Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheerleading practice

I had intended to go back home in Klang since I'm not able to go back home this weekend.
(got a camp to attend in Subang)

However, there was cheer leading practice today!

Thus, I'm stuck in Vista,
practicing both my singing for Imu's chinese singing competition which is less than 2 weeks from now.

I'm not much of a great singer,
BUT..I think I'll just give it a shot..haha^^
Joining in the fun..

AND, also practicing some cheer leading steps.

Let me just tell you,
cheer leading ain't easy.

You've gotta be flexible.

You've got to have stamina.

AND, most importantly,

good memory to remember ALL the steps.

After some 5-6 hours of figuring out steps and practicing,
I think my back hurts,
and my muscles will most likely hurt like mad tomorrow. -.-''

SO, do anticipate the actual cheer leading competition in September!

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