Thursday, April 30, 2009


This week wasn't what I imagined.

I imagined that it would have been long long hours of clerking cases.
Instead, my first 2 days were fairly good. I reached home before 3pm on both days =)
Then on the 2nd and 4th day, I reached home at 4pm.

It's rather tiring, but I managed to squeeze time into:

- watching some tv shows.
- packing my luggage (esp after finding out that PohYee packed a whopping 40kgs into her luggage) sadly I didn't fare that well in trying to pack within the allocated weight of 20kg (or so I thought)

*note* the following content has been edited after wen chin asked me,

"are you sure there's nothing wrong with your weighing scale?"

which I then answered "it's not" confidently,
and promised her some pictures of my "supposedly overweight" luggage.

And so, I did.

I went up, took a picture of what I have accumulated in my luggage.
Weighed it, took a picture. ( I thought it's 30kg)

Took out the items, took a picture of the items, and realised it's actually quite a lot of stuff.

And then I saw that my empty luggage was 10kg.
I thought it was 5kg.
(I thought to myself, still unaware that I had actually misread the 30lbs for 30kg)

Then I looked closer and saw the red numbers *gasped*
and figured I might as well be the dumbest girl on the universe for reading a weighing scale wrongly. LOL~~~~

Thank goodness wen chin asked me that question,
IF not, I would be thinking that my luggage was overweight, and stopped packing altogether!!

Somehow, packing is fun.
Maybe because I always try on my own clothes while I pack. Yes. I try on my own clothes, just to see if I still fit them. And sadly, I found out that a few pants were too sexy tight for my big-fat-ass. *sigh* So while I pack, I clean my closet!

Another good deed done. *cheers*

Wait, what about the pharmcare issues which one is supposed to look out for during hospital attachment? Unfortunately, I skipped that whole part, and was busy settling my visa thing.

The visa application (which till now has yet to be completed)
is a tedious, and tiring, and saddening case,
especially when you have been waiting so long to get the offer letter,
and when JPA gave a not-so-complete financial affidavit.

So, that makes life a sad thing.
In the end, I doubt we'll make it to Perhentian.
Which is good in its own way, as I'm planning to save money >.<

p/s: a patient died in the ward while I was clerking another patients' case. I knew that he was having complications, as doctors crowded around him (and more doctors or nurses came). But I didn't know that he passed away, until my lecturers mentioned that a patient on that bed died.......

Friday, April 24, 2009

IMU Ball 2009 ~

I know I'm a little backdated. My apologies dear bloggie.
Peas have been a little preoccupied after the ball.

Preoccupied watching Gossip Girl!
Yes, my starting on gossip girl is a little backdated as well, BUT, Peas have finally completed season 1 and season 2 till episode 17!!! *cheers* (currently, I am streaming the next few episodes online, but the internet connection is really really BAD = =)

Back to the ball.....
The ball, erm, was FANTASTIC!!!
LOL~ (from my point of view as a committee member ;p)

It started off a little late (it was rather late = = because people can't camwhore enough, that they needed HOURS before the ball to take them = = poor peas on the other hand, didn't take enough. In fact, the pictures I took are disappointingly minimal!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the ballroom's entrance = =
I forgot to take a picture with the butterfly ice carving = =
I didn't even take pictures with the block letters (did I??)
I didnt get to take a full length picture in the hotel's BIG BIG mirror >.<
I didn't get to take nice solo shots of myself = =
I didnt take pictures with MANY MANY ppl *sigh, this is the WORST sorrow of them all*

If there is a next time, I will not be a ball committee!!!!!

Though it was a sweet experience, but I doubt it's as nice as you being a guest instead of an organizer. You'll get to enjoy more, and there wouldn't be the hassle of running around the hall collecting votes and counting them.
Not to mention, me having to dismantle the decoration items, in my ball dress and heels *sigh*

Before the ball, I was hammering away. (nailing the red arch together). I guess I must have looked overly masculine (yes, a girl who can hammer in nails better than guys is consider masculine;p) so much so, that a guy from the event company i.e an outsider told me,

"You're in the wrong course, aren't you?

You should be doing something like architecture or something."

= =''
I guess that's goodbye to my feminine side~~~~~

However, as a ball committee, I achieved my original goal of joining which was to gain invaluable experience. Along the line, I met many new friends which proved to be good company =) And of course, being part of the committee, is something that I am proud of ^^

I shall not elaborate more, but let pictures do the talking!!!!
one of the many things I did pre-ball, deco!!!!! masterpiece!!! (the cover was designed by elaine, but the content was done by me, so friends, keep it!!!!!!!! hehe =)

after the hard work, it's time to dress up and glam up. Both pictures are me with my hair set =) the only difference is before and after make up. I like my after make-up shots without flash, but the ballroom was TOO dark, so I had to on the flash, which in the end, made me look like some shiny monster *sobs*

more deco work~ The only thing done by me is the block letters behind! I outline them all with purple strips of paper!!! (except the 09 numbers;p)

other than nice deco, we had a special light performance =)

our lovely prom queen, and cute prom king. wait, both of them are CUTE^^

The committee members on stage for the toasting ceremony. Can you spot me?

the flowers!!!

and P107!!! The batch that rocks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm okay~

I'm doing jz fine. Really!

I shall still call myself Peas, coz it sounds cute. LOL~~

I'm actually glad that I have things to do in uni i.e ball-related stuff, as it takes my mind away from unnecessary worries.

Unnecessary indeed. I'd still need to look pretty for my ball right? hehe =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you for the memories

It was sweet while it lasted.

Yeah, it is.

I jz broke up with Carrots (which many of you have also fondly call him).
And I would say it's a mutual agreement between the both of us.

I'd half expected us to break up. Because I had that thought.
But not when it's uttered from his mouth.

It'd hurts. But as they all say, time heals.
However, for now, the tears would come by so often, that I wonder where all the H20 came from. I'd also get reminded of what my primary school teacher once told the class when he'd "rotan" or caned anyone of us.

He'd tell us,
"I'm doing you all a favor. When you cry, you'll clean your eyes and keep them moisturized."

So right now, my eyes are SUPER moisturised. = =

Sunday, April 12, 2009

i'm okay~

yes...i am okay.

after hours of crying on the phone,
and tearing till my eyes swell,
i'm finally okay =)

i wanna go put on my eye mask now,
let's pray the swollen eyes will subside^^

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just as I finally finalized the ball's booklet, and have a free weekend to spare,
it felt as if a part of me died.

I'm feeling a little lost, and confused.
Why so?

I don't even know. It's just a spur of sadness.
I think too much, and maybe, just maybe, I need too much.

If you'd a boyfriend, who hasn't seen you for 4 weeks, how would you feel?


the week flashed by a jiffy,
i seriously felt as if i didnt hv time for myself.

monday, i forgot what i did, i think chin yeong and sin ye came over to get their medical check up done, then they came over, and we headed out to pick up 12 imu-rians who were stuck doing hospital attachment in Klang. lol~ brought them out for a bak kut teh session, then brought them to jusco, whereby i bought a belt and a clutch bag, thanks to you zhuan's recommendation. lol, after that, cy, sinye and i met up with some incovarians, came back, had a mini pillow talk session with cy and sinye and thus slept really late.

tues, woke up late. went back uni after lunch. spent the afternoon trying to settle the booklet thingy, loads of logos were missing. came back late around 9pm. did more booklet work at home.

weds, went uni early. came back from uni with sinye and cy. spent another dinner with the 12 hospital attached ppl. came back, did more booklet work.

thurs, went back to uni with sinye and cy. helped out with the ball again. practised the ballroom dance which i am suposed to be doing. i am stiff, and bad in dancing. but somehow i had to dance = = i am dying~

firday, went back to uni again to become a judge for the prom king and queen event. finally got home a little earlier than expected. and then did more work.

finally, i have some time for myself. but now as I sit in front of the laptop, somethings feels missing.... @.@

and point to note: 4 weeks of peas not seeing carrots = =

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I am getting old~~~

It's been a long long that I can't even remember what I did~ LOL~~~~~~
Lemme think....*thinks hard*

Sunday...bummed at home, prepared the slides for my presentation...
I was supposed to go to uni at 9am to watch the first group to present their case study for PP3. Woke up at 8am and saw an sms from my ride to uni, telling me that he's not gonna go early coz he's got a report to complete = =''

So, waited till 3.30pm before my ride finished his report = =''
Reached uni at 4.30pm, whereby everyone's almost done with their presentation. Thankfully, I managed to squeeze some time to discuss about the case with one of my group mates. *phew*

Then, I headed of with ah ken to Chew Ning's place to get ready to head out to PJ for the convo magazine committee dinner^^ Whee~
The makan place was a little cafe in Uptown PJ, and the price was really reasonable. But of course, when the price is reasonable, you get a smaller portion....

pic is a courtesy from Chew Ning who tagged it as: wen yi: y is my dish so small. *hmph*
isn't it cute???
well, not me lah~ i meant the icon ;p

So, in the end, one has to resort to sharing:
And of course, getting a little bite of Devi's yummy pizza:
And to sum the night up,
great food, great ppl, GREAT convo magazine! LOL~

Tuesday... woke up early at 6.00am after bumming a night at pohyee's sister's place. Ended up going to uni at 8am to help out the ball, by looking after the booth, and to sell t-shirts, promote the prom king and queen voting booth~ came back home at around 6.30pm, chilled and prepared more for my presentation.

Wednesday....woke up early again, at 6.00am to drop off my mum for work, so that i can use her car, then renly and chin yeong came over to do their medical check-up. I did more of my work then we went jusco, where chin yeong got her prom dress =) *phe-weet* Long night, as I skipped the Teluk Gong session with renly, cy, and my other batchmates, coz I had to head down to PJ to pick up my dad.

Thursday, another early day, woke up at 7am to head to uni for my presentation, helped out the ball by taking care of the booth and getting more votes in again, and headed off to Times Square at 4.30pm to catch the movie: Too Fast Too Furious 4.

The movie was good^^ Good looking girls, and nice cars, and of coz, vin diesel and his cute co-start^^

The biggest drama that day was that my dad's car got clamped becoz i parked in a parking lot which is no longer under my friend's lot, as none of us were residents in Vista anymore. = =''
I tried talking my way out of it, jz to save the RM50, but failed, so i cried, and the next thing I knew, the clamps were gone, and no payment was required! LOL~ (it's actually a long story, but i'm tired to type it all out ;p)

Friday. Finally a day where I could rest a little, but the rest was short lived, as I had to begin to prepare the layout for the ball's booklet. (yes, I am the publicity manager, but due to certain circumstances, I'm currently dealing with the booklet as well..)

*i ALMOST forgot this~ I had steamboat with my lovely secondary schoolmates on friday night^^ no wonder i felt as if i missed something out ;p
I AM getting old~~~~~

and the best part which hit me on the face was when the girls talked about marriage.
marriage.....those who are attached have already planned when they're gonna get married. And most said it'll be in a few years time. *thinks really really hard*
When more than 1 of your friends talk about marriage, u ARE getting old..... = =
Renly is another example ;p

Saturday, my uncle and my cousin dropped by from Penang, went for my uncle's birthday party that night. In between, were more hours of preparing the booklet.

Sunday, went to jusco, prepared the layout for the booklet, updated the ball's blog, another long day again.

Monday is today. I need my rest, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon = =''
gtg meet the booklet's printer now~ bye bye dear bloggie~
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