Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Since women live longer than men......

For the past few days, Peas have been going out with her brothers and their friends, who are two years younger than her. There are two particularly interesting things that happened.

Situation1 : We were out in the bookstore (Popular) since one of my brother's friend wanted to get a book. So automatically, I headed off to the magazines section, and took a copy of CLEO to read. (Peas wanted to read those Taiwanese magazines as their models are all so pretty, but unfortunately those were bind up *sigh*)

Friend A came up to me and said,

"Shouldn't you be reading something more intellectual?"

Peas: Because I realised that being intellectual doesn't really matter.

"No, i'm serious. You should be reading magazines like this *pointing to national geographic and some business magazine*. You'll learn a lot."

Peas: *sweats betul* Can I not be intellectual? What's the point of being so intellectual?

That statement, coming from a guy two years younger than me, made me feel like I was way less matured than him. What happened to the days when guys mature slower than females?? *LOL*

Situation 2: Peas forgot where we were, but we were out somewhere when the same friend said this,

"Do you know that it's proven that women live almost 5 years older then men?"

Peas: Yeah, I know. So?

"So, that means if you get a husband who's the same age as you. He'll most likely die earlier than you and you'll be alone in the end."

Peas: *LOL* So you want to find a girl who's older than you?

"I'm planning to get a girlfriend who's at least 5 years older than me so that we can die the same time. Then I needn't leave her alone. So those girls who look for men who are older than them are actually looking for trouble." *LOL*

Well well well...Peas was recently reminded of this incident again, and so she googled it. The most recent article that she found published in Time magazine online (wahh...soo intellectual :P) can be found here.

In the article, it was stated that women actually live 5 - 10 years longer than men!
And it's said that women live longer than men because:

1. Delay in the onset of diseases like Cardiovascular diseases in women, due to the iron-deficiency problem we have, thanks to our monthly periods.

2. Depression in older men i.e more stress.

3. Possibility to do with genetics as women have two X chromosomes.

And that is why women live longer. But 5 - 10 years sound like a long time, no?

So technically speaking, IF i don't wanna end up alone during my old withered days for too long, I should be getting a man at least 5 years younger than me! That means I should be looking for a guy that is.....years old. (Age of the possible male shall not be reveal as that will reveal mine as well. LOL~~~~)

Btw, this is a friendly reminder to my fellow batchmates,

Girls, if you're interested in a younger male, fret not, it's actually beneficial, you'll keep each other's company for a longer time! LOL~~~

Guys, if you're interested in an older female, that's so good of you, you'll be her knight in shining armour even though you're old! LOL~~~~~

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Holidays week 1

Peas initially started off the weekends by doing her posology and case law reports for Pharmacy Practice 2. Mission accomplished. One day per report = 2 days spent.

Peas wanted to study for Pharmacy Practice 2 for her coming class test mid January. Started off with the module guide given. Tough luck. Too many words. Too many mindless and uninteresting stuff. Mission to cover the module guide within 3 days failed miserably.

In between the desire to study, was the desire to chill and have fun.
Ultimately, desire to have fun > desire to study.
Thus, Peas spent her days ,

clicking on facebook playing mindless games like Elven Blood +
watching anime +
doing some IMU Ball related stuff +
cooking lunch +

going out
little pressies i made for my friends...i left the red wrapper back in uni so i had to resort to a diff wrapper. Peas like the red one coz it has the names of ALL the rain deers. Everytime Peas sees the red wrapper, she'll go

" Rudolf the red-nose raindeer......" *LOL*

And Peas likey this picture, coz the flashes of light feels "cool".

And on christmas day itself, Peas did something even more meaningful. Peas went to PJ to listen to a dhamma talk by Ajahn Brahm ^^

So that's all from Peas ^^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Carol of Meows

I thank miss you zhuan for sharing this wonderful chirstmas carol with me^^

Imagine a whole song where the only word is meow.

Yes. A whole 90 seconds of people going:

meow meow meow meow meow meow....

meow meow meow....

meow meow meow.......

okay, i'm lazy to type more meows. rofl^^Can't imagine?

Watch this. Rofl^^

Monday, December 15, 2008

CAL session...

CAL session means Computer Assisted Learning session.

Yes. We, students in IMU have a session where we "study" using computers online. Though it sounds tech-savvy and all, it isn't (or at least i think it isn't).

Usually CAL sessions are short i.e plus minus one hour per session, depending on how long the online questions were.

And unfortunately for me and my fellow group C and D members, we had Mr Keivan as our lecturer-in-charge today. When he let us know that he'll collect the attendance at 4 pm, most of us (if not all of us) were shocked.

A batch mate who sat opposite me kept saying no and asked me to voice out our dissatisfaction. And so I did.

"Sir, this is our 3rd CAL session for the subject and there are only 3 quizzes. Some of us have done two of it, and only need to finish off the 3rd quiz which only consists of 10 questions."

He said, "So what time do you think you can finish it?"

We said, "3".

And the next thing I knew, he bombarded us with a question regarding the first quiz.
" how many types of adverse drug reactions are there?"


No one answered loud enough.

So, he asked another question,

"Give me an example of a type B reaction."

I flipped my module notes and was partially waving my hands frantically. That must have caught his attention and he said,

"What about the girl at the back?"

"toxic epidermal necro....lysis" I replied while peeping at my book.

"What does it mean?"

"err...something related to dead skin cells," I said after pondering.

"good...so name me a type c reaction without refering to your book."

I managed to flip the page and saw that it was a continuous kind of reaction.

But I didn't dare to reply immediately, as I began to chicken out.

I think he said something about "since your friend is unable to answer the question....."

"I will be back at 4."


Yes. It was literally silent, at least for several minutes before he finally left the venue. *sigh*

SO now i'm stuck in e-lab, blogging. LOL....


I can't sleep.

Peas was awake since 5am, and right now it's 6.19am. *sigh*
I am rather prone to getting insomnia, but that's usually during exams or stressful periods. And currently, I don't think I'm having either.

I was tempted to get more sleep (who doesn't?) but then the tossing and turning on the bed didn't help much, and neither did my thin blanket which doesn't really keep me warm in this cold weather. *sighs again as peas thinks of what will happen to her when she goes over to scotland*

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Singapore Trip


I skipped one day of class just to go to Singapore with my mum and my bros.
Best of all, no one knew that I skipped class. (except my housemates I guess ;p)

I reached back a few hours ago, and met several of my batch mates while heading "home". When I asked one of them,
"What happened in class today?"
Siva said,

"Eh, you didn't come for class today?"

Well, duh, point proven that most of my batch mates are usually oblivious to their "surrounding", me included. LOL ;p

Anyways, interesting things that I saw in Singapore.

hmmm.....Buang Kok.....
Buang = Throw (in Malay)

So, when we saw this.....

Wah....Throw "Cock" Medical centre!!!!!!

But then, look closely to the left.
Buangkok is actually "man guo" i.e something like Bangkok or "man gu".
My brothers and I, albeit a bit "kampung"-like, discussed about the fact how such a weird interesting name came up and became the name of the whole area.

Anyhow, other stuff that which I experienced while in Singapore will be in pictures. I am a bad writer.

Yup, I went to Hooters in singapore with my relatives and my 9-year old nephew.

Just in case you wonder what is hooters famous for, let me give u a brief idea.
Their waitresses dress up in super mini short pants, where in certain cases you can see part of their lovely butts popping out AND that's not the only thing you'll see "popping" out.
Their waitresses also wear a white tank top, which reveals their cleavage.

Of course not ALL their waitresses have beautiful assets as those you get in a playboy magazine. But at least they are daring enough to wear the skimpy uniform, and go around serving people.
And, thankfully the waitress that served our table, had assets which were desirable ;p

Sadly enough, I didn't have the guts to take pictures of the waitresses in fear of offending their privacy. So, if you're interested in the "hooters" do google them up ;p

And to end the post, I love this picture.
It feels...nice ;p

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Adidas watch

Dear carrots,

Thank you for the nice nice NICE adidas watch^^

I Love you soooo MUCH~~~

Monday, December 01, 2008

A year older, a year wiser?

Whee~ I'm officially 22 years old today!

Other than the fact that I'm actually aging, I'm in good health! (pimples, uneven skin tone and a little excess fat around my tummy area aren't included ;p)

I celebrated my birthday again @ Jusco with my friends. I was playing around with photoshop these past few days trying to design a nicer banner for the IMU Ball, but still ended up as lost as before. So I gave up on designing a banner and decided to do something easier: combining pictures.

Being 22 makes me feel....
wiser - No

prettier - No

Dumber - A little

Older - Definitely!

I do not wish to turn back time and return to being a little girl again, especially after looking at my kindergarden's graduation picture *LOL*

Anyways, it's a little late and I've gotta go to bed soon. Though I've got tons of things to complain about, esp about the IMU Ball. For instance,

How bored + stressed + annoyed I am when I actually sit down and brainstorm for ideas of the banner.

How pissed off I am when I think about the next ball meeting *urgh*

How I wish I hadn't became a committee for the IMU Ball. *darn the 21-year old me who decided that gaining a new experience in organising a ball would be fun and benificial*

I shall sign off and head for slumberland. Late nights don't do good for my pimply skin *sigh*
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