has yet to be released in Malaysia, with Chinese subtitles. LOL^^

After watching the movie, I stuck my butt in front of my laptop again,
trying to source out for more things to download. Hahaha^^

By the way, I will be joining the Chinese Singing Competition in IMU.
The audition is this Weds, and hopefully I will qualify for both the individual and group categories. Hehe^^

I will definitely ask my friend to record my performance so that I can upload it^^

Gambateh to myself!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I just looked at my own blog and noticed how much I have blogged in the past month.

Maybe it's because I was so free during my semester break that I had nothing better to do than blogging.


But come this semester, the urge to blog has somehow faded.
I wonder why.

And by the way,
some weirdo with an EXTREMELY OBSCENE display picture viewed me.
(yes, I have the tendency to check, and sometimes view people who have viewed me)

When I saw that small display picture he had,
I knew immediately that this guy is weird.

Then, my house mates saw it.
They immediately asked me to view him, and so I did.

After a few clicks, we were traumatized by the horrendous picture.

And what's worse, he has groups like seks malaysia on his friendster groups' list.

If you have the guts to view him,
click here.

And so, I did some thinking and realized that my pictures on friendster, is giving out the wrong message, and thus misinterpretations were made. -.-''

BUT, i'm too lazy to bother.

I'm a lazy being

Lately, I've been rather caught up in practicing for my batch's cheer leading stint,
and also swimming and track running for the IMU cup.

A some-what sad thing happened during the track running practice.

At first I thought,

'since no one in my batch seems to be volunteering for this event,
maybe I should go help out a little.'

as all our seniors keep telling us that it doesn't really matter whether you excel in the sport or not.
Just enter, and get the participation marks.

BAD idea.

The Bpharmers(another batch which my batch is teaming up with),
has not only school runners,
BUT also a STATE runner!

Needless to say,
I who last did sprinting in my primary school days,
timed the worst time among all.

Sad sad case.

Then came swimming.
It's not like I can't swim, but I don't think I'm that fast.

So yea...another gone case...

AND lastly,
cheer leading practices.

At first we were all motivated to do our best.

However, after re-watching out senior's winning performance from last year.
I some what felt that out batch isn't gonna keep the title.

I know that our mind is the single most powerful tool in the entire universe.

"You are what you think"

I think negative.
I become negative.

Thus this explains why I have been feeling rather dejected and sad this few days.

So, think happy thoughts!
Which in the end, is ALWAYS easier said than done...
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