Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of chocolate, butter and cakes..

I've finally quit my job. Thankfully my boss(or now my ex-boss) is a really nice person. She didnt scold or get mad. Well, and i got my 1st cheque!Yeah^^ Although its a rather low pay, I can't help but to help happy.Hahaha..

I think something's wrong with my computer. I'm having difficulties logging in to to blogger..I have to keep trying,again and again.. it's sad. And not only that, I can't press the enter key. I have to edit the html to get the spacing done.-_-"

Anyways, we all know today is Malaysia's independence day. So lemme jz say a Happy MERDEKA to all. (and also to myself for not working for now...hoho)

Yesterday night, my fren brought some of her frens from IMU down to Klang jz to savour seafood in Teluk Gadong.

Being a busybody, I tagged along. And throughout the whole night, I acted as a tour guide. Hahaa..Silly me..I was a little hyper cause I was so so happy to get my pay. LOL^^ (and i still am happy..but i'm starting to get a minor headache thinking of my next job..which i havent found..)

After eating dinner, which consisted of crabs, prawns, "heh gou" , belacan kangkung and la-la bee hoon; we went to JJ to catch one of the silliest movies I've ever watched- Beneath Still Waters.

The whole story was crap; crappy actors and actress, crappy lines, crappy effects. Although some of the scenes were pretty good, esp the gross-looking monsters and mad ppl who mutilate themselves, but thanks to our censorship board, those highlights were cut! mid of the story i felt like a fool who is watching a foolish story -_-" and i paid rm10 to watch it..argh..
Oh ya,I baked 2 cakes in the past few days!!! Yeah..the 1st one is a chocolate cake for my bf, and the 2nd one is a butter cake for my dad.

a slice of the chocolate cake =) Looks yummy huh?

mixing the flour, eggs, butter and water. In the background is the Pilsbury ready-made flour

baking the mixture in the oven!!

It's baked!!!

preparing the chocolate topping

Yeah!! Butter cake with chocolate topping!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Depressed?? Maybe a little

Well, jz a few moments back, i visited a blog which according to my fren, is written by a 17 yr old who had had sex since she was 13.
Being the curious being that I am, I decided to drop by and see, i mean read what she has running in the mind of such a girl.
Bad move.
In the end, my expectations of juicy parts were dashed. I was left feeling completely useless and inferior compared to her.
for one, her english is super-duper-fantastically-amazingly good; like those you read in novels. All those "bombastic"(well, its not THAT's jz words that i NEVER use.) Actually, all this while I had great pride in my english as I was quite good in my sec school days. (compared to some of my classmates that is..I even got an A1 for my 1119 paper!)
Oh well, the feeling of being beaten is so-not-nice. Bitter.
Feeling like a fool for thinking highly of herself.
And then, she's pretty. Pretty pretty. I mean like she's only 17 and she had this curves
that make me look flat. (in fact I am flat..duh..-_-")
My self esteem is low. No one said anything about me, yet I feel down to lowest level u can imagine. And I blame my pimply face for doing that to my confidence-_-"
I can go on and on complaining about the things I dislike, because with this kind of mood all the bad things are running around my mind. BUT, time does not permit me to do so, and it sounds like its going to rain. Heavily. Armed with a tiny umbrella, i better make my move soon.

As the days pass by

I havent been blogging for a long time, more than a week. To be more precise, I think I stopped updating my blog since my bf came back from Kuching. (bcoz he says i ignore him when I blog..i get so self-absorbed in writing, so he doesnt like that) Well, now i'm in my office..and he's not around..neither is my boss, and i've done all the duties she asked me to duh..A golden chance should n ot be wasted, right? LOL^^
Anyways, i think i better start on what happened in the previous week.
I took a day off from work and went back to INTEC to get my results!
Well..actually the results could be taken on the day b4(thurs) but i didnt know..the last info i received was telling me to get them on fri. And on thurs, i heard that many ppl got 15mark(out of 15)
So..being an SSer i knew i would get a 15 too! LOL^^ jz that my total marks for each subkect werent THAT amazing compared to others. But i'm pretty happy about it. The worst marks was 78/90 for my chemistry paper2. So duh..who long its an A in the end.
Goodness..i dont reallt recall what happened on sat..lemme think..*thinking real hard*
went down to KL with my parents and my bf. Again, we went to sungei wang, low yat n times square. (it somehow is my fav place) i didnt buy anything much except for a comic book called HOT GIMMICK. (man..i love that comic so-so much!! the story line is interesting, the characters drawn are so beautiful..and the guys in! handsome!!!
Ohya...guess what? the prices of thumbdrives are falling like mad!
I think i got my thumbdrive last month for RM73...and then at low yat...i saw the EXACT same model for only RM68!!!! Why!!! I'm cheated of my RM5!! I demand my money back!
Was supposed to go to INTEC to hand in my IMU application form..but i since i think it isnt nice to take a day off again, i asked my bf to do the honours for me! LOL^^
erm..boring day at work..didnt do bf followed me to office and he pratically slept while i was working. My boss didnt come again...-_-" but asked me to create a blog which unfortunately i cant reveal jz yet.
took off from work again..why? ITS my bf's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Bao Bei!!!
I baked a cake!!! Woot!! And guess what? it dint turn out as hard as a stone!!!!! Yeah!!!
In fact...its delicious. LOL^^
Actually its all thanks to the ready-made flour. All i did was add water, eggs and butter to it, and then mix it, bake an wa-lah...u get a cake!!!
For lunch, i cooked pasta. (my specialty! actually its the only dish i can cook-_-" other than noodles la..)
work work work..
my boss thought i was taking 2 days off, so she didnt come to the office again. But then she sent a msn msg to me telling me to change the blog i made for her a little, and then type down all the companies listed on yellowpages online, along with their email and website address. -_-"
i seriously wanna quit..jz that somehow i dont hv the guts to tell her...cause when she's around she'll give me really good dunno...
BUT...if i continue working in this place for only rm500 a month...not only will i be my pimples are somehow getting worse..i dunno why, and it saddens me so*sobs*
And so, i dont even hv the money to do facials or go see a specialist, or my dreams of buying an airticket so i can fly to czech to visit my bf when he's there...
this is hopeless..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm broke..

After about 3 weeks of work, I still feel the same. Initially I had thought i'll feel beter or smarter after learnng stuff from my boss. But sadly, i dont feel any different.
Well, its not like I didnt learn anything at all. I learnt some important stuff on global investment, wills trusts, unit trusts, loans..etc..but i still feel that my knowledge is at the minimal point. There's jz too much which I do not know. All that has improved is maybe my typing speed, coz all i do alone in the office is practicaly type and type,c reate power point presentations, make summary on stuff my boss wanna read. Haih..i'm a plain secretary if u ask me. And quite a low pay too.
Nevertheless, i was asked by my boss to extend my working period with her, most probably cause she cant find any other new interns to work for her. Plus she prefers students of actuarial science, which i'm not. so there are mnay calcualtions which i do not know at all..remember the PV Fv thingy?
What-so-ever, my mum has advised me to continue working for her because this sort of chances for me to be involved in a financial company will unlikely happen again in the future. She says i should treat this as a stepping stone for me to enter the insurance and unit trust side. -_-" maybe..but mayb not..
So, i started thinking. I compared myself to my friend who was working in the office for 3 months. And he obviously learnt a hell lot of things. Me? i doubt i can. Mostporbably bcoz i hv this lousy attitude. Its not like dont wanna learn, but somehow i lack the motivation to continue.
Suddenly i notice the whole load of crap i written above -_-" maybe when u type faster, what u hv in mind comes down faster. so it indirectly means more and more words to put in and to write.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Old....

Hehe..this weekend is the biggest proof that i'm getting old..because i spent quite some time with my bro's frens. They're all younger than me by 2years...goodness..

On friday night, after work, I went out with my brother's friends to watch "Click". There were about 9-10 of them, including me of course =) I dressed up a little cause it felt a long long time since i went out with ppl other than my some how i felt happy. The change was something inviting to me. I even put on some make-up! Heheh =)

do i look cute? (hoho..another milestone for me the great triple S..hahaha..kidding, or mayb i'm not kidding;)

Anyways, "Click" is so-so-super-duper nice! I mean, its got loads and loads of humour..(with a little dose of 18sx jokes too) And in the end, it has a really touching moment which made me cry a little..*sobs* when py told me she cried when she watched click, i was shocked! How can a comedy make u cry? well..seems like it does. =)

Then, we went mamak at a stall which i havent been too since form 5..-_-" man..i felt so old. But when they all started talking, i found myself blurr. Why? cause they were talkign about some jokes by some guy whom i dunno. Then, this girl asked my bro, "how come ur sis so innocent one? not good u know..must teach her ma" mayb i'm a little innocent when it comes to jokes..-_-"

The next day, i tagged along with my bro's and 3 of their guy frens to go jogging at taman rakyat. Its a hill near my place, but i've never been there. Here's some pics of the place..

quite nice huh?
we jogged ( only a few mins) up to the highest point of the hill, and i took this pic (poor quality though..cause my phone's camera is erm..not that good)

after that hard work, i woke up today with a muscle ache on my thighs..i'm so so old.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Psycho day..

Somehow I'm seriously beginning to think that Jpa has too much money spent on unneccessary things. For one, I jz attend a darn silly "course" back in INTEC yesterday; the psycho "course" which was conducted by Jpa personnels.

Before I went INTEC, I was informed that the course was 8am till 5pm. So, considering the traffic jam along the highway, I left my house around 7.30am. Duh..halfway on the journey, a friend sent an sms to me and said the time was changed to 9.30am! What the @^#!

OK..that is nothing to shout about actually bcoz almost ALL activities organised by Jpa ALWAYS start LATE. So..there's no surprise. BUT, it seriously pisses off ppl.

On the way to INTEC, I was a triple S fella. (SSS = Super Shiok Sendiri) It was a girl. She was driving this little kancil with quite a number of stickers on her back windscreen. The first thing I saw said
"If u think this car is cute, wait till you see the owner"

ok...what's so cute about a kancil? It's small..and its not like her kancil is modified or painted in any oustanding how can it be cute?

Nvm about that, the next thing I saw was this logo of "intel Inside" BUT, instead of spelled "AWEK"
"what's awek?' asked my dad..
well, awek is a malay slang that means a cute girl..or girlfriend..maybe i got it wrong..but it definately means girl.

And on the top of the two stickers, was a huge sticker of University Malaya.

When I passed the car..I saw a lady with a hood..but..i couldnt get a glimpse of her face. So I couldnt decide whether the sticker speaks the truth. BUT no matter what, I do praise her of her great self confidence. Thus, I would think that she is a Super-Shiok-Sendiri girl.

Back in INTEC, I had to settle the clearance of my hostel things and also to get my leaving certificate and my graduation pictures. About my picture..I look uhm..ugly. I wasn't even looking at the camera, and i was slouching when i recerived my cert. So..i practically burned my RM18 which I paid for those pics.

By then, we were allowed to enter the hall. Everyone was a little noisy at first, but when the speaker spoke, we all fell silent. Arent we good kids? Haha..kidding.
The speaker than said..since this activity is only a halfday activity, we'll only start our session at 10.30am!

WHAT! Wasnt this suppose to be till 5pm? Well..this comes to prove the great "capability" of msian ppl bending time to fit their own agenda.

When the actual session started, the speaker gave back our results for the psychology test and a career test which we took some time ago. Both tests were objective questions which we unhappily finished in a very short time.

My results for my psychology test was erm..a little abnormal. Because my line graph didnt fit the so-called-normal graph. On the other hand, JJ and PY got the almost perfect line graph..-_-" I THAT abnormal??

The results told me that I was erm..submissive, spontaneous, and more indifferent than sensitive. Well, these were all my not-so-normal points. Other than that, I fit the graph rather well.

Thankfully I wasn't dominant and hostile, if not, I would have been called to stay back for a "one to one" session with the speakers..

Saturday, August 05, 2006

"shiok sendiri" 2

Another weekend and another achievement! Yeah!
Hehehe..Me the official (shiok sendiri) SS-er is so happy and proud of herself today!
Because I managed to watch the china hdvds that i bought! Previously I could play it, but only the video appeared. The audio was missing. Back then I blamed the dvd player, but it ended up the fault of the amplifier!

Well, in my house, my dad connects all the players(dvd and vcd player) to the amplifier. So everytime we use the player, we would hv to switch on the amplifier.

Since, I was rather free earlier on, I decided to try playing the dvd, again. The dvd played and only gave me visual i was about to give up, i realised the white and red "holes" on the tv.(i dont know what they are let's jz call them holes..or is it an outlet??? hmm...who cares)

main point is, i suddenly had this brilliant idea to connect the dvd player directly to the tv without going through the amplifier. Yup, i still remember how to connect dvd players to the tv, thanks to my 6days stint in the electrical apartment in tesco.

Anyways, my plan really worked!! Whee...i felt so proud of myself. Even my bros and dad didnt figure that out! Hahhaha...i'm so full of myself. heheh...

And boy, the drama is just nice! I like the lead actor. He's so darn cute....I watched more than 4hours of drama..wait,..maybe more than that...i think i spent more than 6hours in front of the idiot box. I feel like an idiot now. Hahahhaha.....XD

Ok..this is the main cover of the drama..but its so ugly.. everyone in it looks horrible. Even rainie looks ugly...

isnt this much better =) there are quite a lot of kissing scenes in throught the drama..i mean..a lot more compared to other taiwnanese dramas i watched before. day i'll hv to search online to see whether there's an SS-er club or forum or something.. If there aint one, i'll make one. Hahahha...and then all Ss-ers will be united in a BIG ss-er family.

hoho..if only that will happen ;)

Friday, August 04, 2006

My day off

Yeah! After working for only 3days, i got a day off.
Hahaha..although i'm really happy to be able to wake up later in the morning, I cant help but to think that this job isn't getting me anywhere. -_-"
I mean like, the boss asked me not to come on friday(which is today) because my colleague isn't coming, and she herself wont be around to guide me. So just like that i'm given an off day. Hmmm..than my parents kept asking me whether I learnt anything during my 3days there.
"Learn what?"
Duh..i had no answers for their question. All I did in the office was updatethe daily changes in the market namely, the prices of unit trusts, the indices of the world market, and oh..i even hv to update the prices of world currencies too.

So, what did I learn? Nothing much i would say. I think i'm the kind of person who needs serious scolding to move an inch. Although i'll get mad if someone scoldes me. How ironic. -_-''

Well, since i'm "so" free, I slept like a pig from 12.00pm to 10.00 am today. Haha! It's been awhile since i slept that much. Initially i had intended to wake up earlier to do some cleaning in my house, but the weather was so cooling that I can't resist the temptation to sleep longer.

Once i woke up, i called a office to ask about a part-time job in sept. It's only a one week stint. And the pay is RM6/hour. And food and uniform is provided. So there you go. I was absolutely tempted to join. Unfortunately the office is so far, around KLCC. (from my place to KLCC by public transportation should take around erm..80mins? i dunno..havent really calculated the time b4)

But, i'll definately go for it, mayb sometime week? i'm not sure..i'll see how it goes. Maybe i should go to the office today since they only open for application during office hours. -_-" Nvm, time will take its course.

After that, the kay-poh me, decided to check out my friends blogs. Wa, from one friend to another. And realised quite a number of ppl from INTEC blog. I think i'm gonna add them in my list soon. Hehe =)

So, as i looked through[LynnXuan's]blog i realised that she mentioned me. How sweet =) Hehe..actually she mentioned about the story of the swans which i told her about. Actually, I heard that story from my Sibu friend.

When I was holidaying in Sarawak, I noticed that every town or city in Sarawak has their own icons. These icons are made up into large statues which stand almost everywhere in the town. For instance in Kuching, u can see statues of cats around. (i dont hv the pics with me..)
and in Sibu u can see swans

While in Miri u can see seahorses.(again i dont hv pics..)
Anyways, I heard two different versions on why Sibu choose the swan as their icons.

Sibu used to be an "ugly" town, but after upgrades, Sibu turned into a beautiful town, which is similar to the story of ugly duckling. ie the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan.

the supposedly ugly duckling.

version 2
A year back, there were lots of swans walking around the streets of sibu, thus the town council picked swan to represent Sibu -_-"

somehow this story seems a bit unreal. (I prefer the story of the ugly duckling.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So this is how working works..

Today, I went through 8 hours of my 1sy day at job without any hitches! Yeah! Big cheers to myself! was quite a day. As the job was in subang, i had to take the ktm to work. My dad sent me to the train station adn when i reached there, the train jz left. So i had to wait another 10mins for the next one. Once i reached subang, i was a little lost cause i didnt really know the way to walk to my office. My dad told me to take the main road because its much safer esp since nowadays there are mad ppl going around with parang knives slashing innocent students n innocent ppl. (if u dont know this, u better ask someone. the poor guy was a ktar student)

I that walking by the main road is for my good, but u hv no idea how long it is! For starters, there was this "ang-mo-lou" who was waiting to cross the mainroad in front of carrefour with me..once the light turned green for us to cross, i dashed across and was obviously so much faster than him. i was walking along some shoplots towards my office, he was already there! In front of some shop with a tin of drink on his hand! That was how slow i was...

Thankfully the day didnt go downhill from there =) work was ok. But i'm sure it'll get worse starting from tmr..but hopefully not so soon. I wanna enjoy some relaxing moments summore.

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