Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wanted, or not?

Whee^^ Carrots came back today^^ Peas is happy^^

We went to Carrot's favorite place >>>>>>> my house????
Nah, not my house, but to Sakae Sushi^^ He loves the wasabi there, and eats a LOT! Plus, it's the only place we know of, where you can get 5-6 baby octopus for RM 5.90! LOL^^

Anyways, me watched WANTED^^
Yeah..the movie with Angelina Jolie!!!

Well, the movie's pretty cool, with loads of gun shooting and action ^^
BUT, we all know the main reason why many people watch the movie, it's all thanks to Angelina Jolie's popularity as a sex icon (well at least to me and half the people around the globe ;p)

The story is simple, about a group of assassins (yea, sounds familiar eh?) who is supposedly going around, killing one man, in hope to save a thousand (yup, it's in the trailer..)

However, halfway through the movie, Peas managed to guess correctly how the story goes (either the movie is too simple, or Peas has the mind of a director.. I prefer to think it's the latter! LOL^^)

Well, here's some spoilers. WE all SAW this sexy back in the trailer...Which I think...lead me (and many others) to think there was more *ahem* 18SX scenes in the movie. PLUS, there was this scene in the trailer too........BUT, UNFORTUNATELY........ get what I mean...*sad*
Either the director decided against having those scenes because Angelina Jolie looked stick-thin in the movie, that I think part of her well know boobs from Tomb Raider disappeared into thin air. (wahh..I used the word thin in one sentence! So hebat~~ LOL ;p)

There were several disappointing parts of the movie because I find them REALLY unbelievable.

1. A bullet that can make a complete circle, while "tembus-ing" several heads as it goes!
2. A pool of wax-like stuff that can activate the body's white blood cells to heal faster.
3. A piece of cloth is made by fate, and it can give you the names of who to kill.

Hmmm....that's the main 3 that I can think of right now.
Thankfully, Angelina Jolie is still as hot as ever with her plump luscious lips, and the lead actor has beautiful blue eyes!!!!!!

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