Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deal or No Deal??

I bet almost everyone's heard of the show before.
Anyways, I wish that I could be one of those girls carrying the briefcase for the 1 hour of the show, and then get paid loads!! LOL~~

But let's be realistic, I don't think I could pull that off ;p
So, let's change the scenario to something more realistic,
Deal or No Deal in IMU!
That was what the seniors pull off to raise funds for their convocation magazine fund.

My mentor, asked me to help him out by being one of the girls,
and being the sweet nice girl that I am *ahem* *ahem* (Don't puke lah~ LOL)
I agreed to help him out ;p

Anyways, the main reason I got all hyper out to blog as soon as I came back from uni is NOT because I was the there on the stage doing nothing...

BUT because I got a henna tattoo on my left arm^^
Hehe~ currently the henna has dried on my arm,
but I'm not going to wash it off at least till tonight because I heard that the longer it stays on the skin, the darker the color would be.

And, the excited me came back from uni,
took pics with my trusty web cam,
and photoshopped it^^
so cool right? OMG^^ I was SUPER excited once I did it~~
I could barely contain my excitement^^
tried another one, but it didnt turn out as "WOW" as the previous one..meh~

In the end, a collage of the pictures I took^^

Monday, February 25, 2008


First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR)

It's actually a game, with loads of shooting, but fear not,
I'm not gonna talk about the game cause I've not played it..LOL~

FEAR is actually the name of my group's name during paint ball session yesterday @ Bkt Jalil Family Park.
60 students i.e 6 groups joined the session!! And among all, I think my groups' name is the best. ;p
The rest are
1. "Hak Yee" = Pengemis = beggar
2. Invinsible
3. Vantage Point
4. Voodoo
5. Sesat = Lost

ROFL! See...I told you my team sounds the best.. hahaha~
But it's only a name, my team didn't even get to compete in the final round *sigh*

we got a really nice group pic editted by Jason Lim.

Woot!!! So "yeng".... muahahaha~~

Another group pic^^ but with 3 more girls missing....

Finally, the house mates (minus the Daddy) and Sin ye~

We paid rm30 for 50 pellets, but I DIDN'T shot all 50 *sigh*

Mainly because the first round went pass sooooo FAST,
that I barely had time to shot,
I died twice and had to go back to my base to "restart",
and the next thing I knew,
the marshall said "GAME OVER"! Meh~~~

Thankfully, during the second round,
our team was smarter,
and I hid behind a realllly good spot, which enabled me to shot people easily!
After that shooting spree of mine, I was more than delighted to put away the "gun"...

However, apparently those who played paintball before,
commented that the facilities and rules set isn't as good as other places like the Extreme park in Sunway.

Well, it was my first,
and I expected at least for us to shot all 50 of our pellets cause we paid for them right?
But no..it's not the case... = =
I don't think any of us used up our 50 pellets/person...

And each game only lasted for 5mins at max,
meaning I only played a total of 10 mins that day....

Then again, it's worth it to gain a first hand experience in playing paintball =)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chap Goh May

Chap goh may is valentine's day according to the Chinese tradition,
where single girls or women,
head to rivers or seasides, or even the "longkang", as long as there is water! LOL!!
I'm just jk, "longkang" is not in the list of places to throw mandarin oranges. ;p

Well for me,
there's no need to throw any mandarin oranges (and if I need to throw them, it'll be because they are starting to rot; like those in my fridge -_-'')
So, off I went to Shogun for a sumptuous Japanese meal with my bf^^

The price is pretty reasonable.
A dinner buffet on weekdays cost Rm 55++
while lunch buffet on weekdays is only Rm 45++

Food is plentiful.
You have seafood (unagi, salmon, softcrab, osyters etc)
You can eat them raw, or fried as tempura, and of course, in the form of sushi.

Drinks are the usual free-flow drinks like your Nestle Mango/orange/mixed fruit juice/ribena.
Nestle's Hot drink dispenser machine and even the Mashed potato machine.

Ice cream flavours which I can remember are corn, green tea, vanilla, chocolate and erm..(I forgot the rest -_-'')

Due to my lack of memory, I'll use the help of visual aids!! LOL^^

This is a complimentary Oyster^^
For every single person who eats buffet there.
Filled with cheese~ seasoned with garlic~ It was yummy^^

And BABY OCTOPUS^^ I like it soo much...
but I didn't have the chance for seconds, as I was bloated after finishing the below~

by the time my bf and I were done with the 4 plates, we were bloated!
So we walked around a couple of rounds,
and at the mean time, I took small pieces of Lamb Shank and a bowl of shark fins soup.
After that, we decided to get some desserts... and ice cream^^

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I havent been blogging lately...meh~

lately I can't think of anything much to update...LOL~
maybe its cause I hv someone to share my daily activities to,
instead of telling them to my blog.. LOL~
*poor blog~~ don't worry, I promise not the let my precious blog rot away~~*

The most significant thing that has happened so far would be the fact that I went to a gynaecologist, for a check-up in a private hospital last Saturday.
I went there because I haven't have my period for 10 weeks..

wah leh~ got bf liao didn't come period lah~
go get a pregnancy test kit lah~

In case that's what you naughty ppl are thinking,
Dream on lah~
My bf and I aren't as naughty as u think.. LOL...
my period has always been irregular ever since.....
since I got my periods lah~
The longest I went was 3 months without period during National Service back in 2004!!

Back to story, I went to the gynae,
got an ultrasound test done,
and guess what???

The gynae said that I have PCOS.
What is PCOS?
NO...it's not Personal Computer Operating System.. LOL

It's PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.
So what's wrong with it?
Google it and you'll know... rofl....

Main point is, there are cysts in my ovaries,
thus making my ovum release irregular.
And, it may also cause hormone imbalance in my body,
making pregnancy difficult..

And the best part is,
there is NO cure..

Oh well, I'm jz making it sound scary.
The gynae says its a pretty common disease among today's woman.
In fact 3-4% of women have it.
So, there's ntg much to worry, unless the day comes when I wanna give birth.
Only then, would there be a need for me to take hormone pills....
Other than that, I'm all healthy!
Plus, I have the benefit of not getting periods on a monthly basis.. LOL~~

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year~

It's the eve of Chinese New Year^^
But somehow the excitement is less compared to previous years *sigh*
Somehow I don't hear Chinese New Year songs being played that often..
wait...maybe it's because I didn't shop that much this year.. LOL^^

Anyways, I realized that I missed out a few posts.
For starters,
I went to Malaya University (UM) last Wednesday,
for their Malam Irama Bodhi (M.I.B),
which is an annual event organized by UM's Buddhist Society.
Surprisingly, I met up with a few ppl whom I didn't expect to meet.
So, I took pics with them^^ (but unfortunately I haven't got the pictures yet, it's still with my room mate)

However here are a few pictures which I "stole" from Angeline's blog. LOL~~
Angeline is my eye-electrifying partner whom I met during Incovar Camp.
Hehe~ and she was not the only one from incovar that I met.
There was Fatt 哥, wennie and erm a future dentist (whose name I forgot *sigh*)

hehe^^ I really like Angeline's blog.. she is sooo good in photoshop^^
I mean look at the fonts she put in the pictures, it's sooo cute and nice~
and also, she's good at editing the layout of her blog.. jealous-nya saya..LOL^^

Okay, up next will be the fact that I went to watch Rambo 4 last Friday with my bf.

The movie was short; less than 90mins = =
The whole movie was bloody, right from the start till the end!
Not to mention, there were plenty of flying limbs, decapitated head, head shots, bazookas, etc...
I think most guys would love the movie..rofl..at least my bf did~ haha^^

Right now,
I feel like I need a dentist..
my gums ache when I bit on a candy...
I think my wisdom tooth is causing my gums to become sensitive!

*wenyi wails as she begins to realise she may not be able to eat that much Kuih Kapek and 肉干 when she goes visiting during Chinese New Year*

Happy Chinese New Year to all~
May this coming Year of the Rat bring everyone luck, happiness and good health^^

Sunday, February 03, 2008


One of my house mates told me,
that she watched more movies then ever when she was dating..
and I definitely agree with her!
Though I know a few people, like my pet bro Benjamin,
who used to watch movies every single week!!

Back to story,
I watched a total of 3 movies in the cinema in the past month..
And I watched all three with Shenyang (my bf *ahem...wenyi blushes* LOL)
The FIRST movie which we watched together is...

American Gangster^^
It's a pretty good movie. Loved the acting by Denzel Washington.. hehe^^
And it's a movie, EXTREMELY related to my topic on Foundation Pharmacy--> Drug Misuse.
It's a serious movie with good acting by good casts.

The second movie which we watched together is,


See the fancy poster? Don't let it fool you.
It's a bad BAD movie.
It's supposed to be shot with a video camera by an amateur who was stuck in the city when the monster attacked. Thus, there were LOADS of shaky scenes,
imagine running around with a video camera...
dropping of the video camera on the ground a FEW times.
Thus, leaving u with a slight headache after watching the movie.
AND about the computer animated monster?
It only made a cameo appearance.. = =

Thus, I was sad that I chose a wrong movie to watch with Shenyang..
and so we decided to catch a second movie directly after Cloverfield.
*jeng jeng jeng*

We watched Sweeney Todd~~~
This movie is the BEST among the three^^
For starters, Johnny Depp is in it^^
And he sang in the movie!!!
Yup, the movie has a few musical-like scenes, which are amazing^^
I have nothing but praises for this movie.
It's a little bloody and dark, but that's typical in all Tim Burton's movie. Hehe^^
And after watching the movie,
you'll wanna sing this line,
"I'll steal you, Johanna~~~"

and also....I must mention this song...
it's called No place like London which was sung by Johnny Depp at the very start of the movie...
hehe^^ the part where he raps this...

" There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
and it's filled with people who are filled with shit!
And the vermin of the world inhabit it!"

It made me sooo excited ;p
anyways, to hear the song you can go to YouTube,
as for the full lyrics, click here.
Hehe^^ its a MUST WATCH MOVIE^^

Overdose of Sweetness in Life~

Overdose is also known as OD.

OD in MOST things are usually lethal.
Take for example,
a) if u SMOKE too much cigarettes~
b) if u watch too much PORN (it's not proven yet, but I think it's under studies..LOL)
c) if you DRINK too much alcohol..

overdose of sweetness in life,

Oi, diabetes leh??

Haha^^ya, I know too much sugar can cause diabetes,
but my OD of sweetness is from life itself.. not excess intake of sugar lah~

I had wanted to post about this...erm...3 weeks ago..
but I delayed it till today....
*jeng jeng jeng*

I am attached!

actually I think most of the ppl around me already know that.
So, this post is something like a repetition or a delayed telecast..haha^^

Anyways, I am currently attached to someone,
I mean a guy, (no..I'm not attached to a she..
though I DO like looking at pictures of cute, pretty and beautiful girls on HP *shhh*)

And this guy claims that he is weird...
but if a weird guy likes me,
it means i'm weird as well,
so yeah..
i AM partly weird.. LOL~~

Hehe^^ talking about my boyfriend..
(omg... I sound like a bimbo now.. = =)
Okay, let's divert from my boyfriend.

All I shall reveal,
is that he is NICE, SWEET and CUTE^^
and MOST importantly...
I like him a lot.. hehe^^ OD of sweetness again...rofl..

In case u guys don't know what rofl means,
rofl = roll on floor laughing,
almost similar to LOL... rofl...
my bf likes using this "phrase"

AND another reason of OD,
is because JPA finally banked in my allowance^^
Money in bank = shopping!!!

As Chinese New Year is RIGHT around the corner,
my house mates and I,
went mad, literally,
after we found out that our allowance has been banked in.

And *poof* we were shopping in Times Square!!
Since Times Square is a shopping haven,
(at least it is for me, because I don't usually buy branded stuff)
and most of the clothes in Times Square and Sungai Wang,
are mostly RM25 and below...
choices are abundant!!!
Making it hard to control the spending of newly obtained allowance... *sigh*

But anyways,
Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

p.s- Ning, in case u're reading this, i told Anson to tell u about my bf...but i guess he forgot...gomenasai~~

Let's show our support~

I am usually a blur when it comes to local news.
In fact the latest accident of a bus crash went unnoticed by me, till my house mate told me about it.
(in case the news escaped ur eyes, like mine :p
i'm talking about the Slim River Bus Crash incident,
which happened on the 25th of January 2008.)
Back to story, my house mate knows the girl's bf, and showed me a picture of the girl, Lee Nian Ning.

And jz now, another fren of mine told me that he knew the deceased girl as well.
And he gave me a link dedicated for the girl.
Please visit this site, Bus Crash No More
and show your support,
the least that I could do was sign an e-petition,
which is for the Ministry of Transportation because the driver of the double-decker express bus that saw three of its passengers killed in the crash had 13 outstanding police summonses issued against him!!

This is all for the HOPE that Malaysian roads will be a safer place,
and that everyone can "balik kampung" on buses which are safe!
Not some bus driven by a driver with more than a DOZEN of "samans" waiting for him!!

Please help me spread the word if u read this post,
I know that there aren't many readers in my blog *sigh*
but do spread the word.

Till date, I have known 2 people personally who have died in CAR ACCIDENTS.
One was my high school head perfect,
while the other is my friend's boyfriend.

It's a sad thing to hear about ppl passing away,
but when you know the person personally,
and that when prayers still fail you even though u prayed so hard for their survival,
that's when it hits u on the face,
that our life on this world is short.

Though I may say these now,
I will forget about it (most of the time),
but nevertheless,
try NOT to speed on roads,
and if you do speed,
at least be mindful about NOT only YOUR OWN safety,
but the safety of OTHERS!

Friday, February 01, 2008

P108 orientation^^

Finally, I have time (and the mood) to blog!!!
It's a public holiday in KL, and this marks the beginning of my 10day holiday break for Chinese New Year!!! Holidays make wenyi a happy girl... LOL^^
Though I do have a couple of uni stuff that has to be done during this holiday, such as
- a lab report
- the final draft for my foundation pharmacy (remember Drug Misuse?? *sigh*)
- a t-shirt design for a camp that the Buddhist society is gonna organize around July
- posters for upcoming activities of the society

Then, not only that, I still need to help out with household chores. Yup, the standard "spring cleaning" of the entire house, and the decorating of the house to make it look as "red" as possible.. LOL~~

Hehe^^ anyways, I'll allocate this post for the first TWO weeks of my 3rd semester, i.e
THE P108 Orientation!!

Well, I and 4 of my batch-mates, are the facilitators or the Orientation Officers (which we call O O) of a group called......

Hehe^^ initially the juniors were shy. (well I was shy as well during my 1st semester..LOL^^)
But after a few days, they loosened up and finally got their act together^^
The whole orientation is 6 days~
so I have one picture for each day^^

On Day 6,
we had a recycling activity in the morning,
then we headed off to MidValley and had lunch i Yoshinoya~
Then during the night,
it's Retro Night^^
And guess what??
Our group bagged two titles^^

During the Retro Night,
we also had a surprise belated birthday celebration with the juniors for ChinYeong^^

And since it was Retro Night,
we had to take pictures^^

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