Tuesday, June 03, 2008

29th Incovar Update~

As I've mentioned earlier, I shall update my bloggie on the Incovar camp^^ (to renly- Yup, I missed blogging and reading your blog too^^ *hugs*)

Well, let's start off with some details of the camp.
As u can see, the venue was at SABS (shah alam buddhist society). It's a really REALLY new temple! Here's some pictures.
a buddha image in the main shrine hall.

another buddha image in the main shrine hall.
Some of the images on buddha's life around the main shrine hall.a kuan yin statue, which can "squirt" water out of the bottle which she's holding on her hands, when u kneel on the red "box" in front of her ;p

So, as you have seen, the place is nice, and so are the rooms which we stayed in! It's FULLY air-conditioned! Keke^^ even the mattress and the pillows provided for us were new =) The toilets were really clean =)

Now, let's talk about the food we had. Keke...
now, look carefully at what was being served. Vege. ALL of them were vege!!! That was all we had for lunch during the first day; boiled potatoes, boiled oyster mushroom, boiled cabbage, raw tomatoes, capsicums, celery, cucumber, carrots and salad. Pure vegetarian meal. It was bland, and almost tasteless. However, I'm glad to say that I survived!

Thankfully the following meals, were MUCH better. Here's one of them. It's our breakfast^^

After talking about meals, let's have a look at the speakers that give the additional flavour to the camp ;pDr Chan Kah Yein
Uncle Vijaya

Bro Oh Kim Leng

And the monks that gave us prayers during the last day of camp.

Last but not least, are the fellow participants which made the camp what it was =)

My roomie, Loh and I~

Bah Kut Teh lovers from Klang~

Fellow housemates^^ Pohyee, cucu and i~

Fellow Imu students~~ Go pharma, pharma, Pharmacy~~

Xiao Thoong and I after getting our face painted artistically~ LOL~

The camp was a good experience, and hopefully, I shall be able to attend the following 30th incovar end of this year~ Suki Hotu~


lyw said...

Yo girl, I m there ler... U shld put the title "IMU-ian with handsome YW ;p "

cucu said...

yw, mayb bcs u too thin d.. eat more eat more!!! lol..

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