Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been super lazy to update this blog once I got back to uni after CNY. *sorry dear bloggie* But to be honest, having to update the ball blog itself is more than enough blogging for me! :p

For the first week once I got back to uni, it was all about going out to "bai nian" or visiting friends' house. I think I covered 4 houses, namely Ken's house, Cheh Hsia's house, Choon Hau's house and finally Wai Jane's house.

Not to forget, a night's out at You Zhuan's apartment. It was madness, drinking games till 4am. During that week, I was SUPER tired. My usual sleeping hours were pushed till the wee hours of the morning (2.30 am till 4.30am). *sigh*

PLUS the dance practise where I had only 1 week to perfect the dance moves for the Pharmacy Bazaar. Sadly, it was during these periods where I confirmed 100% that:
Peas have no dance genes.
I have more than 2 left feet (yes, I'm superly dumb in dancing).
Body movements were akward,
and best of all Choong Lii said this to me after the performance last Wednesday,

"Wah, it feels like you have no heart to dance"
(direct translation from Mandarin: ni hao siang mei you xin tiao wu) = =''

Well, at least I got my steps correct, and I did not forget any movements, but I'm telling you, THAT was my LAST time dancing! But, if it's an Indian dance, with loads of shaking moves, I wouldn't mind! Because in Indian dances, all you have to do is shake and you'll blend in ;p

Fast forward, it was Valentine's Day.
Yup, V-Day. My second V-Day with carrots^^

This time around, it was Peas' turn to plan!
And I decided to celebrate it a day earlier, on Friday!!
Less traffic, and less pricey.
But somehow, I choose a pricey Japanese Buffet Restaurant called Saisaki.

It's located at Wisma UOA, which is directly opposite KLCC. Just exit from Aquaria to the main road, and you can see the building =)
I failed to make a reservation, so we ended up waiting outside for almost 15-20mins for them to confirm that there are extra spaces left. While we were waiting, I noticed that MOST of the ppl who went, made reservations! Thus I thought to myself that it must be a pretty good place:p

True enough, it was a nice place indeed. Priced at RM58++ the food selection was good.
Carrots and I both agreed that Saisaki is better than Shogun, but somehow we couldnt eat that much *sigh.....eating less food = signs of ageing*

I'll let the pictures do the talking =)Note: Notice the little girl taking a picture of Carrots?
We we seated next to a table of people who were having their staff party. This little girl came along with her mum and ran around almost the whole area. She passed us several times, and we smiled at her.
Then, when her mum gave her a camera, she went around, snapping pictures of everyone! LOL~ She also took my picture ;p Next she went over to Carrots, and since carrots played along with her by posing randomly, she was happily snapping away and I caught her in action!! haha^^

Anyways, after the filling meal, we decided to take a stroll around KLCC park and that wraps up the night^^
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