Sunday, March 21, 2010

first post of 2010

It's amazing how time flies. Really. At a blink of an eye I'm coming to the end of my final year of university and the end of my lovely stay in Glasgow. I've not left Glasgow yet, but I'm already feeling the sadness of leaving this place. I'm gonna miss Glasgow big time.

The last day of lectures just passed. I've had a great amount of fun in Glasgow. Fun time running about in the subway in pyjamas, and drinking in the afternoon! It's something that I'll never do in Msia. Imagine all the "indon" ppl going,
"ah mui, pakai baju tidur pergi mana? mau tidur sama i?" = =

Very un-appealing.

Anyways, it's been way too long since I last blogged. I totally forgot how fun it is to crap whatever I think is fun, instead of rephrasing what journals say, and in the process realizing that my english has gone down to the drains, as the more i rephrase, the more limited my vocabulary seems. I've lost touch in writing in english, or maybe my writing skills were non-existent in the first place. LOL

Okay, i'm a bore. I know. But I've been places, so pictures can do the talking what happened since 2010.

Jan: Snow-snow-snow
Feb: emcee-ing at the CNY party
I love my housemates~ *hugs*

Feb: Inverness trip~
Lochness at its best~
March: A visit to liverpool and manchester
Mar 17 : St Patrick's Day at Bamboo
And just yesterday, Sub Crawling i.e pub-crawling via Glasgow's subway in pyjamas!
I know i don't suit the cute look, but forgive me, it's my last and only chance to do so before I embark to working life :)

Ciao for now. Need to get my final year research project started on, so that I can complete it on time, and there after start acting like a nerd for the month of April, before the finals in May!

Time is bound to fly even more so then. Next post: post-exams in May. Maybe.
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