Friday, June 22, 2007

Goodbye sem 1~


I feel so relieved to be finally free from exams!!!

'Sayonara' to the darn physiology paper!
It was the only subject in which I paid so much attention among the 4 papers I took!

I studied and tried my very best to memorize every single one of the darn hormones stated in the module guide(which is actually our notes)!

And its more than 10 of them -.-''
I'm not much of a 'memorizing' type of person (cause I'm really lazy),
so I found it extremely tedious...

I know that the studying I do is nothing compared to the amount of memorizing medical students (and maybe students in other courses too)..


I dislike it.

Or maybe it's just me, myself and I, filling up my mind with visions of myself failing Physiology.
(yea...esp after I scored 54marks in the darn essay..)


Thus, I went out today!

Whee.. went to watch the Thai horror movie--> ALONE

Wait, before that, my friends and I went around seeking for bikinis.
( was only I and another friend who wanted to get a bikini)

And being the stingy person I am,
my budget was below rm100.

Thankfully, the Malaysia Mega Sale is back. LOL^^

A speedo bikini cost only ~rm80! *happy happy*

Tried two bikinis,
Loved it,
BUT didn't buy it.

cause we rushed into the cinema to catch the movie.
And I still wanted to lookout for other possibly better choices. :p

The movie's trailer was fantastic.
Filled with gore and loads of horror.
And since it was the same director as "shutter" ,
I anticipated a REALLY scary movie.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I didn't get frightened till I peed in my pants(wait..I was wearing a skirt..LoL^^)

Although the movie wasn't horrifying, as the horror scenes were predictable,
allowing you sufficient time to ready yourself for the scare...
one should watch it as not the get afraid of the

ps.. don't pee in your pants. LOL^^
btw, the lead actor is quite cute. Doesn't look Thai at all..looks chinese..hehe^^
BUT..Johnny from fantastic four is STILL cuter..

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|dAia| said...

have fun in redang...

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