Monday, November 12, 2007

Now, though Malaysia maybe be erm, a less than ideal country to some people (all the "illegal peaceful and not-so-peaceful gatherings, the biased laws, etc...) it IS still my home.

The nation that has kept my safe and sound for my 20 years(nearing 21 years -_-'') of life on earth. The land of Malaysia by itself is just beautiful. Add in the government, and I think the pretty picture is somewhat blurred.

Oh well, no matter what happens to the government (politics just aren't my cup of tea...I get lost trying to remember the name of all the Ministers -_-'')
I will still be a Malaysian, won't I?? lol^^

Now, on some reasons why I like Malaysia??





*jeng jeng jeng* Cheap clothes^^

Hehe^^ I know all of you can count, so I'm gonna let you guess how much these clothes cost???

There are 5 Spaghetti tops (yellow, white, black, green stripes and orange stripes)
4 blouse (orange, green, pink and white)

Got it??

Well, here's a hint.
I bought it from a promotion in an open shop in Summit, Subang.
The promotion was called, the Kilo Sales.

One Kilo of clothes is only RM 15!!!!

And the 9 tops I bought = RM10.95

Muahahaha *evil laughter*

Just calculate, and you'll find that each top is less than RM1.50^^
where else can u buy clothes as cheap as that??

Now, I didn't upload any pictures of me wearing those clothes for a few reasons:

1. I have a spare tyre around my tummy due to excessive Facebook-ing *sigh*

2. The clothes are extremely dirty. They are dusty and err...dirty???

Oh well...knowing that I love to take pictures (no, please don't call me a cam-whore though I "act" as one, simple because I don't like the word^^)
I know I will be taking pictures wearing those clothes really soon^^


Porcupine said...

So damn cheap oh!!!
Is it one of those warehouse sales?
How come they don't advertise in papers one?
How did you came to know about it?

WenYi said...

haha^^ i heard it from my friends, i think these are the low-budget promotions, so they don't spend on

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