Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Movies~ Movies~

I've watched two movies in the cinema in the past two days. One different movie for each day, at a different location, but with the same people; my housemates^^

On Monday, after our English and Malay language written test,
we headed off to MidValley!! Whee~~

We watched "Shoot Em' Up".

It was a pretty cool movie. Extremely entertaining. LoL^^
After watching the movie, I conclude that--->
Carrots are not only good for health, but it's also multipurpose.
You can use it to poke enemies, and gorge their eyes out.
You can see a carrot to pull a trigger, etc...

However, the sad thing is that quite a number of scenes were censored, due to excessive boob-flashing. Oh well~ it is Malaysia after all, it'll be years later before we get to see a naked woman running around on the screens.

Then, yesterday (Tuesday) we watched Stardust^^
Stardust is just great~
It's a fairy tale, which is sooo entertaining.
It has romance, action, and lots of comedy^^

Michelle Pfiefer rocks! SO did Robert de Niro!!!!
I love them soo sooo much~~
And the love story is soo sweet that it makes you melt inside^^ (awww~)

Oh....about the 650 pounds that I'm gonna get from JPA. (in case you didn't know, I'm a JPA scholar i.e my education is fully sponsored by the government. No. I'm not a smart-ass. I'm just lucky.)

Anyways, the allowance in Scotland might change, due to some policy between IMU and Strathclyde Univeristy in Scotland. (it's a long story which I refuse to tell = =)
So, i'll have to retain my excitement for 2009 (which is when I'll be flying to Scotland. Yup, it's still a long way to go.....)


Anonymous said...

read the book Stardust. I find it much better. Then again watching on my com last month wasnt a good idea.. maybe. Book, better plot flow, more sub-plots, you may feel sorry for the witch instead, movie, much more action and funnier.

~Avid Neil Gaiman Fan.

Porcupine said...

JPA Scholarship!!!
That's like every Malaysian students' dream!!!

Going to Scotland in 2009?
When are you finishing your studies in IMU wor?

dayah mizan said...

i thought stardust was a bit below my expectation.but then again,maybe it was because i watched a pirated version.haha.

flowerspirit said...

'Anyways, the allowance in Scotland might change, due to some policy between IMU and Strathclyde Univeristy in Scotland.'

Change = become more or become less? =P

I want to tour europe!! ^^

WeneT said...

hehe^^ thanks for recommending the story book^^

hehe..change as in (maybe decreasing..sobs more europe trip -_-'')

i'm finishing my studies in IMU around may 2009..haha^^

haha^^ really? but i do like stardust, maybe cause i liked the actors and actress^^

youzhuan said...

ya i watched those two too!! i dun get the carrot thing though...
and yes, thumbs up for star dust, cant wait to get the dvd and watch again!
me me me wanna tour europe too!!

youzhuan said...

hmm, bout books and movie, you r bound to be disapponted if you read the book 1st and watch the movie, take harry potter for instance..

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