Saturday, December 18, 2010

7aste New York

Hello New-Yorkers,

Have you had a good night's rest after last night's 7aste party?

Well, I did :)

I got both a good night's rest after a great night out @ Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana!!

It's my first ever 7aste event, and it was truly memorable :)

They've got pretty ushers upon entry.
They've got free flow of Heineken for all members.

They've got a bottle of JD whisky for each VIP (too bad I didn't get one :S)

Great performers to entertain us e.g. Hariz Iskandar

Great DJ to keep the music pumping all night long.
Great company :)

My bro
Some bloggers: Jia Yeen, Xiang Cool, Tony

And best of all, all these were given for free.

Yes. You read right. Free.

But how??

I don't know how, ask 7aste :P

All I know is as long as you are a registered 7aste member, all you have to do upon arrival to the venue is to let the pretty ushers read ur MyKad and you're entitled to all the priveleges of being a 7aste member :)

Yes. It is THAT simple.

So what are you waiting for?
Register yourself as a 7aste member today [here],
join their facebook page [here]
and wait for their next event!!


p.s: Just make sure you don't get over you head with the free flow alcohol and end up like this :P

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The results of the My Selangor Story

It's the official wrap up for the My Selangor Story!!!

Date: 7th December 2010
Venue: Delicious, Marc's Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Well, I didn't expect to win anything from the contest, and my expectations were correct;

I did not.

But truth be told, I already felt like a winner just by joining the contest. The fact that a small blogger like me was able to participate in such a fun contest, is the greatest prize itself! :D

So here are the list of the 8 prize winners who wrote beautiful blog posts!

Dania(Grand Prize)
Tian Chad (1st R/Up)
Thristhan (2nd R/up)
Nicole (Msxeroz) (Most Creative Blog)
Iman (Eyriqazz) (Most Interactive Blog)
Dylan(Best write-up)
Norman @ KK (Best Video)
Feeq(Best Photos)

Was I disappointed not being one of the people in the pic?

*types the word disappointment in the search bar of my mind*


Nah. Not at all. Most probably I already told myself I wouldn't be winning.

In fact I was more than happy after the results were announced because........

it was time to DIG into GOOD FOOD!!
Yes. Delicious serves DELICIOUS food!
Alrights, and that's a wrap for the MSS story.

It was fun and it was memorable :)

Congratulations to the winners once again, and may we meet again in the near future!! *huggsss*

To the rest who weren't prize winners, sweat not, we're still winners, just no prize *winks*


Wen Yi

*and opps, I just realized I forgot to take my signature "sarangheyo" pose to end this post~~ *sorryyyyy*

Saturday, December 04, 2010

a FREE trip to JAPAN!!! 日本が大好^^

Yup. A free trip to Japan!!!!!

As you all know, I love free stuff; be it a pair of free movie ticket, or even a simple free meal (depending on what food is served of course :P). And right now, there's a contest for a FREE TOKYO TRIP thanks to a youth blogger whom I met during the MySelangorStory contest: SY who blogs at

So DO check out Sylistic’s travelogue today to win yourself a 7 days 5 night VIP Tokyo Trip for 2 !!!

Well as for me, I have obviously tried my luck in answering the contest questions and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the good news to arrive!!

But I'd just to share how looooooong my ねがい or wish to visit Japan has been!!!

It all started with Dragon Ball manga or comic books. lol.

Yes. Dragon Ball!!

My mum thought it'd be good for my brothers and I to read in Malay, and so she bought us the malay subbed Dragon Ball.

That led to us buying MORE and MORE mangas (still Malay subbed);

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

to Get Backers

to 3x3 eyes, Fruits Basket, Hot Gimmick..and the list continues. LOL.

The manga-lover then became an anime-freak as well. If you haven't watched a Japanese animation before, you should. It's really wayyy better than watching Spongebob Square Pants on nickelodeon :P

Plus, japanese animation are almost always accompanied by GREAT soundtracks!!

All those fed my mind and soul with the ultimate desire to visit Japan one day.

In fact, I had wanted to learn Japanese by myself that I even bought a book that goes, "Teach yourself Japanese" and a mini Japanese-English dictionary!

My brothers both picked up Japanese while they are in university, and brought home this stack of Minna No Nihongo or Japanese for everyone!!

That was almost 4 years ago, and till today I have yet finished reading the book. LOL.

BUT when I win the FREE air ticket, I can fully utilize the dictionary :P



Sunday, November 21, 2010

I support Jayren!

What this all about?

Well, it's a blogging contest to win a Lenovo Laptop! *woots* But I'm not joining lah~

Instead, I'm giving my support to a fellow blogger : Jayren!

May he be the proud owner of a new Lenovo Laptop thanks to!

Getting Glitz-y in Genting :)

I have been away from the blogosphere for way too long. And this time I'm not going to give any excuses. I'm just plain lazy. Period. LOL.

Nevertheless, it was a surprise to me when I got a call from Resort World Genting while I was at work, informing me that RWG have invited the My Selangor Story bloggers to Genting once again! This time around, was to catch their new show: Glitz!

I've been really tired after work lately as I have been moved to a different department in the hospital. Thus the invitation for Glitz on a Friday night came as a great reason for me to take half a day off from work :D

RWG was also gracious enough to provide return transportation from KL Central straight to Genting.

That's Denise and I on the bus heading to Genting. And look at the obvious toll that work has had on me. My eyebags are so darn obvious *sigh*

Plus, we got FREE buffet dinner as well! Despite only given a mere 30mins to go grab our food, we were all pretty much stuffed before the show.
Next was of course, the Glitzy performance which included:

Charles Bach, the magician and illusionist. There he is posing with a "peace-sign" with the MSS bloggers :D
HuaChen Acrobatic Group: A group of cute looking girls who'll amaze you with their acrobatic skills. In fact, I love the part whereby they balance "luo gus" or chinese drums using their feet and making the drums look like floating marshmallows on air!

Dania Pushankina: A sand animation artist. While there's nothing much to shout about her acts, I must really say that I salute her ability to draw so swiftly using sand. And what more is the fact that she can draw Michael Jackson really well :)

And my favourite group for Glitz has gotta be the sexy dancers of Glitz! Boy, they were really skimpy dressed. LOL!

After the show, we had 30minutes to spare.

So we grabbed a grande frap from Starbucks
and managed to take this group picture of the MSS bloggers before we departed from Genting.It was fun to be meeting up with the bloggers once again :)

Hopefully I'll be able to balance my current life to fit in time for blogging, and perhaps then I'll catch you guys again at another blogging event. But if that fails, you know you can always come find me in the hospital *just kidding* :P

Till then,


p.s: I forgot my camera that day, thus all the pictures above were taken from fellow MSS bloggers :Feeq and Dylan. Do pay them a visit as they make good reads and have more pics :D

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PRP Battle No.1

I know I haven't been blogging for a looooong time, my apologies. I guess I was kinda pre-occupied with the fact that I started work and a new relationship at about the same time. So half the time goes to my work as a PRP. To those who masih tak tahu..PRP stands for provisionally registered pharmacist or to make it simpler, I'm sort of like a house-man pharmacist i.e. first year pharmacist who is still in the learning to become a licensed pharmacist :D

So, what are the perks of being a government servant?

Well other than the fact that we have a stable income, we do? I haven't gotten paid yet, but hey, that's because I've only been working for a month. In fact I just handed in my first punch card for the month of October yesterday! *wheeeeee*

Other than that, I get to use the special toilets with the sign.And these toilets are almost always cleaner than the public ones where patients use :P

FYI, this is the current building which I am based in : Komplex Rawatan Harian.

It's one of the newer buildings in HTAR and it's fully air-conditioned! *whee*
Since it's a new building, so are the wards which are located there :D

Okay. So that above shows that my working life isn't all that bad :)

But bad news is this,


It's called the Forensic Exam whereby we have to study two or was it three books that covers the Laws on Poisons and Sale of Drugs in Malaysia. Boring stuff indeed. To make matters worse, apparently the passing mark is 50%

But thankfully, we're allowed to resit the paper :P

So to fellow PRPs who'd be sitting the exam on 22nd of November 2010


Here's an online link which I found for a zip file which contains:
- past year papers on the forensic exam
- some notes from the MPS and Biro Tutorial
- several slides on certain topics

So do download it here :)

And yes, it's free of virus. I downloaded the zip file, scanned it and have just browsed through some of the files :)

I guess I'll have to start morphing into a nerd so that I'll have time to enjoy my weekends with the boyfriend.

Wen Yi

p.s. I totally forgotten the fact that I actually have another pending job = PRP research project which I am supposed to come up with a proposal by the 3rd week of November. Meh.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation?


A purplish stain on the floor.


I know it looks like a scene from a horror movie.

And what's next?

Okay, I know how gross this looks.

So make a guess, what's the culprit??









It's one of my favourite fruits:

Dragon Fruit!

I know this is a little too random, but I just wanted to share the horrors that could happen while having fruits :P

Monday, October 18, 2010

A delayed post on Vaseline Party that I'm finally sitting down to write this post do I realize that I have been outdated in my posts!!

The Vaseline party to celebrate great skin was held on October 2nd. That's like more than 2 weeks back. Yes. I am THAT back-dated! LOL~

Anyways, I can't tell you the excitement that I had for the event as it was my FIRST ever Nuffnang event! first, and probably my last for this year. Why last? Cause the year is coming to an end, and I'll be busy working rather than blogging for contests/events :S

This post is gonna be a wee bit long as I wanna express a lot about what I feel as a blogger.

If you guys still remember, I joined the MySelangor Story (MSS) last September, and as soon as MSS ended, both me and MsXeroz rushed to do our posts for the Vaseline contest in order to get passes for the event! A day after MSS and 2 days before the dateline of the Vaseline contest, I submitted my post [here] and got my pair of invites to Luna Bar! *woots*

p.s: If you're already bored reading this just scroll down and have a look at the pics la.. I wanna talk a little more here :P

One way or another, I ended up being the driver for the day!
Yes, I drove all the way from Klang to KL! Yup, that's how excited I was so much so that I didn't mind driving almost 100km for the return journey!! Along the way, I picked up MissXeroz, her sis RedButtockz, Feeq and Dylan.

But before all I was officially a driver, I got stuck in a traffic jam for almost 20mins one of the roads nearby my house or maybe it was more of I CAUSED a traffic jam.

I caused a traffic jam??


How on earth????

It all began when I drove my dad's automatic car up a slope. Halfway on the slope, I felt that the car engine made weird noises, so I freaked out and immediately stopped the car halfway on the slope, and shut the engine.

When I wanted to restart the car, plain silence was all I got. The engine refused to start.

I panicked. I started texting my passengers, telling them I might not make it.
Then I tried starting the car again.


I then called my parents, and in the mean time was stuck in the car, waving my hands frantically to urge the cars behind to move to the next lane.

Thankfully no one honked at me. Maybe it's because I'm of the weaker gender, or maybe no one gives a damn anymore.

But nontheless, when my parents came I was sooo relieved and thought I'd not make it to the event in Luna Bar because I will have to send the car for repair. My dad popped his head into the car and said,

"hey, look at what gear are you at"


OMG..I left the gear at D!

And that was why I COULDNT start my car engine for a good 20mins, and caused a loong traffic jam on the busy slope!! Yes. I am a NOOB-head~~

Nontheless, I managed to pick up all my lovely passengers, and got them all to Luna Bar in one piece! *woots*

Upon the entrance, we were for our names for our "nametags" I was pondering if I should name myself WenYi or Wene or Weneism, and decided Wene was the best :)

Although I made it to Luna Bar more than an hour after the time stated on the email, most of the guest have yet to arrive. Welcome to Malaysian timing people!

There were also girls going around asking people to try out vaseline lotion at the event.
Well, I personally think that this is kind of redundant because I think that the bloggers who joined the contest must have tried Vaseline before. Thus I don't see why they needed these girls to go around. Plus Vaseline gave each blogger who attended the event a goodie bag that's PACKED with Vaseline lotion!! *hehe* I love the fact that I got to keep two goodie bags! One was my own, the other was taken from my pet-bro Feeq! SO that means I have a year's supply of Vaseline Lotion!! *evil laughter*

I was already hungry by the time I arrived at Luna Bar, so when I saw this:

owh yes..loads of *nom nom noms* for me^^

But of course before I could dig in, the emcee: Jojo Struys graced the stage!Man, she's so petite and she's got an amazing smile! She talked for a bit, and introduced the big-shots of Vaseline and Nuffnang on stage.
one of the big shots from Nuffnang (I totally forgot their names >.<)

And after that we were finally released to have our food!! That night, we were entertained by the comedian: JenHan

The only joke that I remember from him was about him complaining why it's not good to be a comedian to earn a living, especially when meeting the parents.

GF's father: Hello there young man.

Comedian: Hello, Uncle. How do you do?

GF's father: Now now, what a polite young man. What are you working as?

Comedian: I'm a comedian.

GF's father: WHAT??? YOU THINK MY DAUGHTER's a JOKE ah??


Other than cracking jokes, we got a talented local artist who wow-ed the guest with her amazing vocals!! She's non other than Yuna!

And I loved this song which she sang on the stage that night. Somehow I can't find her official page on YouTube, but this song is really catchy! Me likey :)

Group pic with Yuna!

Of course we took pictures, and I would like to THANK my didi Feeq for being the photographer of the day (as an exchange for me bringing him to the event >.<) While snapping away, I was introduced to Cayenne. Apparently I look like her, do I?

Okay, I guess the pictures below shall sum up the night :)

The grand prize winner: Atreyu Strange
*man, if I knew writing could win me RM3k!!!! >.<*
And owh, this is super funny.
This chicka in green won herself a bright red coach bag! She was soo happy that she forgot to shake hands with the big-shot (director or CEO??) from Vaseline. LOL.

The dudes: Babboon, _____, TehTarik something, Serge

Lovely group shot!!

LOL..I kinda love candid pictures! This is me, making a funny face while thinking of poses.
Finally a pic with Feeq in it!

Nicole making funny faces while I pose with Hooi Nee.

Me and Audrey who's 4ft9. She really looks like Ayumi Hamasaki! And gawd, I look super old next to her >.<

More bloggers whom half of them I don't know, nor do they know me. Meh.

Shannon and me!

The funny bloggers! *spot me*


Wen Yi
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