Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Purple eyes~

Roarr~~~~ If you still remember, peas got herself a 1 year "permanent" violet contact lens online. Yup, I bought it without trying it.

So today, Peas tried it~~~

Can you see it from the picture???

You can't???

Well, tak apa lah~ I myself couldn't see it too. Yeah...the violet colour didn't stand out. Meh~~~~~~

Anyways, I took a picture of MY eye, and photoshop-ed it. LOL~
and I got this~~~~~

Nice eh? hehe^^ guess what the reflection is??
(housemates don't guess la, you know what it is. haha~~)


ButterfliesForDinner said...

Hehe, can't wait to get back to see you in purple contacts :)

aylwin said...

view from you balcony in vista!! :D
facing block C mayb?? lol

york said...

pics looking great....kesian ur camera:P

show me next time :D damn cool wei...thinking of getting blue or grey haha

WenYi said...

LOL, go get blue since u like chicks in blue lenses ;p

y kesian my camera????

and, of coz the pics look cool lah~~ I edited it!! hehe^^ and of course, the model's eyes are nice too ;p

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