Monday, July 30, 2007

Back from Ehipassiko Camp.

This weekend has been rather tiring.

I attended a Buddhist Camp called Ehipassiko from Friday till Sunday as Cucu asked me to go.

In the end of the camp,

I became the society's new person-in-charge for Publicity. *yeah*
BUT, this indirectly means I've got a whole load of things to prepare every time the society has an activity.

Preparing banners, posters, and giving out of announcements to every batches present.
So that's the summary of my responsibilities.
However, as a committee,
you've gotta attend every activity the society organizes.

AND, to top up to that,
I should be bust practicing for cheer leading, swimming and maybe running.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheerleading practice

I had intended to go back home in Klang since I'm not able to go back home this weekend.
(got a camp to attend in Subang)

However, there was cheer leading practice today!

Thus, I'm stuck in Vista,
practicing both my singing for Imu's chinese singing competition which is less than 2 weeks from now.

I'm not much of a great singer,
BUT..I think I'll just give it a shot..haha^^
Joining in the fun..

AND, also practicing some cheer leading steps.

Let me just tell you,
cheer leading ain't easy.

You've gotta be flexible.

You've got to have stamina.

AND, most importantly,

good memory to remember ALL the steps.

After some 5-6 hours of figuring out steps and practicing,
I think my back hurts,
and my muscles will most likely hurt like mad tomorrow. -.-''

SO, do anticipate the actual cheer leading competition in September!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The ecstasy from yesterday's hair cut has worn off.

I had wanted to keep my nice hair do at least till i reach home to show my parents,


do to some unforeseen circumstances,
(actually one of my classmates got my hair wet with garlic water when we were supervising the juniors' orientation. Stupid fella. -.-'')

So, I had to wash it.

Now, its this weird thing on my head.

Plus, when my friends saw my hair do yesterday, right after the hair cut.
They started giving names to the hair style.

For starters,
Mushroom with a Tail

Sting Ray

Raccoon's a little weird.

I think I should straighten my hair.


Maybe I'll go get a hair cut again. Haha XD

Monday, July 23, 2007

I had a hair cut!!

hehe^^ got a hair cut^^

nice?? or is it too short??

posing again^^haha~

its actually long lah~

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guess who i meet?

I meet another blogger in person!

It's kinda weird to meet a blogger whose blog you've read.
She's actually a friend of Esther, the exotic fellow promoter of mine whom I mentioned. Haha^^

Btw, her name is Suet lee, and she's a rather pretty girl. Lol^^

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 3 as an Olay promoter.

After working at Mid Valley for the third day, I found out

1. The rooftop of Mid Valleys' center court LEAKS when it rains -.-''
(talk about 'bumbung bocor' again, Malaysians can't construct proper roofs ar? sia suey only)

2. There are MORE pretty girls in Malaysia rather than good looking guys.
SO, that probably explains the whole Beauty and the Beast couples which you see ALMOST everywhere!
Either that, or maybe Malaysian guys aren't that good in self-grooming. Hahaha^^

3. MANY MANY people get LOST in Mid Vallley.
Instead of buying products from promoters, they as us for Directions.
And since I'm not exactly good with locations, I'll refer those lost souls to the information counter. LOL^^
(at least I'm doing them a good deed by not getting them to the wrong place. Hahaha XD)

The best encounter I've had yet was a whole family of tourist from India.
The whole family of around 5 people stood in front of our booth and the wife approached me.
She asked,
'Is there a place called Mid Valley?'

-.-'' I was shocked!
'Yes, maam. You're in Mid Valley.'

'Oh, where is Mid Valley?' (she must have missed the back part of my reply...)

'This IS Mid Valley.'

'Thank you.'

Then, the husband, who was missed out the whole conversation between his lady and I,
asked me the VERY same questions again.

I tell you, it was so damn hilarious.
Being in a place which u don't even know it's name. How LOST can one get??

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Now that I'm working more than 12 hours a day.
I'm practically a dead person when I get back to the apartment.

Weds morning, got up around 7am n reached the apartment at 11pm.
Today(Thurs), got up at 7.30am, reached apartment at 11pm again.

So's no wonder that Olay,
or more specifically the agency that I'm working for now has to pay us rm120 a day.

Cucu and I had to stand nearly 12hours a day.
Our break is 2 hours a day, which makes the grand total working hours of 1o.

However, compared to the other booths, which includes Nivea, Loreal, Maybelline, Kate and Bioessence, our basic is considered one of the highest pay.

The others have a lower basic pay, but they have commission, while we don't.

Considering the fact that I have NEVER been a good sales person, I think I prefer the pay that I'm getting now.

And, we actually had a change of venue.
Instead of the initial lower ground promotion, ours was pushed to the concourse area, on the GROUND floor of Mid Valley's center court.

Also, I saw the exotic looking girl whom I talked about last post.
Funnily, she doesn't look that FANTASTIC when I saw her today.

Maybe she lacked make-up, or maybe I had an optical illusion the other day.
Nevertheless, she is indeed pretty, but she slightly on the chubby side.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm gonna work for 5 days^^

Woke up rather early today so that Cucu and I could attend the training for our promoter job in Midvalley.

As we reached Wisma Consplant, which is next to Subang Parade and also a 10-minute walk from the Subang ktm station,
I called the Angie (the lady who got me the job) to ask her which floor will the training be held at.

To my horror, she told me that we were at the WRONG place!!

What the @%^#!!

The venue was supposed to be in Phileo Damansara!

Thus, the two 'lost' girls walked all the way back to the ktm station!
We crossed the main road in front of subang parade a couple of times cause we weren't sure which side of the road to wait for the bus!

Thankfully, we managed to board a Rapid KL bus and successfully reached Phileo Damansara in one piece with extra time for our breakfast as Angie was running late^^

At the training, we meet a 1988 girl whose looks were simply exotic.
She had this healthy tan and her complexion was fantastic.

Guess what?

She's assigned to a modeling/event agency and has worked in F1 races in Sepang. For each day she gets a basic of rm250! Basic only leh!

Anyways, main point is, she's so pretty. Hehe^^ Can't wait to work along with her this coming Sat and Sun.
So guys, if you wanna catch a glimpse of that exotic girl, come to Mid Valley this weekend. She'll be in the lower ground floor, in front of KFC.
*no, i'm not that exotic girl..
though I wish I were...hahaha^^*

Btw, I just got back home today and checked my results online...


Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's one of days where u feel like crying...


It's ONE of those extremely rare days, where I feel like a complete fool, filled with so much emotions, that I just want to cry.

There's no logic behind this.

I just feel like it.

It's the way I release stress.

Well, to be honest, the reason was because I met up with my ex-bf this afternoon.

I knew I shouldn't have.

It left me feeling darn emotional.

Emotions are only feelings.

And, feelings are not real.

They're all made up in our mind, along with some 'emotion-releasing-hormones'

I felt like crying when I saw his teary eyes.

I felt like crying when he gave me back the soft toy I gave him.

I felt like crying while I was on the ktm, as I was heading back home.
And, I did. I cried on the stupid ktm in front of god-knows how many people.

Now, if I cry so much for my ex, it means I still have feelings for him.

BUT, what kind of feelings?


I myself don't know.

All that I know is,

It's just not right for us to be together.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A rather scary looking Ronald McDonald!

While I was pissed off about not being able to access my results,
Angelus asked me to view this video below.

Horrifying, no?
Ronald McD looks kinda like a weird fella, especially since he's got a paper cup stuck on his nose.
Maybe they haven't created those red clip-on noses for clowns back then. LOL^^

Angelus said the clown looks like a rapist. Hahaha XD


After I finished watching the drama,
"Kimi wa Petto"

A friend asked me through msn whether I'm going to IMU to get my results.

Well, the obvious answer is NO.

Cause no matter how near Bukit Jalil may be to Klang.

The toll, the petrol, and the amount of driving to do,
is just not worth it for my results.
(at least that's my personal point of view.)

Plus, I was thinking to myself that I would be able to check my results online.

Lo and behold,

I TRIED logging into the network for the e-mail accounts of IMU students,


I FAILED to log in!

Stressed, I tried again.


But the same thing happens,
the same screen pops up asking me for my log in ID, and my password,
which I have conveniently FORGOTTEN. -.-''

Pissed off. I called IMU.

I thought they would be easy on me, and give me my results through the phone.
BUT....this had to happen.

'Excuse me miss, I would like to know my results'

'Which course are you in?'


'Hold on' *ring ring goes the phone as I was transferred to another department*

'Hello, may I help you?'

'I would like to know my results, I'm from P107'

'You can check your EOS results online'

'Yea, I know but I've forgotten my password'

'Oh, then you'll have to get your password from the Help Desk.
Hold on, I'll transfer you over. If the call disconnects, call back at #####'

'Sorry? ####?'

'Oh, its the extension number,
*repeats the darn number, but due to the lack of active brain cells, I failed to remember the number, AGAIN*

*ring ring, AGAIN..*

'Hi, I've lost my log in password and would like to have it to check my results'
*at this point I was rather upset already*

'Well, you'll have to come to help desk to reset it'


'Yeah, where are you now?'


'Oh, okay, what's your student ID?'


'Okay, try logging into the network in 15 minutes. Your new password is ######'


SO, I FINALLY logged into the network and got ANOTHER password to check my results at IMUs' webpage.

I don't understand, why do they even bother to do that?
Needing us students to put not one, but TWO passwords to get our results which merely states whether we

It's not like the marks are posted or anything that sort. -.-''

They should just send us the results to our normal email providers like yahoo or hotmail lah~

Like a few weeks before our exams, during the study break,
IMU sent email to every single student, at their respective yahoo or hotmail account,
reminding us that we have to pay our second semester fees!

Ironic isn't it?
I guess when it comes to money, they don't mind sending emails, huh?

AND, it pisses me off even more,
when this popped up.

I guess the fonts are a bit too small, so, it said,

Sorry, your results are not available yet. Please check back later. Thank you.

What the #$%@!

Bloody IMU, why aren't our results posted online yet?
There I was thinking IMU is so advanced and yet..
they couldn't even post our results online.

AND, the results were SUPPOSED to be released on 3days ago on Tuesday,
BUT was postponed to today.

SO, in the end, I decided that IF they(IMU student affair) didn't even bother to make sure that our results were released online,

why should I care? *yea..who the hell am I kidding?*

I'm basically half paranoid, especially after I found out those who DROVE all the way to IMU had already got their results.

Sheesh...I'm contradicting myself. -.-''

Kimi wa Petto

In english, it means --> You're my Pet

Anyways, I've completed all 10episodes of the drama! Banzai~

The story, revolves around, a 29 year-old woman named Iwaya Sumire,
and how she amazingly made Goda Takeshi, a man in his early 20s, her pet a.k.a Momo.
the cover for the dvdsumire-chan bathing momo
The picture on the left is the original picture, as the whole drama is actually based on a manga called 'tramps like us'

I think by now, you all should know that Momo is played by Matsumoto Jun^^
He's just amazingly good-looking. *I'm so dreaming of having my own Momo*

All in all, I found the drama really appealing.

Maybe it's mainly due to the fact that they have a bishounen( pretty boy) as part of their cast. *matsumoto jun wa daisuki^^*

Or maybe it's because the drama reflects on problems, (love problems to be more specific)
faced by the modern woman nowadays.

It states the different opinions between a man and a woman.
How one's pride can swallow up their personal life...
How one should find their 'perfect' soulmate.

The one message that struck me the most in the drama is,

It's not easy to find someone whom you can show your true colors too.
Someone who will accept you unconditionally,
no matter how 'ugly' you may be inside.
Someone whom you can spend your time with comfortably.

Oh ya, then there's another topic that made me think.

In one of the episodes, one of the characters in the drama said this,

"Guys prefer a woman who is weaker than him.
They want to feel superior than the other.
So, no matter what, it's best to pretend to be cute and innocent,
rather than let your ego of being more intelligent get in the way."

Now, that SERIOUSLY explains real life stories of why working women find it hard to get partners. SO, every working modern women should watch the movie, and pray that they'll meet their own Momo soon.

If you wanna read more about the drama, you can visit
DramaWiki or Jdorama

Monday, July 09, 2007

Matsumoto Jun


After completing the WHOLE 20 episodes of Hana Yori Dango,

I can SAFELY say, that the JAPANESE version is MUCH BETTER than the taiwanese version(Meteor Garden)

The story moves at a comfortable pace, no draggy scenes-what-so-ever.

AND, I'll have to admit, Matsumoto Jun is HOT.

Whee...he's so darn cute! cho Kawaii~

I feel like a silly secondary school girl for having a crush on a celebrity.
And, after reading up, I realized that he's actually a member of a Japanese Pop group called Arashi.

I've heard Arashi's songs before, but I've never really liked any of their songs. -.-''
(gawd, I feel like I've betrayed Matsumoto-sama! NoooOOooo~)
Honto ni gomenasai, matsumoto sama!

So right now, I'm caught up in ANOTHER drama,
which stars my dear Matsumoto Sama in it.
Though it's much older than Hana Yori Dango..
the thought of seeing him acting is hard to resist!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hana Yori Dango~

I've been doing practically nothing at home for the past few days.

Glued my ass to the chair, and sat in front of the laptop; again -.-''

Completed downloading and watching the Japanese drama of Hana Yori Dango.

I've watched the Taiwanese version, which was aired on Malaysian tv years ago (back when I was in secondary school.)
Back then everyone (including Malay girls) went nuts over F4(which is current changed it's group name to some weird name which I can't remember).

Anyways, the whole series is actually based on the manga of the same title.

Manga > anime > taiwanese drama > japanese drama


taiwanese version

Japanese version

From what I've watched,
I think I prefer the Taiwanese version, as it has more scenes from the manga.
The Japanese version is MUCH more compressed.
The whole manga is choked into merely 20episodes!

On the other hand, the 1st season of the Taiwanese version itself is MORE than 20 episodes.
So, sometimes it's a little draggy. -.-''

The one thing that I do not understand is why people wanna remake the drama series over and over again in different languages?

Isn't it sufficient to have only one series of the same story?

Or maybe the directors of drama series couldn't lay their hand on good scripts,
so they ALL decide to use storyline from mangas.

SO what's next?
An american production of the manga?
Yea..maybe, considering Ugly Betty is based on the Latin drama.

(anyways, the japanese drama has a much MUCH better looking Doumyouji Tsukasa! )

He's so SO SO CUTE^^

Friday, July 06, 2007


the number 7, always reminds me of a james bond movie.

hi, my name is bond.

james bond.

lol^^ pretty lame, huh?

anyways, life has pretty much been the same as usual.

I've been sitting, (yet again -.-'')
in front of my laptop, watching dramas...

watching 'claymore'

and, reading mangas online.

ALSO, the most important task is to download!
What's the point of having unlimited internet connection when u only use it for msn and surfing?
Although the uploading speed isn't THAT fantastic,
thanks to streamyx and their dominating force as malaysia's broadband provider.

Wait, I should be complaining about other providers like Time or Jaring who charge much more ridiculous prices compared to Streamyx, and give slower speed. many people use internet now, so money is virtually flowing into their pocket every single month.
Improve the services la...
upgrade our internet speed to 4mb for everyone!
(imagine how happy we would be? free upgrade as a merdeka celebration offer!!!)

Digi can give out 50 cars and 50 motorcycles!
Don't tell me Streamyx is so poor that they can't afford it?

Ya, right. Streamyx is so poor, but yet they can employ so many people to promote their internet packages and put them in almost every single shopping mall in the Klang Valley.

Just go to Low Yat,
there'll be a streamyx booth, at EVERY single floor.(except the higher levels la..less business ma)

Now, why am I so upset about local broadband providers?

My friend in Germany(Angelus) can download, using the very SAME program as me,
with speed up to 4-5MB/s!
and his speed is 16mb/s!

while me, with streamyx 512kb/s package, can only download up to a max of 100KB/s nia..

compare la... streamyx's latest package can only provide 4mb/s..
25% of what people get overseas..

BUT then, sometimes i'll think,
'aiyo, malaysia ma...complain more than later they'll hike up the price!


cause they know, no matter what happens, the people would still need to go get the package through them.
yalah, kononnya democratic.. -.-''

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

100th Post^^

Today is purely unproductive.

I sat in front of the computer watching a few episodes of an anime called Mushishi.

Then, played some silly game on Wii.

Watched more anime.


Then went out to meet up with my primary school mates.
I should have known they didn't bring any camera.
It's been so so long since I met up with them, yet I didn't seize the chance to capture their pics -.-''
And, it's kinda saddening to meet them.
Cause all of them enrolled in the same secondary school, while I wasn't.
SO, obviously there's a slight gap during communication.

this is my 100th post!

Red button..LOL^^

I was so free that I went around browsing people's blog; but NOT reading because reading takes up too much time.

I saw a pretty girls' blog.
Wait, I mean MANY girls blog.
For example,

which later on lead to another blog, AND another blog. -.-''
Hours were spent blog-surfing.


And, I bumped into this extremely fun game!
Go try..(but don't kill me in the end of it)

Put The Big Red Button on your site

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Although I may be born in KL itself, I have been brought up in Klang ever since I was young.
Thus, it is only natural that Klang is my hometown.

I've always loved the way Klang has been growing,
especially the areas around Bukit Tinggi. It's growing into a second taipan-like area.
Loads of food stalls; it would be nearly impossible not to get food there.
(though I'm secretly hoping that some brave soul would open a western food restaurant there. XD)
Yesterday, a neighbor called up my mum and told her about the news where a woman 'kena sembelih' in Bayu Perdana (which is MY housing estate)

The words 'kena sembelih' was horrifying.

True enough.
The news came out in The Star paper today.
Click here
to read the story if you missed the news.

The fact that the robbers or rapists, got into the womans' house by climbing through the rooftop!
And, the roofs of my housing estate has always been known to be poorly constructed.
The tiles can be removed easily and thus, enabling people to sneak in.
Houses which are unoccupied here, are usually used by drug addicts due to this.

To add on to the scary happenings in Klang,
someone was shot dead too! In front of the syariah court too!
Click here

Klang is getting more unsafe day by day.
Kinda like what's happening around in KL. -.-''

Monday, July 02, 2007


When I told my parents that I've gotten a job as a promoter for London Weight Management,
they were skeptical (as usual) and asked me to go online to do some research about the company.

AND so I did. (told you i'm an obedient daughter. lol)

To my horror, complaints over complaints popped out.

Not only for London Weight Management, but for their sister companies
New York Skin Solution
Yun Nam Hair Care


Trust me, it's not a very comforting thought to know that you are gonna promoter for a company with such black history.

The company has even been charged in court!

This leaves me in a dilemma.
Should I even work for them?
If I do, I might end up an accomplice of their unethical conduct.
Hmm, well they're not exactly unethical.
Every company that strives on sales use this tactic.

They push and push for sale, either by sweet-talking, or convincing you that you need their services.

For instance, I bought a voucher for a spa from CRES for my mum under my phone number.
My mum went for the first session, and was persuaded to sign up for a package.
She went for a few more sessions and stopped going cause she couldn't find the time.
Thus, every now and then they'll call my number (thinking that it's my mum they're talking to) and pester me to go for the next session. -.-''

Okay, so maybe I should just let the consumers know what they'll go through once they go for their first session.

Ekk..then comes the next big question.
Since the company is so unethical,
will they even pay me? *shudders*

Then my mum said,
'why go through the hassle of working?
even if u get the money its not worth it.
What if some unsatisfied consumers scold and harass you?'

Yea, makes loads of sense.
Screw working. LOL^^
I'm jz gonna sit at home
and make my ass grow fuller~ Hahaha...XD


I almost forgot about this.

To those who are free,
come to the Bon Odori Festival @ Shah Alam on 14thJULY2007!

Let's keep my fingers crossed that I only have a job that evening so that I'll be able to attend this event.

Oh..I can imagine all the pretty girls in yukata, and dashing japanese looking guys. LOL^^

Spoilt for choices..

Being at home has pros and cons.

1. Unlimited excess to the internet.
which indirectly leads to
--> unlimited downloads of
> anime
>music videos

(this is undeniably led me to morph into a leech,
literally sucking data from the net. LOL^^)

Ohh..not to forgot
( chat chat..
type type type..
spam spam spam..)

2. Yum cha sessions with my friends.
(company to go out shopping, karaoke-ing, bla bla bla)

though i'm usually the obedient daughter who sits at home in front of the laptop.

and I also found time to wrap up all the comic books which I purchased over the past few months. LOL^^
(yea..I wrap up all the comics I buy, they're my babies..
I call them investment on my happiness..LOL^^)


lemme think,

being the holidays and all, I don't think there are any cons.

Well, maybe there's the tension of not being able to look for jobs in KL area (too far la..)

Anyways, I got a job!
Whee.. it's the London weight management promoter. Hehe^^
Which now means I have to diet a little so I'll look slim. (or slimmer? LOL^^)

Btw, I've got entrance tickets for 8tv's Wet & Wild Party!!
(blah..wanted to find the link for the party's details, but couldn't find it..dan it -.-'')

Whee^^ I haven't been to a party in Sunway Lagoon's surf beach,
SO, I'm definitely not gonna miss the chance this time around!

Greedy me persuaded 6 of my friends(including myself)
And managed to get 12 tickets^^ Muahaha...

5 of it are gonna be given to my friends,
that leaves 7 for me, and maybe I'll bring my bros there as well. LOL^^

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