Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My FIRST post in this new year!!!!!!!

Happy 2008^^

I knew I should have blogged about my new year's eve experience yesterday,
but I guess I procrastinated, as usual,
and not only that,
my brain was on "power-save" mode yesterday. LOL~

I was up in Genting Highlands for countdown with my friends,
Ben, ShenYang, peili, peckling, and soo hui^^

We were supposed to take the 3pm bus up to Genting,
but due to my ignorance (for assuming that I would have transportation readily to the ktm station) we had to take the 3.30pm bus.
Thankfully, we were able to change the tickets, and need not buy the tickets again. ^^

Once in Genting,
we did a couple of things to keep our time occupied.
We went to the game arcade, where I displayed my inability to dance/stomp/ and shoot. *sigh*
The erm.."stomping"
(yes, it's meant for one player, but look at the number of legs.. LOL~)

You know those machines, where they have those sensors to your hand movements?
I only stood there for 5seconds at max, and before I knew it, the words

appeared!!!!! *long long sigh*
It was unbelievable.
IT referring to my "dancing" and also the darn computer for not being more lenient to me!!!!!

Not only that,
we spent hours playing "find the difference".
Imagine 6 ppl hovering over a 15inch screen,
poking the screen whenever they spot a difference between the two given pictures,
Throw in a couple of
"where's the last difference??"

Get the picture? LOL~
In the end, we had 3 (or was it 4) high scores!!!! *woot*
WE even completed to find all 100 differences in the 20 pictures given!!!

Yea, and not only that~
I did rock climbing!!! Cool huh?? LOL~
Shen Yang(in red) and me(in pink lah~)

Pei Li and I~

And so we killed time till around 10pm,
where we headed to the open area right in front of Genting Hotel,
played a couple of rounds of UNO,
till the crowd packed the area!!

The next thing that happened, was most likely the highlight of the day!
The fireworks celebration which lasted for 10 whole minutes!!!! *woot*
It was the most spectacular fireworks display that I have ever saw till date!!! Hehe^^

After that,
PeiLi, ShenYang and I went to the casino.
I did not gamble. The minimum amount that I saw was rm50 per game,
and there were even some whose minimum amount is rm100!!!!!!

I only entered because I wanted to see how a casino really is!
Also, to see what kind of games they played,
and how the games operate.
Plus, I am finally of legal age to enter a casino,
so why not make the best of it?

Then, to kill MORE time before the first bus back to KL,
we all watched Alien vs Predator 2.
The movie was okay.
Nothing fancy, but at least it was better than the first movie of AVP.

There after, we headed to McDonalds where they served
- lousy fries, and
- almost-rock-hard-Fillet O Fish!
(and I think that both were caused by the cooling weather up in Genting)

Anyways, the next segment of the trip up in Genting,
is also another highlight,
it is--> the lost of a cellphone.

To cut the long story of the disappearance of a Samsung cellphone short,
let's skip to the ending,
the phone was never found.

The next drama that happened,
was that the first bus from Genting Skyway to KL, was 10.15am,
instead of the 8.30am we had initially thought was our departure time.

However, the fireworks display made up for everything!! hehe^^

As we prepared for the countdown,
my friends and I talked about 2006's countdown,
and surprisingly,
we could remember what happened back then.

That was when I realized,
one year...
ONE YEAR flew by just like that
and 2007 disappeared!!!!

And now, it's 2008!
Thankfully I posted a lot during the past year,
if not, I would have really lost 2007 to time~~

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Anonymous said...

yea yea!!! i remembered how we celebated 2006 count down too!
this year i was MIA 2gether with you guys, next year gotta count me in ok! MUAKS>>> -ning-

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