Thursday, March 30, 2006


I have deleted two of my previous posts due to "some" complications due my ignorance..if u really want to know the reason, ask me in person =P its a secret too "big" to be shared online. Haha=)

So, to make up and atone for the missing posts, i decided to write something about LOVE!

To me, i have never really know what it is like to be in love. I mean i love my parents and my family. But loving someone else whom is not in your family is completely different. The closest i ever get to know how it felt was through reading love stories with amazingly happy endings. Or watch some romance movie with Happy endings. Or watch drama series on television yet again with HAPPY endings. I'm not saying every movie out there tells us of happy endings, but MOST of them are. Isnt it funny? Painting lovely pictures which do not reflect reality.

Happy endings. We all love happy endings dont we? It leaves us with this warm fuzzy feeling all over. Smiling at the thought of being happy. I admit it, i love happy endings. Even when i read a comic with a happy ending, i'll be smiling. I enjoy watching movies where a man goes through thick and thin, from being a guy who doesnt know who he likes, to becoming a great man who finally gets the girl of his dreams and they all live happily in the end. I love it.

But, we all know that life is not a bed of roses. It is not as nice or as perfect as we all would like it to be. I think every girl knows that there is no perfect man, but we still keep that thought. We hope to find that "perfect" one and dream about it. However, it never comes, and so, we settle for someone "lesser".
I used to be like that. But now i know that a relationship is actually a compromise between two diff ppl. We both have to give sometimes. We must learn to be patient to one another. Controlling temper is another important thing. but in the end, it is still worth the effort. The happiness you gain is real =)

There is only one happiness in life,to love and be loved.- George Sand -

Monday, March 27, 2006

Balance (studies n life)

My mum has always reminded me to balance between studies n having fun, since i was young until now. In fact, i think she'll always remind me about it, as long as i'm still studying. The last reminder from her sounded something like this, "Make sure u study hard, make the cut-off point from jpa, don't b busy dating with ur bf! If u ever fail n get lousy results n jpa rejects u, i wont hv money to send u for further studies, u'll hv to work to get the money urself! Bla bla bla..." that is my mum. She worries for me so much that she over-exaggerate sometimes, actually, she exaggerates MOST of the time. Well, i guess that explains why i exaggerate quite often too =) hhaha..

Lately life has seem to lose its meaning. Cause being a student, the main priority in life is to score well and get good grades. So during the last month, i have been busy studying for my A-levels trials. Now that it is over, it seems like there's nothing to do. Especially since we've covered all the sylabus and lecturers only come in to give answers for our trials, and discuss with us past year papers. To me, there is no point studying again since the actual A-levels will only start in May. And the first paper is only biology W1 paper -_-

So, obviously the only thing to do is to go out. Haha =) i've been out rather often compared to last month. In fact, i went out with ivan(my bf, i dont usually call him ivan cause i think it sound erm...weird??) for karaoke sessions twice within a short time frame of 3 days! Hahha..madness! Its a wonder why none of us got a sorethroat.

Back to topic, balance is in fact important, the biggest most widely known example is Yin-Yang. The beautiful symbolic black and white circle. I have learnt that balance is indeed important and that one should really learn to allocate their time properly. But hey, i still have lousy time management skils. Haha XD

During my secondary school years, i was known as a nerd but some of my friends. To them, i had zero social life(which is true but only to a certain extent). Now, i think i have improved a little, my life is not wholly concerned about studies only, it also involves my family, my friends and the latest addition in my list is my boyfriend.

"The roots of EDUCATION are bitter, but the fruit is sweet" Aristotle ( a famous Greek Philosopher which we all learnt his name through our history books.)
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