Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm an addict..lmao~

Yes. I have repeated in my blog oh-so-many times that I am an addict to Facebook or more specifically Human Pets.

The scariest time was when my housemates were watching some TVB drama till 4am, while I alone was smiling to the laptop screen, Human Petting = =

Thus, I have came upon the resolution to NOT touch Facebook or Human Pets.
My psychological dependence on Human Pets have reached a level which it does more harm than good to myself!!!!!

Now, how did I realize this fact??




from my EYE BAGS~~~ panda eyes = =

I've been sleeping late at nights, and so my panda eyes seem to become a permanent part of me*sigh*

Not only that, my sinus problem in the mornings seem to have gotten worse; I use more tissue then ever!!! = = ''

And, I have been neglecting everything around me!!!
I neglected:

1. My studies
- thankfully I'm done with statistics, and now I'm only left with my 3000 word essay on Drug Misuse, and also the end of semester exam on physiology. If not i'll be a total XD

2. My health
- as mentioned above, eye bags, sinus, lac of concentration due to laack of sleep..lmao^^

3. My downloading spree
- yes, I haven't been downloading stuff lately. The latest movies and animes are downloaded by my dad and bros. = = I wanna download........

4. My BLOG!!
- look, it's beeeenn waaayyy too long since i last blogged..someone should tag me to take more pics of myself...lmao XD

Okies, anyways, last weekend I went to a rather famous temple in Jenjarum.
It's called Dong Chang Shi~

So here are some pics^^

Me and a big big bell~

Chin Yeong and I

Yup, i look like a lesbian in this pic, don't ask why. lmao~

Group Pics^^
Me and a lovely pond in the background^^

Me, again^^, with a mini monk~~

Also, on the very same day after I went to the temple, me and my housemates went for a "dinner" at Bukit Jalil Stadium organised by MCA. (compliments of Chin Yeong's dad^^ Thanks~)

Anyways, the place was packed! 2000 tables in a stadium!! Imagine how many ppl were there! tens of thousands!!! Oh well, food was considered good, considering that the restaurant had to cater to the mouths' of soooo many ppl =)

So, more pictures~~~

From left to right: PohYee, Renly, ChinYeong and I^^

Me^^ ( I insisted on taking on the RED carpet...lmao^^ can someone help me photoshop away those ppl in the background?? lolXD )

And this last pic, was taken with news reporters from 8tv. The guy in White is soo good-looking in person! (I forgot his name = =)

Anyways, it was such a funny incident on how we literally stalked them, all the way from the stage, and asked them to take a photo with us..lmao...all because of the handsome guy in white^^

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