Saturday, March 24, 2007

Of Lesbians

As I was surfing the net for Chinese 'pin-yin' lyrics (cause I'm a 'banana' i.e I can't read Chinese characters), I saw a picture of Rainie Yang ( a really cute Taiwanese artist).
And not far below from her picture was the word lesbian.

Thus, I read the article and found out that Rainie had acted as a lesbian in this mandarin movie called Spider Lilies or 'Ci Qing'(Tattoos) in mandarin!

And in the very same page, there were a few pictures of her kissing another beautiful artist!

Also, there was a video of the movie's trailer, which in were scenes of lesbians making out, and Rainie doing her 'dirty' dance in front of a webcam.
Sounds interesting, right?
[Go read the article!]

Anyways, talking about lesbians remind me of my secondary school days.

Being from an all girls school, lesbians were supposed to be plenty.
However, I have never seen any of them in school!
Though there are girls who have really short spiked up hair and they act like guys, I have never heard of them having girlfriends. So, I can't say for sure whether they are lesbians or they are just girls who enjoy dressing up as guys.

BUT, a few of my friends said they actually witnessed lesbians kissing before! o.0
Even till now, I still wonder why wasn't I with them when the incident happened. *sad*(yea..I have this wish to see lesbians kissing live...I wonder why) LoL^^

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