Saturday, May 24, 2008

Go Speed Racer, GO~~ LOL^^

I just came back with carrots after watching Speed Racer.
My verdict is... GO SPEED~~~~ LOL^^

I have read reviews on the movie, saying that the directors of the movie - the warchowski brothers (yea, the one that brought us Matrix!!) went nuts for colours after shooting the "black and white" Matrix trilogy. Thus, they threw in every single imaginable colour that they could. LOL~

Yes, the critic was indeed right. The colors were SOOOOO vibrant throughout the movie. EVERYTHING was just COLORFUL~ Fortunately for me, I love the colors that they used =) The color combinations made the movie really bright, and interesting, and makes you feel happy all the time =)

Plus, the race scenes are really good^^ Though some people may not like the idea of having a whole movie with computerized background, and that the movie is too cartoon-ish, I being a fan of anime, LOVED the cartoon-ish effects a LOT!!! (well, the movie is based on an anime, so yea, the movie has to be cartoon-ish!)

I love how the vibrant background swirls and changes colors, and i LOVE the soundtrack of the movie. It's a really fun movie! It's got

- fighting scenes with ninjas
- cars that have hidden weapons, and lots of funny hidden tools
- touching family scene
- romance (only one kissing scene though)
- comedy (lots of comedy, there was a chimpanzee in the movie to zest things up^^)
- piranhas
- gunshot scenes


RAIN is in the movie!!

Who's Rain???
Rain as in hujan ke? no lah~~

Rain = The Korean Superstar^^ awww...he's just cute and has great dance moves^^ Unfortunately in this movie, I didn't get to see much of his cute side, but an english-speaking-Rain is cool too^^

Anyways, something really funny happened to ALL the audience who watched Speed Racer @ 6.45pm @ MidValley.
Carrots and Peas decided to stay back awhile longer after the exit was opened, to catch the catchy soundtrack. Thus we were the last few who exited the cinema hall, we followed the person in front of us, and took a left turn. We walked while talking about the movie for several minutes until we realized that everyone from the same cinema hall was walking back towards us. ROFL.

WE has ALL taken the wrong turning, and we heard people saying they walked the wrong direction, and kept pointing at the exit signs, which we clearly drawn on the walls (meaning that the correct direction would be to turn right once u exited the cinema hall). I found this incident extremely amusing as EVERYONE just followed the very first person who left the hall, and EVERYONE bersama-sama took the wrong turning!Best part was, no one noticed the arrows on the wall till a few minutes later. ROFL. I guess all the bright colors, and fancy race scenes got our sense of direction spinning as well. LOL~

Friday, May 23, 2008

new layout

It's been awhile since I changed the layout of my blog. So there, I spent all my time trying to alter this and that so that the header (which hopefully shall be changed every now and then, when Peas is free ^^)

I think it looks a bit weird, the color combination and all, but heck, it takes up too much time trying to understand how it works... = = Do let me know whether this blue colour is too striking. Or do you all prefer the previous skin with the black background??

By the way, I went to the dentist today because I had a minor toothache. Fortunately the dentist said there weren't any decays, nor was it a case of sensitive teeth. So, he told me to come back in 3 months time for another check up. Plus, he informed me that I had 4 wisdom tooth, which should be extracted. = = Do i really need to extract them??

Hehe..on a side note, I'm almost done with season 1 and 2 of Prison Break^^ I know season 3's out, but I don't have any idea where to watch it online, anyone knows??? ( I did research on where to watch it too, but the link I got didn't work *sigh*)
And owh....Carrot's coming back today^^ hehehe^^

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The research that I do....

Yes, let us all talk about the research that Peas does during her holidays, and what she has found out so far. She was never really interested in online forums, till the day she got introduced to

Peas had only intended to look for a cheap mobile phone to buy, but the more she lingered on the website, the deeper she got herself tangled in the invisible threads of the forum. After the first day, Peas was stuck in Lowyat's - Stuff for ladies section - forever I mean temporarily, it's like a phase I go through every now and then, last time I remember, I was hooked on some worm game, and then it was o2jam, then HumanPets.. (I suddenly realize that the internet is a bad bad place.. LOL... too much addiction going around)

Anyways, to share what Peas found out from Lowyat's amazing forum (and I've only visited one tiny section of the forum, apparently their Kopitiam section has loads of juicy news, but heck, I don't have the time to do so, I'm stuck with Prison Break right now, and that itself is another story. LOL^^) I've found...

1. Cheap online clothings from Taiwan.
There are MANY MANY people selling clothes from Taiwan and Korea online, and some have even started their own blogs, and website just to cater to this growing trend. As the story goes, Peas went around, browsing through MANY of these people, and Peas found THIS. (the cheapest seller which she could fine online) And this particular seller has a wide array of clothes to choose from, she has many albums in her Picasa Account (click here to see the albums). Though many of the pictures are showing the SAME design, at least you'll get a better picture of what u're interested in from all angles, and also a cute model to look at..LOL~

2. Cheap handphones
Peas found a few sellers with what she saw has the lowest price, and this is the FIRST seller,
this is the SECOND seller,
and this the THIRD seller.

3. Cheap digital cameras.
Peas didn't find this in I did bump into a few sellers with low prices in Lowyat's forum, but then I did further research, and bumped into where I found It has, by far, the lowest price for digital camera that I have seen.

4. Cheap coloured contact lens.
Haha..Peas have always wanted to get coloured contact lenses, because she thinks it's really nice. She has seen girls with brown lenses, and she think it's absolutely beautiful. Thus, a desire to own a pair of her own started brewing since then. Finally, Peas found a cheap source on LOL. It's only rm70 per pair, and each pair can be of different power (without astig) and each pair is able to last ONE year (at least so they claim.) When Peas told Cucu about her plans, she told peas that there are rumours that coloured contact lenses aren't proven to be safe, or something like that. Peas was shocked, and did some more research on the manufacturer's of the Geo Angel Contact lenses she wanted to buy, and found out that the manufacturer is a Korean company called GeoMedical. Though Peas can't read korean, once she saw the FDA and ISO certificate logo on their website (she sighed with relief). ROFL...

So, that is all that peas have found out from her "researches". Peas does not encourage people to buy online (although she has purchased a mask from a seller in Lowyat, and has already paid for her coloured contact lenses ;p) simply because buying online, she learned, can be very addictive because you don't see the money going out. LOL~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

An American Crime...

I just watched the movie with my mum, called An American Crime. And my verdict is:

It's a GREAT movie. A MUST watch for every living being with conscience in them! I'm serious.

The movie based on a TRUE story which happened in the state of Indiana in 1965, and I can tell you that this movie, is a LOT MORE SCARY and HORRIFYING than a horror movie.

It was released in December 2007 (just last year, so I assure you that the movie is in color, not black and white, just in case you thought it was shot in 1965 itself ;p), and the actors in it are simply amazing. The story is about Sylvia Likens (acted by Ellen Page) along with her sister, Jenny, who was sent to Gertrude (a "part-time" babysitter) around June 1965 because her parents had to travel as they were working at the circus. While staying there, Sylvia was abused and left paralyzed in the basement, where she was further subjected to abuse by the babysitter's children, and also several children around the neighborhood. The abuse that she had to went to was getting beaten, kicked, burned with cigarettes, and the worst was putting a bottle of coke up her vagina.. In the end, Sylvia *spoilers ahead* died of brain haemorrage, shock and malnutrition in the end of October 1965. (The movie didn't tell the whole story of what happened, so you should read the Wikipedia link on both Gertrude and Sylvia which I linked above, to find out more about it. It's extremely saddening..)

Though the movie did not have any gory scenes what-so-ever, it did it's job to send a strong message, about what is happening in our society nowadays. I started to think more about how inhumane people actually were back in the 1960s, and I guess now in almost 50 years later, we have not done a very good job in cultivating citizens with good manners, instead we've only produced more uncivilized people. Domestic abuse is everywhere, as you can see from in Austria, where the dad raped his daughter and fathered her children, and kept them all locked underground. The world is a sick sick place, I'm just glad and thankfully that I'm lucky enough to be sitting here, typing, and being able to have watched the movie, and think about humanity. Now, I am also thankful that my ancestors have moved over here to Malaysia, IF not, I may have been one of the tens of thousands of the earthquake victims in China.

To me, natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones are part of natural. There's no one to blame, but in the case of domestic abuse, someone's to blame. No one wants to be a victim of torture or abuse, it's a painful and horrifying thing.

Here's a trailer for the movie. Do watch it, and get your brain cells thinking about it. It's a short movie, only around 90mins, spare the time, and feel a little more.


I've been sitting at home, browsing through the internet, looking at digital cameras (yup, instead of filling my little head with thoughts of buying a new handphone, I've opted to get a "real" camera instead.) LOL~

After reading reviews online, from various sources, and comparing their prices, I had initially wanted to get a CASIO exilim Z1080. Yes, I am aware that Casio isn't really famous for their cameras, but that doesn't matter, because according to the reviews I read, Casio is equally as good as the leading brands such as Canon and Sony. Plus, it's comparatively cheaper than the other brands!

This morning, when I saw advertisements of cheap digital cameras from Sony and Nikon, my resolution to get the Casio Exilim instantly dissipated. LOL~ Therefore, I shall do more research on those digital cameras which are on the advertisement ;p

Anyways, on another note, I've been feeling a teeny-wheeny lonely without carrots. He's all the way in Penang, and he's not coming back anytime soon. Well, it's training for the both of us, when I go over to Scotland next year. That is, IF I successfully PASS every single end of semester exam I have! LOL~

Talking about this Semester 3's exam, I can only give out a great big sigh.. I know I haven't been studying hard this semester, well, I did study, but I found out AFTER the exams, that my studying technique is WRONG not suitable for my exams. I didn't take much time to memorize the names of each drugs/hormones/probes/plasmids or anything related to the subject. I only read everything so that I get a picture of what happens. Thus, when during the exam. Most of the names (which are EXTREMELY important) were forgotten = = So, during exam, when my brain is out of juice to answer the questions, I would dutifully sit down with the calculator - calculating the minimum marks I need to pass the paper. LOL~ Thankfully, I think I'll be able to pass them, but scoring them would be highly unlikely (provided my calculations are correct, if not I'll be sitting the darn papers again and waste a few hundred ringgit along the process).

It was after the exam, that I realised that I actually had lots of time to do a through read and memorize all the facts i.e eating up the whole module guide (which my roomie is extremely good at, her marks are always "passing with exceptionally good flying colours" while flying colours what-so-ever, it's just a pass lah~) Yup, I do believe that I can score well, IF I willed myself to do so. It's all in the mind.

BUT as you can see from my previous posts before the exam, I already had the mentality that passing is sufficient. Sadly, when I was back in Vista revising with my housemates, I got greedy and wanted more than just a standard pass-lah. Yup. My wrong for causing myself the stress. Oh well, the exam is over, and I guess I have nothing to complain except for the fact that I have made a resolution that I shall start studying earlier next semester.

So, my resolution for next semester:
1. I shall NOT fall asleep in lectures.
2. I shall start revising earlier.

I guess my house mates are snickering at me, saying that number 1 is highly impossible to achieve. LOL.
Anyways, to my beloved house mates and roomie, enjoy your holidays k?
Purple cruise isn't feeling well..take care dear (hope you'll get well soon, so that you can go out and enjoy this holidays).
Cucu is going off for a vacation with her parents, and her study break is packed with activities, so I'm sure she'll find that time passes really fast.
The baby of the house is off hundreds and thousands and miles away, and I'm sure she'll be enjoying every bit of her holiday^^
While the owner of the Green laptop, I guess she'll be busy with her *ahem* too. Hehe^^

Btw, the fish died = = I think the water in Vista is more suitable for the fish, either that, or the fish must have got the shock of it's life when I drove it all the way back to Klang. LOL~

Friday, May 16, 2008


Finally~ the holidays are here~~ whee^^ so happy~

Directly after my exams, I rushed back and packed all my stuff, left Vista around 12.30pm,
and took the train (both lrt and ktm) all the way back to Klang. Guess what time I arrived?

the ride back from Bukit Jalil to Klang took me 2.5hours????? can you believe it???
This is all thanks to KTM. I have complained in my blog several time regarding the poor services they provide (I think I really should write to the papers to complain about's about time, especially since it seems to be a hot topic in TheStar's metro section lately~ LOL~

And something extremely embarrassing happened on the ride back. I cried.
Why? I myself am not sure of what spurred my emotional outbreak, but I did. Meh..and I blame it on PMS again. (PMS stands for Pre/Present/Post Menstrual syndrome..thus making it applicable ANY time of the month!!! LOL~~)

Anyways, I was actually rushing back to Klang so that I can drive my mum and I all the way to LCCT to pick up my dad and my brothers who went for a trip in Thailand. Their arrival time was 2.45pm so I had intended to reach Klang around 2pm, and make it to the airport just on time.
However, due to my slow packing speed, and also the delay of the KTM, I couldn't.

Thus, I was left there feeling all miserable about myself, for not making it on time, worrying about how to make it on time, and when I told my mum that I wasn't able to make it on time, she had initially ask me to wait in KL central till she reaches home after going to LCCT. Maybe that was why I felt all miserable, and then I started crying, and all sorts of unwholesome thoughts came running into mind. Yup, a sudden whirl of sadness just took over.

Luckily my mum later on called to tell me that she'll wait for me, and thus I felt a little better. (Yes, I know I sound like a child, and it occurs to me now, that I am a child whenever I am with my parents. Meh. It's been some time since I cried. Suddenly I remember what one of my primary school teacher used to tell us when he would "rotan" us.
"Crying is good for the eyes. It cleanses it and thus you'll be able to see clearer."

LOL. Now that I think of it, I think crying does indeed does good for the eyes (except the part were your eyes get all swollen after crying). Haha...

Back to story, THE BLOODY KTM......
I feel tired talking about KTM already, everyone knows how BAD they are. Action speaks louder than words, and I think that KTM is the BEST living example of it. ROFL. Kononnya, cara yang paling cepat dan selesa untuk sampai ke destinasi anda.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i heart carrots~

Me love carrots~
As you've seen my previous post, carrots hijacked my laptop and did some blogging of his own. *bad carrots! LOL* Anyways, this few days, peas hasn't been studying seriously and is out more often than not. For instance, peas went out with carrots for lunch yesterday, and tried seafood bah kut teh~ seafood bah kut teh???? Got Meh???

That was exactly what I wondered too. Thus carrots and peas decided to pay that shop a visit to savour THE seafood bak kut teh.

Ingredients: 4-6 large prawns, small chunks of squids and lots of fishballs plus cili padi.
Verdict: The taste of the soup is the standard bah kut teh, with extra umpph due to the cilipadi, and the seafood which makes the soup taste..erm...seafood-ish? LOL~
Price: RM 21.50!!! (which is rather expensive! they didn't even put slices of fish in it *sobs*)
Conclusion: Peas and carrots shall never go there again. We paid a total bill of RM 38! Just for bah kut teh!!! (my most expensive meal of bah kut teh till date ;p)

RM 38.00 = RM 21.50 + RM 8.5o (for a single portion of "wet" bah kut teh) + RM 8 (for 3 large rice + 1 small rice + 2 chinese tea + 1 plate of "yau char kuey")

Later that evening, peas and carrots headed down to KL again, to watch the French Movie called Tell No One. We had sumptuous dinner at PastaMania in Pavillion, and guess what? Our meal of one pasta, and one small pizza, with garlic bread and a coke only costed us RM 33.50, which is cheaper than the Bah Kut Teh we had earlier!!! LOL~~
However, the pasta wasn't that filling, and so after a walking around Pavillion for awhile, we ended up in J.Co. LOL.yummy donuts and a cappuccino at J.Co.

Now, although our parents ALWAYS tell us not to PLAY with our food......
me and my big big mouth~

carrots, The King of Donuts!

Peas stuck in a "donut" ring~

Carrots getting eaten PacMan-style~~~ (pay back for putting me inside the donut ;p)

Peas and the cute "mushroom" >.<

After finishing ALL the 6 donuts, we headed off to watch our movie. Wanted to take a pic showing that our tickets were RM 0.00, but yea, 2m.p camera phone isn't that good ;p

GSC Pavillion has a really cool desing, and their seats are ALL so new ;p And there were loads of foreigners watching movie there as well. In fact, the cinema that peas and carrots went into, had only 88 seats. The cinema hall was about 80-90% filled up, and among those, were only 15 -20 Malaysians! The rest were foreigners!!! My first time being in cinema with a majority of non-malaysians!!! While carrots and I were waiting for the movie to start, we kept track of who came in, and we went

"another, and another "ang mo" many~" LOL~~~

The experience was brought to a greater level of "excitement" because at the of the movie, were scenes of a couple going for a swim in a lake. Well, it's a french movie, and the couple are married, the lady took of her dress and let it slide off, before we see her body, the person who was rolling the projector, used covered the lens, and all we saw was a black black screen.

The foreigners who were watching the movie, laughed so loudly. I guess they find the "censorship board" of Malaysia extremely funny. After awhile, the guy removed his hands, and we saw that the man in the movie was TOO taking off his clothes.

(more laughter)

Scene of guy swimming naked in lake.
(laughter subsides, as most of us were getting bored of the process.)

Thankfully the rest of movie didn't have any naked scenes, or else I would have been watching a a BLACK screen movie. LOL. Anyways, I think the guy who took care of the projector got bored towards the end, because at the very end, the movie showed the very first "lake scene" AGAIN with the naked guy running for awhile, with his you-know-what visible for a few mili-seconds. No naked girls though ;p

The whole experience, was truly unique. And after the movie, I'm sure a few of the foreigners will go back to where they came from, and tell their friends about the "wonderful" censorship board where we have people manually covering the lens of the projector. LOL~

On a side track, why is peas going out though her eos is near??
peas found out and confirmed with a number of people, that the marks for the coming end of semester exams (eos) are NOT included in the final honours' grading. Hahaha XD

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I <3 class="thumb tleft=">
Carrot flowers

Carrot flowers

Carrots can be eaten in a variety of ways. They are often chopped and boiled, fried or steamed, and cooked in soups and stews, as well as baby and pet foods.

The carrot gets its characteristic and bright orange colour from β-carotene, which is metabolised into vitamin A in humans when bile salts are present in the intestines. Carrots are also rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants, and minerals. Lack of Vitamin A can cause poor vision, including night vision, and vision can be restored by adding Vitamin A back into the diet.

^^ rofl.


p/s: The creators of Blackle have been criticised for lack of clarity regarding the type, size and manufacturer of monitor that the power usage claims refer to. One critic, a technology journalist who reviews computer hardware, tested 4 cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and 23 liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, and found that power was saved by the CRT monitors, but was less than that claimed by the blog post that inspired Blackle. The LCD monitors tested showed increased power use in the majority of cases, although most of the larger (24 inch) monitors did use less power displaying a black screen.[1][4][5]Publish Post


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ironman and Nandos~

Hehe^^ Orang besi is the direct translation in Malay language for Ironman,
and as I have mentioned before, Malay language when translated directly, is usually a source of entertainment (especially to me).
I will always remember the day they translated embarrassment to kemaluan. Hahaha^^

Anyways, back to Ironman. The movie is GREAT^^ Hehe~ it's such a nice movie. It's something which reminded me of Transformers (only difference is that in Transformers you get a hot babe who showed off her sexy abs while in Ironman, you get erm..erm..oh ya, a sexy bare back! haha..) And I went with carrots to Times Square, and watched it in the IMAX cinema.

I need to do a little promotion for IMAX because I found it in such a miserable state. It's so kesian. Not many people were watching the show, although the tickets were only priced at RM11. Did you know that GSC raised their prices for Ironman? (you can click here to see the full price list)
Most cinemas do that every time a blockbuster hits the screens, so why not use that money to try out watching Ironman in IMAX? The cinema screen is super big! It's 5-storeys high, and has a 12 000 watt sound surround. You can read about IMAX and get the screening time for their movies, here.

Although to be honest, the large screen will need some getting used to. Due to the large screen, your eyes tend to find it hard to focus on the whole picture. But if you put that aside, you'll be well, watching and enjoying the movie, because the movie itself is great^^ And plus, if we as Malaysians do not support IMAX in Malaysia, and IF they decide to close down IMAX (choi~~ touch wood ;p) I'm sure people would complain on why Malaysia doesn't have an IMAX cinema, and many would just go OVERSEAS to experience an IMAX cinema. LOL ;p Also, they are currently throwing in a free small coke with every purchase of two tickets.

Nando's, honestly, is not about their chickens. It's about their sauce; garlic, hot and EXTRA hot peri sauce!! Yum^^ Though actually I can't that spice all that much. LOL~

See, a 2mp camera can take a decent photo like this. That was why I was spending many hours in the past few days, browsing through the net, searching for the best price of a camera phone. I pondered on the fact whether I should get a new phone, and cause myself a lot of unnecessary debates in my mind.

2mp camera phone....2mega pixel..... which brand??
sony ericsson k530?? or wait..k550i?? or Nokia 3500??
3G or no 3G?? wait, should I get a 3.2 mega pixel phone instead?
i want a camera phone so that I can take pictures anywhere and anytime...
and the price of the phone is cheap now...
(i'm not kidding, phone prices are seriously CHEAP now!! Go check online on, click here. A k530 is only rm 455, a z610i is only rm 570) i really need it?? i'll be going over to Scotland soon...

In the end, I concluded that I should just get nothing. Save the money, save the time thinking about it. ROFL. But then again....2mp camera phone....
btw, I won another two movie tickets. It's for the GSC french film festival, and I am gonna go watch either the love story, Paris Jetaime OR a thriller called Tell No One. Hehe^^

p/s = there's actually an extra bit at the VERY end of Ironman. It's 30 seconds long, with Samuel L.Jackson making an appearance...hehe^^ this means that Ironman or Orang Besi will be in another movie!! woot~~go YouTube it in case you missed out on it ;p (cause the link I have has really bad quality...MEH)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wah~ breast enlargement pump??

Now, I honestly haven't been doing much studies today.
My lappie is the source of distraction, as I seat next to it, trying to revise,
my eyes revert back to my 15.4" screen,
and my fingers automatically move to the mouse, errrr i mean touchpad. LOL~

As my house mates know, I LOVE looking at pamphlets, like those from Watsons, or Guardian, and even Giant!! = = Thus, it is not surprising for you to see me browsing to blogs, and forums, to look at interesting images of clothes.

And when it comes to clothes with pretty girls from Taiwan as models, I'm even more interested. One page leads to another, and I have spent more than 1 hour, doing just that. *sobs*
Anyways, I bumped into something that's REALLY interesting: A breast Enlargement Enhancer Pump! WOW~
Okies, let me quote from the page:

"A Nonsurgical, Scientifically-Proven, Breast Enlargement System Professional, effective, breast enlarging vacuum pump.

Our breast pump is for firming and enlarging of underdevelopment breasts with immediate results.

Good, quick, and effective vacuum suction for females and
males who want to enlarge their breasts. Or for those who want their breast to be firmer.

The device is intended for
men and women.

Amaxs system is a nonsurgical, scientifically-proven, breast enlargement system. It uses negative pressure to apply a gentle three-dimensional pulling force that causes the breasts to slowly and naturally grow an average of about one cup size. The method lifts, shapes, and fill the breasts. The procedure creates no scar tissue, no stretch marks, no asymmetry of breasts, and the results are permanent."

LOL, did you read the highlighted part?
MEN and MALES can enlarge their boobs? rofl...
Man boobs for wat? Build up more fat around the boob area, so that they'll develop into muscles when you workout? ROFL.... Wait...maybe it's meant for those "ah kuas"...;p

Also, they said "no asymmetry of breasts..come on lah~ the tool only has ONE suction, meaning you can only "pump" one boob at at time. Thus, how can both boobs be "pumped" the same way? What if the hand positioning is different? LOL...Loop-sided boobs..

Anyways, I admit that I am interested in ways of making boobs larger, but yea, I'm a window shopper, I don't buy, I look. (well, at least I don't buy most of the time ;p)

SRC results 2~

Yippie~ As you've all been waiting for~

The results for SRC's post of treasurer goes to............
*drum rolls pleasssseeee~~~~~~~~~~*
Ahem~ *clears throat*


Whee^^ Congrats congrats to my lovely housemate^^ I knew she'd win get the post^^
This means that she'll be busy busy BUSY when next semester comes forth.
And that she'll most likely be away from the apartment most of the time.
BUT ChinYeong,
we'll support you~~~ *huggies*

Thus, as a summary for the whole SRC politics thing,
yes, as some candidates said, it is indeed a game of popularity, or rather a game of trust.
Voters casted their votes, on their own, to the person they preferred and think is able to do perform in their respective post. It's like our democratic general elections,
the majority wins.

And as there is only ONE person who can get each post, no doubt that the other candidates who do not get selected will undoubtedly feel sad, disappointed.
However, it doesn't mean that they are not able to perform,
it simply points out that their unique capabilities are yet to be seen by many.
And I'm sure throughout the whole SRC election process, each candidate is able to see who are the ones who support them, who are the ones who stand by them and know that friendship is all around them =)
They've gained invaluable experiences, whether they get the post or not. So cheers to all candidates once again^^

Thus, the CURRENT SRC board looks like this~~

President: Leslie
Vice President (Medicine) : Mezhen
Vice President (Pharmacy): Siva
Vice President (Health Sciences): Xin Ying
Secretary: Keng Seng
Treasurer: Chin Yeong
Sports Representative: Chun Kang
Social Concern Representative: Wei Luen
Cultural Representative: Sin Wee
Public Relations liaison: Nicholas
I.T liaison: Geowin

Hehe, so most of our P107 candidates got the position! Isn't that something to be proud of? Hehe^^ At least this year's SRC board is an equal mix of pharmacy and medicine students^^
5 from Pharmacy, 5 from Medicine, and 1 from Nursing (Health Sciences). So, I have faith that future events organised in IMU especially the IMU Ball would gather a proper mixture of IMU students^^ Whee~~~~

Saturday, May 03, 2008


In my Vista apartment, which I fondly call home when I'm back in IMU, lives 5 laptops.
2 Dell laptops, 2 Asus and 1 lonely Acer laptop.

The earliest to join this family of laptops, was my my Asus and the Acer laptop back in early of 2007, making them around 1.5 years old (mine is the oldest as I bought it in November 2006). The other Asus came in about a month later, and end of last year the Green Dell came in. The latest member, the brown Dell came in only a month ago.

Yet, among all the five. Both the Dell laptops already faced problems. The Green Dell "died" twice, and each time it "died", it's warranty gave a new lease of life to it in the form of a new hard disk. Recently, the infant Brown Dell, had several problems such as jamming while browsing the internet.

Thus, from these observations, wenyi concluded that either
a) Dell laptops aren't good (though their customer service is superb)
b) Windows Vista sucks.
c) both my room mates are unlucky to have gotten problematic Dells, cause my other batch mates who've got Dell don't have the same problem.

I think it's the B. LOL~
both the Dell laptop has 2gb RAM, yet they've got problems...
While the two Asus laptops, never had any major problems, other than being attacked by virus once. The Acer?

Acer is the best survivor so far. No hitches at all. LOL^^

p/s: Don't tell anyone that there are sooo many laptops in one apartment. Thieves in vista LOVE stealing laptops. TWO of my batch mates got their laptops STOLEN in vista.

So, shhhhhh......

SRC results 1~

Chun Kang WON!!!

D is apparently out, but I still don't know WHO exactly got the post of treasurer yet. So keep your fingers crossed till then!

Cheerio^^ Congratulations to Chun Kang^^

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Triple Bs - Bees, Beehive and Blacke

Talking about triple B's, this is my third post for today!!
(note to self: time blogging = time NOT spent studying = =)
Nevertheless, I HAVE to blog about the bees.
There was a beehive, slightly larger than your average mini football, right in front of my house. It has been a permanent resident, between two narrow pillars which is part of my house's fence, since a few months back.

Inside the beehive, should be about a few hundreds of bees, which have yet to attacked anyone. However, due to safety concerns, and also the complaints of neighbors. We decided that the beehive no longer deserved a place in our house compound.

This lead to several calls to the Bomba (fire station), and FINALLY after three calls, we managed to get to a decent firemen who told us he would come over the next night. He asked us to prepare two things:

1. one litre of petrol
2. several "kain buruk"

And so we did. Let me tell you, buying one litre of petrol from a petrol station has got to be the weirdest thing I've done so far (though it was actually my mum who bought, BUT still, I was there, and it felt weird). We went to the petrol station with one of those small plastic containers used to keep chinese new year cookies. (yup, those transparent ones with red covers). Imagine putting the nozzle into the container, weird eh?

And the funniest thing was, we paid RM 1.85 for the petrol, and left with a container of cooking-oil-like solution. LOL~

The bomba came on time, wrapped the kain buruk around a metal rod, drenched it with petrol, lighted it, and poked the burning cloth at the beehive. Thankfully, none of the bees flew out, and after one minute or so, we put out the fire, and that's the end of the hundreds of bees, and the beehive.

Of course, in between the progress of all that, several "concerned" neighbors came around, to view the whole incident, and happily went home after the "exciting" show, and hopefully they return home with an ease of mind that those bees won't bug them anymore. LOL~

Blackle, what is Blackle?
I first saw Blackle on chinyeong's msn. Then I saw it again in YouZhuan's bloggie.

So WHAT is Blackle?
It's like Google ;meaning you can Google, or now "Blackle" anything you want there.
It's powered by Google, expect that it has a BLACK background instead of the usual white.

Why black?
"Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black.
A monitor requires more power to display a white or light-colored screen than a black or dark-colored screen."

Isn't that cool??
You use less electric when you search for things through the net! So that also means your laptop/desktop uses fewer watts compared to when you use Google. Hehe ;p

I tired using Blackle a few moments ago,
and the search function works exactly like Google, because like I said, it's powered by Google ;p The result pages TOO come out in black.
However, once my eyes get accommodated to the dark background, my eyes find it "painful" to look into a screen with white background. It's like there's too much glare.. = =''

Anyways, I've set Blackle as my homepage, and I hope more people will do so =)
And after my test, I shall change the skin of my blog, into a more power saving tone^^

DO your part for mother nature!

(though I did help in the deaths of the lovely creation of mother nature a few moments ago....but that's another story, right? ;p)

Dreams of my roomie~

I dreamed of my roomie in the past two nights. Creepy?

It is kinda creepy, considering I'm on my study break, and I'm back in MY home, while she's back in HERS. Plus, the dream ITSELF was kinda creepy, yet amusing at the same time.
Dream #1

My roomie and I were in a car, and SHE was the one driving! Now, in real life, my roomie isn't the kind of person who drives often. She's more of a erm...seasonal driver? :p
Anyways, back to story, she was driving while I was at the co-driver seat. Both of us had our seat belts on. As she was driving the car along a wooden bridge, I noticed that the bridge was weird. There was another bridge below, and further down as a pool of water, or a river.

Somehow, our van fell off the bridge!
I removed my seatbelt, and wanted to jump, but my roomie was still stuck with hers. The car hit the water, and only then did we swam out of the vehicle.

The dream ended there.

*In case if you're wondering whether I peed on my bed
(as dreams with water are often related to the urge to go to the toilet, or so I read)
NO, I did not pee on my bed. LOL ;p*

Dream #2

I was seating in the lecture hall, with my roomie (again) seated two seats away from me, on my right. On my left, was another batch mate of mine (which unfortunately I have forgotten who she is by now). And there was some conversation going on. I think it was some exam or test, as that was why we were not seating side by side.

When I told my house mate about this, she asked,
"wah... you miss her that much? hehe.."

Hmm.. well, maybe I do ;p
(lesbo in the making?? Nah.... though I DO like looking at cute and hot girls ;p)

Voting's Over~

Good News for the Ladies and gentlemen who were (and hopefully still are) interested in the developing SRC politics!!

Chin Yeong WON the post!
Nope, I'm just kidding ;p

The good news is that the SRC voting for ALL batches have OFFICIALLY ended!! Which means the votes casted as being counted the very moment I'm typing this post. And my sources tell me that the results will be released by this Saturday ;p
So..keep your fingers crossed^^

On a side track, I am starting to feel a tiny-wheeny stressed over my End of Semester 3 exams. Which is a good thing, considering the fact that I

- always doze off in lectures.

- tend to skip selected "boring" lectures.
(which explains why my roommate stared at me, when I ticked 4=agree, for the statement

" I always attend lectures."
in the subject evaluation form.

The subject evaluation form is a form which all students fill during the end of the semester IF they were present in the class when the form is passed around. AND since I was present in class when the form was passed around, I think I deserve to tick a 4 rather than a 2 (which means disagree). Right?

I am suddenly remind about the fact, that ONE of my lecturers in IMU is rather tech-savvy i.e he reads blogs of students. Hopefully, he will NOT and shall NOT stumble upon my blog *cross fingers again, but on the other hand *
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