Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pics & videos

I had wanted to blog about the missing items yesterday,
but sadly, the thief didn't come out, so there was ntg to talk about anymore.

So, here are the pictures of myself, LOL^^
and of course, more pictures of SPARTANS^^

Actually, its cause I didnt take many pictures of myself,
and I think that I put too much foundation that I look too fair.
And that makes me feel so weird looking at my own pictures.

(gawd..look at my tummy..sob sobs)

I love this pic^^

hehe^^ not to forget the video!!!
you can also check this other version of the same video,
but taken from the first floor, so you can see all our formations =) click here

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


IMU Cup has officially ended!
After almost one month (or was it more than one month??) of competition among all the batches in IMU, the finale night ended and determined the winner for the whole event.

Not to forget, the cheer leading performances by all the participating groups!

Guess wat? We got 3rd place.
Which in reality, should have gotten the first placing because we were good.
Many of the crowd loved us.
Basically I think the judges were biased and thus we didn't emerge the champions.

Anyways, i'll post the video of my group's performance on youtube soon (hopefully)

Main story of today is not cheerleading, but a case of missing items.
Our whole team had left our bags along with all our valuables in an empty seminar room in IMU during the whole cheerleading event.

Unfortunately when we went back to the room, 2 guys found out that they lost some items.
One lost - a Pierre Cardin backpack with his wallet containing RM300, a Nokia handphone, house keys and a book. + an Adidas water bottle + an Adidas shoe bag containing his shoes.

The other lost - our bright green IMU cup shirt + a pair of pants + a pair of Nike shoes.

Now, at first we all thought and hoped that it was only a case of misplaced items.
Because when we called the missing phone, we could still call in.
But no one answered.

While we were all busy searching around almost the WHOLE of IMU, and busy calling the missing phone, two girls got a 2second call from the number.

So we knew that the items were officially stolen.

The next thing that happened is the HIGHLIGHT of the story.

The thief sms-ed back to one of my friend who called the missing phone. ( I can't really remember the exact words used but it went something like this)

Kau mau belik talipon ke

So after discussion, we replied. (we here refers to the victims and another 6 or 7 people)

Duit kamu boleh ambil, tapi saya mahu balik ic dan dokumen penting.

Right after we sent in that sms, we got worried that the thief may not respond, so we sent in another sms.

Saya mahu balik barang saya. Berapa kamu nak?

After waiting for almost 20minutes or so, the thief replied

bagi 350. Jumpa esok 6 petang di condo.

We talked again, and decided that we should get the stolen items back ASAP, especially the IC. So we replied,

Esok saya tak ada di sini. Nanti bapa marah. Tolong tolong bagi balik hari in boleh?

Well, the whole incident is so long that I'm getting a little lazy to type.
So in short, the thief refused to meet up tonight, and will only meet up with the thief tmr.

The victim doesn't mind paying the money to get back all his stuff, as long as no one get injured.
But of course, others plan to 'capture' the thief if he shows up alone.

Thus, after a few discussions, we concluded that we can only see what happens tomorrow.
If the thief shows up, we'll trade the items praying hard that the thief hasn't used the IC for any illegal activities, nor used his ATM card to withdraw money..

Again, I can only post more about this along with pictures of cheerleading tmr. Hehe^^

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheerleading to TODAY!!!

Finally, after around TWO whole months of practising our cheerleading, the DAY has arrived!!

We, SPARTANS, are gonna perform!! Whee^^

Haha.. Feeling really anxious about it.
Yet, at the same time, I can't help but to wait till tonight where I can finally take loads and loads of pictures of myself, and my friends and i of course. Hehe^^

Anyways, talking about pictures, here are some pictures which Poe and I took during Monash's Ball, where I paid only rm50 while Benjamin kindly sponsored the rest. Haha.

this is where Monash's Ball was held --> Mandarin Oriental Hotel

And the theme of the Ball is Back to the Noir Night, which I only found out that day..LOL^^

Poe, ben(our 'date') and me..hehe^^(i suddenly think I have large arms, they look 'muscular'..must be due to cheerleading..hahaha^^)

Poe and I, and Ben's hand..LOL^^
Now, more pictures me myself and i...Hahaha^^
(my bro says that i'm a cam-whore..mana ada? normal only wat..
I only take pictures when there are events. It's not like I take them everyday. Haha^^)

Me, striking a pose at the waiting area outside Mandarin's oriental grand ballroom.

Guess where this picture was taken??




It's the toilet of Mandarin Oriental..Haha^^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Updates Updates

Hehe.. I realized that once you start blogging, the itch comes back again.
Thus, here I am blogging again.

LOL^^ considering that I haven't blogged for more than two weeks, it's time for me to fill up all the 'missing' posts.

I think first of all would be the about the Blood Donation drive which IMU's Buddhist Society organized! Hehe^^ Being in-charge of publicity, I am proud to show u all the banner!!!
Hehe^^ Cucu and I posing with our cheerleading pose right below the banner! (we've been practising cheer leading every single night that it's kinda^^)
Here's a picture to show what we do every night. I'm not in the pic though*sobs*

Anyways, here's a pic of the banner up-close =) Ain't it pretty?
All the words were drawn by me, without printing it out!
And the last row, IMU B.S stands for Buddhist Society lah.. (just in case you dont get it..hehe^^)

And I donated blood! A full bag of 350ml of MY precious blood! hehe^^
It's my third time donating, so it was okay. I didn't really freak out, except when the nurse pierced the 1mm needle inside my veins. *ouch!*
Actually, I didn't even dare to look.

And, on the second day of the blood donation, we had a speaker from the national organ transplantation center to give a talk. Thus I was the emcee^^
(it was all last minute cause the we didn't realize that we should have an emcee, and since I was the emcee during the welcoming party, I was asked to become the emcee again.)
And, I didn't really mind, since I talk a lot when needed. LOL^^

me, the emcee^^

I look matured don't I?
Lately me house mates keep telling me that I shouldn't act cute,
cause my face is NOT cute at all. I look older than 21yrs old.
In fact, I've had this face since secondary school.
I look like I'm 25yrs above. -.-''
*sigh, i look like I'm 25 since I was thirteen*

By the way,
my housemates and I cooked chicken curry the other day!
And we were so proud of ourselves that we took a picture of it! Haha^^
Looks yummy doesn't it? Haha^^

This is one of the MOST popular dish that my house mates and I ALWAYS cook. It's steamed egg. Basically cause it's easy to prepare and eggs are always found in our kitchen. When we buy eggs, it's always one tray of 30 eggs! Haha^^

I'm starting to think that by the time my house mates and I go to Scotland, we'll most likely eaten hundreds of eggs... or maybe even thousands! LOL^^
It has been so long since I blogged, and the first thing I saw when I browsed my blog was a msg from Adelin, which said I was tagged.

Hmm....since this is my first time being tagged. I guess I'll jz give it a shot. LOL^^

* Players must list one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to their life for each letter of their first or middle name.
* When players are tagged they need to write their own blog-post containing their own first or middle name game facts, word or tidbit.
* At the end of their blog-post choose one person for each letter of your name to tag.
* Don’t forget to leave a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

What the?? Actually I can't fully understand the instructions given. So...I jz tembak la...

W- right..-.-''
E- Energetic at times =)
N- Noisy.. ask my friends. My voice is so loud that once I talk, noisy is the only word to describe me.

Y- y?..err.......i love the yellow man from digi? LOL..
I- Imperfect..=) *no one is*

SO there goes =)
hmm...about who to tag.
I guess there'll be none..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My apartment got flooded...

It's not a joke.

My apartment DID get flooded.
Though it's really rare to hear about such incidents, it DID happen, and most importantly, it was MY apartment -.-''

My apartment has this really spacious balcony which my housemates and I have simply forgotten about it.
We haven't cleaned it since we moved into our apartment.
Thus, there were quite a number of 'items' that clogged our drainage system.

Some of the items include,
-dried leaves
- plastic toys (most likely from kids staying @ higher levels)
- an empty Cloret's "box"
- Algae
- Wall paint which peeled off

Yup, all THAT was outside our balcony; talk about girls and cleanliness? Nah...we fail in portraying that. LOL^^

Anyways, right after I got back from emcee-ing @ IMU Buddhist Society's Welcoming Party,
I had to face the aftermath of the flood, well not all of it as my house mates who got back earlier cleaned up the inner part of the house.

BUT, I was the one who had to clean up the balcony which then looked like a mini swimming pool with water at least 1 inch high. Haha^^

After that, I had to dry my book shelf which got wet, along with the books at the lower compartment which were a little wet as well.
Thus, there goes another night.

I have been planning to sleep early this few days as I'm falling sick; getting down with flu and a minor sore throat and headache.

But, somehow there's always things to be covered by the end of the day.
For instance, on Sunday night I had to prepare the ribbons which we're gonna use this Saturday for our ribbon dance (again) for IMU's charity run.

Then on Mon, the flood happened. *sigh*

Then last night, I was busy with the Buddhist Society Activities..

Oh well, I can't complain much can I?
At least I still have time to blog. LOL^^
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