Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bye bye osim..

Every beginning has an end, and last Friday was my last day with Osim.

I had already came up with that decision since I was informed about the "permanency" job under Nestle as a promoter or trialing specialist.

Money factor.
What other reasons can there be, right? >.<

Wait, there are other reasons too;
I don't have enough time for myself.
eg. No time to watch anime
no time to blog.
no time to play o2jam.
no time to laze around the house.
no time to even go online at home.

Yup, I tend to find reasons to make myself look like the victim. And I have been convincing myself that the main reason for my resignation is ALL about the long working hours. NOT about the money, talk about self-denial -_-"

Anyways, my initial plans of getting a 5-day office job seems to have gone down the drain. Mainly cause I can't seem to get my butt moving; its stuck either on a couch or on the bed.

Looks like all the u-zapping i did in the previous month means nothing. And soon, i'll b the one buying a u-zap. That is if I manage to get the money to buy one.

Monday, October 16, 2006

IMU.. take 2

I finally got my acceptance letter from IMU!
It happened a couple of days back when I was at work; away from home.
Out of the blue, a friend called me and asked me whether I received the acceptance letter.
I was like, "What accpetance letter?"

The one from IMU.

"Huh? I havent got it worr.."

U havent received it? IMU is asking us to pay up RM16k by end of this month!

"HUH? How come?"

I don't know..U havent got the letter right?


Nvm then, i'll ask the others. Bye.

Actually, the conversation was much longer than this. But that jz about sums it up. Haha^^
After the call, I was wondering whether I got the letter.

I consoled myself saying that I did well during the interview so there's no way I screwed up, right?

Then a text message came in from another friend, saying,
" hey, i got the acceptance letter already! Have u got urs?"

Bummer! Where's my letter? How come my parents didnt call me?
And that's about the ONLY two questions I had in mind. After awhile, I forgotten about the whole IMU thingy till I went home.

From the very moment my mum came and pick me up, she was already blabbing non-stop about the IMU letter and that I should send it in real soon.
Till today, the nagging continues.

Anyways, what I have learnt about the proper method of solving the IMU acceptance letter is as follows:

1. Get an AFFIDAVIT from JPA. How?
--> call them and tell them u need an affidavit. If the JPA number can't the accessed u can try to numbers in this page[JPA Contact Numbers]

2. Send in the affidavit and the other forms back to IMU, along with a payment of RM690 to IMU.

3. Finish. LOL.

Sounds simple, but in reality getting the affidavit is a real pain in the a$$.
I called in, and the lady asked me to send in a copy of my acceptance letter by IMU and then they'll send back the affidavit to me.

Ya..that's what she told me to do. (either that or misunderstood what she meant)
Hopefully everything will turn out fine. If not....
My mum's hair might jz turn white overnight! LOL^^

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It feels like a long long time since I had the time to blog. I'm practically held up with my job most of the time; getting one off-day per week is jz pathetic.

And my off days are ALL spent at home; cleaning my house ie sweeping and mopping the floor, and let's not forget that I wash the loo. -_-" After all that 'hard' work, I'll be catching up with a few episodes of anime which I missed out through the week.

Thankfully this week I got 2 days off!! Hehe^^
So.. I finally opened an EPF account!! (its an account with no money though..)

Anyways, I realised that since I worked in osim, I seldom had time for myself. I couldnt find time to go out with my friends for a drink or two. I cant watch anime late at night cause I need 8 hours of sleep. I'm practically like a zombie whose daily routine is

Sleep --> Eat --> Work --> Sleep

I wish I could get a better life than that. But then, reality bites.
If I do not work, my life wouldn't be much different.

Sleep --> Eat --> Watch anime --> Sleep

AND, that's exactly what I do during my off days!
On yesterday itself, I finished an entire anime series! All 24 episodes of it!! In A DAY! Not to mention I watched another 3 episodes of another anime too!

That's not all! Today I watched another series and wanted to finish the whole thing!! BUT..the dvd palyer has reached its limit. The video started to lag and so...I had to give up on it.

Well, while watching the anime, many issues sparked in my mind. For example, life.

I think about 'life' every now and then. I think about why we humans have thoughts; Thoughts that are only heard by ourselves and no one else.
Why do we have it?
What is the purpose of life itself?
Are there ppl out there who share the same thoughts as ourselves?

I think of the future which we still cannot determine jz yet.
What will become of us 10 years from now?
Will the place we live in be the same?
Will the ppl we now know remain the same?
And more importantly,
will we ourselves change?
How will our life be?
How will we pass away?
Will there be a next life?

As I have these thoughts in my head,
I wonder what do other ppl in this world have in their minds?

As I write this words,
my bros are studying for their exams,
my parents are reading the newspapers,
my bf is most likely busy in class,
my colleague is still serving customers,
my neighbours are watching some tv series,
someone out there might be travelling,
someone might be dying,
someone might be giving birth,
someone might be undergoing a life-saving operation,
someone somewhere in this world might be killing herself.

And by the time I finish writing this, hopefully someone will read it and share my thoughts at this moment. Which by then I might be watching anime again..lol

Although I have decided to let life take its course, but will always be times when my mind wonder into such thoughts.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Working is not easy..

It's now officially my 1st week of work!!!
Guess what?
I finally broke my record of ZERO sales for 5 days!!!
With the help of my senior colleague in the closing part, I sold an i-Squeez on Sun!!
And yesterday I sold a Noro Comfy!!

Yippie!! I finally made sales^^
BUT, both sales do not have commission! *sobs*

Actually I had wanted to quit my job yesterday, because on Sunday the area supervisor came to my outlet and said I was 'playing' with the ppl in the next store. Which unfortunately is true -_-''

So, when it was 10.30pm, he refused to let me go back, and asked me to serve another customer and make another sales...

I was like what?? o.0
But since he is the 'big' guy I obeyed. However, as I waited outside for customers, it dawned on me that I am NOT paid for overtime!

So, when my mum called me (she usually comes on time to pick me up) I went back and said I had to leave. And he said ok, which was when he told me he was not so impressed with what he saw earlier this evening, ie the incident where I chatted awhile with the lady next door.

There and then, I felt choked and soon I was crying.

Ya, I cried in front of him and my senior. How embarassing..And I dont even know WHY I cried.

Anyways, I must hv gone cuckoo that moment, coz as I was choked with my own tears, I asked him, ' Are we paid OT?'


'So, i think u do not hv the right to ask me to stay back for OT.'

'I think u misunderstood. I was jz discussing with ur senior that you all can come in for work later if u all opened the shop till 11pm. Bla, bla..'

By then I had lost all sense as one of my contact lens fell off.

'i think u should go back and rest..'

And off I went.

Now that I think of it, the whole thing was purely my fault; bcoz I cried. All bcoz of such a small matter-_-''

Needless to say, that incident ended up a laughing stock among my senior and his pals from the shop next door..Haih..

I think I'm gonna stay around in Osim a little longer and see how the outcome is. If I ever cry again bcoz of the job, I'll seriously quit!
(or maybe not =P)

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