Thursday, June 07, 2007


'You've changed a lot!'

Lately, I have been hearing that quite often. (or maybe I was hallucinating about it while I painfully studied physiology-.-)

Anyways, I went to KLIA to send off beloved Ning Ning to Glasgow. (i will b missing u girl=)

And, at the airport, I saw her grandparents and aunt.

Now, during my early secondary school days when I first knew Ning, I would go over to her grandparents' place quite often especially after sports practice.

That happened in Form 1 and Form 2,
after that I seldom went over because of the change in the class hours.
The only time when I would see them is when we have to pick up Ning from her grandparents' place. So I could only get a glimpse of them.

Thus, at the airport, they were exclaiming how much I've changed.
The comments which I got were summarized into this,

'You've become so beautiful'

which in other words meant I looked ugly previously*sobs*
I still remember ning saying her aunt once commented on me saying,
''s like ugly ducking changing into a swan'

ALSO, at the airport, I meet a friend whom I haven't seen since form 5, and when I called his name, he gave me a weird look before realizing who I was.
He then apologized and said,

' I couldn't recognize you. You changed so much'

And jz recently I received a testimonial from an NS friend saying

' heyyy...msh kenal saya tak?..lolx...wah u change alot d..become prettier..not like...ahahahah jkingX2 :P'

He didn't complete the not like....
which yet again meant I look really ugly before -.-''

Well, actually it's true that I was 'ugly' before.

I had short hair since young till form 5.
The length of my hair now is the longest I EVER had in my entire life.

I wore some super-duper thick glasses back in primary and secondary school (And I still do now when I study at the comfort of my home)

I didn't know how to put make-up.
But now I do. Yet my make-up skills are still terrible that one of my guy friends kept saying my make-up makes me look old ie. too thick, not natural..-.-''
Well, I blame that on the promoter who told me to get the current foundation I have which is too fair for my skin tone.
And since I bought it (and it's not even half used) you don't expect me to throw it away and buy a new one right?

I permed and coloured my hair.
So I guess a change in hairdo DOES indeed change your overall looks.

anyway, its a good thing that I changed to 'beautiful' instead of ugly. LoL^^

ohh..below is the 'card' I did for Ning,

nice, huh?

okay..I know it's not fantastic or anything,


its ONE in a MILLION~
so it's priceless!!

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Angelus said...

cool so i get to meet the PRETTIER U hahahhaa. writing this comment in pain.. coz i rode on a bike for like 14km.. my butt hurts :(

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